Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

New Years is soon! I, like many, I love to give gifts. My other son loves the different games on smartphones and tablets, mainly all kinds of races. I decided that any All Android-boxing would be just the perfect gift. But with the choice of any complexity. Steep NVIDIA SHIELD console, which is focused on game content, is like an airplane. A whole forest of cheap consoles in the SoC from AMLogic Rockchip and have not very high performance. It was hoped Rockchip RK3399, but still this SoC has not left any one box.

Independently standing Android box Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced on a powerful SoC from Mediatek MT8693 (2 core Cortex-A72 + 4 core Cortex-A53 2 GHz, GPU PowerVR GX6250). At a sufficiently low price, it is not very popular outside of China, because it is only for the Chinese market: Android system in the Chinese language (MIUI TV), a complete lack of Google services.

After reading various reviews on the gamepad for Android, I narrowed my range of interests to game controllers: Gamesir, Tronsmart and Xiaomi. All of them have pros and cons. In the end, I settled on the Xiaomi Mi Gamepad, which I also discuss in detail.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test


ModelXiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced / Pro
SoCMediatek MT8693
2 core Cortex-A72 + 4 core Cortex-A53 2 GHz, GPU PowerVR GX6250
USB2 x USB 2.0
Network interfacesWi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, 2,4 / 5 GHz, MIMO 2×2
BluetoothBluetooth 4.1+ EDR
VideoHDMI 2.0 (up to 3840×2160 @ 60 Hz)
Audio outputOnly through HDMI
Remote controllerBluetooth remote with a scheme Android TV control, a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer
AdditionallyDolby Digital and DTS Decoder System (decoding and HDMI Pass-Through)
Hardware support for up to 2160p60 H.265 Main10
Food12 V / 1.2 A
operating systemAndroid 5.1 (MIUI TV)


ModelXiaomi Mi Gamepad
connection interfaceBluetooth 3.0
Food2 x AA (batteries can be used)
D-pad1 PC.
action buttons4 things.
Triggers4 things.
Analog sticks2 pcs.
The service buttons3 pcs.
Feedback2 vibration motor
AdditionallyBuilt-in accelerometer


Packaging and appearance

Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Mi Gamepad packed in cardboard boxes.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced

On the bottom of the box are written specifications.

Inside: console, power supply, control and strap, battery set, HDMI cable, brief instructions in Chinese.

TV box is ​​very compact, 100x100x26 mm. Housing made of white matte plastic. On the front wall there is a hidden (under the head) white LED, which gently shines when the console is running.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

On the side walls are vents.

Behind there are: 2-port USB 2.0, HDMI 2.0 port, DC power connector.

Bottom has rubberized feet. Lower lid on hidden snap on.

I’m your console did not attempt to disassemble, because it is designed for a gift. But the network a lot of photos and video innards. Inside a large installed heatsink and cooler. The cooling system is active. The cooler is switched on only at high loads, even in the games include rare. Antennas for wireless interfaces routed directly to the board. Photo from CNX site.

Remote with Android TV control circuit. Buttons: Power, D-pad with center action button, the Home screen, Back, Menu, Volume Control.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

Eats control with two AAA batteries. The remote has a strap. The panel is integrated gyroscope and accelerometer for gaming – strap designed specifically for the gaming process.

Includes power supply Xiaomi 12 V / 1.2 A with the “Chinese” with a fork. Cord length of about 1 meter.

Mi Gamepad

Inside the box: Gamepad, set of batteries, a brief instruction in Chinese.

It looks great gamepad in the hands of the impression is very good product. Housing matte.

Control scheme is similar to the Xbox 360 gamepad.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

Analog sticks with soft textured finish. Proceedings have less tight than that of the Xbox 360.

LT and RT triggers large enough. Note the slots. There is one more notch on the bottom. I am sure that they are made for special mounting smartphone. But the sale of such Holder for a particular model, I have not found.

Action buttons are bevelled from the center. Buttons-color – black.

Below is a compartment for two AA batteries. You can use rechargeable batteries.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

In full gear weighs about 228 g.

Mi button glows softly when the gamepad is working.


For further adjustment you need at least a mouse (or remote with a gyroscope and mouse emulation), because remote control is very limited, not all programs for Android is optimized for a remote control. Generally, if you are planning to use not only the console games, video, IPTV, but also all kinds of programs, for example, Chrome browser, to acquire, at a minimum, you’ll need a mouse.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

I have a couple of years using a wireless keyboard Logitech K400r with integrated touchpad, together with a mini-PC from the TV, very pleased with it. I still have lying around the remote Rii mini i25 (gyroscopic mouse and keyboard). Both of these devices without any problems working with Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced. Yes, if you suddenly do not have enough USB ports for all your devices, you can use a USB-hub. I have two penny hub (USB 2.0 and USB 3.0), both worked flawlessly.

Unfortunately, the pre-setting is needed because without it you will not be able to fully use Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced. I spent a lot of time reading all kinds of instructions, all tried in person and sign for all process steps. In reality, the whole process will take you no more than 30 minutes.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

Installing the latest version of MIUI TV

The first time (after two easy steps activate the remote and select the Wi-Fi network), you “meet” with China with all your soul – absolutely everything in Chinese. Here is what it looks like (the first screenshot – a 1.4.x system, the second – 1.5.x):

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

Afraid not necessary. Now we are with all of this at once and win. At the time of writing the latest version of the system was version 1.5.1. Out of the box on the console system is usually installed 1.4.x. Updates to the latest version of the system. Hold the Menu button on the remote and select the “cloud”. Next, select the MIUI TV. If an update is found, you will be prompted to download and install it. We agree. It is the best upgrade option.

There is a universal offline way to upgrade to 1.5.1. Downloadable firmware 1.4.6 (update-kungfupanda.zip) and update 1.5.1 . File «update-kungfupanda.zip» (1.4.6) recording on USB-stick, and connect it to the console. All other USB devices from the set-top box should be disabled. Hold down the power button on the remote and select Reboot (left button).

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

When the screen turns off, simultaneously press and hold the Back button on the remote and the central Action button (inside the circle). Keep as long until you get to the Recovery. If your flash drive has update-kungfupanda.zip file, the lowest menu will contain the Chinese characters and the word update – select this option and settle for an update.

After updating console reboots, the system is version 1.4.6. Now, write down on a flash drive file «update-kungfupanda.zip» (1.5.1) – is an incremental update that installs only on 1.4.6. Just install this update by using the Recovery. Done, you now have TV box with MIUI TV 1.5.1.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

English language interface

Go to the settings (you can just press and hold the Menu button on the remote). Select the icon with the shield. Next, change the value of the second paragraph. Thus, we allow the installation of programs from unknown sources. Download and burn it to a USB flash drive startSettings.apk . Connect the USB flash drive to the console. Start the “Video Player” (with the triangle icon). Select the USB flash drive there. Next, you choose startSettings.apk. You agree to install. The system appeared Program Settings – allows you to run it in a hidden MIUI TV full-time program of Android settings.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

Start Settings, and select the item “with a globe.” Further, the very first item and select the language English. The system turns into the English-Chinese. Navigate is already much easier.

Getting root access

Download and copy on a USB flash drive KingRoot- and the Super Sume + + + v9.1.9.apk the Pro . Install KingRoot through the “Video Player”. Start KingRoot and add a root to the system (there is only one button). Agree in all dialog boxes.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

Root received but KingRoot carries a certain negative consequences from it have to get rid of, replacing the standard program SuperSU. Install SuperSU Me-Pro (this program can completely remove Kingroot) through the “Video Player”. Start, and then click the big blue button. When prompted, provide root access. After completion of the first stage (Stage 1) again, click on the blue button to start the second phase. Again grant root access.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

The program prompts you to restart. Finish – KingRoot removed, the system has a root and standard SuperSU program. Program SuperSU Me-Pro can be removed, it is no longer needed.

Install Google Play Store

Download the kit gapps.zip . Unzip it and burn it to a USB flash drive (gapps folder must be the root, ie, inside should not be more gapps folder). Install SManager_3.0.4.apk program, it is in gapps folder. Start SManager. When first prompted, select BROWSE AS ROOT.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

When prompted, allow root access. With SManager gapps copy the folder to the internal memory of the device. In the internal memory, select a file using SManager gapps.sh. Click SU. Click Run. script installation, and after 10 seconds reboot console itself will be launched. Install Google Update Services (com.google.android.gms.apk in gapps folder). Done, you have the Play Store! You can run it and enter your account. SManager gapps programs and folders can be deleted.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

Installation launcher

Now you need to “get rid” of the Chinese launcher, setting the launcher, which is to your liking. Like AppStarter . It is minimalistic, is all important for me to settings optimized for a remote control, is able to hide unnecessary programs.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

Once you have selected the appropriate launcher, it is necessary to appoint a principal. To do this using the program Link2SD move the launcher installed on the system partition, and reboot the system. After the reboot, the system prompts you to select the default launcher, select the set and click Always.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

Replacing the keyboard

If you use the physical keyboard, no software keyboard can be omitted (only activate the desired layout in Android Settings). If you plan to use the remote to enter, I recommend to use Fire the TV style keyboard . If you plan to use the mouse, then any convenient for you keyboard, e.g., Google Keyboard from Google Play Store. Next, you must set the default keyboard. Open the System Settings and select the General settings. In the Keyboard section select the appropriate keyboard.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad Review and test

Turning off Chinese advertising and notification from Chinese apps

Go to General settings and select the item after the CEC control. Disable notifications for all program list.

With this program, Root Explorer edit the file / etc / host. Adding to behold these hosts (the last spoiler) .

Done! You now have a complete system Android with Russian language interface and the Google Play Store, favorite launcher, even with root access. English-Chinese language is present only in the settings that you rarely need. Beauty!

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced: The remote and gamepad

Pairing the remote with the TV box occurs during the first system start-up, there just need to click the center button action when there is an appropriate figure. But the control can be connected in the system. To do this, select Device & bluetooth settings. Next, you select an item with a picture of the remote control. Further, the first point and press the Home button on the remote and menu. The TV box make noise when pairing is successful.

The remote is very tech, inside various sensors including an accelerometer and a gyroscope. The problem is to find a game that will be able to unlock the potential of this console. More important point – the remote is not able to emulate the mouse (using gyro).

Pairing with a gamepad attachment occurs in a similar manner. Only Device & bluetooth gamepad to choose and press the button on your controller, Mi.

After connecting the gamepad vibrates. The properties you can see the firmware version of the gamepad. I had a version 1.1.1b. A minute after connecting the gamepad rebooted – system has updated the firmware to 1.1.1c itself. Because the sensors in the controller has only accelerometer to “steer” in the race. Functionally gamepad replaces the control system. Those. for navigation, you can not even use the remote control. Xiaomi Gamepad easily connect to other Android devices, it is defined as a gamepad.

This gamepad is designed specifically for Android – «plug and play.” For Windows it is also possible to connect the system, but it does not support XInput (Xbox 360 joystick) protocol. To complete the work on a Windows system you want to use Adobe Flash Xbox 360 Emulator Controller software , through which all games will define it as the Xbox 360 gamepad.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced: Game Controller support

Game Controller with support for Android myriad of all genres. I tried a few: Asphalt 8, Real Racing 3, the FIFA 16, a couple of versions of the GTA, a couple of versions of Need for Speed, Dead Trigger 2. They worked perfectly with high FPS. A fun game with a gamepad is not less than the Xbox 360.

Gamepad react without delay. Distance to the set-top box was about 2.5 meters.

Met games that have not seen a gamepad. For example, Modern Combat 5 and World of Tanks Blitz.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced: Internal and external drives

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced with 8 GB of internal memory. Of these, only about 4 GB is available for game and software. But in the settings you can specify that the application is installed on a USB-drive (such as a USB flash drive). It is simple.

We go to the General settings section and select the Storage item. Select the second value.

It will apply only to those applications that are installed on their own not through the Google Play Store. If you install a large game through the Play Store, then transfer them to an external USB-drive is possible at the touch of a button in Link2SD program, which I have already written here.

TV box support the FAT32 file system, exFAT, NTFS on external media.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced: Speed ​​network interfaces

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced uses Wi-Fi controller from Mediatek with support for 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, 2,4 / 5 GHz, MIMO 2×2. The router with 802.11ac support for me has not yet reached, so I will test the speed of the router using the 802.11n 5 GHz, MIMO 3×3, which for many years has served me faithfully.

TV box support for USB Ethernet adapters on the controller and Realtek ASIX. I just have a USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet controller based on the Realtek chip (worth about $ 7). This is a great adapter for its price. When connected to a USB 3.0 it produces real 980 Mbit / s.

When connecting the cable to an Ethernet Adapter, the system automatically switches to it (routing goes through the adapter). The speed of the Internet network is at the limit of my rate and 238/234 Mbit / s.

Measure the actual speed of data transmission within the LAN via iperf – 272 Mbit / s. In this case, the speed rested in bandwidth USB 2.0 controller TV box. The result is excellent. This speed is sufficient for viewing UHD BD Remux (4K) through the network.

We verify the Wi-Fi speed. The TV box is ​​located 5 meters from the router through a reinforced concrete wall. At this point most of my 802.11n devices (not support MIMO) show speed to 50/50 Mbit / s. Laptop with MIMO 2×2 about 80/80 Mbit / s. Smartphones with MIMO 2×2 also about 80/80 Mbit / s. Stationary computer with MIMO 3×3 at 5 GHz, then (if it is placed next) squeezes around 100/100 Mbit / s. All this is a real data transfer rate (measured iperf), rather than the connection speed.

Connecting to the 5GHz network. The speed of the Internet network 116/110 Mbit / s.

Actual data transfer speed within the local network using iperf – 156 Mbit / s.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced has the most powerful Wi-Fi adapter that I have ever met in a mini-PC, it’s just a beast.He easily udelyvaet even adapter with MIMO 3×3 with 3 remote antennas in a stationary computer. The funny thing is that I tested work in 802.11n mode. It is terrible to imagine what will be the speed of 802.11ac mode.

Looking ahead, I will say that the console without any problems on the Wi-Fi «twisted» UHD BDRip (4K, 80 Mbit / s).

Support audio formats and sound output

TV box Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced outputs HDMI audio only. The system sound settings, you can select the output PCM (decode) and RAW (HDMI Pass-Through). For the test I will use four MKV file paths: Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1, Dolby TrueHD 7.1, DTS-HD MA 7.1. As a player, I will use the MX Player (without additional codecs) and Kodi. Result for Dolby TrueHD 7.1 and DTS-HD MA 7.1 in RAW mode is a special (non-objective), as my receiver simply does not support these formats.

excellent results. The system is already equipped with all the necessary decoders, video players easily lose all audio tracks.

Supported video formats and video output

The TV box has an output HDMI 2.0 supports the output image with a resolution of 3840×2160 @ 60Hz. I can not check the support 4K, because I currently do not have a TV with a resolution. But a lot of people support in various forums, there is no problem with this is not a resolution. I’ll test on TV mode 1920×1080 @ 60 Hz.

Support “autoframe” have no TV box, ie, switching frequency sweep occurs when playing back video.

With Judder_test_24p.mp4 file check availability judder-effect (uneven). Start the video and take pictures of the screen with a delay 1 sec.

Judder-effect is present. The TV box does convert standard 3: 2 pulldown to convert 24p> 60p, images are displayed different amounts of time.

With 1080p60.mp4 file integrity check 60p output (to avoid duplication of staff). Start the video and take pictures of the screen with a delay 1 sec. I shot with a smartphone with it, so I’m sorry for the quality (it has no role in this test does not play)

TV box takes honest 60p – 1 arrow on the frame, a perfect uniformity (frames displaying the same amount of time).

With file jellyfish-55-mbps-hd-h264.mkv check support for the H.264 codec. This file has a bit rate of 55 Mbit / s and a resolution of 1920×1080. The maximum bitrate of the video on Blu-ray is 48 Mbit / s. If a test file Lost without drops and friezes, the TV box means easy to lose absolutely any BD Remux (and any BDRip). The file is played perfectly. For H.264 decoder no complaints.

With file jellyfish-140-mbps-4k-uhd-hevc -10bit.mkv check support HEVC / H.265 Main10 codec. This file has a bit rate of 140 Mbit / s and a resolution of 3840×2160. Maximum bitrate for video Ultra HD Blu-ray is 128 Mbit / s. If a test file Lost without drops and friezes, the TV box means easy to lose absolutely any UHD BD Remux (and any UHD BDRip). The file is played perfectly. By decoder HEVC Main10 no complaints.

With 1080p_Hi10P.mkv file check if power SoC enough to play H.264 Hi10p video (H.264 is a 10-bit) – the format of non-standardized, hardware decoders are rare. Sometimes there are anime that are encoded in this format. No MX Player, or Kodi could not lose this file, without drops.

In general, complaints about the video playback is not only distressing lack of support avtofreymreyt.

IPTV and Torrent TV

IP TV provider offers me. A bunch of IPTV + MX Player (HW decoder) worked perfectly. HD-TV worked perfectly and Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.

C Torrent TV also had no problems. Bundle Torrent Stream Controller + MX Player (HW decoder) worked perfectly. HD-TV worked perfectly and Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.

In the setting of Torrent Stream Controller sure to turn off the “Extras. Information on the screen “, or it will not work properly.

My webcam Logitech C910 does not work in to Skype. Those.microphones have earned, but the video with her “not made.”

Neither YouTube, nor YouTube for Android TV does not make it possible to select 1080p60 this console to clearly known rollers.


HDMI CEC is Support. Included in the settings. The TV box can be controlled (navigation) panel from the TV. Power management is as follows:

  • If you turn on the console from your remote control, the TV also is turned on and automatically switches the video source signal to the console.
  • If you turn off the console from your remote control, the TV continues to operate.
  • If you turn on your TV remote control, the console remains off.
  • If you turn off the TV svom remote control, the set-top box is also switched off.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced: Conclusion

Of course, Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced is device for enthusiasts who are not afraid of the word “root” and “flashing”. You can not get it out of the box, relax and enjoy. Pre-setting is mandatory. But as a result of the efforts are rewarded with one of the most powerful Android-boxes on the market for a reasonable price. Performance SoC Mediatek MT8693 is at Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 (a CPU, and GPU) and allows you to play most games with excellent FPS. A gamepad makes Android-box in excellent playing game console. Well, it is worth mentioning Wi-Fi adapter that gives a transcendent data rate.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Enhanced and Xiaomi Mi Gamepad I will have another week to the gift. If someone will be questions on the functioning of something, then ask, I’ll try to check.

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