ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini Review mainstream smartphone

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini Review mainstream smartphone

In April 2016, was presented to ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini – smartphone is positioned as a mini-version of the flagship Z11 model. Now you can buy it for about $ 200, which corresponds to the average price category. The machine really got reduced dimensions, but it is not just a smaller modification of the top model. The smartphone has substantial simplifications that lowered him from heaven to earth.

Despite the fact that the smartphone is greatly simplified in the background of the older brother, he has interesting features and strengths. What exactly – tell review ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

Materials Z11 Mini – not as premium as the older model. It is the unit of composition of plastic and glass. Compiled he soundly, did not even squeak when squeezed, despite the plastic. Smartphone weighs 138 grams (which is typical for this size), its size – 141h70 mm, and thickness – 8 mm.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini Review mainstream smartphone

Front panel – glass 2,5D rounding at the edges, nothing special in the smartphone there. Below the display is a touch circle indicator (right on the chip ZTE could have vysudit Meizu compatriots).Above the display – speaker, camera lens and discreet in a dark box model light / proximity sensor.

Rear panel – imitation of glass, but it is made of plastic. It looks solidly material, much more expensive than it actually is, and it is quite practical.

In the corner is placed camera with flash, closer to the middle – fingerprint scanner, and at the bottom – the manufacturer’s logo.

The base body frame – made of metal, but lower and upper ends of plastic with metallized paint. Above – the headphone jack of 3.5 mm, a second microphone.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini Review mainstream smartphone

Bottom – USB port and format C mesh dynamics.

On the right side wall were placed power button and double rocker sound control, on the left – a slot for card

In general, the design of the sidewall successful, it emphasizes the third volume, making the smartphone is not faceless remnant, and in-kind individual (though not unique).


ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini Review mainstream smartphone

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini is running a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 617. This overclocked version of last year’s model 615, which is the nucleus (of 8) operating at a frequency of 1.5 GHz. For video processing meets all the same Adreno 405, with slightly higher clock rates. The parrots AnTuTu score is expressed by an increase from 40 to 45 thousand.

Powered Smartphone properly, blame him for the brakes there is no reason, but it is – a little out of date middle-class chip, no more.New 625 he merges and autonomy and speed, although the game is still dragging. High graphics no promises, but on average we have to go all the games.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini: Memory

RAM smartphone recruited LPDDR3 chips, its volume is 3 GB, which is typical for the middle class 2016. The system is required to operate about 1200 MB at the start, in the rest of the RAM memory, you can download the program. But the built-in drive Z11 Mini has a capacity of 32 or 64 GB that middling bad. Among them is available about 24 or 55 GB, the rest is occupied by the operating system and standard programs.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini Review mainstream smartphone

The smartphone is equipped with a slot for flash drives, located in the slot of the second Sims (epidemic of 2016, what can you do). It supports up to 256 GB volume. There is also support OTG drives connected via USB.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini: Battery

Capacity ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini battery is 2800 mAh, it is removable. The level of autonomy of the smartphone can be considered average, for 2016, but in general it’s not bad. Games devour charge about 5 hours, watch videos from the memory come hours 7. Approximately the same number (7 to 9 hours) will pull the machine in Web surfing, with Auto Brightness backlight. If active juzat it 2 hours per day, the charge will last up to 3 days.

Complete storage at 5 volts has a capacity of 1.5 ampere, they would have to charge the device for about 2 hours. These are standard indicators, but QuickCharge device, it seems, did not activate.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini: Cameras

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini Review mainstream smartphone

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini is equipped with a primary camera of 16 MP, based on -. The matrix Sony IMX298 (size 1 / 2.8 “, 1.12 micron pixels), with optics f / 2 The same solution is used in Xiaomi Mi5 and the OnePlus 3T so for camera kicking machine is absolutely no reason Shoots smartphone as fit, competing with them for the forces of the units (in this price range). for example, the Samsung in its J7 (2016), show slightly worse picture quality, but some Xiaomi redmi Note 3 or Meizu M3 – all standing in a corner and nervous.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini Review mainstream smartphone

White balance, dynamic range, color reproduction – it’s all there in the chamber. The real rival in the class – except Moto G4 Plus, but it “lopatofon” because obviously not a direct competitor to the hero of the review. Video Camera writes in the resolution FullHD (ISP no longer pulls this chipset) with 30 FPS.

Several sample photos on the main camera:

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini Review mainstream smartphone

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini Review mainstream smartphone

The front camera unit also did not hurt, that’s for sure. It comes with 8-megapixel variation on the Sony IMX179 (1 / 3.2 “, 1.4 micron pixels). It has no autofocus and optical image stabilization (as in the original model), but the image quality can be called high. Among all front cameras – it is one of the best decisions camera also wrote in FullHD video.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini: Screen

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini because and received the prefix “mini”, which is equipped with a smaller screen than the flagship. Its diagonal reduced from 5.5 inches to 5, but the resolution remains the same (1920×1080 pixels). Matrix created by IPS technology, its PPI reaches 441 dots per inch, on this occasion to find fault with the display meaningless.

Colour rendition and color temperature of the smartphone natural, but if you want the other – in the settings can be calibrated by itself.The viewing angles are almost the maximum, almost the same as that of the flagships. Despite the fact that a large angle brightness falls – the colors are natural.

Covered with tempered glass sensor, the manufacturer of which remains unknown. It supports multitouch to 10 points that up to now (would be more contrary to common sense-as). Oleofobka has it good: fingerprints are removed in one motion napkin.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini: Communications

Slots for SIM cards in smartphones, traditionally for 2016, one and a half. That is, they are like two, but the second one is aligned with the slot for MicroSD card, so not everyone will come in handy. The device is designed for the GSM network, HSPA and LTE, but so loved by the Americans and the Chinese CDMA does not. Wi-Fi network supports 2.4 and 5 GHz, this everything is OK.

Navigator works with the GPS and GLONASS systems to holodnuuyuyu satellites are quickly and on a hot – almost instantly. To say thank you for it is the plastic from which the cover is made: in contrast to the metal, it is not jamming the signal. Very cool that the smartphone has an IR port (you can control appliances) and NFC.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini: Sound

Speaker Nubia Z11 Mini – a speaker, and a point: loud creaks, but without the bass and a small failure at high frequencies. It is the same as its competitors. Another thing – Headphones: headset device sounds a bit better than the competitors in the class. Radios have no smartphone.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini: Operating system

Powered ZTE on the OS Android 5.1, with a proprietary coating. This is a typical Chinese interface, without a dedicated menu of programs, and more decent than the katabatic Androide (according to the author) shutter. Powered system adevkatno, obvious glitches OS is not seen whether the upgrade to the 7th Android – is still unknown.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini: Features

The smartphone is made in the body, which is clearly set the objective imitation glass. But actually it is plastic with corresponding properties. It is not so slippery and fragile, but is resistant to scratches much less.

Pros and cons of ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini


  • good camera;
  • quality screen;


  • not the most modern processor;
  • plastic housing.

To fit the smartphone

Z11 Mini is clearly for those who need a relatively small smartphone with a good camera. It is also like the people who use the phone to access the Internet and other not the most difficult tasks. Gamers device will not work, because it is no different GPU outstanding power.

Our review ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini

ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini – a good smartphone, its corresponding price. The review found he had the disadvantages of cheaper devices.Of course, in a plastic case is not pleased with all users, but it is not the worst material. In an extreme case, the polymers – are much more resistant to shocks.

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