TOP 5 Best Projectors for Home Theater in 2017

TOP 5 Best Projectors for Home Theater in 2017

Projectors are ready to make a worthy competition to TVs with a screen diagonal of 55 “. They do not limit the viewer to one frame, but allow you to expand the picture almost to the entire wall. Top models, and all other things being equal, bypass TVs in a darkened room for image quality. We included in the review five popular models of projectors, with which you can create a cinema hall or a toy library on a huge screen at home.

The comparative table provides a detailed analysis of the technical characteristics of projectors from the collection . You can make an independent choice of a device for projecting an image in the complete catalog of projectors . And within the framework of the “Choosing a Projector for a Home Cinema” material, you will find all the key points that you should pay attention to before purchasing a projector to create a cinema in your home environment.

Epson EH-TW5350

TOP 5 Best Projectors for Home Theater in 2017

The model EH-TW5350 from Epson has a similar value with many models of LCD-TVs , the diagonal of which varies between 49-55. “With the help of the projector, the transmitted image can be stretched much more – at the maximum projection distance, the diagonal of the image will be about 300” .

The projector provides the ability to reproduce content from virtually any source. So, external devices connect to it through two HDMI ports, one USB-out, a VGA connector, a set of “tulips” or an audio output. And inside the case hides the module Wi-Fi, the main purpose of which is to support the translation of pictures from the screen of mobile gadgets by air. To do this, a proprietary Epson iProjection application must be installed on the smartphone or tablet. In addition, the built-in 5W speaker is hidden in the projector’s housing.

A set of interfaces does not take up much space on a compact model case. The projector, by the way, steadily becomes on any type of flat surface (starting from the table and ending with an ordinary stool), and can also be suspended from the ceiling. Calculate the optimal location of the model in the room, taking into account the distance to the intended screen, using a special calculator on the official Epson website.

TOP 5 Best Projectors for Home Theater in 2017

A high margin of brightness (2200 lumens) makes it possible to minimize the influence of external illumination on the quality of the broadcast picture. Accordingly, the projector does not require a dense curtain or curtain shutdown – the image will be clearly visible and in a not completely darkened room. The projector supports the playback of video content in resolution up to 1920×1280 pixels.

When the projector is operated for a long time at its maximum brightness, impressions of it can be slightly spoiled by a noisy cooling fan. In fact, this is the only minor minus the model. In other respects Epson EH-TW5350 only bribes potential buyers. The projector is equipped with everything necessary to create an improvised cinema in the home.

Optoma HD28DSE

TOP 5 Best Projectors for Home Theater in 2017

The DSE symbols in the abbreviation of the projector model index from the Taiwanese Optoma brand indicate that the device is equipped with a built-in video processing system . Its availability favorably highlights Optoma HD28DSE against the background of other representatives of the primary class.

By default, the “Enhancer” picture works too aggressively – it overstates the levels of sharpness and contrast, and also tries to emphasize the details when it’s not entirely appropriate. The intensity of image processing can be reduced manually (enough to reduce it from “box” 80% to the level of 20-30%). Then the image in movies and animated movies is slightly complemented by cleanliness and detail.

According to the manufacturer, the maximum brightness of the projector reaches 3000 lm. In fact, to reach this indicator in the tests failed. Nevertheless, the brightness margin is sufficient to view video content in dark rooms or rooms with a certain level of background lighting. To brightness, only a claim is made regarding the unevenness of the illumination along the edges of the projected frame.

The small size of the device and built-in 10-watt speaker allow the Optoma HD28DSE to be used as a portable projector. And to project images with it, it is not necessary to take a laptop with you – the model supports the translation of images from a display of a smartphone or tablet that connect to it via an HDMI port with support for the MHL interface .

In addition to playing normal content, the projector supports playing 3D video. Customize the display options of the picture can be through a convenient remote control with backlight. The focus and position of the picture on the projected screen are adjusted manually. In this respect, the model is no different from most peers in the same price category.

Good to know. 3D glasses are usually not included in the scope of projectors, respectively, they must be purchased separately.


TOP 5 Best Projectors for Home Theater in 2017

Heir to the popular Sony VPL-HW40ES model. It is the most affordable solution in the modern market, built on the basis of advanced technology SXRD.

In the formation of the projector images, two key links are involved: a transparent LCD screen through which the light from the illumination lamp passes, and a mirror reflecting the resulting image. A similar method of obtaining an image allows to ensure the most accurate color rendering and high clarity of the transmitted picture.In addition, the projector does a good job of converting low-resolution video clips to FullHD format, increasing the sharpness of the original image while processing and ensuring its smooth playback. This useful feature is useful, for example, when watching live broadcasts of football matches on cable TV.

Another undeniable advantage of the projector is the excellent depth of black display.Of course, in a completely dark room, small flaws on a black background can be discerned, but in the vast majority of the usual claims for black areas of the image will not be shown.

TOP 5 Best Projectors for Home Theater in 2017

Control of all the functions of the projector is assigned to the complete remote control and duplicate keys directly on the body of the device. And adjusting the sharpness and size of the image must be done manually, for which the lens of the model is framed by two plastic rings. In the same way, you can adjust the vertical and horizontal shift of the picture, with the only proviso that both these settings are made using two wheels on the top panel of the projector.

Due to the fact that the ventilation holes are in the front part of the projector’s housing, it can be safely installed close to the wall or in the recesses without fear of possible overheating. This feature is especially relevant in small rooms. No less pleasant are a couple of useful “chips” of the model: an increased life of the backlight (6000 hours in the Eco-mode) and a low incense lag in the games (about 23 ms) . A small signal delay allows you to play comfortably on a large screen in any game, including. With a lot of highly dynamic scenes.


TOP 5 Best Projectors for Home Theater in 2017

JVC specializes in the production of exclusively high-quality projectors. So do not be surprised at the sky-high price of the junior representative of the Japanese brand lineup – JVC DLA-X500.

Create a decent competition for the projector for the quality of the picture can only expensive Sony models, which reproduce the video in the “native” resolution of 4K. The brainchild of JVC also supports the UltraHD format, but with one caveat – the image is translated into ultra-high resolution using e-Shift technology. Its meaning lies in the displacement of D-ILA matrices vertically and horizontally by a distance of half a pixel , as a result of which the points from which the picture is constructed are intertwined. The basic resolution for the projector is FullHD (1920×1280 pixels).

The content in the interpolated 4K-resolution boasts the highest detail. The picture is also characterized by high contrast (more than 60000: 1) and deepest black color – completely dark parts of the image practically do not emit glow when displayed . In addition, the projector is perfectly calibrated “out of the box”, which is rare. The accuracy of its color rendition practically corresponds to the reference triangle of the color space Rec.709.

TOP 5 Best Projectors for Home Theater in 2017

Projection of 3D movies is usually accompanied by a lightening of the picture and subsequent loss of contrast, but not in the case of the JVC DLA X-500. It produces a volumetric picture with high definition. To view stereo content, you only need to acquire the appropriate set of 3D glasses.

The motorized zoom and focus drive is included in the projector’s equipment, so that it is possible to change the zoom and focus area using the remote control. The presence of the backlight allows you to use the remote control with the same comfort both in sufficient light and in the dark. The projector is devoid of direct competitors in its price range. And if the amount necessary for its acquisition is collected, you can take the JVC DLA-X500 without the slightest hesitation.

Sony VPL-VW320ES

TOP 5 Best Projectors for Home Theater in 2017

The Sony VPL-VW320ES projector supports a true 4K resolution with a frame size of 4096×260 pixels. The picture in UltraHD format is displayed with the highest degree of detail, so that it becomes possible to examine in every detail even the smallest objects.

The model uses the proprietary image projection system SXRD . It is a kind of LCoS technology, in which liquid crystals on a silicon substrate are responsible for constructing a picture in response. This system is equipped only with top-end devices, providing uncompromising image quality on all fronts. Insignificant claims from users are advanced only to the depth of black – it would be desirable to see more. But then the projector would not be much different from the older brother in the person of Sony VPL-VW520ES, which falls into a completely different price category.

TOP 5 Best Projectors for Home Theater in 2017

Sony VPL-VW320ES is equipped with a motorized focus and zoom drive. Thanks to them, the projector can be suspended to the ceiling mount and forget about its presence in the room, especially as it produces a minimum of noise during operation. The cooling fan becomes audible only when the HDR content is viewed for a long time, when the lamp of the device heats up from intense glow. But even at this time the noise does not cause any discomfort to the audience. You need to remove the projector from under the ceiling in one case – when replacing the backlight lamp, the resource of which is 6000 hours in an economical mode. With such a long service life, this will not be necessary for all owners of the device.

Users of the projector are able to flexibly adjust image display parameters and 2.06-fold optical zoom. With these functions, the projected image can be adjusted to any size. And if you still buy in the appendage to the projector several pairs of 3D-glasses, the home cinema will turn into a real 3D-cinema. Against the backdrop of the total cost of Sony VPL-VW320ES glasses certainly will not ruin the owner of the projector at its price.

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