TOP 7 smart devices from Xiaomi: Speaker, SmartWatch, Camera, Bike and more

TOP 7 smart devices from Xiaomi: Speaker, SmartWatch, Camera, Bike and more

Xiaomi is a Chinese company, which appeared on the world market in 2010. Brand with personal firmware MIUI, a variety of flagship technology, a hybrid of TouchWiz and iOS. The company with a pretentious goal to become a leader in the trading arena, thanks to the high quality of its gadgets in conjunction with an acceptable cost. In this review, we’ll look at the top smart Xiaomi devices.

Xiaomi Mi Round 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

TOP 7 smart devices from Xiaomi: Speaker, SmartWatch, Camera, Bike and more

Portable Bluetooth speaker Xiaomi Mi Round 2 will appeal not only to travelers, but also to people who do not represent their life without high-quality smart devices.

A minimalistic, restrained design, consisting of segments – the upper part of the case made of aluminum alloy, and the lower part of the structure is made of durable, pleasant to the touch plastic. Activation of the device is carried out by a simple touch.

The professional sound of the acoustic system is guaranteed by the Danish design of TYMPHANY. The speaker forms a grid and, therefore, the output is clear, colorful, realistic, saturated with low and high tones. A great sound balance will allow you to enjoy clear, high-quality and loud stereo sound.

System management is intuitive simple – touch the top side of the column and adjust the necessary settings.

Portable speakers have a built-in module Bluetooth 4.1 and this makes it possible to connect the column to other modern devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, players. The radius of the signal is about 10 m.

Built-in battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh will allow you to enjoy your favorite music for 7 hours. Buy Bluetooth acoustics Xiaomi Mi Round 2 is available for $ 27.

Xiaomi Amazfit Smart Watch

TOP 7 smart devices from Xiaomi: Speaker, SmartWatch, Camera, Bike and more

The long-awaited sports smart touchscreen from Xiaomi with touch screen has such useful features – heartbeat monitoring in real time, built-in GPS and pedometer.

The GPS tracker receives satellite signals to record the coordinates and movements of the user, measures the duration, step frequency, speed, tempo and other data by which you can analyze your athletic activity and improve your physical skills.

HD touchscreen display with a resolution of 320 × 300 pixels and 1.34 inches with high-quality bright images and rich color images. The brightness of the dial is set automatically – due to environmental conditions.

Xiaomi Amazfit watch uses a 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB shared memory. On the back of the device there is a sensor for continuous control of the heartbeat.

Protective rugged Corning Gorilla glass glass ensures durability of the device. The ceramic bezel is resistant to damage and scratches, and a silicone relief strap removes fogging.

The notification of incoming calls and messages is carried out by means of vibration. Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch can store more than 500 audio tracks and play them on wireless headphones.

Amazfit equipped with a capacitive battery 280 mAh – this is 5 days of active use on one charge. With the heart rate meter and GPS on, the autonomous time is up to 35 hours, and in the wristwatch mode the device will last more than 11 days. A wireless dock is used to charge the battery.

Amazfit’s wrist smart gadget interfaces with any device on the Android 4.4 platform and above, with support for the Mi Fit application. Buying a smart watch will cost you an average of $ 138.

Xiaomi iHealth 2 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

TOP 7 smart devices from Xiaomi: Speaker, SmartWatch, Camera, Bike and more

A smart monitor for measuring blood pressure and heart function with sound alerts is therefore easy to use even for the elderly.

After the measurements, the smart device displays all the information received – on a large 4.3-inch color display. The screen will allow you to monitor your health – its color changes depending on the results.

IHealth 2 stores about 2,000 measurements without connecting to a smartphone and generates weekly and monthly reports. The device supports a wireless Wi-Fi connection. In addition, the results of the diagnosis can be forwarded through the micro-channel to the treating doctor.

The home tonometer meets all European standards for measuring accuracy. The device has a built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh. The average cost of Xiaomi iHealth 2 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is $ 87.

Xiaomi Smart Dog Button Tag

TOP 7 smart devices from Xiaomi: Speaker, SmartWatch, Camera, Bike and more

A round metal medallion with a solid plastic edge weighing 9.3 grams and a thickness of 8.6 mm. The device is hung on the neck of the animal with a flexible plastic frame.

The device keeps track of the distance, walk time, and the quality of the pet’s sleep, which makes it possible to assess the general health of the animal. In the dark, the medallion begins to glow, thanks to the built-in light sensor.

Smart gadget with QR-code synchronizes with smartphone on Android and iOS via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 and shows all the data with the help of the installed special application. This feature allows you to share data with friends and animal lovers’ communities.

Xiaomi Smart Dog Button Tag is equipped with a CR2032 battery with a capacity of 220 mAh and a voltage of 3V. The price of the model is $ 24.

Xiaomi Yi M1 Zoom Lens Mirrorless digital camera

TOP 7 smart devices from Xiaomi: Speaker, SmartWatch, Camera, Bike and more

The first mirrorless camera of the young company Yi Technology, a member of the Xiaomi technology trade concern.

Bright, important moments of life are easy to save on photos and high quality videos. And thanks to the mirrorless 20 megapixel camera with the IMX269 photomatrix from Sony and the Micro 4: 3 Micro Four Thirds standard, it’s even easier. Functional features of the gadget guarantee accurate color reproduction and a more detailed image.

A minimalistic, rigorous camera design, a large 3-inch touchscreen with 2 buttons, a wide selection of settings and a clear interface make the use of the device even more comfortable.

BLE Bluetooth will allow you to synchronize your camera with your mobile device for instant access to templates using the Master Guide.

Ultra-light Xiaomi Yi M1 Zoom camera design is made of heat-resistant plastic Arnitel, has interchangeable lenses (in addition, you can purchase up to 50 lenses), and is presented on the market in two classic shades – black and silver. There is also a wide range of accessories for the Yi M1 on sale. The price range of the camera Xiaomi Yi M1 Zoom Lens – from $ 510 to $ 550.

Xiaomi Mi 90 Points Smart Casual Shoes

TOP 7 smart devices from Xiaomi: Speaker, SmartWatch, Camera, Bike and more

The Chinese company, in addition to the Xiaomi machinery, also pays attention to products for sport and health.

Clever ergonomic sneakers have no seams, very light and stylish. The upper part of the shoes is stitched with polyester thread, nylon insole, and the sole is made of EVA-polymer wear-resistant material. All this creates effective ventilation, allowing the sneakers to “breathe”. The special instep provides the necessary fixation of the ankle, thereby increasing comfort and improving safety.

Smart component is also present – inside the sole of the sneaker is a smart chip. A special mobile application will allow you to pair with a smartphone, and you will be able to track the result of the training – see how many steps have passed, the total distance traveled and even find out the “spent” calories.

Running shoes are perfect for both active sports and everyday wear. The cost of smart sneakers is democratic – only $ 55.

Xiaomi YunBike C1 Electric bike for men

TOP 7 smart devices from Xiaomi: Speaker, SmartWatch, Camera, Bike and more

Smart device Xiaomi YunBike C1 with bright youth design has mechanical drive and takes into account all the needs of the user while driving. The bike has 5 switching speeds.

The case of the rover made of a durable aluminum alloy. Its total weight is 16 kg. But at the same time, the electric bike is also quite light and comfortable for transportation.

What is Xiaomi YunBike C1? This is the combination of an electric vehicle with a bicycle. One recharge of the “machine” is enough for 2.5 hours of continuous use. 20-inch tires and the height of the bike correspond to the standard human growth and all driving conditions in the city.

Xiaomi YunBike C1 has built-in sensors – a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyro, and the smart system immediately detects difficult places and automatically increases the power supply. The brake handle has 3 cables, so the smart-braking integrated system instantly cuts off the power supply for the owner’s safety.

The bike has a USB port, with which you can recharge all mobile devices. The portable battery has 8 levels of protection.

Security concerns for Xiaomi are at a decent level – the built-in Smart self-diagnosis function with the Bluetooth module and synchronization to the mobile application allows you to check the technical condition of the basic parts of the bike. APP supports Android OS 4.3 and higher, as well as iOS 8.0 and above. Buy Xiaomi YunBike C1 will cost you a round sum – from $ 738 to $ 815.

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