XIGMATEK Nebula C Review body

XIGMATEK Nebula C Review body

Today we look at one of the company’s compact body XIGMATEK Nebula C.

XIGMATEK Nebula C came to us in a small square box. It reflected a name and a small description of the model. Inside the package body fixed pair of rails and was wrapped in an additional package. Photo sets omit and immediately proceed to the inspection. The detailed characteristics of the body can be found on the manufacturer’s page – here.

XIGMATEK Nebula C: Design

Speaking in millimeters, the external dimensions XIGMATEK Nebula C up 260x260x305. On the one hand, they are not low, on the other hand are clearly different from the full-size ATX solutions. Variation with the letter «C» is edited Nebula model with the same performance.

XIGMATEK Nebula C Review body

XIGMATEK Nebula C is available in seven color variations, five of which are very bright. To us the body arrived in a classic black color. Visual delights in the structure is not observed: straight, smooth painted walls with small rounded at the ends. Is that the contrasting color of the top panel in white color can attract eyes.

The shape XIGMATEK Nebula C almost completely resembles a cube, but a bit elongated in height. External elements of plastic. The side edges are painted in matt black and the upper plate has a slight glossy sheen. This body is not actively collect dust or fingerprints.

XIGMATEK Nebula C Review body

In the corner of the upper face has a power button. She made a match for the top side of the casing, a small square. Pressed well, around there are contrasting inset of orange plastic.

The remaining connectors are located on the side of the right side. There are two separate audio jack, and a pair of USB 3.0. The latter can be connected to the slide 3.0 or 2.0.

Contact side of the body frame is formed and no plastic linings. Studying it is possible to estimate the approximate location of items inside. Note the full-size ATX power supply, one seat for a 120 mm fan and a pair of standard holes for water cooling hoses.

The lower bound XIGMATEK Nebula C has a continuous perforation. Spider veins are not small, but the stiffness remains. There are four plastic feet. They raise the body about half a centimeter, it is a pity not rubberized.

Three side panels are attached with clips, four on each, two top and two at the bottom. When each panel has a pair of circular guide and is fixed to the adjacent sidewalls, making monolithic body.

XIGMATEK Nebula C Review body

After removing the three sides open access to the entire internal structure of the body. Rapid removal of the top panel is not provided, it is necessary to unscrew the set screws. But during the installation need not arise.

By the way, I almost forgot to mention the small triangle. It is made in the form and is cut between the right and the left edge of the housing. After switching on the lights up and glows orange, the average brightness in the dark the room does not light :).

XIGMATEK Nebula C: Inside

After removing the side panels, as for me, XIGMATEK Nebula C looks interesting. The rack rails on the sides, hood in the form of the top cover and basket for storage in the state of suspension. Let’s look in more detail.

In one of the seats for storage is found cardboard box. It has a set of bolts and ties, four rails for drives for 2.5 inch drive adapter and the adapter to the USB 3.0 to USB 2.0.

XIGMATEK Nebula C at the same time, you can install three drives: two 3.5 “and one 2.5”. With the included adapter, a 3.5 “can be changed to 2.5 second.” The set is not large, but very standard. Shopping fastened to the frame, the changes in its position or design change is not provided.

XIGMATEK Nebula C Review body

Storage 3.5 “are installed without screws and screwdrivers. We put plastic guides and insert into the basket. Antivibration pads on no guide.

As we have already noted, for the installation of power supply options are available full-size ATX. The unit is mounted vertically on the motherboard area.

As part of the assembly for the review we will use block Shogun SJ-B500 500W from the same comrades from Xigmatek. In a series Shogun, there are three variations on the 500, 600 and 700W. The unit is certified under the standard 80Plus Bronze and has protections UVP, OVP, OPP and SCP.

Block is a modular, all cable default “sealed” on his board. They are in a braided fabric of medium hardness. Connector List is represented in the screenshot below.

XIGMATEK Nebula C Review body


XIGMATEK Nebula C supports only motherboards Mini-ITX form factor. As for the assembly, I used a set of ASUS Maximus VIII Impact and cooler SilverStone Argon Series AR06. They fit perfectly into the system, and after the installation of the power supply even stayed clear margin, as a whole can be set cooler with a height of up to 80 millimeters.

After installation, the power supply inside the beauty of the body is slightly reduced. The fact that there is simply no “screen” for which can be nice to put all the cables.

XIGMATEK Nebula C Review body

According to the manufacturer to install the available graphics cards up to 230 mm long. But my hand was a card with long 250millimetrov, namely NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Founders Edition variations. And in the mode “by eye” is placed in a wonderful case.

But, remember, the same area? His form did not allow insert the card into the motherboard slot. I had to work a little hacksaw, remove a part of the corner, and the card perfectly fit. This apparently was not much modernization and installation of covers has passed without even touching.

In the assembled form, the system resembled a well-pumped cube. But at the same time remained a clear margin of empty space inside the case.

As you can see, after the installation of all components, taking into account the deaf walls in XIGMATEK Nebula C formed following system vozduhotoka: blow-out work PSU, graphics card and 120 mm fan, and the inflow is provided naturally through the perforations in the bottom of the case.

XIGMATEK Nebula C Review body


At the time XIGMATEK Nebula C material publications are not lit in the metropolitan retail. At first I thought that XIGMATEK products in principle not in stores, but no, there are some options. On foreign trading floors XIGMATEK Nebula C was found, but at 59.99 there the units. At that price, there are many from guinea analogues, the same Core V1.

In general, XIGMATEK Nebula C looks interesting. It visually. Structurally, the body has to go. You can install a video card and think, and additional space for storage to add, and tools for laying the wires will not be superfluous. But if these items are not critical for you, based on XIGMATEK Nebula C can gather adequate cube. And if you think about the use of available space, there to reach NWO can …

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