ZUK Edge Review: smartphone with narrow frames and powerful processor

ZUK Edge Review: smartphone with narrow frames and powerful processor

ZUK Edge went on sale at the end of 2016. ZUK is a subsidiary brand Lenovo, or its production is focused exclusively on the Chinese market. But now you can buy ZUK Edge in almost all countries of the world.

The price of ZUK Edge is $334 for the youngest, and $363 for the older version. At the time of writing this review the prices in the Chinese shops on this device is inadequate, and may exceed 500 USD. Given the situation with the previous models ZUK, we can assume that in a few months after the start of the sales price will drop significantly.

ZUK Edge Review: smartphone with narrow frames and powerful processor

ZUK Edge: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

The first thing that catches your eye – narrow frame. They do ZUK Edge one of the most compact smartphone with a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches. The display device holds 86.4% of the front panel and the width of the side frames – 1.63 mm. At the same dimensions of the case are 142.9 x 74.5 x 7.68 mm. For comparison, the iPhone 7 Plus size with a similar display diagonal: 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm. Weight ZUK Edge: 160 g

Frame metal device, and the front and rear panels are covered with slightly curved glass 2.5D. There is a choice of two colors: Titanium Black, with a glossy sheen rear panel, and Ceramic White. The latest version of the housing there are golden insert. As a result, the device looks attractive, but the glass makes it slippery. A glass and asphalt – are incompatible.

ZUK Edge Review: smartphone with narrow frames and powerful processor

Sensors and approach lighting for the sake of aesthetics hidden next to the earpiece grille. the main camera module protrudes slightly at the rear.

Below the screen is placed U-Touch button. the volume and power buttons are located on the right side. Tray SIM – on the left.On the bottom you can find the connector USB Type-C 3.1, audiodzhek 3.5 mm, and the microphone hole Main speaker.


ZUK Edge Review: smartphone with narrow frames and powerful processor

ZUK Edge equipped with a system on a chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 MSM8996. Computing power is represented by four 64-bit cores Kryo with frequency 2.35 GHz. As used Adreno 530 (653 MHz) as the graphics chip. Processor provides a very good performance in all usage scenarios smartphone. Synthetics will not lie: in AnTuTu device with 6 GB of RAM is gaining 162 thousand points..

ZUK Edge: Memory

ZUK Edge Review: smartphone with narrow frames and powerful processor

The buyer is free to choose between the version Standart and Premium. Their difference lies in the amount of RAM: 4 GB or 6 (LPDDR April 1866 MHz). The only advantage of the “premium” version – in the background, you can keep running even more applications. At the same time, and no departures. Both versions are equipped with drive UFS 2.0, high read / write speed and capacity of 64 GB.

The internal memory ZUK Edge is enough to set the most demanding games, recording 4K-video, and so on. D. But if the manufacturer added the possibility MicroSD card installation, suffer from it would not have been anyone.

ZUK Edge: Battery

ZUK Edge Review: smartphone with narrow frames and powerful processor

ZUK Edge comes with a non-removable battery capacity of 3100 mAh. To see how long the device will last on a single charge, the battery synthetic tests were conducted. During testing, the application automatically simulates user actions: “cool” video, the Internet, games, etc. In AnTuTu under continuous loads of varying intensity smartphone can withstand more than 8 hours… PCMark charge spent 9 hours 17 minutes.

Antutu appreciated the battery capacity to 9873 points. Translated into human language – it is approximately equal to one day work in a moderate mode of operation.

It supports Quick Charge 3.0. However, the supplied power adapter (5.3V / 2.5A), most likely, is not compatible with fast charging technology.

For half an hour the battery is charged to 35%. To completely fill the charge from 0 to 100% required 120 minutes.

ZUK Edge: Camera

As a sensor for the primary camera using Samsung ISOCELL 13 megapixels. It has a relatively low value of the aperture (F / 2.2), but the pixels enlarged (1.34 microns). Apply double focusing system PDAF + CAF. Fast-focus (for 0.1 s) in tandem with e-EIS stabilization prevents camera shake when shooting handheld. camera application interface is very simple, but unlike ZUK Z2, equipped with a Pro mode with manual settings.

ZUK Edge Review: smartphone with narrow frames and powerful processor

ZUK Edge Review: smartphone with narrow frames and powerful processor

Daytime shots will enjoy a good color reproduction, the correct white balance, sufficient detail. Gently HDR mode, and at the same time the dynamic range of quality levels. Photos taken in low light conditions inferior in quality OnePlus 3T and Xiaomi Mi 5s. However, the detail is maintained at an acceptable level, works effectively squelch. In other words, a day acceptable camera, night – just good. In terms of pictures the camera gives the flagship of the A-brands.

Maximum resolution video – 4K, at 30 frames / sec. When the recording device is stationary, it is generally possible to obtain a good result. In a move strongly felt the lack of optical stabilization. Slow Motion rollers recording is possible with a frequency of 960 frames / sec. The front camera has a sensor 8 megapixels, with an aperture of F / 2.2 and a pixel size of 1.12 microns. With proper lighting can get quite fit images. Video written to 1080p.

ZUK Edge: Display

The smartphone ZUK Edge has a display diagonal of 5.5 “, with FullHD (1920 x 1080) resolution and a pixel density of 403 the PPI. Used TDDI matrix by Sharp (in Meizu MX6 is the same). It is thinner than solutions from other manufacturers, has high brightness reserve and the best indicator for the IPS matrices contrast (1500: 1). The good color reproduction and high viewing angles are attached.

To protect the display glass used Gorilla Glass, information about which generation manufacturer chose to keep silent. The surface of the glass has good oleophobic properties.

ZUK Edge: Communication

The smartphone provides the paper tray that can hold 2 nano-SIM. You can connect to a 2G network operators, 3G and 4G LTE. 4G users can breathe a sigh of relief: the device operates in a wide range of fourth-generation networks (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B20). Supports voice technology 4G VoLTE.

WiFi a / b / g / n / ac can operate in dual-band (2.4 or 5 GHz), while Bluetooth 4.1 BLE will provide a wireless connection with low power consumption.

Navigation systems work flawlessly, which is the norm for many smartphones with a processor from Qualcomm. In addition to GPS, A-GPS and GLONASS smartphone can work with the Chinese Beidou and the European Galileo.

ZUK Edge: Sound

Main speaker sound clear and moderately loud. Additional noise-canceling microphone will come in handy during a telephone conversation or a recording. A function of Dirac HD Sound, according to the manufacturer, is able to provide HiFi sound. In fact, Dirac HD – is “intelligent” equalizer, which optimizes the sound according to the headphone model. That is, reveals their potential, making the sound more crisp and saturated.

ZUK Edge: Operating system

The smartphone runs on Android 7. Over sheath system installed ZUI 2.5: cute, running smartly and without problems. Unusually, the notification that the shutter is opened from the bottom. Otherwise, the interface is much like MIUI.

The main disadvantage – the absence of a global firmware, with the Russian language, and Google’s services. There is reason to believe that it will not. It remains to wait for enthusiasts release custom firmware for this device. Or, to learn English, and manually install the Google Play.

ZUK Edge: Features

Below the screen is a touch multifunction button U-Touch. Visual and tactile it is integral with the glass faceplate. Combining with fingerprint scanner that is activated for 0.9 seconds. Also button is used to navigate through the system using tapov and gestures. U-Touch no wear, as a mechanical button, and has no gaps. This prevents ingress of debris into the housing. However, the lack of circuits may be small, but a problem: it is impossible to find in the dark finger button. But all those who do not like the U-Touch, can be activated from the settings menu navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

Not far from the earpiece, and the light is frontalki event indicator. And in the main camera flash are sensors for measuring heart rate, ultraviolet radiation and oxygen levels in the blood. Altimeter is also provided to determine the height. Experience the practical benefits of a solid set of sensors will help pre-branded applications.

Pros and cons ZUK Edge


  • neat, stylish body design;
  • narrow framework;
  • full-speed USB Type-C 3.1;
  • a plurality of sensors;
  • powerful iron.
  • Disadvantages:
  • no memory card slot;
  • No global firmware (official);
  • body, though beautiful, but slippery and soiled from behind the glass;
  • no optical stabilization.

ZUK Edge: Alternatives

Xiaomi Mi5s comes in a metal housing with 3 GB of RAM, but there is also a version with 4 GB of RAM, a 3D Touch screen and double the amount of internal memory. OnePlus 3T different assembly quality all-metal body, the matrix (AMOLED), higher capacity battery, slightly better camera with optical stabilization. But also more expensive. Both models have received official international firmware.

Our review ZUK Edge

ZUK Edge has left a good impression about the design, high performance, good camera, multifunction chips like U-Touch and a wide range of sensors.

The glass back panel – a controversial decision, the repulsive part of the potential buyers. In other cases, all this beauty certainly hiding in cover. Relatively weak side of this device can be considered autonomous. In addition, non-removable battery, and memory is expanded. Even fresh Android 7 OS is not an argument for those who do not know English, and does not know how to set their own firmware.

Source: gsmarena

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