TOP 3 Best and Cheapest 3D printers

TOP 3 Best and Cheapest 3D printers

As you may remember, at the moment when 3D printers appeared, they were very expensive. You had to pay a thousand or even more dollars to get a pretty ordinary 3D printer. Nevertheless, as always happen with new devices, the price of 3D printers has dropped significantly. Now you can find cheaper models of 3D printers that offer excellent quality and opportunities.

Do you want a cheap 3D printer? Then take a look at the ones we could find. We are sure that they will be able to print the objects that you are interested in.

Anet A8

TOP 3 Best and Cheapest 3D printers

Anet A8 is the cheapest 3D printer we could find in stores. Its structure is quite complicated and could be defined as basic, although it is sufficient with the objectives that are wanted.

The 3D printer is aimed at all types of users, from beginners to professionals. It supports different types of printing materials on its drawing surface, which is 220 x 220 x 240 mm. The structure is optimized in order to avoid problems. In addition, the elements are high precision, making the prints are very quality.

The printer is supplied as DIY. Also it compatibles with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac and Linux. It operates in temperature ranges of 10-30 degrees and 20-50 degrees of humidity.

3D Anet A8 printer is on sale at Gearbest for $159.99.

Creality3D CR – 10

TOP 3 Best and Cheapest 3D printers

If you want something more professional, you need to look at Creality3D CR – 10 It is a high quality 3D printer. CR-10 is designed for users who want the highest performance. It has a drawing surface of 300 x 300 x 400 mm, with a standard diameter of 0.4 mm.

3D printer also has an LCD screen, a keyboard, support for SD and USB cards, compatibility with different print materials. CR-10 works in a temperature range with a maximum of 270 degrees.

Its assembly is very simple and incorporates DIY elements. It is for sale at Gearbest for $389.99.

Use coupon below to get Creality3D CR – 10 even cheaper!

Prusa I3

TOP 3 Best and Cheapest 3D printers

Finally, we cannot pass Prusa I3. It is a low-end 3D printer, but at the same time is very easy to use. Its drawing surface is 210 x 210 x 225 millimeters. Also 3D printer has LCD, which displays information of the processes. It can work with temperatures up to 260 degrees with certain materials.

Prusa I3 is compatibles with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux and Mac.

Prusa 3D printer I3 is for sale on Gearbest for $189.99.

More 3D printers?

3D printers are quickly gaining popularity in our country. In fact, Chinese electronics stores offer a great variety of 3D printers, and we recommend you to take a look at GearBest range.

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