Toshiba X300 (HDWE160EZSTA) 6TB HHD: Review and test

Toshiba X300 (HDWE160EZSTA) 6TB HHD: Review and test

The disk hard drives (HDD) now rare visitors test labs of various publications. The reason is simple: now the focus of attention has shifted the majority of users on the SSD – was there a struggle for the hearts and wallets of the masses.

And what about the hard drives? Now they mainly play the role of faylohranilische and traditional solutions for those users who, for whatever reasons, do not want or can not buy a solid state drive.

Toshiba X300 line Representative, we have tested the nine months ago, and then it was a model of 5 TB. Now to us randomly hit 6TB version. Her we see in the case.

Toshiba X300: Packaging equipment

In this regard, for the time elapsed since the last test, nothing has changed.

Before us is still a box of thick hard cardboard.

Toshiba X300 (HDWE160EZSTA) 6TB HHD: Review and test

The drive inside is placed in-Quilted bags and anti-static bag. With him laid installation manual, Warranty booklet in multiple languages, and Russian-speaking warranty card.

Toshiba X300: Visual inspection

Hero review is made in the form factor of 3.5 “with a height of 26 mm housing on the label placed on the top cover of the drive HDA, is a different set of technical information:. factory firmware version, serial number, amount, date of issue, place of production, energy consumption levels.

What is interesting, given to us in the test sample produced a year ago – in July 2015.

All elements are on only one side of the PCB and the “look” inside the structure (this is done in order to protect against accidental disruption in the event of careless driving on uneven ground drive). Between the PCB and HDA laid pad.

The body is hidden five plates a 1200 GB each, rotating at a speed of 7200 revolutions per minute, and BMG (unit of magnetic heads) has ten read heads.

As the hardware platform used controller Marvell 88i9419-NDB2 in conjunction with the buffer memory SK Hynix H5PS1G63KFR 128MB; used to store firmware flash memory MXIC, and in the role of controller, motor control, acts 4G1N091C. In addition, the printed circuit board are three chip flash memory LE25U81AOO production ON Semiconductor.

Toshiba X300 (HDWE160EZSTA) 6TB HHD: Review and test

In general, the differences from the modification 5 TB only in the marking of chips, printed circuit board itself is almost identical.

Toshiba X300: Testbed

Used testbed was assembled from the following components:

  • Motherboard: ASRock Z170 Extreme6 (BIOS P2.50; an instance of this review);
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-6100 «Skylake-S» 3700 MHz (an instance of this review);
  • Cooling: Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E with one fan Thermalright TY-143;
  • Thermal interface: Arctic Cooling MX-2;
  • Memory: 2 x 4 GB Samsung M378A5143EB1-CPBD0 DDR4-2133 (15-15-15-36; 1.20 in);
  • Video card: integrated graphics processor core;
  • Power supply: AeroCool Templarius Imperator 1150 capacity of 1150 watts (an instance of this review);
  • System Storage: Samsung SM951 256GB (Samsung UBX + 16 nm MLC ToggleNAND Samsung, BXW2500Q; an instance of this review);
  • Housing: open stand;
  • Operating system: Windows 10 x64 «Home» 10586,420 assembly with all current updates from Windows Update

Toshiba X300: Test Procedure

Meticulous performance testing, we did not carry out due to the disappearing sense of this approach. This is a fact: the vast majority of modern models of HDD has reached the limit of hardware features, and something shocking, we will not see.

Especially that such capacious hard drives take not for the operating system. Six Terabytes first buy for storing the files and the ability to work under continuous load (in the case of operation in the NAS). The main objective here is the ability to copy files in large quantities, as well as temperature and noise level. That’s what we look at.

Toshiba X300 (HDWE160EZSTA) 6TB HHD: Review and test

We drive on magnetic plates has one unique feature: the speed of data operations depends on their location – at the beginning or at the end of the volume (the simple geometry of a rotating circle). And this feature is taken into account. Therefore, the test drive we mark up into two sections for 40 GB, one of which will be located at the beginning of the volume, the second – in the end.

Self test will be held in outdoor conditions without any forced airflow.

It is artificial. But, oddly enough, the most optimal: the body are different, the NAS also differ. Someone – direct air cooling, someone – a weak blowing, someone – a complete liability. Someone in the neighborhood would be one or two HDD, someone – SSD. Play all these conditions can not be on the test stand.

Toshiba X300: Testing speed characteristics

In a simple test, Crystal Disk Mark Toshiba X300 model 6TB showed good speed.

The real operation with these files generally confirm these figures. As the source files used by PCI-E SSD Samsung SM951 256GB.

When copying large files (file set to 8 GB) at the beginning of the speed of the drive volume reached about 210-220 MB. In operation, the end of volume – about 100-110 Mb / s. With smaller files (6459 files total capacity of 19.6 GB) rate lower, at 100-110, and 70-80 MB / s, respectively – quite a decent performance.

Toshiba X300: Temperature readings and noise

In order to find out what the temperature behavior of the hard disk was taken specialized Iometer test application and run it in the script recording large-block random access with high queue depth.

And even after two and a half hours of this test is not able to achieve temperatures above 43 ° C.

The indicator is also quite decent.

The simple (but without unloading the heads) temperature control is not as blessed: without any load on the drive test bench did not cool down below 40 ° C even after several hours of “idle”.

All is not well with the noise: drive hums and buzzes clearly. But completely invisible to any chatter heads – in this respect, Toshiba X300 6 terabytes can be considered quiet. A buzzing is easy to understand with a soft suspension.

Toshiba X300 (HDWE160EZSTA) 6TB HHD: Review and test


So, what can we say about Toshiba X300? This capacious and fast, but at the moment – and still most affordable hard disk interface SATA 6 Gb / s of the volume.

Problems seen only two: an incomprehensible and temperature in a simple hum. If you can live with the first and only if you want to conceive cooling, then the second will have to fight.

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