Xiaomi Mi4S Review smartphone: Reincarnation flagship

Xiaomi Mi4S Review smartphone: Reincarnation flagship

In February 2016, in parallel with the presentation of the long-awaited flagship Mi5, Xiaomi made a strange move and will provide an update of the last stamp, Xiaomi Mi4S. Naturally, that the machine was in the shadow of the main trends, though he also deserves attention. In fact, besides the updated shell, the device appeared several significant innovations. If Mi4C is a kind of link between the budget and a series Redmi Mi more expensive, combining features from both, then Mi4S – is a clear allusion to the proximity of the category champions.

Xiaomi Mi4S Price ranges from $ 260 for the version with 3/64 GB of memory. Approximately USD 30 would be cheaper smartphone version with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM. She came later, so for such a modification knows very few people, and find it difficult to sell. The review deals with the more expensive and popular variation of the smartphone, with 3/64 GB of memory.

In terms of Xiaomi Mi4S characteristics has undergone some changes in the precursor background.

Xiaomi Mi4S Review smartphone: Reincarnation flagship

Xiaomi Mi4S: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

Xiaomi Mi4S made in the case of glass on a metal base. The device can be called a compact: its dimensions – 13,9h7 cm, thickness – 7.8 mm, and weight – 133 grams. The smartphone is a little “grown up” in length and width (approximately 1 mm), but he remains one of the most compact devices to 5 inches. Pleases and build quality: no squeaks, no backlash and looks like a premium device. But for precisely fitting parts we had to pay non-removable battery.

In front there are 3 touch buttons, speaker, camera and sensor window. The rear panel of the smartphone – the glass. Available black, white, purple and gold colors. considered an instance of back panel has a mesh pattern caused by the inside. Behind the camera is located at the corner and in the middle – the window fingerprint paltsa.Obzor Xiaomi Mi 4S

Metal frame at the bottom of the hole contains a speaker and a microphone, as well as port USB Type-C.

Xiaomi Mi4S Review smartphone: Reincarnation flagship

Xiaomi Mi4S: CPU

Powered Xiaomi Mi4S based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 808. This processor – six-core chip in 2015, differs from the “big brother” to the number 810, the number of cores (6 instead of 8) and 20% slower Adreno 418 graphics (instead of Adreno 430). The chipset has a decent performance in games and tasks like surfing the Web. It is not as hot as the model 810, is therefore less prone to throttling, but also suffers from it. Result in AnTuTu 6 is about 60-70 thousand points.

Xiaomi Mi4S Review smartphone: Reincarnation flagship

Xiaomi Mi4S: Memory

RAM Xiaomi Mi4S is 3 GB, are available at the start about 1800 MB. There is a version with 2 GB of RAM, it is available to 900 MB. Embedded memory for the older version of 64 GB (56 available), the younger – 16 GB (available 9). Unlike the first Mi4 and his heir Mi4C, at Xiaomi Mi4S there is a slot for memory cards. This is the first smartphone Mi series from the manufacturer, who is not deprived of the support of flash drives. It is supported and USB OTG drives formatted in FAT32.

Xiaomi Mi4S Review smartphone: Reincarnation flagship

Xiaomi Mi4S: Battery

Battery capacity Xiaomi Mi4S of 3260 mAh, it is removable. Despite the fact that the capacity seems quite decent for such a device is not the most economical processor spoils. With moderate use (a couple of hours per day of active screen) device will stretch 2 days, but the load is discharged relatively quickly. Video will play about 6.5 hours, which is generally not so bad, but on the background of the budget series Redmi – small.

The set comes with the smartphone power supply 2A, flat Chinese fork. A full charge takes about 2.5 hours, so the question is, what is needed QuickCharge 2.0, remains relevant. After all, if Redmi 3 with 4100 mAh without charging 3 hours – 2.5 hours for the 3200 mAh battery seems a bit much.

Xiaomi Mi4S: Camera

The main camera is equipped with a matrix Xiaomi Mi4S Sony IMX258, size 1/3 “aperture of F / 2. It is also used in several versions redmi 3, a pair of early revisions Redmi Note 2, and so do not expect a change in image quality. Image quality corresponding to the average price category, in the afternoon produced successful pictures with good color reproduction and wide dynamic range. Worse handle device with evening and night shooting.

Photo on Xiaomi Mi4S

Photo on Xiaomi Mi4S

Photo on Xiaomi Mi4S

Photo on Xiaomi Mi4S

Photo on Xiaomi Mi4S

The front camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels, it is completely unremarkable. Well, sex and age detect, zamylivaet pimples and other minor skin blemishes, but that’s all. For selfie enough for Skype – also. Video can shoot a main camera, the maximum resolution – 1080p, 30 FPS. When the 720p resolution are available acceleration and deceleration of the recording.

Xiaomi Mi4S: Screen

Display Xiaomi Mi4S built on IPS matrix with a diagonal of 5 inches. Its resolution is 1290h1920 points, brightness – 350 nits. This is enough to preserve readability in the sun, but no more. Color reproduction is normal, frankly in the yellowness or blueness of the picture is not dumped. But when buying almost any Xiaomei to remember: Lottery screens – this is what the Chinese like. Depending on the audit (the party), it can be used matrix Sharp, BOE and Tianma. The best of them – Sharp. Tianma and BOE sometimes tend to go into a yellowness (although settings you can try to calibrate the screen for pure white).

Tempered glass (manufacturer not specified, most likely, Asahi) is covered by touch screen smartphone. It supports up to 10 simultaneous touch points. Oleophobic deposition is present, its quality – average. Prints remain, but it is very easy to wipe.

Xiaomi Mi4S: Communications

The smartphone is equipped with two slots for SIM cards, formats Micro and Nano. With the support of GSM and 3G no problem, but the number of LTE bands is limited. 20 No band, 1, 3, 7 and 38 are supported. Supports CDMA, which is important for subscribers Ukrainian Intertelecom and PeopleNet (Russian Tele2 networks previously owned by SkyLink, uses a different version of CDMA).

Wi-Fi can connect to the network at frequencies of 2.4 and 5 GHz, all current standards. Bluetooth 4.1 supports the transfer of high-quality stereo sound, as well as energy-saving standby mode. Navigator works with the American, Chinese and Russian satellites, and finds them very quickly.

Xiaomi Mi4S: Sound

Speaker smartphone imposed on the lower bound, while he was in Mi4C behind. Because of this you can not worry about which side to put the machine in order not to drown out the sound. Quality and ringer volume is quite good, though not a record. To listen to music for a long time, the speaker is not very useful: a little bottoms, sounding drily. The headphones listening to music is pleasant, there is a volume and the sound becomes more alive. Radio, traditionally flagship Xiaomi Mi4S have not.

Xiaomi Mi4S: Operating system

Powered Xiaomi Mi4S running MIUI7 – OS proprietary modification of Android 5.1. According to rumors, the manufacturer is preparing to upgrade to version 6, but it is not (there MIUI8 on Android 5.1-based). It is important to know that the original smart phone is only for China. For this reason, a global firmware for him no issues, and there is no Chinese version of the Russian language (only hieroglyphics and English) and Google. Localized versions (like MIUI.eu) often contain more small bugs and flaws than the official.

Xiaomi Mi4S: Features

Traditionally, Xiaomi, the smartphone has a IR diode for controlling appliances. Also Xiaomi Mi4S feature a fingerprint scanner, which did not have predecessors.

Xiaomi Mi4S: Advantages and disadvantages


  • Design and dimensions;
  • fingerprint reader;
  • 64GB + MicroSD.


  • no official firmware with the Russian language;
  • not the best energy optimization;
  • heating during the charging and games.

Xiaomi Mi4S appeal to those who want a small smartphone with actual hardware, a good screen and camera, as well as high-quality and stylish body. He’s versatile and is suitable for people who do not need anything in particular, implemented at the highest level, and all at once and more or less accurately. The argument against the purchase can be no “out of the box” of the Russian language. If the seller has not set a quality localization from trusted developers to add the Russian language and the removal kitayschiny have to tinker a bit with firmware.

Our review Xiaomi Mi4S

Xiaomi Mi4S – balanced mid-level smartphone, made in the premium package. The most important deficiencies identified during the review, China has become the operating system without the Russian language, but this is quite negative and decide in our stores will already be provided with the Russian firmware. The rest of the device is not bad. Against Redmi 3S or Pro look favorably flagship design and a more powerful processor and FullHD screen. However, autonomy and price Xiaomi Mi4S cleaned loses almost twice cheaper sibling.

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