Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Review and test smartphone

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Review and test smartphone

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus was unveiled recently and literally just started to appear on store shelves. It has new appearance, software improvements and new hardware, which we will examine in the next section.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus: Specifications

ModelXiaomi Mi5S PlusXiaomi Mi5
MaterialsMetal + glass + plasticMetal + glass + plastic
Screen5.7″, IPS, Full HD5.15″, IPS, Full HD
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 821,
2 x 2.35 GHz + 2 x 2.2 GHz, Kryo
Qualcomm Snapdragon 820,
2 x 1.8 GHz + 2 x 1.36 GHz, Kryo
Video processorAdreno 530Adreno 530
Operating systemAndroid 6.0 + MIUI 8Android 6.0 + MIUI 7
RAM, GB4/63
Built-in hard drive, GB64/12832/64
Slot for memory cardNoNo
Camera Megapixel13.0 x 2 + 4.016.0 + 4.0
Battery, mAh3 8003 000
Dimensions, mm77.7 x 154.7 x 8.0145.0 x 69.0 x 7.0
Weight, g168129

From the table we see characteristics parameters corresponding to the smartphones higher price segment.As usual, Xiaomi and a number of other Chinese large companies differ in their approach to pricing and hardware training devices.

One of the interesting features in addition to the new design, we can say processor the amount of memory on Board the smartphone and, perhaps, the capacious battery. The rest, except for the diagonal, as the younger brother Xiaomi Mi5S. Allocated the use of two cameras, although the first device with this feature from Xiaomi has become a medium budget Redmi Pro. The fingerprint scanner is also in place, but apparently because of the large size, it is moved to the rear panel.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus can be called the first representative of the ruler with the given name. Will study it carefully and try in the article not to miss disadvantages and advantageous sides of the gadget, as well as share personal experiences. Let’s start as usual with the packaging.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Review and test smartphone

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus: Packaging equipment

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus is offered to customers, classic compact original cardboard box white. Packaging is protected by a transparent film. Any bright elements do not exist, the manufacturer even refused the drawing of the image of the smartphone on the front side – there is only embossed the logo MI.

The packaging can be called strict. On the reverse side there is only a classical label with legal information and brief set available technical characteristics of the smartphone.

When you open the lid immediately visible inside the smartphone, initially it needs to be protected the shipping film from both sides.

Take a look at the package? To do this, remove the cardboard substrate under a smartphone.

As we can see, the user receives the box with the phone the following accessories:

  • Charger 1.5 A;
  • Cable USB Type-C;
  • Plastic transparent case;
  • Documentation and a paper clip to remove the SIM tray.

The case is not ideal, but it’s nice that the manufacturer immediately took care of the security of the device during operation. Now, many neglect it.

The charger is compact, vertical type with a Chinese fork. However, buy compact adapter now not a problem, and sellers in Russia usually doukomplektovuyut their smartphones. The charger is easy to use.Cable USB Type-C quality standards.

Charger supports fast charging. The rest of the claims on the packaging and the delivery does not occur, it is to cope with its functionality.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Review and test smartphone

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus: Appearance and design

Xiaomi really went all out on the design of the “new” line of devices. Many will say that he was inspired again by thermos? Possible. After all, we are waiting again the rounded corners of the back cover and quite a controversial effect of polishing the metal, but the smartphone looks good enough and causes a pleasant sensation when used. Note that in the life of the device looks more comprehensively and attractively than in the pictures and press pictures.

In front of us a modern smartphone without any serious innovation with minimalist design and classic layout of the major components. The device is sealed. On a back metal cover there are plastic inserts that serve to improve the quality of reception of the network signal. The gaps between the elements of a minimal and smooth – do not cause irritation.

High build quality of the device also claims a high level of performance. Throughout the test, squeaks or backlash is not there, and other similar disadvantages. To our test, the smartphone fell into the dark carcass. The back cover is a bit slippery and a fingerprint on it still visible, let the eye and do not rush. The smartphone is also present on the market in silver-white, gold and, of course, the trendy color – rose gold.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Review and test smartphone

To talk about usability with one hand at a diagonal of 5.7 inch is somewhat incorrect. In hand the smartphone is placed with difficulty, in spite of the rather narrow framework on the edges and a small indentation on the top and bottom. Software chips-assistants definitely help to partly solve this problem, but due to the peculiarities of the diagonal, the owners of compact palms need to prepare for some inconvenience. Weight for a smartphone of this class and size is small, only 168 grams.

Most of the front panel is a display unit, which is protected by sloping the edges of the 2.5 D tempered glass with good oleophobic coating. Due to the last finger slides on the surface perfectly, and fingerprints can be easily removed with a soft, dry cloth.

We already talked about the fact that we rarely smartphone manufacturers are experimenting with the location managers or other functional elements. Here almost the same case, when all in their usual places.Top center is the earpiece, next to the sensor’s proximity and illumination, front camera and a small led notification light without glare on the edges. The led is bright, the ignition is smooth, but in size it is very small and can not be seen in bright sunlight on the street.

On the lower indentation made three standard touch keys to control the system. They are equipped with uniform white backlight and haptic feedback of moderate strength.

On the reverse side all the fun. On top catches the eye is neatly inscribed the module from the two main cameras in plastic piping black, next double flash, and just below the fingerprint scanner. Scanner fast response and high accurate.

The bottom of the MI logo and a sticker with technical rooms, which is quite easily and completely removed.

In the upper part on the right side we see the usual volume rocker and power key on/off. Metal buttons, made of the same material as the frame. Press with a distinctive click, do not have backlash. The clicks of each key is also different in sound and tactile, can be used blindly.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Review and test smartphone

Left slot for two SIM-cards.

Unfortunately, support for memory cards is not provided. Both SIM-cards format Nano.

On top of the infrared port, auxiliary microphone and AUX output, from which some manufacturers for poorly explained reasons go in favor of USB Type-C.

Bottom the USB Type-C for charging and PC synchronization, and the edges are smooth and neat under a small perforation is the speaker with the microphone.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus: Display

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus features a large 5.7″ IPS FullHD resolution with no air gap, that is, with OGS. Pixel density ~ 386 PPI, and then to see individual pixel on the eye will not succeed. The effects of ladders and other such things do not exist as a class.

We observed good viewing angles, with no apparent fading and color distortion even under the maximum angle. Subjectively, the color rendition normal, but in places the colors are oversaturated. The white color gives slightly yellow, but partially this can be corrected by regular means of the adjustment of the white balance.

The sensor realizes up to ten touches, makes it fast. Claims to it during testing have arisen.

Right angle good uniformity of illumination is not. This applies to both white and black background.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Review and test smartphone

Tilting the smartphone, the surprises we saw.

To obtain more accurate data, we will test the smartphone display with the colorimeter X-Rite ColorMunki Display. Let’s start as usual with the table of contrast.

Maximum display brightness is average, but to contrast the serious claims do not arise, even with the surplus. The minimum brightness is also enough in life to not dazzle the eyes in the dark. When using outside during the day – problems with the display no information remains readable – claims to anti reflective coating virtually does not occur.

On the chart the color line is not much moving away from each other and reference bands, although in the middle there is a characteristic elevation.

The color stick is not stable, especially purple and blue lines

The color temperature is not seriously high, but also not notable for her stability.

This chart may give the impression that before us is the matrix AMOLED, not IPS. Noticeable excess of green and red outline. And in life the colors look saturated.

As seen on the last chart, point grey wedge placed near the border of the Delta, which in principle should contribute to prevent the appearance of visible on the display of spurious tones.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Review and test smartphone

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus: Hardware platform and performance

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus is running on latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 821, which is a dual core Kryo, operating at a frequency to 2.35 GHz and two more cores, but operates at a maximum clock frequency of 2.2 GHz. The role of the graphics Adreno 530 graphics core supports.

There are several variations of smartphones, they differ in the number of core and RAM. The first option offers 4 GB of RAM, and the other had six. The manufacturers do not specify data about the used memory, but it is clear at once that such indicators will help the smartphone to stay a long time quick and relevant on the market. In our case, the user needs freely about two gigabytes.

To provide an overall picture of the level of performance we have tested the smartphone in the popular benchmark tests and got the following results:

They can be called close to perfect, or at this point even the record. In fact, the use of the maximum available for the money, decision on the mobile market. Problems with the performance of the smartphone will not be another for a long time. Even loading it with apps, it continues to process information quickly, and switch between them, and their discovery does not force the user to wait a long time. No problems with modern games, as well as the stability of the system, although after some time, the smartphone in the test, Stability Test cuts frequency. Heating load is present, but it is not critical.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Review and test smartphone

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus: Software

The hero of the review is working on the sixth version of Android Marshmallow preloaded with proprietary shell MIUI 8. In this case we have the global firmware with support for Russian language and Google services. Supported update over the air.

The firmware is not overloaded with unnecessary software. Manufacturer this year was made a significant number of improvements, they have affected both the stability and appearance of the system. It became even more concise and attractive. Considerable work has been done over a proprietary application, which became even more convenient and useful. There are such functions, for example, as a duplicate application. Just in case if you have one service, two accounts that might be needed at the same time.

Traditionally, root access is closed. The problem is solved by appeal to specialized forums. There are also third-party firmware and plugins for lovers “scratch” your smartphone. For ordinary users provides standard tools customization, including changing themes.

Otherwise we face a fairly easy system, which every year gets better and more interesting in terms of the brand “chips”. In our case, when working with a smartphone, some embarrassing or annoying bugs, no problems were detected. Applications do not depart from the Play Store installs almost all the software. With explicit localization is no problem.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus: Multimedia


Traditionally begin with the test “omnivorous” formats with AnTuTu Video Tester:

The result is not bad, but if anything, come to the aid of a third-party video player support software decoding. Problems with video playback on this device probably will not, as with other content.

YouTube is working correctly. The application does not crash all available settings. No problems with the transmission of speech and pictures up to 1080p quality.


To obtain accurate data about the quality of sound by using the AUX port Xiaomi Mi5S Plus we tested in RMAA using sound card ASUS Xonar U7 with ratio signal/noise on the recording 113 dB. Note that the signal level during calibration was -0.2 dB.

Subjective impression of the playback tracks in the headphones with Xiaomi Mi5S Plus good. When using good headphones the sound is clear, volume and no noticeable distortion. Stock volume enough for comfortable listening to the most diverse compositions.

Call speaker is also suitable. If you do not twist the volume to maximum, then in the morning you can Wake up to high-quality playback of your favorite melodies on an alarm clock. The volume in this way, sufficient.Wheezing and other horrors in the middle and the lowest volume was at max already exhibiting some distortion.

The interlocutors to audio quality, no complaints. Tone of voice interlocutors seems natural. Auxiliary microphone for noise cancellation, according to the dialogues, it works fine. Strength of vibrating alert is average. Adjustment regular means impossible.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Review and test smartphone

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus: Wireless interfaces and communication

Smartphone, as befits the flagship, able to work in cellular networks format 2G, 3G and LTE.

When testing the device with the reception of the network signal on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region was observed. The signal level correspond to the coating operator.

Application for communication – brand, they are quite comfortable in everyday use. Criticism is only a peculiar variety of contacts through the search in the original Android application this function is more convenient.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus works in Wi-Fi networking, a Bluetooth module 4.2. Speed high. As mentioned earlier, there is an infrared port.

GPS and GLONASS work fine. Start systems takes less than a minute.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus: File system

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus offers users a choice in the number of regular memory flash media: available model with a capacity of 64 GB and 128 GB. With memory cards the smartphone can not work.

Speed used flash array is above average, as evidenced by test AndroBench.

These indicators indicate that the user will not feel a lack in data transfer speeds for a flash drive for your daily work with your smartphone.

Connection to PC is via MTP and PTP. There is a mode for charging, it is selected by default.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus: Battery life

Review hero is equipped with non-removable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3 800 mAh, which is a bit smaller diagonal and advanced hardware.

Will immediately test the battery of the smartphone in the popular benchmark AnTuTu Tester:

The result deserves respect! And that in real terms the daily operation in different modes? We obtained the following data:

The mode of useWhile working
Maximum load (heavy 3D game)~5.5 hours
Video preview (720p)~9 hours
Surfing the web~8-9 hours
Reading~11 hours
MusicMore than a day

The smartphone provides a normal level of autonomy and can “compete” with the competitors in this price range, may even be the winner.

In principle, the total battery charge is enough for a day medium-level work, where the screen will have about six to seven hours. If you try to save battery by regular means, the operation time can be extended for a few hours or even half a day of work in the standby mode. For a smartphone was seen serious self-discharge per day is ~5 percent.

Pleased with the presence of fast charging, which allows for half an hour to charge Xiaomi Mi5S Plus more than half.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus: Camera

The Xiaomi Mi5S Plus is a dual camera module consisting of two modules at 13.0 megapixels with a maximum aperture of f/2.0. Is phase detection autofocus, and the flash module are complemented by warm and cold light. As applied to the front camera 4.0 MP module built on the technology ultramixer, with the same f/2.0 aperture and wide angle lens.

The app interface is standard, but somewhat renovated and features new shooting modes. The main camera can shoot video up to 4K, front – in Full HD. Have the ability to record video in slow motion.

To review the updated app will bring a few screenshots with the settings and modes of operation.

As you can see by the pictures, the camera provides a normal level of detail and color. A smartphone can help the user to obtain the picture quality, both day and night. Traced a good algorithm for post-processing photos.

In addition, the user can manually virtual funds already on the photos to change the position of the diaphragm, thereby correcting the under. AF, rate perfectly, as the algorithms and exposure selection of white balance.

Front camera

Check out the camera when taking a text file:

The small text readable, claims do not arise. A great option for work!

Examples of videos:

The video quality is good. Because of the lack of proper stabilization of the picture is a bit shaking, but the details of the movie you can consider. The software is stable, no claims against him.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus: Comparison with competitors

In direct comparison with well-known competitors, if you pay attention solely on the ratio between the performance and the cost of turning a blind eye to the place of origin of the brand and other features, the hero of the review will be the leader. However, it does have competitors in the domestic market. Let’s consider them in more detail.

ModelXiaomi Mi5S PlusLeEco Le Max2ZTE AxonNexus 6P
Screen5.7″, IPS,
Full HD
5.7″, IPS, 2K5.5″, IPS,
Full HD
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 821,
4 cores, up to 2.35 GHz
Qualcomm Snapdragon 820,
4 cores, up to 2.15 GHz
Qualcomm Snapdragon 810,
8 core, up to 2.0 GHz
Qualcomm Snapdragon 810,
8 core, up to 2.0 GHz
Video processorAdreno 530Adreno 530Adreno 430Adreno 430
Operating systemAndroid 6.0Android 6.0Android 5.0Android 6.0 (+)
RAM, GB4/6633
Built-in hard drive, GB64/128643264
Slot for memory cardNoNoThereNo
Camera Megapixel13.0 x 2 + 4.021.0 + 8.013.0 (+2.0) + 8.012.3 + 8.0
Battery, mAh3 8003 1003 0003 450
Dimensions, mm77.7 x 154.7 x 8.0X 77.6 x 7.9 156.875.0 x 154.0 x 9.377.8 x 159.3 x 7.3
Weight, g168185168178
Price, RUB.~25 000/ ~30 000~25 000~25 000~30 000

The first candidate will act as a large smartphone, but little-known Chinese player LeEco, who recently made an attempt of entering the domestic market with a serious but slightly aggressive advertising campaign, having to light up almost everywhere – starting with Internet and ending with a minute of fame on television in Prime time.

Smartphone LeEco Le Max2 with the same diagonal display and close the cost is 2K resolution, interesting IOS, appearance and good hardware, albeit slightly inferior to the hero of the review.

Next opponent will be an interesting smartphone ZTE Axon, where only the name alludes to the special status of the device. Before us is a slightly more compact solution at a similar price and with a balanced hardware platform in a fancy metal case.

If you are a fan of famous models and don’t like third-party shell producers, the maximum price version our guest you can purchase the 5.7-inch device with a 2K screen on a pure Android OS. We are talking about Nexus 6P, which in fact needs no introduction because it has good hardware, coupled with regular updates among the first.

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus: Conclusion

Can we consider that Xiaomi moved on the conveyor to the production of devices in 2016? The question is really complex. Someone will argue that it is, and someone has to assume that the company wants to cover all categories presented on the mobile market.

Anyway, Xiaomi Mi5S Plus is another device in numerous applications. An experiment to improve Xiaomi Mi5 with an increase in the diagonal can be considered a success. For the right price we get the advanced filling, powerful battery, good camera and appropriately configured display. Questions may arise as to the appearance, because now the flagship strongly resembles medium-budget Redmi note Pro, that you will agree, a little strange…. Especially when a significant difference in cost.

But overall it’s another decent smartphone that will surely find its customers. I am glad that the company throws their devices after a short period of time, and supports their software, offering users increased functionality efficiently.

Pros Xiaomi Mi5S Plus:

  • Quality materials and Assembly;
  • A high level of performance;
  • Good quality display;
  • Stable operation of the interface;
  • The presence of the notification indicator;
  • Camera, allowing to do good pictures even in the evening;

Cons Xiaomi Mi5S Plus:

  • No slot for a memory card.

May not suit:

  • An updated look reminiscent of the budgetary decisions of the company.
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