Teufel Mediadeck review: soundbar for PCs

Teufel Mediadeck review: soundbar for PCs

Soundbar has become quite popular in living rooms over the years. But as personal computers, it is still dominated by the classical system stereo or surround sound. Teufel German company, is engaged in direct sales acoustics, I decided to change everything. In our test lab entered a new soundbar Teufel Mediadeck, designed for a personal computer.

Teufel has long been offering computer speakers, since the days of very successful Concept-E line. It has changed a lot over the past 10-20 years. Booming surround zero years gradually faded away, stereos regained popularity. The surprise this was not for us, because at the same budget will give more stereo-quality sound. In recent years, living rooms began to appear soundbar or audio panel. In our test lab I received an interesting model of the German manufacturer. Soundbar Teufel Mediadeck was first shown at the IFA, the price of 399 euros can not be considered low, but we need to get high-end speakers for your desktop computer.

Teufel Mediadeck review: soundbar for PCs

Teufel Mediadeck: Appearance, workmanship, interfaces

One reason for the popularity of the soundbar in the living room – a compact size and beautiful appearance. You do not need additional wiring to the speakers, and a lot of space too, is not required – the soundbar is installed under the TV, combining well with him. Manufacturers are constantly improving technology, virtual surround sound, which eliminates the additional speakers in the living room. However, it all depends on personal preference.

Teufel Mediadeck aims to trim the users who prefer a clean desktop without any cables. Teufel had chosen a simple appearance, but high-quality materials. Soundbar MediaDeck made in a robust aluminum housing with a matte black color that leaves a high quality impression. Front soundbar closed black metal mesh in the middle you can see the silver Teufel logo, which fits perfectly into the design. MediaDeck soundbar turns on the volume handle, to which is added the red LED behind the net. The indicator also looks nice and not annoying.

The edges of the body are rounded, which also looks harmoniously combined with the sloping front panel and the backdrop. Depth Teufel Mediadeck is decent 32 cm, so the soundbar will take up a lot of space on your desktop. Typically, sound panels are based on an external subwoofer, but Teufel used the extra depth to the subwoofer integrated into the housing. Therefore desktop should have sufficient depth, otherwise the front speakers are too close to the user. In such a scenario, despite the beveled front panel, the sound is perceived as coming from below.

The main usage scenario soundbar in this case involves the installation on his monitor. Decide how much you are interested in this approach. If your monitor does not support the adjustment of the height of the panel, the Teufel MediaDeck fits perfectly, soundbar housing can enclose the place of those same books. But only if the extra height MediaDeck is optimal for the monitor. Height MediaDeck body is 10 cm, so they are well suited monitors, whose bar is pretty low. We monitor with a height adjustment panel is simple, because you can reduce it to the optimum level – both at the same Eizo models.

In addition, monitor stand, too, must comply with MediaDeck. In the case of our ASUS MG28UQ no problem, but in the case of the larger LG 34UC98-Q and even comparable LG 27UD68 stand not well combined with MediaDeck body. Of course, the two monitors LG kept well and MediaDeck body, but serving stand did not look too good.

Teufel Mediadeck review: soundbar for PCs

Behind MediaDeck located all interfaces. Teufel has established a mandatory 3.5mm line input, but also has a headphone output. However, most users will probably prefer MediaDeck connected via USB, because the soundbar integrated sound card. Furthermore, in this case one can use a hub and USB-MediaDeck three USB port. It also reduces the jumble of cables on the desktop. A small toggle switch can be configured to operate autonomously soundbar. In our tests MediaDeck in standby mode consumes only about 0.5 watts.

Teufel Mediadeck: Listening tests

If MediaDeck body combined with the monitor, the new product Teufel looks great. But how well soundbar sounds?

Teufel has chosen the concept of 2.1, implying the use of two mid-range speakers and a separate subwoofer. The first two speakers with housing located behind the front panel and are spaced apart along the sides to provide a wide stereo image. Teufel Mediadeck maximum power is 60 watts. It is distributed between 30 watts to the subwoofer and 15 watts per speaker.

In listening tests, we immediately noticed that the sound Teufel Mediadeck is quite powerful soundbar sounds at larger speakers. In our reference composition “Forgiven not Forgotten” by Corrs soundbar MediaDeck could give clear treble and a well-defined medium. Voice of Andrea Corr was pleasantly airy and natural, strings always sounded softly, without excessive voltage or field.

Teufel Mediadeck review: soundbar for PCs

Later in the song come drums on them clearly visible MediaDeck wide range of frequencies. The sound seemed to be much more voluminous than you’d expect from such a compact enclosure. However, the Teufel soundbar in the first place still leaves the upper range of low frequencies, deep bass there. But this feature is quite expected, considering the diameter and volume of the subwoofer enclosure.

Due to the structure of the principle of the soundbar wide virtual stage to get problematic. Yet the classical stereo gives a better result because of the greater distance between the speakers. And the sound always seems as though reaching the bottom.

But that does not stop to enjoy the music, Teufel MediaDeck gives pleasantly balanced frequency response.

Teufel Mediadeck: Conclusion

Teufel MediaDeck offered with smart and simple solution for desktop placement, the soundbar will allow comfortably listen to music on the computer, and thus eliminate the hodgepodge of cables. Housing made of metal finish gives the impression of high quality and reliability. But before you buy, we recommend that you check whether it would be sufficient depth of your desktop, as well as to assess the compatibility of the monitor. This also applies to the height of the panel, and the size of the stand base.

According to Teufel MediaDeck interface provides everything you need built-in USB-Hub will help get rid of a hodgepodge of cables on the desktop. Convenient and automatic inclusion when the soundbar switches from standby mode by feeding the audio signal.

In the Teufel Mediadeck provided voluminous and balanced sound. We liked the combination pronounced treble, midrange and wide dynamic bass. The virtual sound stage was not as broad as we would like, due to the design of acoustics. However, such a characterization for the soundbar is quite expected.

Price from € 399 Teufel Mediadeck – not the lowest, because it can be purchased for stereos category Hi-Fi. So here is to weigh all the “pros” and “cons.” Traditionally Teufel makes it possible to test the acoustics within eight weeks.

Benefits Teufel Mediadeck:

  • Bright and dynamic sound
  • Elegant appearance
  • quality housing
  • A good set of interfaces

Disadvantages Teufel Mediadeck:

  • High price
  • The width of the sound stage is limited because of the design

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