TOP 5 monitors with 24 inches diagonal

TOP 5 monitors with 24 inches diagonal

24-inch monitors for different categories of users is due to their relatively affordable price and the presence in this category of a variety of models of a universal orientation, which are equally good for work, games and watching movies. Such multi-purpose solutions will be discussed within the frames of TOP collected by us.

Before proceeding to a detailed description of each model from the collection, it is advisable to compare their detailed specifications in the summary table of 24-inch monitors . Self-selection of the device can be done in the catalog of monitors , which also contains many useful filters for searching.


TOP 5 monitors with 24 inches diagonal

  • IPS-matrix with FullHD-resolution, wide viewing angles in the vertical and horizontal, the price.
  • The kit does not include an HDMI cable, an external power supply, a flimsy leg without height adjustment.

The brainchild of LG is one of the most affordable solutions on the market with an IPS matrix of the FullHD format (1920×1280 pixels) . It is in the screen that the main advantage of the monitor lies.

IPS matrices are characterized by wide viewing angles, as well as displaying a bright and saturated picture. Correct color rendering is also a well-known hobby of similar solutions. But in the case of LG 24MP48HQ, it raises some questions, because Narrow color coverage (about 89% of sRGB space) does not allow using the monitor to work closely with graphics. Although in most everyday tasks a man in the street is unlikely to notice color distortion.

The case of the monitor is made in a restrained and laconic style. The support point for the model is a plastic leg with a wide rectangular base, when handling it you must be careful, because it is quite flaccid and staggering with minimal shifts. The position of the screen can be changed only by slope, but the height adjustment is not available to the user.

The interfaces for connecting the monitor to the signal source are represented by an analog VGA connector and one HDMI port. The bundle provides only VGA-cable through which the model will be able to give the maximum resolution at the level of 1280×1024 pixels, so the lack of a “box” with an HDMI cablemonitor is a minus. Also in the controversial side of the LG 24MP48HQ, you can record an external power supply. Given the extremely democratic cost of the monitor, minor flaws in its design are forgivable and do not cause the user significant inconvenience.

AOC I2475Pxqu

TOP 5 monitors with 24 inches diagonal

  • High-quality color reproduction, adjustment of the screen position on all fronts, an expanded set of interfaces for connecting external devices, built-in speakers.

The products of the Taiwanese company AOC are not heard by the general public. But recently the popularity of the brand is growing rapidly, because the ratio of “price / quality” is better than the options are almost impossible to find.

The representative of the 2016 model line uses an IPS panel with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels to output the image . The matrix boasts a fast response time (4 ms) and high-quality color rendering . The maximum brightness of the screen is stated at 250 cd / sq. M, and in fact this value is even higher – synthetic tests show a result of 276 cd / sq. M. Neither to the viewing angles, nor to the uniformity of the color temperature, the claims will not be presented to the display.

Externally, the AOC I2475Pwqu turned out to be not very good. But in terms of equipment, he is ready to compete with not only the models of his class, but also more advanced 24-inch monitors . All thanks to the expanded set of interfaces on board – the VGA, DVI, HDMI and Display Port connectors for connection of signal sources, USB hub 3.0 and even built-in speakers with a total power of 2 W are adopted for the monitor .The sound quality of the loudspeakers is very mediocre, but the very fact of their availability pleases.

The stand on which the monitor rests allows you to rotate the screen left and right to an angle of up to 165 ° and tilt it back and forth between -5 ° and + 25 °. It also provides for adjusting the height position within 13 cm. And if you want to hang the monitor on the wall, the user will need a hole on the back of the case for mounting a VESA size 100×100 mm . Thus, in equipping the AOC I2475Pwqu there is almost everything that can be equally needed for an inexperienced home-grown man, as well as an office worker.

Samsung C24F390F

TOP 5 monitors with 24 inches diagonal

  • Curved screen, high-quality color rendering, high contrast level, support for AMD Free Sync technology, thin frames.
  • Glossy plastic on the front side, external power supply.

Samsung is the first company to start mass bending monitors. On the wave of success of the previous model with the screen in the face of Samsung S24E510C, the South Korean brand released the next generation of monitors with an even smaller radius of curvature (1800R vs. 4000R earlier).

The curved shape allows you to plunge headlong into what’s happening on the screen, without being distracted by surrounding objects, and increases the level of comfort for the organs of vision. The visual load can also be reduced by activating a special Eye Saver Mode, in which the brightness of the blue component of the spectrum is reduced.And with flicker of the screen backlight, Flicker Free technology fights effectively.

The model’s screen is based on a VA-matrix with a resolution of FullHD (1920×1080 pixels). In comparison with IPS-solutions, this type of matrix provides much higher static contrast values ​​- 3000: 1 versus 1000: 1 for most competitors in the class. The response time, measured by the Gray-to-Gray method, is estimated at 4 ms, which allows the monitor to be used as a game monitor. Specially for gamers, GameMode mode with automatic optimization of parameters and support for AMD FreeSync technology is provided – adapting the refresh rate of the monitor screen depending on what current frame rate the graphics card supporting this technology can provide.

The display of Samsung C24F390F is framed by thin frames, the glossy surface of which effectively shimmers into the light. That’s just from a practical point of view, glossy plastic on the front panel can not be called the best solution, because it is very visible particles of dust. Another disadvantage of the model is the external power supply. However, both of these drawbacks are so insignificant against the background of the other merits of the model that it is certainly not worth using them as an argument “against” when choosing a monitor. But to give preference to the model for its omnidirectionality is possible without the slightest hesitation, because the direct rivals Samsung C24F390F among 24-inch monitors simply do not exist.

Good to know. Flicker-Free technology provides control of LED backlighting by changing the DC voltage, which eliminates flickering of the screen.

Dell P2417H

TOP 5 monitors with 24 inches diagonal

  • Excellent factory calibration, natural color reproduction, adjustment of the screen position on all fronts, an expanded set of interfaces for connecting external devices.
  • There is no HDMI cable in the kit.

The diagonal of the screen on the monitor Dell P2417H only a very small does not reach the classic 24 inches – its value is 23.8 “, which almost does not affect the perception of the displayed picture.

The display of the model is based on the AH-IPS matrix with wide viewing angles on all fronts (within 178 °) and natural color rendition. The factory calibration is performed at a high level , so special user intervention in the color adjustment is not required. The maximum screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels, which corresponds to the format FullHD.

In the arsenal of the monitor there is an expanded set of interfaces for connecting external devices: three video outputs (HDMI, VGA, Display Port) and a USB 3.0 hub (two ports at the back and two on the left side) . The box with the monitor is packed with complete VGA and DP cables, but you will need to purchase the HDMI cable privately.

Separate flattering words deserve an ergonomic stand, allowing you to choose the optimal position of the screen in height, as well as providing the possibility of its tilt and turn in different planes . Thus, the monitor turns into a universal tool, which is equally good for both work and entertainment purposes, because a wide range of interfaces exposes it in the light of one of the central elements for creating a home multimedia system.

LG 24UD58-B

TOP 5 monitors with 24 inches diagonal

  • 4K resolution, rich and rich color rendering, support for AMD Free Sync technology, useful functions for reducing visual load.
  • There are no significant drawbacks.

Ultra-high resolution is no longer the lot of select models, because you can afford a 4K-monitor almost everyone. Bright proof of this – LG 24UD58-B, sold under the auspices of accessibility.

As a matrix, the monitor uses an IPS panel with an 8-bit color depth, but thanks to the support of A-FRC technology, the displayed image is visually equivalent to that of panels with a 10-bit color depth capable of displaying more than 1 billion different shades. The clarity of the image in this case can be called uncompromising, and this is by no means an exaggeration – at a resolution of 3840×260 pixels, individual pixels will not be completely visible to the eye.

In the model, a whole set of useful “buns” was used to reduce the visual load on the user’s eyes: a system to eliminate the flicker of the backlight and reduce the intensity of the glow of the blue spectrum. After the monitor got support for AMD FreeSync technology, which, coupled with the corresponding video cards AMD allows you to make the picture more smooth . In particular, the difference will be noticeable in highly dynamic game scenes.

In view of its versatility and multitasking, the model will not be lost either at home or in the office environment. And the lack of serious disadvantages in it allows you to recommend a monitor for everyone to purchase without exception. In addition, its purchase will save, because for other similar solutions have to lay out more money.

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