Tt eSports SHOCK Boosted Bass Edition Review gaming headsets

Tt eSports SHOCK Boosted Bass Edition Review gaming headsets

Today we review Gaming Headset Tt eSports Shock Black (HT-SHK002ECBL), and in the preceding paragraph is not casual mentioned the word “Gaming”, as the Shock Black is positioned as a “Gaming Headset” (so at least it is written on the box). And you know what, at the time when each manufacturer calls its product the game, the meaning of the word becomes blurred.

So what should be the gaming headphone? First of all everyone wants is not expensive, and that all was well in the games. This means that in decent gaming headphones (and so cheaper) need of something to give, and, therefore, they should be “sharpened” by one thing. Tt eSports Shock Black «sharpened» just for games, and by today’s standards are not expensive – $ 60.

Tt eSports SHOCK Boosted Bass Edition: Packaging equipment

Headphones Tt eSports SHOCK Boosted Bass Edition comes in a box, decorated in black and red colors, and in general the entire periphery Tt eSports. As usual, on the box lists the different features is very large photo sets.

On the reverse side, in general, the same thing. And inside the headphones are fixed in a transparent plastic blister.

Set, alas, can not be called rich. But honestly, if you need something else for a happy use?

Tt eSports SHOCK Boosted Bass Edition Review gaming headsets

Tt eSports SHOCK Boosted Bass Edition: Appearance and design features

In our hands got Black version. It is completely black, but do not specify the name. And is not it clear that if the bass prokachany – hence the color – black? ;). At Thermaltake there are versions of these headphones in white, green, red, orange, blue and yellow colors. And it’s great. You can choose not only the taste, but also in the color of the keyboard backlight, or in the color system. Strange, but Black and White versions are under $ 60, and $ 50 for non-ferrous.

Let’s start with the design and specifically with the bow. She plastic with an iron core. Closer to the ears have articulated swivel mechanism, in order to better themselves headphone shell bowed his head. Plastic, which is at the very top of the head, which is glossy, and which may be of a different color, very, very soft. It is well bent and then restores the original position. In fact, it is a trifle, but very important.

Firstly, it is as if he does not crack downs. Secondly, if you have it is often such that you simply fold it back a little bit ago, one of the headphones to talk on the phone, or even hear what they say? Due to the soft plastic such actions do not undermine the construction and do it easy.

Tt eSports SHOCK Boosted Bass Edition Review gaming headsets

As mentioned earlier, Tt eSports SHOCK Boosted Bass Edition are able to develop. Just convenient handling.

Headphone ear pads are made of fabric as the lining on the headband. It is believed that if the ear cups bowls cloth – it is better and softer sound, but the sound insulation worse. If the skin or leather. Deputy – sound worse, but better soundproofing. It is done for the sake of sound (according to the theory of course).

By the way, the bowl from the speaker simply disconnected. Fixed cups with plastic snap, you need to be careful when removing, but if you get dirty over time – took off, wash, and as new.

Finally on the wire. Wire really long, as much as 3 meters. Will make it for any table, but, alas, it is not a braid. It is not detached from the device at the other end and two plugs. One headphone jack, the second microphone.

Once the wire has a small unit. It is only to slide, mute, volume control, but little red logo Thermaltake eSports.

Tt eSports SHOCK Boosted Bass Edition Review gaming headsets

Tt eSports SHOCK Boosted Bass Edition: Sound and convenience

The basis sets are 40-mm speakers with neodymium magnet. The large size of the membrane implies good bass that was repeatedly mentioned in marketing materials. It is, but you can not say that’s all right, “filled up” bass. In a measure.

The quality of the sound at all. In games, all perfectly audible, and understand where that was easy. Feelings have orientation, and the tank “Bach” is notable. If you understand what I mean =) With music all a bit worse. The bass is not bad, but still not enough tops. At full volume, making strange noises. There is more to understand that we have tested the sound with the motherboard ASUS Z170 Premium. As if someone did not take Realtek, schematic piping in the sound path powerful. In most cases, will not play loud enough (to be simply loud), and, accordingly, will not sizzle.

The specifications specified operating frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz. Also, when choosing a headphone you should pay attention to the resistance. It is considered as follows: <32 ohm – low resistance,> 32 – high-resistance. This is important at a rather feeble sound card, and if you plan on listening to headphones even with the phone. At Tt eSports SHOCK Boosted Bass Edition impedance of 32 ohms. “Selling” any phone and any sound card (audio channel).

The microphone is, the noise-canceling function. He folded and bent, keeping the shape. On the quality of the microphone is easiest to judge on the record with him, and here it is:

At the head of the headset sits well. Not least thanks to the rectangular bowls. They are simply the best fall on the ears. Pressure on the head there, but first a bit of a feeling that you sit in a helmet =)

Tt eSports SHOCK Boosted Bass Edition Review gaming headsets

Tt eSports SHOCK Boosted Bass Edition: Conclusions

At Tt eSports was a good competitive product, but only in a particular segment. Gaming Headset TT eSports SHOCK Boosted Bass Edition – this is gaming headset, however strange it may sound. Of course, listen to music / watch movies is also possible, but they are made still more games. In games it is, as they say, “at ease.”

They also do not take to the street. More precisely it can be done, but the wire length of 3 m, non-removable microphone, double plug and is clearly not a street view of a little do not have to walk in them.

In order to achieve the low price of $ 60 on something had to give, and the device could not universal. Tt eSports SHOCK Boosted Bass Edition can be recommended for purchase as the first gaming headset, but more sophisticated users it is likely to be no longer sufficient.

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