Zuk Z2 Pro Review Android smartphone: new generation flagship from China

Zuk Z2 Pro Review Android smartphone: new generation flagship from China

Chinese manufacturer introduced a new flagship at a reasonable price – Zuk Z2 Pro, the name of which can remind of the once top model Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro. And it is unlikely this is just coincidence, probably, so designated a certain continuity trends.

Let’s start the review review standard hero, but as the test will pay attention to interesting chip, which earlier in the machines Lenovo met.

Questions arise in terms of performance – top processor and 6 GB of RAM are doing their job, especially since the screen resolution is typical. Of course, it attracted the attention of a record amount of main memory.

In addition to these characteristics, Zuk Z2 Pro is able to offer a few additional features that will be discussed below.

Packaging equipment Zuk Z2 Pro

The device is packaged in a white cardboard box of medium size. It is flat, consists of a main compartment and a cover that covers the ends of the half.

Cardboard thick and dense in order to ensure effective protection of the contents. Inside the cover is glued soft material for maximum dense packing contents. Do not loose inside, each element is strictly out of place.

A manufacturer logo on the front side is. But on the upper and lower ends of the cover are placed the Lenovo logo, to hide this fact, no one is trying.

The back side for the most part empty, only a sticker with personal numbers and basic characteristics of the Chinese language dilutes the picture.

Zuk Z2 Pro Review Android smartphone: new generation flagship from China

Inside we were met by the unit itself. It is fixed in a special recess and provided with the conveying film on the display.

Beneath it lies an envelope with documents and a paper clip to eject the tray under the SIM-card.

At the bottom there is a standard delivery of the power adapter and USB cable. Unfortunately, we got a copy of the testing without the cable.

The package includes:

  • Power adapter;
  • Cable USB 3.1 Type C;
  • Paper clip slots for SIM-card;
  • Technical documentation.

Pleased with the quality and thoroughness of execution of the package, and the package is sufficient. It is difficult to imagine what would happen during transportation to the contents have suffered at least some damage. Perhaps the only sad moment – no factory seals. It is necessary to carefully inspect the machine before you buy.

Appearance and design Zuk Z2 Pro

Before us is a traditional candy bar with a touchscreen. The materials used are fully consistent with the status of the device – a glass and metal. Plastic used only as a framework framing glass on the rear panel.

We went to a modification in white color, but the manufacturer also produces the model and in black.

The build quality leaves no chance to even the most exacting critics. All elements fit together so that the device appears to literally monolithic block. The case effectively resists heavy loads on twisting or bending.

The front panel is completely covered with a protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass with rounded edges. Oleophobic coating is present, and quality.

The side frame is not a record, but narrow enough so as not to cause complaints. But on the black matrix frame mentions the producer himself, noting that its width is just 0.05 mm, and in fact invisible to the eye. The way it is.

Above the display is placed a standard set of elements. And although at first glance it seems that the proximity sensors and light are absent, but in fact they are simply combined with the earpiece. If you look closely, it can be seen.

Zuk Z2 Pro Review Android smartphone: new generation flagship from China

Below is a mechanical button “Home”, combined with a fingerprint reader. Wherein the scanner is capable of recognizing not only touch but also left and right swipe. Key girded metal frame in the color of the main body frame.

Left and right are no softkeys are not provided. Everything is controlled via the multifunction button (same as we have already seen in the Meizu Pro 6). I must admit that the front side of the device is very similar to Zuk said smartphone.

On the left side are three mechanical keys are located: double “rocker” volume control and power button / lock.

Right – a slot for two nano-SIM card. Extraction takes place as usual, with a special key-clip.

At the top end there were only two plastic inserts for the antennas and noise-canceling microphone system.

Bottom placed exactly in the center of the port USB 3.1 Type C. On one side is the main spoken microphone, and on the opposite side – the main speaker. Almost at the corner there was a place for the AUX jack.

The ends of the combined total of the metal frame, which plays the role of a skeleton force body. It is made a ground and polished on the edges of the chamfer removed. It looks very nice.

The back cover is made of glass. We do not know whether to use is tempered glass (similar to the face). We only easy to remove fingerprints from the surface, and that for all the testing time not a single even the smallest scratches.

The cover is made slightly convex and perfectly fits in your palm. The gap between the straight metal frame and convex glass, sealable plastic bezel white. Visually, it merges with the cover, so the smartphone is seen thinner than it actually is.

At the top is the main camera lens. He framed a bit protruding metal ring protects against rubbing.

Below is a two-color LED flash, and even lower – a sensor that determines the pulse and the oxygen content in the blood. His work will be discussed later.

Below did not find any items, except the brand logo.

Zuk Z2 Pro Review Android smartphone: new generation flagship from China

Physical device turned out original. Despite the fact that the front side may resemble Samsung model Meizu Pro and 6, it does not cause sensations copy. But behind the body is original, the continuity does not arise even thought.

Design came out nice, moderately severe, but not boring. The build quality is not no complaints there. The design of high-quality materials used, which are in operation should not collect scratches, scrapes and other signs of external influence. Although it is worth considering that the glass back cover is often plagued with the drops.

Swipe from the top edge of the display opens the status bar. It displays the time and date, as well as themselves notice. No adjustments are provided.

To access the Quick Settings, you must svaypnut from the lower edge of the screen. You will see this panel, this solution resembles iOS.

Settings visually divided into groups.

But regular calendar is replete with Chinese characters. However, for basic tasks it will be enough.

An interesting situation is with screenshots. Shortcut to create a screenshot has not changed – simultaneously press the lock button and the Volume Down button.

The trick is that if you hold them briefly, then just get a screenshot, as with any other device. And if you hold the button a few seconds, you will be able to crop the picture by cutting the right and immediately to save it.

Since the unit was manufactured for the Chinese market, he is deprived of Google services pre-installed. And in place of the usual Play Market installed native app store, of course, Chinese. However, to understand it is not necessary, because there are many similarities with English.

A separate item in the settings provided with a multifunction button “Home”. Thus, it recognizes both mechanical pressing and touch, and left and right swipe. Each movement can be assigned to the corresponding function.


Zuk Z2 Pro Review Android smartphone: new generation flagship from China

Quick Settings panel, which appears below, also contains some basic settings.

But SafeCenter application has several basic, but useful features. And, importantly, it is in English, not characters.

We should also consider the company’s application to work with the scanner, tracking the pulse and the oxygen content in the blood. It is located under the main camera flash.

However, you can sign up using a conventional e-mail addresses.

The application in the background keeps track of your activity, the number of steps taken and calories burned.

Private mode allows you to take measurements of the pulse and the oxygen content in the blood. Although, most likely the accuracy of the data display is small, someone it can be useful.

Knowledgeable English users can even podcherpnut bit of help.

The device is capable of processing and other data when you connect additional devices. For example, weights.

To the left of the first desktop is a menu of the application. There can be a real time monitor its activity.

The icons at the bottom indicate the number of additional functions. Thus, the device is able to determine the intensity of ultraviolet rays.

And also can act as a personal trainer in various modes such as cycling, running or walking.

Branded shell ZUI has a simple and intuitive interface, works smoothly and without any slowdown. During the test it did not take any reboot due freezes. The very appearance of the interface and control via the multifunction buttons very much reminded shell Meizu – Flyme OS. Or even the idea of a certain continuity solutions. However, official confirmation could not be found, so there is nothing we will not argue.

Zuk Z2 Pro Review Android smartphone: new generation flagship from China

Multimedia Zuk Z2 Pro

First, we estimate the “omnivorous” test the smartphone concerning various video formats.

As you can see, the list of supported formats is great, but the formats that the hardware can not be played, it was a lot.

However, the standard player, which is not even found in the list of applications can be easily replaced by any supporting software decoding.

If a regular video player you can still use it then to understand kanji music player barely makes sense. Just install and use the usual player.

With the help of the sound card ASUS Xonar U7 with the signal / noise ratio at a record 113 dB we tested the quality of the sound in the headphones. It is worth noting that at the maximum volume level of the signal in the calibration was modest -8.9 dB.

Zuk Z2 Pro Review Android smartphone: new generation flagship from China

Nevertheless, the results were positive. And they are confirmed by subjective sensations. The sound quality will suit the vast majority of users, with the exception of the most demanding. All the more so for the full potential Zuk Z2 Pro features will need high-quality headphones.

By the way, the manufacturer has provided the opportunity to adapt to a variety of smartphone headsets. A separate unit will function properly recognize the buttons on your headset and can often solve many problems.

Despite the fact that the list of supported hardware video formats would be wider, Zuk Z2 Pro still be called a multimedia smartphone, a minimum quality of the sound. However, it is worth considering the need to install third-party applications instead of Chinese.

File system Zuk Z2 Pro

Do not stint on a large supply of memory, the manufacturer has decided to continue the tradition and set the main drive of 128 GB. It is difficult to imagine how rare it is necessary to remove something to fill this amount in full.

In this situation, even the lack of a memory card slot no perceived disadvantage. No it, well, okay, it is still not necessary.

The standard file manager supports English interface and is suitable for everyday use. It provides basic functionality, clear and easy to use.

This is one of the first android-smartphone with such a large reserve of memory. And many he will like it for this option. But those who think this is excessive, it is proposed a more modest version with main memory capacity of 64 GB. True, there will have to sacrifice, and the amount of RAM – it only 4 GB.

Wireless interfaces and communication Zuk Z2 Pro

For the flagship smartphone manufacturer has provided all the necessary means of communication. It works in all possible mobile networks. Of course, not without the installation of modules Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi, running in five ranges – a / b / g / n / ac. And the only thing that deprived the machine – an infrared port and an antenna NFC. However, their need for conventional, and do not require functions to all users.

Zuk Z2 Pro Review Android smartphone: new generation flagship from China

In conditions of Moscow and the Moscow suburbs are no complaints about the quality of the signal did not arise. Smartphone supports two SIM-cards nano-SIM format. Supported installation “on hot”.

Here are additional features (like YellowPage directory) do not carry any sense for obvious reasons.

We should also mention the work of navigation. Supported by the positioning satellites GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou. However, the most surprising was the fact that the phone can connect to an impressive number of satellites of different systems being in place. “Cold” start takes about 10-15 seconds.

And if you go to the window, then after a few seconds the list of satellites in general is filled, and the signal level in almost all close to the maximum.

In this regard, the plan shows that the manufacturer did not save. Communication Jobs designed and implemented with maximum quality. Despite the fact that the device is released for the Chinese market, no loss of functionality in the RF arises. And navigation work (which often err Chinese smartphones) above all praise.

Runtime Zuk Z2 Pro

Ensure your smartphone is designed to power a built-in battery capacity of 3100 mAh. To get there is not provided by the service center capabilities.

At first glance, the modest capacity for the device on the basis of such a productive platform. However, the processability of the chip is encouraging, and the use of AMOLED matrix could not pass unnoticed.

Let’s see what the results show synthetic autonomy tests.

The results were slightly above average. In a typical usage of the constant presence of handy charger, you can not think. Although expect a high level of autonomy is not necessary.

Zuk Z2 Pro Review Android smartphone: new generation flagship from China

Battery settings are standard. Here there is only a basic power-saving mode.

During charging, the lock screen changes to reflect the level of battery charge and charging mode. Thus, depending on the degree of self discharge smartphone charge select the most reasonable scenario, and to simultaneously charge the apparatus as quickly as possible, and to prolong battery life.

Of course, it comes bundled power adapter with flat plug. We’ll have to either buy an adapter or adapter change. By the way, the output current is 2.5 A.

It supports fast charging technology, offsetting in part the average autonomy. The only cable type USB Type C is still not as popular and better keep it to yourself constantly.

Autonomy Zuk Z2 Pro can be called the standard for today’s flagships. medium capacity battery provides autonomy level slightly above average. Of course, here it benefited from the use of the AMOLED display type. But the serious energy consumption due to the high level of performance has not been canceled. This is partly offset by the support of fast charging technology.

Camera Zuk Z2 Pro

Despite the fact that the hero of this review is not positioned as a “camera phone” from the top-end solutions expecting a high quality recording. Unfortunately, the manufacturer stingy on details about the camera set here. We only know that the frontal resolution is 8.0, and the primary – 13.0 megapixels.

The standard camera app looks simple and seemingly obvious.

Until you start to look for the settings are not … The fact is that the settings button is not there. Initially, the idea that this is not the menu that did not fit into the logic.

The solution came by accident – do swipe down on the screen. Opens here is a circle, representing the menu with a minimum of functions. Here, in the upper left corner is a button to go to the settings.

But there is a little bit hidden settings, and among them only the basic.

The application itself runs smartly and has the standard functionality. And if you spend a little time to deal with his work, the use becomes comfortable and does not cause any difficulty.

Much more important is the quality of the images. For the evaluation, we present a set of approximate shots.


The manufacturer was able to offer the flagship device in all respects. At the beginning of love we pleased the quality of materials and execution of housing. The smartphone looks stylish and even prestigious. Do not spoil the impression and display – natural picture quality oleophobic coating, responsive sensor. At the level of proved and performance, and only to the level of core and memory will not carp.

Testing the sound quality has shown positive results that confirmed the subjective impression. I enjoyed the speed and quality of work of navigation, as well as a fingerprint scanner. Controversial from the standpoint of practical use, but it turned out to be an interesting solution presence sensor to measure heart rate and the amount of oxygen in the blood. Maybe for someone it will be useful.

Pros Zuk Z2 Pro:

  • Excellent quality of materials and workmanship;
  • Lively fingerprint reader;
  • Very large stock of RAM and main memory;
  • High-quality display;
  • The high level of performance;
  • Have a set of additional biological sensors.

Smartphone Cons:

  • Not the highest level of autonomy.
  • Connector USB Type C instead of the usual microUSB;
  • No support for memory cards.

Source: zukmobile

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