Windows 10: Ways to update free

Windows 10: Ways to update free

Annual evaluation period, during which all users of Windows 7 and above can free upgrade to Windows 10, ended. With last Friday’s update to the latest version of the OS it is no longer possible. The official online store of Microsoft Windows 10 version of the home is now worth 7,900 rubles, and professional – as many as 13,900. However, other stores OS and cheaper to buy. However, despite the fact that officially ceased to exist a free update, you can use some workarounds to update previous licensed version of Windows operating system to the latest generation.

According to colleagues Heise Online website, there are two ways to do it: First, Windows 10 can take the key of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. The files to be installed can be downloaded in the form of ISO-image installation CD directly for Microsoft. Will this Home-Pro- or release depends on the original image. It is worth noting that the image already includes update of November 2015.

Another method suggests itself Microsoft. According to the manufacturer, the people with disabilities will be able to install Windows 10 free even after 29 July 2016. In addition, Microsoft will improve the accessibility features in Windows 10 with the release of Anniversary Update. However, the tool free installation of OS can download by anyone.

Windows 10 increases market share

Approaching the end of the possibility of free installation prompted many users to upgrade to Windows 10. The latest figures from NetApplications, Windows 10 increased its market share, which now stands at about 21.1%. However, Windows 7, with a share of 47% remains the most popular operating system.

Source: pcworld

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