Xiaomi Ninebot Mini review Self Balancing Scooter

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini review Self Balancing Scooter

Many users know that Xiaomi company produces not only high-quality mobile devices, but also to actively develop intelligent consumer electronics, including mobile vehicles.

More recently, in the laboratory I visited an interesting city “gadget on wheels» – Xiaomi YunBike C1. This time we take a closer look another interesting novelty – Ninebot Mini, which is designed for fast and comfortable transportation in the city.

Hero review, both in appearance and ideology, at first glance resembles the American counterpart Segway – the future of transport. Externally, it is a compact vehicle with two small wheels, a plurality of sensors and a platform for the feet with an interesting focus, reminding the control lever.

And let not our laboratory specializes in testing devices of this kind, but the pass is so modern and at the same time atypical for the famous brand we could not gadget Xiaomi.

At first glance quite attractive characteristics. Initially, there was a desire to compare survey hero with the same eminent Segway, but does it make sense? Despite the fact that both “play” in one class of models, they are very different cost and performance. And the position for a fair comparison with Xiaomi Ninebot Mini is not.

Xiaomi Balancing Scooter is more like a story with a bicycle. It is an interesting analogy, solves the same problems, and costs less famous competitors of a higher price level. In this regard, we offer go directly to his study.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini review Self Balancing Scooter

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini: Packaging equipment

We tested Balancing Scooter was already assembled. As we found out, the store device comes in a partially disassembled, and quite a large box. Packing tight and able to protect the device during transport – is its main advantage. It is unlikely that it will be useful after the purchase, occupying a prominent place.

Inside provides everything needed for assembly and use – is itself Balancing Scooter several removable elements and battery charger, as well as all the necessary tools to the instructions for assembly.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini: Appearance and design

From the point of view of construction in front of us Balancing Scooter classic – a device with two wheels and a platform for the feet, part of a electronic stuffing and battery.

For ease of use is a special footrest that can be changed to a high steering wheel if desired. It’s a small way, through which driving becomes more comfortable.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini review Self Balancing Scooter

Some design features are not observed. Everything is done simply and soundly, the case itself is made with plastic and magnesium alloy. The mass of the devices based capacious battery does not exceed 13 kg. However, due to this Ninebot Mini children fit only with great reserve, and without parental care is not enough.

To purchase available both white and black version Balancing Scooter. Color emphasizes sleek design. Color Matte device that has a positive effect on the preservation of the original form of the operation. However, in all black “schools” can be shown instantly.

Of particular note worthy items. For example, the footrest is finished soft-touch rubber coating, slide from which it will be difficult.

Below we can see accurately and harmoniously inscribed in the design of the small display, which is displayed in the operation of the basic information, such as battery and connection status.

Just above the display there is an inconspicuous button on and off the device. Basic settings are adjusted with the help of a corporate application on a smartphone or tablet.

The main body is provided, and LED backlight, which allows the use Balancing Scooter in the dark. There are several modes of operation – the so-called running lights and dipped beam mode. Last well illuminates the space in front of the device, which is enough to notice the curb or hole in the road. And after dark, lights are turned on automatically.

In addition, for fans of bright illumination in the dark provides neon lights, the color of which can be set up in the company’s application.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini review Self Balancing Scooter

Finally, we note that Balancing Scooter easy to wash after a walk. The legroom present special ribbed inserts, which resist slipping on the surface and guard the device from unnecessary damage.

Now let’s examine the use of the device in practice, as well as talk about the hardware stuffing.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini: Driving characteristics, experience and software

Let’s start with the theoretical part. In Ninebot Mini used rubber wheels with good tread. By adjusting the pressure, it is possible to make the trip more comfortable. For example, after a slight decrease in pressure in the tires on a scooter would be more convenient to travel over rough terrain and along the paths in the woods.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini review Self Balancing Scooter

Despite the small diameter of the wheels, Balancing Scooter can lift you up the hill at a gradient of up to 15 degrees, or stop by the small border without further assistance. Clearance – 80 mm. Since the review of the hero is equipped with protection against ingress of water IP54 housing for the technology, it can be used in rainy weather.

Balancing Scooter balance is maintained automatically by sensors mounted so that the user will not fall. It is noteworthy that initially you will most likely be afraid to trust the sensors, and before the first trip will be scared to fall. However, quite a few hours to get used to the device and not have any problems when traveling.

Managing them is simple – enough to lean in the right direction to move left or right, as well as forward or backward. If you are accustomed to use your hands and feet are not in the management, you can buy a special steering wheel, just like the Segway, it is only slightly cheaper.

The maximum speed of movement Ninebot Mini – 16 km / h, and a full battery charge lasts from 22 to 32 kilometers, depending on driving style and road surface. Run the novelty can be from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius, it may well be used in late autumn or early spring.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini review Self Balancing Scooter

By the way, the maximum power used by the electric motor issued 700 watts, which is not bad for such a compact device. A nominal battery power – 70 watts. To charge the regular model Xiaomi device will have to spend approximately 3.5-4.5 hours.

Braking distance novelties at a maximum speed of not more than 4.5-5.0 meters in wet weather and dry weather is altogether 3.0-3.5 meters.

Now for the smart functions. Ninebot Mini Balancing Scooter supplied with a Bluetooth module and a special proprietary application, which can be found in detail on the screenshots below.

Appendix logical, convenient for everyday use and it looks natural. All functions in the framework of this review do not reveal, but we will tell you about the most interesting opportunities.

Protection from novice. Quite an interesting feature. Once you have downloaded the application and connect to the device, you will be offered a simple training, after which the user will have to forcibly drive one kilometer without changing any settings.

Balancing Scooter will automatically adjust the lighting, the maximum speed of traffic on selected road and turn smooth and the angle of maximum slope. That’s the initial of “fool” protection.

After such kind of driving lesson user opens plenty of available options, with which you can adjust the device to suit your style of driving.

Scooter can be operated remotely from the application, just like in science fiction films. Sitting on the couch for a few seconds, you can “apply” at the feet of the vehicle.

But since this version does not provide cameras, in order to avoid the trouble to do it better still in the zone of the device visibility.

What about protection? By the way, the manufacturer recommends to use when riding adequate protection for the head, legs and arms. Present protection and of the scooter against unauthorized use.

With the help of the device application can be put on the “security”. Then at the beginning of his use of third-party face an unpleasant sound of the siren will be given. At the same user on a mobile device will notice that the scooter came or tried to be set in motion.

In the application displays the full range of information about the product, whether it is speed, battery power or, for example, electronic odometer – Active lighting passed for the time of operation of the distance.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini: Conclusion

What can be said on the basis of such a rapid, but bright love? We have before us a unique perspective and a vehicle, which is quite suitable for use in our country. If desired, you can go on Balancing Scooter not only dry summers in the park, but in rainy weather on the autumn pavement.

Xiaomi Model holistic impression of a quality product that is easy to manage, attracts the eyes of people in the street and interesting as transport. After a few years ago about the availability of such solutions and the speech was not conducted. Now, if in your pocket 30-50 thousand, you can become the owner of a new eco-friendly product.

But whether Xiaomi Ninebot Mini demand for daily trips to school or work in our reality? Currently there are no rather than yes, after all, at the moment it is an expensive and a nice toy for walks in the large park or the waterfront. By the way, if need be, and tree roots Balancing Scooter overcome, and gorochku climb.

Some cons for testing could not be found, the software, as does the scooter, worked flawlessly. It may be noted only a small reserve. In addition, despite the modest unit weight – only 13 kg, not every user is willing to carry it in your hands to your car or home.

It is believed that such a technological product will bring a lot of pleasant expectations and will certainly find its buyer.

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