Xiaomi Mi Mix Review Android smartphone: dream of enthusiasts

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review Android smartphone: dream of enthusiasts

From year to year a huge amount of potential and not very much buyers complains of stagnation in the design of the smartphone. It is already difficult to surprise someone curved screen, self-healing coating or two screens.

Apart from these constructive decisions is one thing – frameless enclosure. The fact that this is objectively the only feature that no rejection was received by the user. It is not surprising, because everyone wants a gadget with a screen as large as possible while maintaining compactness. You have to understand that this design does not imply a complete lack of framework – like solution would be impractical and would make the device catastrophically fragile.

One of the first smartphones that shared this concept was the Sharp Aquous Crystal, equipped with a very thin frame around the display with three sides. Let me remind you, was 2014. However, due to its rarity and absolutely mediocre technical characteristics of the wide distribution of this model is not received.

Until recently, no one brought to the market something more worthwhile than Sharp. And then his hand decided to try Xiaomi, which pleases us huge number of new products at attractive prices. But in this case one frameless design was not enough.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review Android smartphone: dream of enthusiasts

The smartphone named Xiaomi Mi Mix and has enjoyed a resounding success among users of the network. Rumor has it that the first print run sold out in a matter of seconds, but it doesn’t guarantee anything.

Features are quite adequate to the flagship, 2016, except that the screen resolution for such diagonal modest. It can be noted, and weight of the device is 209 grams, it is almost a tablet. But the most interesting, of course, it’s not in the specifications.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review Android smartphone: dream of enthusiasts

Xiaomi Mi Mix: specifications

At first glance, the Xiaomi Mi Mix packaged in plain black box with a matte dust jacket.

In fact, this three-section accordion with pogranichnoi cover.

The design is interesting and looks very stylish. All accessories are Packed in individual boxes.

Look at the package.

It includes the following items:

  • Charger;
  • Cord USB Type-C;
  • Documentation;

A set of standard. Looking ahead, we say that case there is rather a necessity than a luxury.

It is made of thick soft plastic “under the skin”. The inner part is carefully trimmed with velvet ribbon. The main advantage lies in the fact that the case covers all the corners of the device and protrudes above the screen, which comes in handy if the device is dropped flat on it.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review Android smartphone: dream of enthusiasts

Smartphone buttons will also be covered with a thick layer of soft rubberized plastic.

The charger is very typical, it’s got a vertical orientation and the average weight.

It supports fast charging with a voltage of output current at 12 V power 1.5 A.

Xiaomi Mi Mix: Appearance and design

Off Xiaomi Mi Mix quite difficult to recognize. The only thing that catches the eye is the front camera on the bottom. When you start using it causes some dissonance of consciousness, but then you get used.

Housing smartphone is made of ceramic. It is felt from the first second and not like polished metal in the iPhone 7/7 Plus called Jet Black.

Gadget felt in my hands, like stone, varnished. The advantage of this material is that it does not scratch.That is, to scratch it, but in this respect, the material showed itself even better protective Gorilla glass 4.

The disadvantages of this approach are three: ceramics tend to fracture even when falling from a small height; increased risk to break the screen, since the protective glass is attached to the body without the dampers; and, of course, mass.

Thus the back side of the smartphone is so highly polished that it is possible to look Aki in the mirror. Of course, no oleophobic coating, so fingerprints will quickly cover the entire area of the device.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review Android smartphone: dream of enthusiasts

Currently available only black model in the Internet rumor that will soon be available and white modification.

The layout of ports are standard: call speaker and the USB Type-C is located at the bottom and 3.5 mm headphone Jack on top. Fortunately the manufacturer did not feel the need to free users from this connector.

All hardware keys located on the right side.

They are made of ceramic and very resistant to abrasion. A small gap is present, but pressing clear.

And since the top is not more room for sensors and front-facing camera, the latter is moved to the lower right corner. Instead of the proximity sensor is a touch screen, and the classic the microphone was the one based on bone conduction. I must reassure you heard well, even if not to strongly press the device to the cheeks.

Front camera lens compact. Apparently, free space is not enough for something more serious. Beneath lenses hides sensor OmniVision OV5675.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review Android smartphone: dream of enthusiasts

Surprisingly, the manufacturer did not sacrifice LED badge! And he is colorful and with excellent viewing angles. This is very commendable.

The protective glass got the 2.5 D profile, i.e., rounded towards the edges.

On the reverse side is the rear camera, fingerprint scanner and flash, consisting of two LEDs of different color temperature. The scanner works well, as in other smartphones of this manufacturer top-level.

The coating on the lenses caused not perfect, but affect images, it should not. Inside did not get any dust on it. The size of the relative aperture equal to f/2.0, optical stabilization is not provided. Beneath lenses hides sensor OmniVision OV16880, its size is 1/3.06″.

The protective glass is slightly recessed into the case.

Slot for memory card universal, but the network has a description of how to make a “sandwich” of SIM cards and flash drives.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review Android smartphone: dream of enthusiasts

Xiaomi Mi Mix really effectively looks like from the outside, and when you use. While such devices are not filled the pockets of the users, the people even in public transport wondered what kind of machine from the future .

If you compare the hero of the review on dimensions from the classical models, it will be on par with the 5.7″ devices, so what you gain in size is impressive. Since the body is not made of metal, and the thermal conductivity of ceramics is lower, the smartphone is not so strongly heated and immediately begins to slide in the hands because of sweaty palms, but if you play it for twenty minutes, it will become slippery.

Usability the device is quite pleasant and there is no desire to put it quickly in any case.

Xiaomi Mi Mix: Display

Xiaomi Mi Mix equipped with IPS display with a diagonal 6.4″. The screen resolution – 2040 x 1080 pixels.Such “curiosities” because the manufacturer has decided to separate on-screen buttons from working space so that they will not eat a useful place.

However, when in full screen mode, the display will always be black or white stripe. So the workspace of the smartphone is of 1920 x 1080, and use the extra display area with the currently possible no, but there is a chance that the manufacturer will figure out how to fix it.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review Android smartphone: dream of enthusiasts

According to unofficial information, the production of this display is the company Sharp. Oleophobic coating is present, slide comfortable.

Xiaomi Mi Mix: Hardware and performance

Xiaomi Mi Mix running on a single-chip system Qualcomm Snapdragon 821. With her we managed to meet in the review of Xiaomi Mi5s. Chip was a bit more productive than his brother, but he is more prone to throttle and heat.

4 GB RAM available to the user about 1.6 GB. It’s not very much, alas.

AnTuTu chart shows how the performance decreases as the heating.

The frequency of the cores fell from 1.6 GHz to ~1.0 GHz.

The chip was heated to about 60 degrees. Thus, the casing can hardly be called hot.

The performance drop in benchmarks “hot” was approximately 30%.

Xiaomi Mi Mix: Gaming performance

Performance Snapdragon SoC 821 to reserve enough for a modest Full HD resolution. This is true, but the smartphone itself can hardly be considered games.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review Android smartphone: dream of enthusiasts

The fact is that because of the extremely thin frames around the display he tries to catch all possible combinations of phantom taps. Ceramic case, though provides a better grip than metal or glass, but still far from plastic with soft touch coating. Over time, the body becomes slippery. Not in the hands of the new plays and the total mass.

In the case of using the case trottling occurs fairly quickly and spoils the impression of the game, though, and greatly increases the reliability of the grip.

Xiaomi Mi Mix: Software and firmware

Xiaomi Mi Mix runs on Android OS version 6.0 along with the shell MIUI 8.

During the tests, it’s one minor update.

As we were testing the device with CN version firmware, it is not without unwanted.

Is user support, which was announced with the release of Android 5.0, there is a redundancy.

The rest is all the same well-known to us MIUI. Alas, that quickly and easily alter the smartphone version of the shell with the Play Market does not seem possible, but soon it will be implemented, no doubt.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review Android smartphone: dream of enthusiasts

Xiaomi Mi Mix: Multimedia


We begin with the test “omnivorous” formats.
The result is low.

YouTube in this version of the firmware is not installed, like all Google services.


Will check the quality of the sound in the headphones when using the test RightMark Audio Analyzer and audio card, ASUS Xonar DX.

The level of the output signal reaches -6 dB, this is a good indicator. The sound quality is high, as seen on the chart.

Subjective listening only confirmed the test results in RMAA.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix there are some sound settings, but it’s clearly not for everybody.

Call speaker in the phone with just one, it’s loud and has a high sound quality, though is prone to fading.Earpiece that transmits the vibration of the protective glass, ensures good audibility and sound volume reserve.

The microphone works fine, the sound on the other side does not cause problems even in noisy places.

Strength of vibrating alert are low.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review Android smartphone: dream of enthusiasts

Wireless interfaces and communication Xiaomi Mi Mix

Xiaomi Mi Mix able to work in networks Wi-Fi protocols b/g/n/ac. Supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands.

Speed average.

Data transfer speed LAN normal.

With GPS-positioning was no problem, which is not surprising. The system start takes place instantly.

Xiaomi Mi Mix: File system

Xiaomi Mi Mix is equipped with two different amounts of flash memory: 128, and 256 GB. To our test got the Junior version.

The user has 118 GB.

The speed of the flash drive is very high, as the speed of RAM.

Supported PC connections via the following protocols: MTP and PTP. The speed of data transmission on the mobile – 18-25 MB/s data transfer speed from the unit is ~30 MB/s.

Xiaomi Mi Mix: Battery life

The Xiaomi Mi Mix installed non-removable battery with capacity of 4400 mAh. Look at the results in benchmarks.

The autonomy of smartphone is high but not a record.

Smartphone without any problems lasts from the morning until the evening in active use. Not least in this is the low resolution display.

There is a power saving mode, the scheduler and monitoring system of energy consumption. As usual, in General.

Xiaomi Mi Mix: Camera

Interface features and settings

The camera interface changed, but we know him well.

His main problem – reset video settings to default value. Simply put, after capturing 4K video the next entry, after you restart the interface somehow will be in HD. Waiting for updates.

Camera test Xiaomi Mi Mix

During testing the weather was good, which made it possible to evaluate the maximum detail camera Xiaomi Mi Mix. It is certainly not a record, but quite decent.

The HDR mode works behind the scenes. Some questions remain for white balance.

Macro photos be good.

The dynamic range is sufficient.

When lighting is poor the picture is a bit dark, but glad weak interference system noise reduction.Smartphone has no tricky “sensors of the color spectrum”. So, to the word.
There is a special mode for shooting at night. To find a significant difference between pictures in normal and night modes I failed.

Lens smartphone a little “soft”, point light sources spread out stronger than I would like. But reflections and artifacts is almost there.

Overall, at night the picture quality is somewhat worse than the competition.

If not to take into account the fact that the front facing camera is uncomfortable, then the photos are decent. However, if the machine does not recognize in the frame of the face, exposure of the picture is doomed.

In such cases, helps only hard light focus. But the detailing is decent.

The video quality is not bad, but with modern flagships difficult to compare.

Xiaomi Mi Mix: comparison with competitors

C opponents of the novelty Xiaomi, things are fine: they are not. The fact that the market is now no higher segment smartphones with such large screens. And more compact solutions can be find out in our review of “frameless” models.

The closest competitor in LeEco One Max (6.33″) costs more than twice less and has not the most successful SoC Snapdragon 810.

Almost as expensive and even larger “phablet” ASUS Zenfone 3 Ultra (6.8″ + Snapdragon 652) none of the options can’t compete with the hero, he is in the middle segment of the market, not on top.

Ideological opponents can be considered Sharp Aquos Xx (5.7″ + Snapdragon 810), but it is not sold in isolation from the Japanese providers, so not very interesting to our buyer. Yes and the size is a bit of a different class.

Well, if you agree to donate a diagonal and a novel apparatus for edge-to-edge design, you can pay attention to the ZTE Nubia Z9 (5.2″ + Snapdragon 810), considered in the laboratory a year ago.

Xiaomi Mi Mix: Conclusion

Xiaomi Mi Mix – excellent conceptual smartphone. We see the producer experimenting with design, design and even materials. In this regard, Xiaomi comes to the territory of Samsung and LG still remained legislators of technological solutions and the main experimenters.

Of course, when we talk about the conceptual model, it can not do without drawbacks. New materials are not only obvious advantages, but also its own characteristics. So pottery does not need the plastic inserts for the antennas, perfectly passes the signal and is extremely resistant to scratches, but obscenely fast beating on hard objects, such as, tile.

About the design and the frameless design is nothing special to say – is a natural design solution, which sooner or later most manufacturers.

Pros Xiaomi Mi Mix:

  • Spectacular appearance;
  • An attractive balance of screen size and overall dimensions;
  • In General, the display;
  • High performance;
  • Nice ceramic housing, very high build quality;
  • Support for two SIM cards and memory card;
  • An increased level of autonomy.

Cons Xiaomi Mi Mix:

  • Fragile and easily soiled case;
  • Unconcealed area of the touch buttons on the screen.

May not suit:

  • Weight;
  • Flaws (in the case of CN-firmware version);
  • The relatively low clarity of the display (~360 dpi);
  • Inconvenient location of the front camera.


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