Tt eSPORTS Black FP Test and review: Gaming Mouse with fingerprint sensor

Tt eSPORTS Black FP Test and review: Gaming Mouse with fingerprint sensor

New Mouse Tt eSPORTS Black FP is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, which allows you to log on without entering a password. In our test, we will consider other opportunities Synaptics IronVeil technology. Of course, we also estimate the Tt eSPORTS Black FP mouse in games.

Under gaming brand Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS out a large number of products for gamers. Also mice, keyboards and headsets may be noted, for example, game chair. But Mouse Tt eSPORTS Black FP is not only interesting gaming experience. It is built on the usual laser sensor Avago, but the side has a fingerprint sensor Synaptics. The mouse is not an entirely new development, since it is based on the model of Black V2 and inherits from her most specifications.

In addition to Avago ADNS-9500 sensor to 5.700 dpi mouse uses Omron switches for main buttons, offers buttons for thumb and on the cover of the wheel. Supported by the red lights on the two areas, has a light weight and the system DPI adjustment using weights. Special software is available to configure the mouse. But a special function Tt eSPORTS Black FP, of course, the fingerprint sensor is on the right side of the mouse. For him, Thermaltake used Synaptics IronVeil technology. As a result, the fingerprint sensor can be used not only to enter the password without Windows, but also to access the web-page without entering a password and for encrypting the local files and folders. But in order to fully utilize the fingerprint sensor may have to install a second utility. Namely “Security Center”, but it is only available under Windows 10.

Tt eSPORTS Black FP Test and review: Gaming Mouse with fingerprint sensor

IronVeil technology affects Black FP price. MSRP Black V2 without the fingerprint sensor is $ 49.99 for Tt eSPORTS Black FP already have to pay $ 59.99. In Europe, the Black V2 price is 40 euros, Black FP will have to pay 10 euros. The Russian Black FP has not yet appeared.

Tt eSPORTS Black FP comes in a nice box. The front panel opens, allowing you to see the mouse behind a transparent wall. Unfortunately, when we got the mouse out of the box, then the I noticed a strong chemical smell. It is not cleared even after the end of the test period. The same problem we noted in the review of Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Advanced.

Tt eSPORTS Black FP: Mouse in detail

Mouse Tt eSPORTS Black FP, as well as Black V2 is an ergonomic model for right-handers. mouse form is that most users probably will prefer the full palm grip (Palm Grip). mouse case is made of matte plastic rough. Additional rubberized layer is absent, so it will not wear off over time. For its size and equipment of the mouse Tt eSPORTS Black FP surprisingly light – at least, if not installed inside the weights. By itself, the mouse seems simple, but the manufacturer has added buttons and a beautiful red light.

On the left panel there are two mouse buttons thin, which can be easily accessed with the thumb. Also, you can see the front and the unique advantage of Tt eSPORTS Black FP – Fingerprint Sensor. It is integrated very well, so at first sight gauge is easy to overlook. Especially if you do not know what a mouse is equipped with them. Visible except that the slight bulge in the front section with smooth plastic. Location in front of the thumb buttons is very convenient in practice since accidentally touch sensor difficult. But if you want to use, then move the thumb quite a bit ahead.

Tt eSPORTS Black FP Test and review: Gaming Mouse with fingerprint sensor

Tt eSPORTS added to the mouse wheel and buttons on the cover of a glossy edging. The first of the two buttons on the lid is switched between four levels of DPI, which can be adjusted in increments of 100 DPI, the second – between the five profiles. The wheel is provided with a narrow strip of rubber to improve adhesion to the finger.

On the right side wall of the mouse can be seen except a small indentation for the thumb.

Weights allow you to adjust the weight is quite easy mouse Tt eSPORTS Black FP in five stages at 4.5 g each. Without weights and holder of the mouse weight is 85 grams, but it can be increased up to 112 g

Tt eSPORTS Black FP mouse is connected with a USB cable in a tissue sheath 1.8 m in length. Excess cable length can be hidden with the help of Velcro.

Tt eSPORTS Black FP: Software and operation of fingerprint sensor

Command Center

As with most gaming mice, Tt eSPORTS Black FP will work immediately after connecting to a computer, but you should install the software for additional functions. Especially if you plan to use the fingerprint sensor. With the mouse Tt eSPORTS additional programs even two, namely the normal Command Center and more Security Center. The Command Center setting can be set to five profiles by snap buttons (including macro-functions) and levels of DPI (in increments of 100 DPI) to the illumination settings. Available in two lighting zones that can be switched on / off individually. Furthermore, Battle Mode available mode in which the flashing speed of the backlight corresponds clicks speed.Part Tt eSPORTS security features are also available through the Command Center: You can manage the fingerprints in a separate tab. You can store up to ten fingerprints. To scan a fingerprint is enough to put a finger on the sensor several times until the strip is full scan. Then, print can be used to enter the program and Windows (from Windows 7). But only under Windows 10 there are additional security functions through the Security Center.

Tt eSPORTS Black FP Test and review: Gaming Mouse with fingerprint sensor

Security Center

Additional features Security Center is very interesting. For example, in a browser on the sites instead of entering the account name and password to use the fingerprint is enough. But officially only supports Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The program (or a plug-in case Chrome) detects when the user enters the site with password protection. The user receives a request, if he wanted to come to this site in the future fingerprint (in this case, the account information will be made automatically). The next time the user gets on the same site, he will not have to enter the account name and password, place your finger on the sensor is sufficient. The relevant entry information will be obtained automatically through the website Security Center. The last of this information can be viewed and changed.

In addition, Security Center allows you to encrypt files and folders. The corresponding point falls in the context menu by clicking the right mouse button on a file or a folder. As indicated by Tt eSPORTS, used for encryption algorithm AES 256 bit. However, it is difficult to say how reliable encryption will be in this case.

In practice, faced with two protection shortcomings through a fingerprint. First, the finger should be placed on a narrow sensor very precisely. When you scan a fingerprint, you should remember exactly how you put your finger. Even if slightly shift the finger or tilt, the print will not be recognized. Second, in our test system we had problems with the software. In Chrome login information remembered, but with help, we were not able to fingerprint their cause. But Chrome input data could easily trigger in Internet Explorer. Here, everything was working fine, using fingerprint could go to different sites and services.

Below is a video Tt eSPORTS, where you can see the features of working with the mouse.

Tt eSPORTS Black FP Test and review: Gaming Mouse with fingerprint sensor

Tt eSPORTS Black FP: Tests and Conclusion

On practice

At first glance, Tt eSPORTS Black FP mouse seems pretty solid and heavy model for right-handers. Compared to typical mice for FPS model Tt eSPORTS really bigger. But the scales clearly demonstrate that the mouse is not heavy. Of course, the ease of movement of the mouse does not compete with models for fps to, but the inertia of many mice with a similar form factor it does not.

The laser sensor Avago – not the best option for hardcore gamers. But for ordinary users and gamers sensor is sufficient, the stock is also a decent resolution. Among the advantages, we note a small separation distance LOD and reliable operation on different surfaces

Tt eSPORTS Black FP: Conclusion

Tt eSPORTS Black FP – special gaming mouse. If we evaluate the quality of the game, the mouse shows itself well, but does not set records. Hardcore enthusiasts surely scare the sensor, although we in the daily operation of any flaws not noticed. However, for the price of Tt eSPORTS Black FP would like to get more convincing sensor, and additional equipment, for example, RGB-illumination. The same with the recently tested Sharkoon Skiller SGM1 model clearly showed that is capable of a mouse just 40 euros.

Tt eSPORTS Black FP Test and review: Gaming Mouse with fingerprint sensor

However, just in case the new mouse Tt eSPORTS interesting not only for game functions. Buy Tt eSPORTS Black FP, primarily be due to a fingerprint sensor. Before us is an interesting hybrid gaming mouse and biometric solutions. The range of functions is quite extensive, the sensor can not only go into the operating system, but also, for example, to login. However, most of the features only work under Windows 10. Tt eSPORTS with Synaptics to encrypt local files and folders via the context menu, and then accessed after entering fingerprint. However, in practice it is not so smooth as we would like. We had to repeat several times the fingerprint input before it is properly determined. However, if you practice, you can log in literally from the first print.

Fingerprint Sensor in mice Tt eSPORTS Black FP provides biometric access instead of the password that will certainly please many users. Surcharge for the technology is not that big – about 10 euros. Black FP Mouse will be of interest primarily to users of Windows 10 who want to access using your fingerprint.

Benefits Tt eSPORTS Black FP:

  • Ergonomic Mouse, which is suitable for casual games and work
  • Fingerprint Sensor with various useful applications
  • The possibility of exhibiting dpi in four levels, the display dpi
  • A small initial weight can be controlled by using weights

Disadvantages Tt eSPORTS Black FP:

  • The mouse is only for right-handed form implies the whole hand grip (Palm Grip)
  • should be positioned very precisely to trigger finger print, for full functionality requires Windows 10, limited compatibility with browsers
  • Even after a few days the chemical smell is not weathered

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