Test and review: new MacBook with 1x USB Type C (Early 2016)

Test and review: new MacBook with 1x USB Type C (Early 2016)

The current MacBook with only one port USB Type-C are aimed at a specific audience. If you frequently connect various peripherals, it hardly makes sense to take a similar laptop. The same is true for scenarios that require high CPU performance. The situation is very similar to the MacBook Air first-generation laptops, because while buyers thin and light notebook to put up with various restrictions. We decided to try the new generation of MacBook on a daily basis, and conducted several tests.

One of the principles of Apple is to fight with old habits of users. If something does not fit in the desired dimensions, it is possible to go and on non-standard solutions, such as folding the USB ports on your MacBook Air 1st generation. Not to mention the fact that Apple often likes to give up the old functions (whether old or device interfaces of previous generations). If you do not like this approach, the only one way out: do not buy.

But back to the new MacBook (Early 2016). If in recent years, you are used to the classic MacBook, you will have to sacrifice a lot. Design MacBook (Pro) with Retina display may be considered obsolete, the new MacBook design marks the change that we will see later and “senior” MacBook. I have many years of use MacBook with Retina display for work, so I was curious to try the new MacBook in practice.

Dimensions 28,05 x 19,65 x 1,31 cm (at its thickest point) and a weight of only 920 g – the obvious advantages of the new MacBook. I travel a lot, visit the manufacturer of components and numerous exhibitions. For me, every gram is important, as the centimeter, as the laptop has to always carry on yourself with the camera. Here, of course, the MacBook can be called a modern model since the first generation.

Of course, other manufacturers are also working on a compact laptop. There are even a few millimeters model thinner or smaller by several grams. At Computex it was presented to the ASUS Zenbook 3, which follows the same trend, so Windows users will have to compromise on interfaces. However, the new ZenBook hit the market in a few more weeks, and it will be interesting to carry out comparative tests.

Features MacBook with 1x USB Type C

Of course, the new MacBook immediately drew the attention of a single port. Namely USB 3.1 1st generation, which can provide transfer rates up to 5 Gb / s. It is implemented as Type C. It should be reminded that the Port Type C has undergone important changes, plug can be inserted in any orientation, so it is much more versatile than the same connectors USB Type A, B or other options mini- and micro-USB. In this respect, the USB connector update is welcome.

This summer is expected to yield a new generation of the iPhone, which will spur new debates on the old interface. There are rumors that Apple will part with the good old 3.5-mm audio jack. Until now, users of smartphones, tablets or laptops could (with some exceptions) at any time to connect headphones via a 3.5mm jack. What will happen to the existing ecosystem? Fears users is very high.

However, do not worry about the new the MacBook, because on the right panel there is a 3.5mm audio jack.

However, users of the new MacBook will still have to overcome the difficulties faced by the editors. Of course, you can always connect to any available network via WLAN 802.11ac, but sufficient speed is best to use a wired connection. Apple offers adapters USB Type C, but you can use adapters from other manufacturers, for example, the same model Aukley faithfully serve me a few months, providing speed of 110 MB / s.

Manufacturers distribute press releases on exhibitions, using ordinary USB-charm so do not do without the required adapter. The owner of the new MacBook is better to always carry this adapter in your pocket. Also, it does not interfere with a look at the list of Apple accessories, if you plan to frequently connect and other devices. Among them – VGA, Lightning, and two multi-port adapter. In the notebook there is only one port USB Type C, so charging the same time and use the USB-adapter will not work. But there are solutions in the form of a digital multi-port USB-C AV-adapter, which provides interfaces USB Type A, USB Type C and HDMI.

Test and review: new MacBook with 1x USB Type C (Early 2016)

The bottom line is: the laptop itself takes up less space in the bag, but different adapters significantly increase it. We have already mentioned the basic restriction when needed USB-port and another interface, there is nothing to offer the new MacBook, you have to constantly switch between interfaces. In recent months we have had several times a day to switch between charging, USB-adapter and an Ethernet adapter, although this is possible and to reconcile – it all depends on how often it is necessary to perform such a switch.

Apple has long been a leader in all areas, if we look at a new concept or technology. Of course, Apple has decided to establish the first high-resolution displays on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop Mac. But competitors have adapted pretty quickly. If we talk about the shortcomings of Apple, then to them belongs the display frame. She did not become with the new MacBook. Much better here it reveals itself with Dell Infinity Display technology.

In addition to a very limited number of interfaces in the new MacBook has another feature, which is necessary to get used to. Apple has made the keys very flat because of the new mechanism. As a result, the switching point is felt differently, the course has become much smaller than the previous generation Apple keyboards. Therefore, the fingers will have to get used to at first. We can not say that to gain the first texts were comfortable.

But the new track Padua Force Touch for a long time do not have to get used to. To use a track-pad is convenient, including by reason of a large area. Between the mechanical pressure and simulation Force Touch the touch is difficult to determine the difference. Due to the large size and the need for support for gestures in the mouse virtually eliminated – with the help of track-pad is convenient to mount even a video and edit photos at the exhibition.


If you are never going to compromise, the MacBook from Apple is hardly the best one. But if you need a compact laptop with a passive cooling and low weight, then you are on the right track.

In fact, in everyday applications will not have to make compromises. Browser, mail and office applications are running as usual quickly and conveniently. If the first generation (Early 2015) and there were any problems, the second generation (Early 2016), they were in the past. We used a MacBook with Intel Core m5 processor at up to 2.7GHz. Add to this 8 GB memory and said LPDDR3 SSD 512 GB. For this combination will have to pay 1,799 euros in Europe. Expensive, but if you need a laptop to work, you should look not only at the price.

Test and review: new MacBook with 1x USB Type C (Early 2016)

Our review has turned out not too deep in technical terms, for example, we did not carry out the display test, because it has not changed in the transition from the 1st generation of the new MacBook to second. But we still had a number of tests to compare the first and second generation. CPU performance in single- and multi-threaded applications significantly increased, integrated GPU is also much faster.

At runtime do not worry. The battery will last for a full day if you do not engage in “heavy” tasks such as photo editing or video editing. In the latter case, the battery life will last for 2-3 hours, but it is enough to survive the short trip between the two outlets.

Quick the SSD, quite fast processor, high-speed wireless Internet, a good keyboard, very good track-pad – in many ways, the new MacBook shows its best side. But I have to put up with the presence of a single interface Type C. And he not only remained the only option for connecting peripherals, but is also used to charge the battery. Apple is trying to change the habits of users so that they have learned to do without wired peripherals, using the same Bluetooth.

The mechanical advantage socket USB Type C are obvious. The plug can be connected in any orientation, it is much easier to use. And the mechanism of connection / disconnection at the plug has its advantages. But if you’re used to the magnetic MagSafe connector, you will have to change their preferences. Magnetic plug was very convenient for joining it was enough to bring to the nest at close distance. And if someone tripped over the cable, the connector is easily disconnected, precious MacBook will not fly off the table. Plug USB Type C connector is included in the rather cramped and tight, so now MacBook is sure to be on the floor if someone tripped over the cord.

For light should always be a shadow. Due to the compact dimensions of MacBook will have to forget about the traditional USB socket or RJ45. While you can get used to it. But if you plan to use an adapter on a regular basis (for example, for easy connection to a wired Ethernet), it is better to buy a multi-port adapter to charge the MacBook still from time to time have to. But we will not be repeated. Either you have to make a compromise, or the new MacBook is better not to buy. We’ll have to accept the fact that in addition to the laptop in the bag will take appropriate adapters.

Can you go to such compromises with the laptop price 1.799 euros? Why not? Yet in favor of the new MacBook say small size and weight, as well as adequate performance, which is uncommon. As for the single connector USB Type C, then it all depends on the preferences of users and operating scenarios.

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