TOP 5 Best smartphones under $100 (May 2017)

TOP 5 Best smartphones under $100 (May 2017)

The share of entry-level smartphones is comparable to a large piece of cake in the general market of mobile gadgets. The thing is that high-performance devices are not necessary for everyone, and for the performance of a number of everyday tasks, the phones will also become easier. The article will deal with five low-cost models worth about $100, the purchase of which will have a minimal impact on the

Lenovo A Plus

TOP 5 Best smartphones under $100 (May 2017)

Good responsiveness of the interface, a removable battery, headphones included.

Low screen resolution, very mediocre cameras, wide frames, there is no illumination of the navigation keys, only 8 GB of memory.

The Chinese company Lenovo takes a strong position in the market of budget smartphones. Laurels of one of its most affordable products are given to the A Plus model – an ultra-budget mobile gadget running Android 5.1.

Textured plastic case smartphone lays down in any hand. And the matter is not even in the relief form of the back cover, but in the optimal dimensions of the device – the diagonal 4.5 “is one of the most convenient to use . Around the screen there are wide frames, which can not be called its decoration.The display itself is built on the basis of TFT-matrix with its inherent Features in the form of unimportant viewing angles and faded pictures when the screen hits direct sunlight.

Despite the modest hardware (the MediaTek MT6580M processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory and the Mali-400 graphics accelerator), the smartphone delivers a good performance – everyday tasks are given to him at all without any complaints , and in games, there are slowdowns. Nevertheless, Asphalt 8 runs on Lenovo A Plus with the maximum graphics settings. As an example, you can also cite the popular game World of Tanks Blitz – on the base parameters the frame rate in it confidently holds at 25-35 fps.

I am glad that the manufacturer has allocated separate slots for each SIM-card and external storage ( microSD-flash drive ). Some will also like the option of replacing the battery – an alternative to the use of paver banks . And what exactly will appeal to potential buyers, is the availability of a headset in the delivery kit . This useful accessory for some reason has ceased to be an obligatory attribute of a complete set of modern smartphones.

Lenovo A Plus is the optimal budget solution for surfing the net, communicating in instant messengers, consuming video content, simple gaming and performing the basic function of the phone – receiving and making voice calls.

Asus ZenFone Go 8GB ZB500KG

TOP 5 Best smartphones under $100 (May 2017)

Good responsiveness of the interface, quality assembly.

Low-resolution screen, a very mediocre self-camera, only 8 GB of memory.

5-inch representative of the family of budget smartphones Asus has absorbed the best design features of the popular in the past model Asus Zenfone 5 16GB A500KL . Therefore, the appearance of the mobile gadget will attract many.

The work of the model is based on the 4-core chip of the entry-level Qualcomm Snapdragon 200, which is inexpensive, but it shows good performance results for simple tasks . In addition, a good optimization of the proprietary ZenUI shell , rolled over the OS of Android 5.1, in most cases excludes logs and slowing down the interface during the use of the smartphone. But to count on the opportunity to spend time in front of the screen of the model behind the games is not particularly needed.

Inexpensive smartphone – a simple screen. The resolution of the display is only 854×480 pixels, and the angles of its review can not please the ability to read information under the view of the screen at an angle. But it turned out not very gluttonous in terms of energy consumption, due to which the charge of the built-in battery capacity of 2600 mAh is usually enough for 1.5-2 days of full operation of the gadget.

TOP 5 Best smartphones under $100 (May 2017)

The main and front modules of smartphone cameras have a resolution of 8 and 2 MP, respectively. But if you can still get a high-quality result with the help of a back camera when shooting in good light conditions, then the front-line is not frankly full of detail and quality of the pictures. However, for communication on Skype with relatives and friends, its capabilities will suffice.

Asus ZenFone Go works surprisingly fast and has a decent build quality. You can recommend it for purchase to those who are looking for a universal and affordable solution for calls, checking mail and social networking. Also, a smartphone can be a good option for people of the older generation who are eager to become more closely acquainted with modern technologies.

LG K7 DualSim

TOP 5 Best smartphones under $100 (May 2017)

Advanced features of the self-camera, removable battery, attractive appearance, quality assembly.

Low screen resolution, wide frame, only 8 GB of memory, touch keys select a part of the display space.

LG K7 – a budgetary from a well-known brand with a good build quality and attractive appearance . Perhaps, on this glorifying epithets the smartphone could no longer be brought, but let’s look at it in more detail.

The budget of the phone gives out a plastic case and wide frames around the display, the resolution of which at the diagonal of 5 “is only 854×480 pixels. The lower part of the screen is also picked up by the navigation keys, and the updated version of the smartphone represented by LG K7 2017 DualSim.  The resolution of the display remained at the same level, which for 2017 already clearly is not enough.

The hardware platform of the smartphone is based on the Mediatek MT6580M processor running at 1.3 GHz in conjunction with 1 GB of RAM. Heavy games on such hardware will not normally work, but with the execution of everyday tasks (launching undemanding applications, navigation, etc.), the “stuffing” copes at a decent level, providing a quick responsiveness to the interface of the Android 5.1 shell . The performance of the model based on the results of synthetic tests is estimated at 24 thousand points in the AnTuTu application, which corresponds to the typical level of budget devices.

Of the total 8 GB of memory in the built-in data storage, the user is allocated about 3.2 GB. But grieve so small a volume is not worth it, since the smartphone supports the installation of microSD memory cards with a maximum capacity of up to 32 GB. The slot for the drive is hidden under the back cover, and under it is a removable battery.

According to the old good tradition of LG, the volume rocker and the gadget’s turn off button are on the back of the smartphone . Above them you can see the module of the main camera, whose resolution is 8 MP. Nevertheless, the main emphasis is not on it, but on the front camera with advanced features for shooting selfie. Both photomodules allow you to get a high-quality result when shooting in fairly good lighting conditions, with their deterioration, the detail of the images falls. However, this feature is inherent in all devices of the budget class, so it is not the criterion for choosing an inexpensive smartphone. In general, LG K7 can not be said anything bad – for undemanding tasks it fits in full.

Xiaomi Redmi 4a 16GB

TOP 5 Best smartphones under $100 (May 2017)

Good performance, high-quality screen with natural color reproduction, infrared port for control of technology, support for fast charging, long autonomy.

The model with index 4a is the most accessible representative of the fourth generation of the Redmi line. For the sake of low cost, the smartphone lost some useful equipment, for example, a fingerprint scanner. But on the overall performance of the model, this in no way affected.

The display and camera of the Xiaomi Redmi 4a do not differ from the older representatives of the family. 5-inch HD-screen gets a well-deserved plus for the excellent color rendering quality, and the cameras on board the device can be safely recorded in a team of strong middles – nothing outstanding they do not provide, but their work is performed very well. The phone’s average score also earns in productivity tests – 36,000 “parrots” in AnTuTu serve as a vivid confirmation of this. In practice, this assessment turns into good responsiveness, smooth interface operation and the ability to run modern games (although not at the maximum graphics parameters).

In the heart of the smartphone is an entry-level chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 425. More detailed information about the class division of mobile processors is told within the material “With which processor to buy a smartphone or tablet?” . A distinctive feature of the chip used is support for Quick Charge 2.0 fast charging technology. True, put the appropriate charger in the box with the phone the Chinese manufacturer for some reason did not bother.

Hardware “stuffing” of the gadget is hidden under a plastic shell of good build quality – squeaks and backlashes to the smartphone’s case are not terrible. In the same place, a battery with a slightly stripped down in comparison with other models of a ruler with a capacity of 3120 mAh hides. Thanks to the excellent optimization of the battery, there are enough for 2 full days of not too active work of the phone.

In the small flaws of the model can be written except that there is no illumination of the navigation touch keys. This minus is more than compensated by the presence of an infrared port for controlling home appliances (for example, TV or air conditioning). In its price category, serious competition can make a smartphone unit, So the label “thunderstorms of state employees” stuck to Xiaomi Redmi 4a at the time of the announcement. And this model corresponds to the root.

Meizu M5 16GB

TOP 5 Best smartphones under $100 (May 2017)

A productive “iron”, a quality screen with natural color rendition, a 2.5D-glass, a fingerprint scanner, good sound in headphones, plenty of body colors.

There is a backlash of side keys, modifications with a glossy body are prone to the rapid appearance of scratches.

The parade of announcements of new products from the Chinese company Meizu was going on at sunset in 2016 almost unending flow. One of the novelties of that time was the state budget with the index of the model M5 – a copy of the popular smartphone Meizu M3s 16GB.  On the “stuffing”, but enclosed in a plastic body instead of metal and having grown to 5.2 “diagonal screen.

Influences on the resolution of the display a new diagonal did not bring – it remained at the same level as the predecessor (1280×720 pixels). The top of the screen is covered with 2.5D-glass, which gives the smartphone an elegant appearance and makes its grip more comfortable in the hand . Another nice feature of the display is support for a fine adjustment of the color temperature, which makes it possible to set its value according to one’s own preferences.

Traditionally for Meizu smartphones, under the screen there is a multi- functional touch-mechanical mTouch key combined with a fingerprint scanner . You can also unblock the gadget with a double tap on the display (if you select this option in the settings). The remaining mechanical buttons are on the right side, and in some instances of the smartphone they slightly lyuftyat.

The model is gaining a little more than 40 thousand scores in the AnTuTu test, the merit of which lies on the shoulders of the Mediatek MT6750 processor, working in conjunction with 2 GB of RAM. More advanced modification of the smartphone carries on board 3/32 GB of memory. From a practical point of view, the performance of Meizu M5 is more than enough to perform all the usual tasks and simple gaming.

In a number of strengths of the model, you can additionally record a good sound quality in headphones and an abundance of body colors. The brightest colors are made in gloss, so handling them requires caution.Otherwise the body quickly covered with small scratches. As a result, Meizu M5 appears before the audience in the role of a balanced entry level smartphone with a decent speed and fingerprint sensor on board, that the family of budget is extremely rare.

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