Test and review: Razer Naga Hex V2 – more DPI, more buttons, more colors

Test and review: Razer Naga Hex V2 - more DPI, more buttons, more colors

Recently introduced a mouse Naga Hex V2 has been substantially revised compared to the first version. Razer has increased the resolution of the sensor, install additional buttons for thumb and integrated RGB lighting system. Visually matte body Naga Hex V2 also looks nice. But if enough changes to name Naga Hex V2 the best mouse for MOBA games?

Four years ago, Razer has released the first version of the mouse Naga Hex, which has become a very viable alternative to conventional Naga. The number of buttons for thumb was halved from 12 to six, they are arranged in a circle. But even then gamers have argued about how to click appropriate MOBA glossy design. For the second version of the Naga Hex Razer has decided to choose a matte plastic, and added to the Naga Hex V2 series of improvements.

Razer has added modern 5G laser sensor with a resolution of up to 16.000 dpi, increasing the maximum resolution over its predecessor. However, hardly V1 mouse 5.600 dpi users considered a limiting factor. For gamers MOBA is more important than the six buttons for the thumb. In the second version of the Razer newly revised design for the area of the thumb, integrating the seven buttons. But to all buttons can be easily reached with high precision. There have been changes and lighting. Single color lights first version was replaced with the option RGB 16.8 million. Hues.

Naga Hex V2 comes in a well-protected cardboard box. The lid opens easily, should disconnect the “Velcro.”

Any additional accessories Razer does not offer – you will get, perhaps, Quick guide and greetings from CEO of Razer and creative director Ming-Liang Tan (Min-Liang Tan).

Test and review: Razer Naga Hex V2 - more DPI, more buttons, more colors

Razer Naga Hex V2: Mouse in detail

Unlike typical mouse for first-person shooters, Naga Hex V2 looks pretty bulky. However, for MOBA games it is important that the hand does not get tired during long hours of gaming sessions, and to all the buttons were easy to reach. All this we see in Razer Hex V2. The hand rests comfortably on the high body of the mouse from a rough plastic. The thumb can comfortably “rest” a textured rubberized kruglyashi, which is surrounded by seven buttons. If you need any button, move the thumb to it would be minimal. Of course, take some time before the user remember where which button – but then all seven buttons can be used accurately and easily. As before, all of the buttons can be configured in software Razer. Razer also offers to download ready-made profiles with reference buttons to League of Legends (LOL) and Dota 2.

At the Razer Naga Hex V2 are not only key for the thumb. two additional buttons located behind the scroll wheel to change the dpi “on the fly”. In addition, the scroll wheel has additional features. It is not only the scrolls, but leans to the right / left, which lets you attach two more buttons.

For the little finger at the Naga Hex V2 any buttons not provided. But he can rest comfortably on the existing projection. After the release of the first Naga Hex a few years, many input devices got multicolor backlight. Not spared this fate and Naga Hex V2. RGB-lighting consists of three zones, each can choose any shade of 16.8 million. You can separately control the backlit scroll wheel, buttons for the area of the thumb and logo. You can choose not only the countless shades and effects, and you can adjust the brightness in 1% increments. It may be noted effects such as breathing, ring tones shift static backlight, the reaction on the press, etc. Dynamic effects and breathing implemented very efficiently, through subtle gradients – they look great. Of course, through the utility Razer Synapse you wash download profiles backlighting effects for games. The Razer Chroma Workshop today there is a couple of dozen of supported games and applications.

Test and review: Razer Naga Hex V2 - more DPI, more buttons, more colors

In contrast to the Razer Naga Epic Chroma, mouse Naga Hex V2 connected cable. It is enclosed in a tissue sheath and has a length of 2.1 m.

Razer Naga Hex V2: Software

Razer has decided to go its own way, the Synapse utility stores configuration not only locally, but also in the cloud. What gives you access to user settings on different computers. However, you will need to register via the email address and create a profile in the Synapse utility. The software allows you to configure the Naga Hex V2 to the user in every detail. Eight profiles can be stored binding 14 programmable buttons. Mouse sensitivity can be adjusted separately for X and Y. For dpi buttons can be set to five different levels of sensitivity. You can also enable the overlay (in the screenshot on the right), which will display the selected level dpi. Of course, not be forgotten backlight control and macros. Synapse utility allows you to calibrate the laser sensor is used for each pad, available user statistics and Heatmaps.

Naga Hex V2 is not only larger than normal mice fps to, but also heavier, the weight is 135 g, but for the players MOBA is not so critical, and Naga Hex V2 fully able to cope with the dynamic shooter. Does that have to get used to some features of the laser sensor. And in this case it’s not just a small mouse acceleration, typical of laser sensors, but the problem with the Z axis at the Philips Twin Eye sensor. Changes in the Z axis (for example, in isolation from the mouse pad) can lead to unpredictable movements of the cursor. Of course, the separation distance can be configured in the utility, but “jumping” cursor was observed for all values of LOD when lifting the mouse. Four legs provide a good glide of the mouse. Despite the big weight, Naga Hex V2 slides easily on the mat, in particular, this applies to tests used in the fabric mat.

Test and review: Razer Naga Hex V2 - more DPI, more buttons, more colors

Razer Naga Hex V2: Conclusion

Naga Hex V2 – not just update the mouse Naga Hex first generation. Razer mouse has changed quite seriously, so V2 is very different from its predecessor. Of course, taking into account the seven buttons for thumb it would be logical to call the Naga Hepta (hex in Greek means six, hepta – seven), but Razer had their own considerations.

Appearance at the Naga Hex V2 is markedly different from the first version: high gloss finish has given way to a matte. Of course, someone brilliant like the big mouse, but loss of gloss is compensated by the RGB-illumination in three zones. Daylight laser sensor bother MOBA gamers less than the players in the first-person shooters. Huge level of resolution is only good for marketing. In any case, in MOBA mouse Naga Hex V2 proved convincingly. Mouse Form convenient to hand does not get tired of the game for many hours, and up to seven thumb buttons gets easy. Of course, the first time will have to get used to, but then you will be able to experience the benefits. The feature set is complemented by a powerful utility Synapse. In it you can control various parameters and mouse settings, and save them in the cloud. Note that this will have to register with the utility, specifying the email.

At the Razer Naga Hex V2 are the alternatives of its own production. It may be noted RGB-mouse Naga Epic Chroma Naga Chroma and a 12-button thumb. But they are formed as a numeric keypad, use the buttons are not as convenient as a family at the latest Naga Hex. Mouse Naga Chroma, like the Naga Hex V2, acquired 5G sensor to 16.000 dpi, in Naga Epic Chroma 4G uses a sensor to 8.200 dpi. At the moment this is the only MOBA mouse from Razer with a wireless connection. Both models with the 12-button thumb cheaper Naga Hex V2, but with the mouse accessibility improving the situation should change. Competitor suitable for Logitech mice MOBA differently than Razer. Mouse G302 Daedalus Prime also focused on gamers MOBA, but in front of us squat and easy mouse with an optical sensor and a special metal hanger key buttons. This solution guarantees the preservation of the main characteristics of the mouse buttons after prolonged use. But Logitech mouse only six programmable buttons, so ask all commands via the mouse will be more problematic.

Naga Hex V2 with round buttons for thumb can be called a good compromise – you get more buttons than a conventional mouse, but their number is not excessive. Needless to translate commands from the keyboard to the mouse or not – decide for yourself.

Test and review: Razer Naga Hex V2 - more DPI, more buttons, more colors

Benefits Razer Naga Hex V2:

  • Successful further improvement Naga Hex
  • The ergonomic shape allows you to play a long time without causing fatigue
  • Seven buttons are easily accessible for the thumb, a total of 14 programmable buttons
  • RGB-lighting with three zones
  • Universal tool with cloud storage

Disadvantages Razer Naga Hex V2:

  • Only suitable for right-handers
  • The problem with the sensor Z-axis
  • The software requires registration

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