What technologies should have TV in 2017: Curved screen, 3D, 4K, 8K and HDR

What technologies should have TV in 2017: Curved screen, 3D, 4K, 8K and HDR

TV producers go wrong: the margin from the TV is relatively low, competition in the industry is only growing with each passing year. It is not surprising that many companies have turned their TV business in recent years. In particular, with the European market disappeared brands such as Toshiba and the Sharp, and such producers as Loewe and Grundig, we had to go through several crises, to simply survive. To avoid this, the company’s engineers are coming up with more and more new technologies that make the TVs brighter, more colorful and better. But is curved displays, 8K and HDR people need?

Suitable resolution

Something for the beginning: if you already have a 4K TV, for 8K can not survive in the near future. The fact is that the manufacturers for several years, they create far only prototypes and is now in China factory for the production of LCD-panels with a resolution of 8K will be built, but are willing to 8K TVs should be only the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, that is, 2020. And it is still questionable how quickly respond to the trend of Europe.

3D, 8K, curved displays: some TV trends are excesses

In 2022 FIFA World Cup will be broadcast channels ARD and ZDF for the first time to 4K resolution (!). Thus, the time will be available to television stations that broadcast in 4K, still have to wait. In addition, due to the short distance from the viewer to the screen, which is obtained in the living room, it is more expedient resolution of 8K will use either in theaters or in places of public views, where the image diagonal greater than 10 meters.

What technologies should have TV in 2017: Curved screen, 3D, 4K, 8K and HDR

Excesses: 3D and curved TVs

The hype surrounding 3D is long gone. Do you still remember the days when 3D-TV function in attracting attention? Now ask yourself, how long have you lying on the sofa thinking about that right now it would be nice to see a movie in 3D? Many manufacturers are now saving on equipping their vehicles with this feature, and the offer of channels and movies is significantly reduced. This trend is likely to already be considered dead.

Elegantly curved TVs will likely also threatened with extinction. Some manufacturers have already turned their production. The problem of the curved display: the one who is sitting is not centered on the screen, have to “enjoy” a distorted image. The trend, which you can also feel free to skip past.

What about HDR?

We recognize that the HDR makes much more sense than many other techno trends. Behind this abbreviation lies among other things a higher contrast level – very bright and very dark areas of the image appear at least no worse than the field average luminance. But there is a problem: the final HDR standard does not yet exist. If 4K TV claims to be the HDR-compliant, it must meet the requirements of at least the standard HDR-10, which is used, including, for Blu-ray discs. An indication of the presence of such characteristics among other things is the mark «Ultra HD Premium».

What TV to buy?

Many new technologies are not always entail some specific advantages or are not yet completely mature. Often the problem becomes especially no corresponding content, which will enjoy some kind of advantage in everyday life. If you are looking for a TV, just buy a good 4K machines. Note that the device is equipped with at least one connector for HDMI 2.0 4K display images with a frequency of 60 Hz.

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