Test and review: LG 27UD88-W – 4K monitor with USB Type C port and support FreeSync

Test and review: LG 27UD88-W - 4K monitor with USB Type C port and support FreeSync

High resolution displays become the main trend in recent years, and there are good reasons: now much more space, and the level of detail in photos and movies pleasantly pleased on the Windows desktop and applications. LG has decided to equip its latest 27-inch model 27UD88-W panel 4K, but that’s not all. You get a built-in USB-Hub with modern Type-C port. Let’s see how the monitor will show itself in practice.

2016 on display market is expected to be quite hot. You should see more models with high-resolution panels, and support G-Sync or FreeSync is taken for granted above a certain price level. Finally, monitors acquire additional interfaces, reducing the jumble of cables on the desktop. Now a range of added support for USB 3.1 Type C Thunderbolt and 3, the latter is even more interesting for enthusiasts.

LG has already shown at CES monitor 34UC98-W with support for Thunderbolt 2 (test and review), which allows you to integrate the monitor into a chain of devices. With the new model 27UD88-W Korean manufacturer has chosen a different path, this time offering USB to Type C. A format it is possible not only to transmit a signal 4K, but also, for example, to charge a laptop. Between the mobile computer and the rest of the equipment, you can use only one cable, which is very convenient, and the jumble of cables on the desktop eliminates.

In a 27-inch monitor uses IPS panel with 4K resolution, which provides good picture quality. There is also the possibility of hardware calibration. For gamers new display LG may offer support FreeSync – albeit in a small frequency range.

LG 27UD88-W: Design, workmanship

It should be the first time to see 287UD88-W, how to immediately recognize the distinctive design LG. It is unlikely that this can be a disadvantage. 27-inch monitor is very similar to 34UC98-W, except that the panel is already noticeable. It seems as if the display were cut sidewall.

Test and review: LG 27UD88-W - 4K monitor with USB Type C port and support FreeSync

LG chose a black frame, it is embedded in the panel (design edge-to-edge) on three sides. Therefore, in the off state it appears that the panel covers the whole area. Of course, after the illusion dissipates, but the scope is relatively narrow, which is also nice. Is that the bottom frame is noticeably wider, but it is on a subtle design stands out not so much.

In contrast to the front black frame LG has chosen sides silver color – it can be clearly seen from the front. Of course, plastic is used, but it is very well disguised as aluminum. In any case, the 27-inch display looks stylish and noble.

Silver shade was chosen for the base. It’s a little bent, despite the slim design the base securely holds the monitor. If 34UC98-W we got a curved panel, this feature in the current monitor, unfortunately, is missing.

The back again contrasts with the front panel. Here, LG chose the white glossy plastic. He gives the monitor an elegant look, LG 287UD88-W will look good in the room even when not leaning against the wall. Even from the perspective of business users monitor looks good. Thanks to the excellent set of its functions can be quite comfortable to use in an office setting.

LG should be the original design and location of the interfaces panel, but there can be problems. Multiple ports are relatively high and perpendicular to the surface of the panel. When connecting this location is very convenient, but the cables will not be hidden, they are an eyesore. The following cables can be attached to the rack, but this solution helps a little. Following the current trend, the LG refused to side USB ports, which would be very useful for connecting flash drives.

LG has established all the necessary interfaces, including a nice bonus, as we mentioned above. The picture on the monitor can be fed through the traditional inputs: There are two HDMI and DisplayPort. For connecting peripherals are available two ports USB 3.0, but more interesting port USB Type C because of its universal nature. For example, if you connect through a laptop, you can not just charge it, but also to transfer the image from a laptop to a monitor (maximum, 4K at 60 Hz). In addition, you can monitor via the access and connected to the USB peripherals. In such scenarios, the monitor allows you to save on the docking station when the notebook is very small number of interfaces.

Test and review: LG 27UD88-W - 4K monitor with USB Type C port and support FreeSync

LG 27UD88-W: Ergonomics

Features mechanical adjustment

As might be expected from the monitor for a similar price, at LG 27UD88-W are sufficient opportunities ergonomic adjustment. You can change the height of 27-inch panels, the range of 13 cm, in practice, quite adequate. Moreover, the panel can be selected angle from -5 ° to 35 °, which is also more than adequate. Supports panel and turn left / right through the hinge between the panel and the stand. Finally, note the panel rotation function in portrait mode, which is very convenient for working with documents.

OSD and Management

According to management Monitor LG adheres to its traditions, that we value positively. To control only provides the analog stick from the bottom box, which allows you to set the four directions and confirm your selection by pressing. It does not violate the appearance of the monitor, but at the same time provides a fast and intuitive operation. Such a decision we like much more conventional buttons or touch competitors.

Mini joystick perfectly proved itself in practice, on-screen menu is well-structured and user-friendly. LG is quite unusual menu highlighted by the entire right side of the monitor. You get access to all settings through the relevant menu items. They are all well signed and understood by, any complaints we did not have.

With functionality is also okay. If you like high-quality color reproduction, will be useful for calibration of the six color axes. But no advanced gaming features. However, the 27-inch monitor and is not positioned as a game, despite the support FreeSync.

We turn to the energy assessment. LG 27UD88-W consumes 30 watts, which is slightly higher than we are used to the 27-inch segment. Of course, high energy consumption due to the high resolution, the extra pixels required for energy. Therefore, power consumption can be called normal, but if you’re looking for the most cost-effective monitor, it is better to choose a model with a lower resolution.

Test and review: LG 27UD88-W - 4K monitor with USB Type C port and support FreeSync

LG 27UD88-W: Test results

The subjective evaluation of picture quality

LG has opted for 27UD88-W panel with 27-inch 4K resolution. Detail is really very high, the monitor is far superior to the competition with a typical diagonal resolution of 2.560 x 1.440 pixels. However, in our tests, we often included scaling, as “native” resolution of 3.840 x 2.160 pixels to work very hard, small letters and icons too tiring sight. But in the workplace a lot of space. However, if we quadruple the resolution, why not just take the monitor Full-HD? On the one hand, the resolution is still too high for the 27-inch monitor (but really great detail), on the other hand when zooming in Full-HD is lost potential of a large number of pixels. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Fortunately, there are intermediate resolution to scale, they are supported by modern operating systems, so the problem is unlikely to arise.

Subjectively IPS panel shows convincing results. We monitor not only excellent image detail, and wide viewing angles. It is no problem, for example, to watch a movie now. “Leakage” of illumination, we also have not noticed. However, this problem usually manifests itself in curved panels, but here it is flat.

Permanent color reproduction we liked less, because the colors are too cold – the following instrumental measurements confirmed our guess. However, this disadvantage can be called a conditional, because LG offers a large number of predefined modes that allows you to find the best option. Color gradients are displayed well, all the nuances of hues visible. If you are interested the most accurate color, the LG has something to offer. The Korean company offers a program of True Colour Pro, allows you to accurately calibrate the monitor using a hardware calibration.


Picture pleased with high contrast and good brightness level. With the naked eye we could not detect differences in brightness.

For gamers LG is also prepared a nice bonus. The Korean manufacturer has added to 27UD88-W FreeSync support functions. But from a purely gaming monitors, 27-inch model is unlikely to be able to compete as supported frequency range 40-60 Hz. But casual gamers with AMD graphics cards, this support is useful because eliminates the jerks and other artifacts. If you play on such a configuration, it will quickly get used. Delay input and response delay in pixels 27UD88-W were at a normal level. We did not notice blurring during movement. In addition, LG offers a variety of modes for gamers. In the dark the games would be useful Black Stabilizer mode, which increases the brightness of dark areas, so you can easily see the contents. In practice, the difference is visible to the naked eye.

The maximum brightness in our tests was less than 300 cd / m² – not a record level. In practice, this level in a pair with a matte finish enough to work in the room with normal lighting. Excellent monitor showed himself on the uniformity of illumination – 94%. This value is at the monitors with wide screen and high resolution uncommon. In any case, the difference with the naked eye by the brightness of different areas are not visible. Contrast we got on quite a normal level of 925: 1.

Test and review: LG 27UD88-W - 4K monitor with USB Type C port and support FreeSync

White point and color

As we already mentioned, nominally the color temperature is too cold, but it can be adjusted through the OSD. Color reproduction was good, the maximum deviation was 4.61 DeltaE Of course, it is higher than that of professional monitors for graphics. But on average, we got a great value DeltaE 0,62, a new record in our tests.

LG 27UD88-W: Conclusion

LG’s new 27UD88-W presented a very interesting display, once again proving that the Korean manufacturer has its finger on the pulse of time and promptly added support for new technologies.

LG 27UD88-W with a diagonal 27-inch offers a resolution of 4K. The result is a very high level of detail far superior to the typical for this class of resolution 2.560 x 1.440 pixels. But the work in the “native” resolution is problematic due to the very small letters and icons, so most users will probably prefer the zoom function in the operating system. IPS panel gives its own production of high quality picture with wide viewing angles and all the nuances of shades. The default white point temperature is too cold, but this deficiency can be easily corrected via the OSD menu. The quality of color LG 27UD88-W has set a new record in our lab, showing the lowest average DeltaE deviations. On the victims have only to go on maximum brightness, though it is sufficient for indoor standard lighting.

In the workplace or at home 27-inch monitor will look great, because LG has chosen a modern design with stylish slim shapes. Monitor reserves of high quality impression. In particular, the frame LG 27UD88-W seems thinner than it actually is. White backdrop looks good too, the monitor is not ashamed to put anywhere in the room, not just next to the wall. The build quality and materials traditionally high for LG. The same applies to the options menu and adjust the mechanical control – joystick concept once again proved to be convincing.

In addition, an important advantage of the monitor is a different set of interfaces. LG has set a modern connector USB Type C, which can be used to charge a laptop, video signals with resolutions up to 4K, as well as through connecting peripherals. You can connect the notebook to display a single cable, and peripherals connected to USB-port of the monitor. Everything is easy and simple. Let us hope that in the summer of 2016 we will see more of such displays.

Test and review: LG 27UD88-W - 4K monitor with USB Type C port and support FreeSync

Overall, LG 27UD88-W showed himself balanced. It not only gives a picture of good quality, stylish looks, but also thanks to USB Type C is perfect for working in a pair with compatible laptops. All this allows us to give our award monitor “new idea”.

Advantages LG 27UD88-W:

  • Stylish and slim body
  • Very good image quality
  • A high resolution
  • Very good on-screen menu and management
  • Good calibration capabilities
  • USB-port Hub with Type C

Disadvantages LG 27UD88-W:

  • Limited range FreeSync
  • Staffing the color temperature is too cold

Source: 9to5mac

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