Top 10 Technology 2016

Top 10 Technology 2016

2016 was rich in new inventions. We chose the most interesting and promising technology that can change the world in the near future.

1. The world’s first nationwide network for the Internet of things

Top 10 Technology 2016

In the Netherlands, put into operation a global communication system that combines millions of devices related to the Internet of Things (IoT). To do this, KPN company staff has done considerable work on the upgrade of the existing mobile infrastructure. The first segments of the IoT network has been deployed in major cities across the country and have shown high interest of the population to this technology.

Now the network of KPN LoRa connected for about one and a half million units. It is used by the sorting device and forwarding luggage at the airport Schiphol (Schiphol Airport), sonar system, which controls the underwater part of the port of Rotterdam, and the circuit-breaker system substation Utrecht Central Station.

2. Confusion conquering invisibility

Chinese experts have managed to create the world’s first quantum radar system with detection range of over 100 km.

At the heart of the system is the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. It lies in the fact that the impact on any of the entangled quantum particles instantly influences and the second particle. Quantum radar, by their nature, are capable of detecting aircraft fitted with any set of the most advanced stealth technology, and, unlike conventional radar, it is virtually impossible to suppress or stifle the current methods of electronic countermeasures.

Unlike radio waves, quantum particles are absolutely indifferent to the body shape and the material from which it is made. Therefore, all the tricks used in the production of so-called stealth aircraft, will not be able to cheat the system.

3. The training system of computer translation

Top 10 Technology 2016

Application of Neural Networks in Google Translate system allowed to move to a qualitatively new level of translation. self-learning technology used in the system, Google Translate improves with use. At the moment, artificial intelligence has evolved to such an extent that he became able to produce translations from languages ​​and the languages ​​for which it was not intended originally.

Google researchers believe that such ability of the system gained by developing a kind of internal representation of the source text in an artificial language.

This method of translation that gets the naming of zero-shot translation, is more complex than any other method, which uses an intermediate language.

4. The first in the history of the electron-photon computer system

Top 10 Technology 2016

Hewlett Packard Company in its new architecture Memory-Driven Computing Architecture (MDC) was able to combine the most modern electronics, silicon photonics technology and super high-speed non-volatile memory. The prototype device, issued by the Company demonstrates the function of all of the principles laid down.

Tests have shown the interaction of all the compute nodes that share a common array of fast non-volatile memory associated with each other high-speed communication line based on silicon photonics technology.

With some refinement system based on a new architecture of several orders of magnitude will exceed the performance of traditional personal computers. And in some specific types of problems it can demonstrate the superiority of almost 8 thousand times.

5. Technology that allows accurately read lips

Top 10 Technology 2016

Created by Google in collaboration with Oxford University, DeepMind technology used in its composition neural network trained in the art of lip-reading. As a result, five thousand hours of training system has been able to visually recognize words with accuracy unattainable even for experts.

Now the system developers are willing to use them to study artificial intelligence data set to create a learning resource based on it. This resource will be available to all developers with automated lip reading systems.

Efforts in this direction may well lead to the fact that consumer electronic devices will be able to understand our team, “reading” their lips.

6. SkinTrack turns hand in touchpad

The technology, developed by Carnegie Melloun University, allows you to turn the human body surface in a touch panel. Bracelet SkinTrack using human skin as a conductor to which a high-frequency electric signal of small power. When the finger is in contact with the surface of the wrist or hand, there is a loop, which starts to run on a weak electric current. Bracelet equipped with four electrodes that detect the circulating current and on the basis of the current measurement data with 100 percent accuracy calculated touch location.

After processing the received signal, the system converts gestures into control commands that are transmitted to the electronic device, causing it to perform the same actions as using its own controls.

SkinTrack extends the capabilities of mobile gadgets (including wearable electronics), making management much more convenient.

7. The data storage technology using individual atoms

Scientists from the Institute of Nanotechnology Technical University of Delft developed a new data storage technology, a density which almost reaches its physical limit. As the object information storage unit used therein atom.

Those of skill could create a capacity of 8 kbit carrier, whose size is 800 times smaller than that of the end face of a human hair. data storage density thereon TB 500 psi – is 500 times higher than the best HDD models. To write all the books that exist in the world, will be enough to drive the size of a postage stamp. However, the process of recording atomic extremely complex and requires expensive equipment.

The technology is currently only in the laboratory implementation phase. Despite this, the Dutch researchers are already planning the next steps, aimed at making the technology more suitable for practical applications.

8. High-efficiency internal combustion engine cost $100

Top 10 Technology 2016

The company introduced the Aquarius Engines for propulsion of hybrid vehicles, consisting of a power generator, combined with the internal combustion engine of a completely new design. The engine has the highest, at present, the value of its power to weight ratio, while its efficiency is twice the efficiency of the most advanced engine. The novelty design has only one moving part, and the cost of production is only 100 US dollars.

High efficiency and light weight of the new engine will allow hybrid vehicles to overcome a distance of 1,600 kilometers on a single fueling.

The technology can also be used in other areas that require the use of ultra-efficient, simple and inexpensive lightweight internal combustion engine.

9. Hermosa – neuromorphic processor is available for widespread use

Implementation of algorithms for self hampered by the lack of electronic devices, can effectively simulate the brain. One of the first steps in this direction was the launch of the company KnuEdge Inc Hermosa neuromorphic processor, which is designed to carry out tasks related to voice recognition, and others related to the deep machine learning and self-learning. In addition, Hermosa is characterized by high energy efficiency.

Knurld development of technology is under way, that is with the help of specialized software interface and cloud service will provide all the power neuromorphic computing all interested in the people and organizations.

10. The ultra-efficient wireless technology Wi-Fi

A team from the University of Washington has developed a highly efficient from an energy point of view, wireless technology Passive Wi-Fi, which allows you to reduce the power consumption of 10 thousand times.

System operation is based on the use of radio wave energy emitted by an external source. Applicants from outside the radio signal modulated with data and are reflected from the surface of a special antenna.

This technology will be embedded Wi-Fi-components in a wide range of small electronic devices, and the Internet of things devices.

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