Xiaomi Mi Max Review smartphone with large screen

Xiaomi Mi Max Review smartphone with large screen

In April 2016, the company Xiaomi announced that he was preparing a huge new smartphone, and organized on the official site vote to select the name of the device. In the end, in may, there appeared a 6.44-inch phablet Xiaomi Mi Max. New product just came out in 3 versions, and later four, a simplified version of the device. The cost of the youngest version with 16 GB starts now at 190 US dollars for a model with 32 GB asking $ 220, 64GB will cost 270 USD, and the Prime model with 128 GB will have to pay 350 $.

Besides memory devices also differ in CPU, but otherwise identical. Comparing characteristics, it is possible to think that this is just a larger version of the Redmi Note 3 Pro. However, in reality it is not so. Than Xiaomi Mi Max different and how is it better (if better) will help to determine the review.

Xiaomi Mi Max Review smartphone with large screen

Xiaomi Mi Max: Design, materials, size and weight

The smartphone is made in aluminum body with plastic inserts top and bottom. The body is not the same as the Redmi has a pronounced rim (Redmi cover blends in with the sides). Dimensions of the phone are decent – 173х88 mm. it Weighs too much, as many as 203 grams. But the thickness of the device pleases – only 7.5 mm. the build Quality is good, but some of the users there are squeaks when squeezed. Loose parts no.

The front panel is a little different from other Nokia phones. From Redmi Note 3 it differs only sanded the edges (2.5 D glass), and the location of the light sensor and camera. Here they are located above the screen symmetrically at both sides of the slit dynamics. The bottom touch buttons are the same as the other Saami, their illumination – soft white.

Xiaomi Mi Max Review smartphone with large screen

On top of back panel (plastic insert) is a camera lens with a flash. On the aluminum region at the top of the fingerprint scanner, and at the bottom – the manufacturer’s logo. The bottom plastic strip is empty.

On the bottom is situated the MicroUSB port and mesh speaker. The second mesh is for symmetry. On the right side are the power button and the volume control on the left – a slot for cards. The side faces smartphoneware the end is the headphone Jack, IR port and another microphone.

Xiaomi Mi Max Review smartphone with large screen

Xiaomi Mi Max: Processor

As the processor in the two younger versions (16 and 32GB) uses the 650 chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon, equipped with six cores (2 Cortex A72 up to 1.8 GHz and 4 Cortex A53 up to 1.4 GHz). Responsible for the graphics accelerator Adreno 510, a fairly powerful solution of the last generation.

Versions 64 and 128 GB is special because they feature a Snapdragon chip 652, wherein twice the number of cores A72, but otherwise identical.

Chipsets demonstrate a similar level of performance. In AnTuTu, the Snapdragon version with 650 75-78 gaining thousands of points, and 652 – a little over 80. This – the level of the flagships of last year, so the performance in Xiaomi Mi Max no problems. The device is nice and light and modern toys.

Xiaomi Mi Max Review smartphone with large screen

Xiaomi Mi Max: Memory

Junior model of smartphone comes with 2 GB of RAM LPDDR3, two middle – 3 GB, and the top Prime – 4 GB. At the start freely, respectively, about 900, 1900 and 2600 MB. Internal memory for the younger model 16 GB (free before 10), medium – 32 (free 25) or 64 (available 56) and Xiaomi Mi Max Prime – 128 (fluent about 115) GB. Slot for memory card is available, it is combined with the socket of the second SLM. OTG USB drives are supported, too.

Xiaomi Mi Max: Battery

Battery Xiaomi Mi Max has a capacity of 4850 mAh, which looks impressive, but it just could not be less given the huge size of the screen. With the autonomy of the unit is all right. Though he is not as tenacious as 3 or Redmi Note 3 Pro, but holds a charge fine. In moderate usage charge will have some time in 1.5 days, if you have enabled the auto brightness of the screen. If you unlock the screen only for the rare phone calls and correspondence – you can count on 2 days. If almost not release a smartphone out of the hands – you can count on 8-9 hours of screen.

As Redmi Note 3 Pro chipset smartphone supports fast charging, but out of the box to use it will not work, the adapter does not fit. Only good news is that here QuickCharge is not disconnected (Redmi Note Pro 3 support is disabled at the kernel level of the system). The standard power supply for 2A charging smartphone for about 3.5 hours.

Xiaomi Mi Max Review smartphone with large screen

Xiaomi Mi Max: Camera

The smartphone is set to 16-megapikselnoy camera production of O-film, but the sensor model to Refine failed (O-film matrix do not release). We only know that the lens aperture – F/2, and he consists of 5 lenses. The camera supports phase AF. The picture quality in daylight is good, the dynamic range is wider than Redmi Note 3 Pro. In low-light conditions, the camera also shoots a little better, but to perfect it is. And if in versions 16 and 32 GB photo quality matches the price, in the models with 64 and 128 GB would be better.

Photo on Xiaomi Mi Max

Photo on Xiaomi Mi Max

Front camera of Xiaomi Mi Max has a 5 MP resolution, aperture f/2. The quality of the photo it is quite acceptable for Xiaomi, the pictures are fine but the skin is slightly zamylivaetsya.

Night Photo on Xiaomi Mi Max

Night Photo on Xiaomi Mi Max

Photo on Xiaomi Mi Max

Photo on Xiaomi Mi Max

Video smartphone lead in Q4 with a frequency of 30 FPS, when enabled, are available on the HD slow and quick motion.

Xiaomi Mi Max: Screen

Xiaomi Mi Max is equipped with a huge 6.44-inch screen on the matrix IPS. The resolution is 1920×1080 pixels, pixel density of 342 PPI. Despite the fact that the screen is big, the lack of resolution is not observed. To the brightness, color reproduction and viewing angles, no complaints. The screen is good for its class, the AMOLED matrix Samsung is inferior in brightness.

Touch screen covered in 2.5 D Gorilla glass Glass with a good oleophobic coating. Multi-touch supports up to 10 simultaneous touches.

Xiaomi Mi Max: Communication

Slots for the SIM card Xiaomi Mi two Max, but one is connected with the connector for thumb drives MicroSD. Supported networks GSM and 3G, LTE works in ranges 1, 3 and 7. Wi-Fi is able to work with the networks of any of the standard frequencies like 2, 4, and 5 GHz. Satellite navigation works with the satellites GPS, GLONASS and BDS. The infrared port, the smartphone is, but NFC is missing.

Xiaomi Mi Max: Sound

Xiaomi Mi Max equipped with a single speaker, loud and clean, but typical for smartphones. Much juicier and fuller the sound is with headphones, although a dedicated DAC in the unit no. The FM radio supports recording of broadcasts.

Xiaomi Mi Max: Operating system

Out of the box on Board Xiaomi Mi Max installed IOS 7 MIUI 6 based on Android, has been updated to MIUI 8 based on the same Android. The device works quickly and flawlessly with the multitasking works well.

As the smartphone is designed for sale not only in China, with language and Google services no problem. Even if he came up with the characters – it’s easy to flash the international (Global) version of the OS. Usually the sellers do it themselves, so the stores are fully localised smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi Max: Features

Due to the very large size, the smartphone designed for lovers. OS MIUI can be “one-handed” mode (you need to swipe left or right on the buttons under the screen), but it helps not all. So you should try the tablet before buying to understand if it fits you.

Pros and cons Xiaomi Mi Max


  • quality and big screen (it’s size is a disadvantage – such devices do not buy);
  • good battery;
  • slim body;
  • powerful iron.
  • a large selection of variations.


  • no NFC;
  • complete the PSU does not support QuickCharge.

To suit smartphone Xiaomi Mi Max

Xiaomi Mi Max created specially for those who are more compact smartphones and phablets for some reasons, are not suitable. It is very good for watching movies and reading books on the big screen. Games lovers will also love the combination of large display and powerful hardware. The device can be called universal, under one condition: its size you are not confused.

To be disappointed are those who were hoping to get used to the size but could not. Also not everyone will like the photographic capabilities of the device in low-light conditions

Our review Xiaomi Mi Max

Xiaomi Mi Max smartphone specific at least his size. In General, it is typical for the model series of this manufacturer and is very close to the Redmi series devices. However, this is not just uvelichennaya version Laptop 3 Pro. The review showed that the device has more noble (due to the frame and the thickness of the shell) design, slightly better camera and brighter display. The version of the device is also wider than the budget line.

To find an analogue of this smartphone (with a screen more than 6 inches) is very difficult. On sale occurs the Huawei P8 Max, but it is larger (6,8″), the same size the Asus ZenFone 3 Ultra. The third competitor – LeEco Le Max Pro from 6.33″, but it is impossible to find on sale. So those who need a screen too much choice then and there.

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