Top 7 Resources for Passing Microsoft 70-410 Exam

The Microsoft 70-410 test is one of three exams you have to pass to earn the MCSA:Windows Server 2012 certification. The exam, Installing & Configuring Windows Server 2012, is designed to evaluate your skills and expertise in configuring and installing fundamentals within Windows Server 2012. These fundamentals comprise of features like core network services, Group Policy, Hyper-V, and Active Directory. You must pass this test before you can earn the MCSA credential. In addition to this, you must also be able to prove that you possess the essential skills needed to configure Windows Server 2012.

There are many resources about how to pass Microsoft MCSA 70-410 exam. To have a resounding success in the test, you need to make the best of the resources such as courses, practice tests, exam tips, and a host of others. To get you started on the preparation process, we have detailed some resources that will help in you pass the 70-410 certification exam.


  • Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Virtual Academy is an official learning resource provided by Microsoft. This platform is created to offer free online training to the candidates. You can access numerous presentations, videos and other resource tools across different Microsoft technologies. You can also explore details of the 70-410 exam and all you need to pass it. For your certification test, you can access numerous articles that are developed to help you enhance your knowledge about the topics of the exam. MVA is definitely a great place to start your exam preparation.


  • Microsoft 70-410 Revision Guide

The revision guide is designed to help structure your study and revision process in a way that best fitsyour learning style. The guide extensively covers the different topics that will be evaluated during the exam. You should use the revision guide to support your learning and as a guide through all the topics you need to master. Exam Ref Microsoft 70-410written by Craig Zackeris the official study guide for Microsoft. This guide covers different sections of the exam extensively and it is an excellent tool to build your skills in the course contents. There are other study guides you can check out online. For instance, the MCSA Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is also a good resource tool for your exam preparation.


  • PrepAway Microsoft 70-410 Practice Test

Taking practice tests is an excellent way of understanding more about the exam.

You get to know its format and the kind of questions to expect. It is a simulation of the real exam and it will definitely help you evaluate yourself and know your strong and weak areas. There are many platforms online that offer practice tests for candidates planning to write the Microsoft 70-410 exam. One of such platforms is the official Microsoft 70-410 practice tests provided by PrepAway site. The practice tests offer a total of 175 questions, R2 materials, and extensive explanations of the answers to the questions. These questions are designed in line with the official curriculum of Microsoft.


  • Microsoft Forum

By joining an online community, you get the opportunity to interact with other professionals and share knowledge and experience. An online forum helps you gain insights from other professionals who have written and passed the exam. You also get to share study ideas and resources with others. There are many online communities on Microsoft certificationsthat you can join to broaden your knowledge about the certification exam. You can check TechNet online community for information on the specific Microsoft certification exam you want to write.


  • Windows Server Practice Lab

Using practice labs is another excellent way of getting hands-on experience on Windows Server 2012,through guided learning in a real environment. If you have little or no experience with software packages, practice labs will offer you the hands-on experience you need without creating issues that you cannot fix. There are numerous practice labs that are available for Windows Server 2012 and are in alignment with the certification exam. You will also gain insight that will help you tackle the 70-410 exam. Practice labs offers you practical experience that will be useful in real work environment and will also help you pass your exam. You can get many of the practice labs for free so you don’t have to worry about paying fees to access them.


  • Trial Version of Windows Server 2012

The trial version of Windows Server 2012 software is a resourceful tool that will help you in preparing for your exam. You can download the trial version from Microsoft page without any issues. This trial version can be used for a period of 180 days, which is more than enough for you to get a hang of the intricacies of the software.


  • Avoid Exam Dumps and Braindumps

This point cannot be overemphasized. You need to avoid exam dumps and braindumps like a plague. Avoid them at all cost because they are illegal, especially for Microsoft certification exams. Microsoft is fully against braindumps and they have made this known widely. As a matter of fact, they have rules against it. If you are caught to have used braindumps for your certification exam, they will revoke your certificate and you may not be able to get any Microsoft credential again. You might think there is no way they will possibly know that you have used braindumps to prepare but really, it is their exams and they know everything about them. Moreover, they have been in this business for decades. One other major reason why you should not use exam dumps is that they don’t give you any real knowledge how to use Microsoft Windows Server 2012 in real life environment.



The resources you need to prepare for your exam are at your fingertips. You only need to make the best of them to be able to pass your certification test. Take advantage of the resources highlighted above and dedicate enough time to your preparation, and you can be sure of your success in the actual 70-410exam.

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