TT ESPORTS CONTOUR Review gaming controller

TT ESPORTS CONTOUR Review gaming controller

Thermaltake eSports division of the company has been producing a variety of devices for gamers, simplifying immersion into the world of video games and then stay there. And it is worth noting that the Tt eSports manufactures products not only for the PC platform, but also for mobile equipment, for example, from Apple.

Gamepad Tt eSports Contour is one of the representatives for mobile devices. Given the increasing popularity of video games on mobile platforms – the release of similar devices should not be ignored. While away an hour or two on the road playing, for example, GTA: San Andreas or Asphalt 8 – no longer will be your torment, because the principle of the game on the gamepad is very different from the constant “familiarity” to the screen.

Not for nothing above us, Apple has been mentioned – the game controller works with mobile devices based on iOS only. Unfortunately, the device with the Android operating system, this time were out of work. So, let’s learn together, it is necessary Contour fans to play on your iPhone or iPad?

Tt eSports Contour: SPECIFICATIONS

  • Type of connection: Bluetooth;
  • Battery life: 10 hours;
  • Battery Type: Li-ion, 400 mAh;
  • Connector for charger: micro-USB;
  • List of compatible devices:
  • Apple TV (4th Gen and previous generations);
  • iPhone: 7 Plus, 7, 6S Plus, 6S, 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5, 5C;
  • iPad: AIR 2, AIR, Mini 3, Mini 2, Mini;
  • iPod Touch (5th Gen);
  • Compatible operating systems: iOS 7 or higher.


TT ESPORTS CONTOUR Review gaming controller

Comes Tt eSports Contour in a small cardboard box. On the front part there is a “window” through which you may well be able to evaluate the appearance and size of the device. On the reverse side, and also on the side faces, taken a bit of information on device capability.

Together with the gamepad Tt eSports Contour you will find in the box the following: USB to Micro-USB cable for recharging the battery controller and documentation.

TT ESPORTS CONTOUR Review gaming controller

Tt eSports Contour: Design

Tt eSports Contour design traced kinship with the original gamepad console XBOX. This arrangement controls many had to taste, so it is not surprising that the developers of the device decided to base such a solution. Controller housing is made entirely of plastic. Lack rubberized “bokovushek” not affected his perseverance in his hand, and thanks to its ergonomic features even knocked out of his hands is not so easy. Dimensions Controller allow you to use it for both children and adult fans of video games. If you touch the assembly question – absolutely no complaints. All parts fit perfectly, absolutely nothing and nowhere to hang out, including buttons that are often found in low-end models gamepads.

In the central part, on the hinged clip is stamped company logo in the shape of a dragon. To his left are located the power button and activate the gamepad Tt eSports Contour interface via Bluetooth. Right – 4 red LED battery indicator (each corresponding to 25% of the charge), which at the same time is an indicator of the activity of pairing mode, and the Pause button, which, incidentally, does not work in all gaming applications.

TT ESPORTS CONTOUR Review gaming controller

Hinged clip folded firmly fixed in its place, to raise its need to make a little effort. The interior surfaces are made of rubberized material with red pupyrchatoy texture. Combining clips with spring mechanism and rubberized surfaces allow, first of all, firmly hold the installed device, and, secondly, does not spoil the appearance of the installation, for example, scraping it ends with frequent use of the gamepad.

At the top of the gamepad Tt eSports Contour, as expected, is still several controls and a connector for the charger. “Kurki” L2 and R2 are as smooth and linear move easily prozhimayutsya. In our opinion, a bit more resistance would allow more tchatelno kotrollirovat course of their depression.

For the rest of the gamepad Tt eSports Contour buttons – everything is just perfect. But there is one item that would not want to ignore – the excessive flexibility of analog sticks, which in some cases does not allow smooth turns the camera in games.

TT ESPORTS CONTOUR Review gaming controller

Tt eSports Contour: TESTING

We tested the gamepad Tt eSports Contour in combination with one of Apple’s latest smartphone – iPhone 7, which allows you to run everything available for the operating system iOS game, without feeling inconvenience in the form of “brake”. The test package consists of the following set of games: Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8, and Real Racing 3.

Process pairing device with a smartphone or other device, on which you’ll play pretty easy. Turn on Bluetooth on your device, activate a new device search mode, then you activate by pressing the corresponding button on the controller pairing mode. After that, the screen of your smartphone from the list of available devices to pair appears gamepad Tt eSports Contour, simply select it to connect and start playing!

TT ESPORTS CONTOUR Review gaming controller

We can say that the game on the gamepad Tt eSports Contour becomes much more interesting, easier and more enjoyable than in a standard form in which it was originally intended. If you’re a fan of shooters, racing or action games like GTA San Andreas, on mobile devices or avid console gamer, already accustomed to the gamepad in the hands of such a device as the Tt eSports Contour – to you simply must-have. Incidentally, the full list of supported games can be found on the page unit, located on the official website.

Regarding battery life, we get about 9-10 hours, which corresponds to the declared value and is undoubtedly happy.

TT ESPORTS CONTOUR Review gaming controller

Tt eSports Contour: CONCLUSION

Tt eSports Contour – a great option for those who are not limited Castle Defense and Swype games on mobile devices and wants to make the process more comfortable and enjoyable. Shooters, racing, sports and other action games – these genres allow you to get real pleasure from the game already and compact devices, such as smartphones or tablets, in this case from Apple.

Battery gamepad Tt eSports Contour provides up to 10 hours of continuous battery life, allow to discharge the battery of your smartphone or tablet games a few times before you ask again “eat”. It is also worth to note once more ergonomic body shape, quality build and materials.

From this unique device is not inferior in quality and functionality, comes to mind only a little more expensive Mad Catz CTRLi But this model can not boast the same advantageous ergonomic features, like the Contour, because it has a more compact size. Each device has its own pros and cons. All You have to compare – without this in any way. We hope that this article will help you make the right choice, my friends!

Advantage Tt eSports Contour:

  • The similarity with the XBOX gamepad allows you to quickly master the principles of management;
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life;
  • Wireless compound of the Bluetooth;
  • High-quality materials and assembly;
  • Rubberized clip for attaching the device to the smartphone;
  • Ergonomic shape.

Disadvantage Tt eSports Contour:

  • Scarce equipment;
  • Only for mobile devices of Apple;
  • The high price of such devices.

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