The company Western Digital introduced its first SSD after the purchase of a competing manufacturer SanDisk. It is about Western Digital Blue and Green models that are based on similar SanDisk products and become the first in the range of WD SSD-devices with SATA interface.

Of the two models presented by Western Digital Blue refers to the medium category in terms of price and performance, and WD Green – the entry-level product, limited both in performance and capacity. Both have drive SATA 3.0 interface and is available in two form factors – 2.5 inches and M.2 2280. New items are for sale at retail and at the same time will be delivered small builders ready PC. At the same time, the existing models under the brand SanDisk company will continue to distribute among the major manufacturers of desktop PCs and notebooks.

Western Digital Blue 250Gb: SPECIFICATIONS

  • Manufacturer: Western Digital
  • Series: Blue
  • Model: WDS250G1B0A
  • Capacity: 250 GB
  • Flash memory NAND: SanDisk 15-nm NAND (TLC)
  • Controller: Marvell 88SS1074
  • Read Speed: 544 MB / s (ATTO)
  • Write Speed: 517 MB / s (ATTO)
  • Form Factor Drive: 2.5 “
  • Interface: SATA-III 6 Gb / s
  • Operating temperature: from 0 ° C to 70 ° C
  • Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 7 mm

Western Digital Blue 250Gb: PACKAGING EQUIPMENT

Western Digital Blue 250Gb comes in a small cardboard packaging, which together did not weigh anything with a solid state drive and the impression is that the box is empty.

The decor is pleasant eye white-blue style that is chosen by chance and are identically hints at WD Blue line. On the front side of the developers portrayed the SSD-store in its natural coloration, lead volume unit of 250 GB (500 GB models are available, and 1 TB), as well as give their products a three-year warranty.


On the other side, everything is standard. Sticker with the specifications, weight, serial number, country of manufacturer. Is interesting looks and recommendation from the company Western Digital: the best configuration for storage devices look like a bunch of «SSD + HDD», which plays the role of the SSD system, and hard disk drive – data storage. This choice is used in most modern PCs.

Western Digital Blue 250Gb is in an antistatic bag and carefully sealed with a seal. SSD is placed in a plastic form for greater reliability during transportation. The box contains nothing else is found supplied, not even a manual, however, the installation and operation of the process with SSD-drive is quite simple. Perhaps, on the basis of this, the developers and renounced all superfluous.

Western Digital Blue 250Gb: APPEARANCE AND ANALYSIS

Solid State Drive Western Digital Blue 250Gb executed in a plastic format 2.5-inch enclosure. No metal inserts and cover makes the model quite easy: the device does not exceed the weight of 38 grams. For the rest before us a classic representative of the type SSD, no different from their counterparts.

Drive dimensions are 100 x 70 x 7 mm. It is perfect for use not only in the desktop, but also in the laptop compartment for the hard disk.

Necessary information submitted for the sticker from the back of the device. The developers have noted the name of the model, serial number, form factor, the place of production (China), information on a wide variety of certifications power. In addition, given the production date (November 9, 2016), specifications 5 V at a current of 1.6 A, the deprivation of the guarantee in the event of damage to the factory seals.


The last point is particularly important. Developers have used screw fastening, which is hidden under the entire label and not worth the damage it without much need for it. To remove heat from a thermal pad of the chips used.

After the takeover of SanDisk, the developers of the Western Digital could not at first give up the developments of their colleagues. Solid State Drive Western Digital Blue 250Gb built on the same hardware foundation that drive SanDisk X400. The study of the PCB only confirms our speculation – on the PCB are distinct inscription SanDisk.

The capacity of 250 GB is caused by four memory chips, manufactured according to the standards 15 nm process technology and typing on both sides of the PCB.

Under a metal cover is hidden controller Marvell 88SS1074. We note the support of technology SMART, NCQ, TRIM, DevSleep.

As a buffer memory chip used DDR3L Nanya NT5CC128M16IP with an operating frequency of 1600 MHz and 128 MB, which serves as a storage required for ancillary data.

For data transmission interface is used SATA 6 Gb / s, backward compatible with its predecessor (SATA 3 Gbit / s).


Western Digital Blue 250Gb: FIRMWARE

Solid State Drives Western Digital received support utility company SanDisk SSD Dashboard, which is easy to judge from the name, belongs to the developers of SanDisk. Current version of the program at the time of writing the material Software has a Russian interface, tabbed browsing and convenient one characteristic feature: the scanning system on SSDs, the utility is only one SSD from the list, and switch to another is not possible. For this reason, while using SanDisk Solid State Drives and WD is defined first of them, who have been made an example of, and screenshots.

You have the following features and capabilities:

  • View general information about the device and its state (the remaining service life, capacity, temperature);
  • drive performance chart and management TRIM function;
  • Update firmware device, bringing information about the system and other functions for disk management;
  • Utility Settings;
  • User Guide, online support, technical support for creating a report and preview versions.

For SSDs Western Digital utility SanDisk SSD Dashboard has been updated to the newest version


Western Digital Blue 250Gb: TESTING

First, see the information that we provide all the known diagnostic program CrystalDiskInfo. All tests were carried out with a third-party carrier with the operating system.

The idle temperature Western Digital Blue 250Gb was at around 28 ° C, it was installed in the basket hard disk enclosure Cooler Master HAF 922.

Here are the results of the popular test programs: AS SSD Benchmark, ATTO Disk Benchmark, CrystalDiskMark, Anvil’s Storage Utilities and HD Tune Pro.

AS SSD Benchmark – program-benchmark for testing read / write hard drives and SSD drives speed. AS SSD Benchmark has become a de facto standard, thanks to the synthetic tests for reading and writing speed, the scoring system and three separate tests copying data in real environment.

Test AS SSD Compression Benchmark test writes random data blocks using different levels of compression.

ATTO Disk Benchmark – old, but time-tested program for testing read / write hard disk drives and solid state drives speed (SSD), which allows you to set the block size and the number of files in the block.

CrystalDiskMark – is another very popular tool for performance testing, as well as hard drives and solid state drives. Feature program that runs addition amount can set the amount of data to which it will operate, in this case of 50, 100, 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 MB.


Anvil’s Storage Utilities is one of the new benchmarks. The test allows you to track and verify the response of the drive, and view system information. The utility has a large set of built-in features that allow you to test a large range.

HD Tune Pro – a utility for testing storage devices with an extensive set of benchmarks and a number of additional features.

By the end of the test, which lasted more than an hour, the temperature of the hard drive Western Digital Blue 250Gb rose to the level of 41 ° C.

Western Digital Blue 250Gb: CONCLUSION

After the analysis of Western Digital Blue 250Gb SSD carefully assess novelty. WD has made its first step into the SSD world and presented a truly good device with its own advantages and features. For a start I want to thank the developers and to wish them good luck in the future.

During testing, Western Digital Blue 250Gb really confirmed according to the manufacturer specifications. Complementing the benefits of piggy bank and a nice design, supporting a range of technologies, three-year warranty, and the possibility of using paired with useful and functional Firmware SanDisk SSD Dashboard.

Do not forget that a lot of important factors such as the reliability of the device. The fact is that if a sample of 1 TB total rewriting resource is declared as TB 400, based on the three-year warranty overwriting volume will be 365 GB / day and compared with competitors, these parameters have significantly higher WD SSD. For a sample of Western Digital Blue 250 Gb share will be 100 TB and 91 GB / day, respectively. And this is quite significant numbers, and hardly user can record 91 GB of data on a daily basis.

On the other hand, the developers of Western Digital would like to present a model available with good speed, to attract buyers of its products. However, they are a bit “missed” with the value that was higher than some other models, which was going to compete. If the company’s WD will revise the pricing policy, the novelty has all chances to become the next national bestseller.

Pros Western Digital Blue 250Gb:

  • Good speed characteristics;
  • Nice design;
  • Support for a range of technologies
  • Low power consumption;
  • Ease of use software SSD Dashboard software;
  • Extended three-year warranty.

Minuses Western Digital Blue 250Gb:

  • The high cost in comparison with competitors.

Source: wdc

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