Test and review: Lepa EXllusion 240 – water-cooling system to change the color of the liquid

Test and review: Lepa EXllusion 240 - water-cooling system to change the color of the liquid

Typically, manufacturers CBO closed loop decorate their products in the best case, backlit. But the CBO model Lepa EXllusion 240 more interesting: you can add liquid dyes, giving it the desired color. Enthusiasts and modders get another opportunity to highlight its system among others. SVO The circuit in this case is not closed, the user can add their own liquid. But a show Lepa system in practice?

Since 2010, the company Lepa began to behave on the market quite actively, expanding the range of products in addition to the power supply. Lepa presented the case and cooling system, both air and water. The most interesting of CBO Lepa be called just Lepa EXllusion 240.

Test and review: Lepa EXllusion 240 - water-cooling system to change the color of the liquid

The reason lies in the fact that this is not a simple SVO closed loop – it is possible to fill liquid. It has its advantages: from CBO closed loop over the years, some of the liquid will still evaporate, which can lead to problems. In the case of CBO Lepa on this score should not worry – the user can add liquid if needed. Moreover, Lepa used this function to another interesting possibility: The package includes dyes, allow you to change the color of the liquid. On the other hand, this CBO requires more maintenance. There is a risk of leakage, so you should be careful.

For the price of Lepa decision does not differ from comparable CBO closed loop. Lepa EXllusion 240  in Russia yet, but in Europe, the system can be purchased for 110 euros.

Lepa EXllusion 240: Details

In scope of supply it can be clearly seen that Lepa EXllusion 240  – not the usual NWO closed loop. Lepa put not only the mounting assembly, installation guide and thermal paste in a tube. You will receive a pink sheet of paper with a warning and a variety of accessories, the familiar ITS Self-assembling. Lepa added fluid reservoir for filling CBO circuit, in this case a mixture of water and propylene glycol. This material is used as a food additive and is added to SVO refrigerant. For filling there is a corresponding nozzle. The manufacturer has provided an indicator that allows you to know if you want to add a liquid. For staining liquid bubble with attached three dyes of red, green and blue colors. There is even an adapter for 24-pin power connector, which is characteristic for the Self-assembling CBO. It allows you to test the water cooling system Lepa before installation in the housing. There are other adapters, such as a Y-adapter to connect the fans to one PWM connector and Molex adapter to power the pump directly from the power supply.

Test and review: Lepa EXllusion 240 - water-cooling system to change the color of the liquid

External cooling system, eliminating the filling function is similar to a typical closed-loop CBO. The water block is combined with the pump, through a rather short tube connected 240-mm coil. NWO is delivered with the completed circuit, so the liquid does not need to supplement, if not the level is too low.

The pump is mounted inside the waterblock with transparent walls LED-backlit. The tubes are connected to the water block cover, can be seen next to the hole for topping up the liquid, closed stopper. Lepa concluded waterblock body in a shirt of a rubber material, it looks safe, but too good to attract dust.

The bottom of the water block has a nickel-plated copper base, well-polished. Inside the water block base has a large number of small ribs with two major channels closer to the center. Lepa is proud to announce the patented design of Dual-CDP (Central Diffusing Passage), which optimizes the transfer of liquid heat.

To enable users to enjoy the colors of the liquid tube 13/10 between the water block and the radiator transparent. They are not fixed and are used screw fastening, so theoretically the tube can be replaced, as well as to expand the circuit CBO. In any case, before using the cooler we recommend to make sure that the plug is firmly seated in the hole of the water block and tubing is securely fastened.

Lepa not use copper, and less expensive aluminum radiator. The combination of a single system of copper and aluminum – not the best option, as it can occur corrosion effect. Although propylene glycol in Lepa circuit just prevents corrosion. In any case, the only long-term tests will show how effective such protection. The thickness of the heat exchanger is 3.2 cm, the fans added a further 2.5 cm, as a result we have almost 6 cm. Manufacturers buildings today do not get tired to promote a large number of mounts for mounting the radiator, but in practice they are limited in size, so we recommend checking whether it would be enough space in the enclosure for the radiator before purchasing any CBO.

Test and review: Lepa EXllusion 240 - water-cooling system to change the color of the liquid

The liquid dye is best to fill the loop. You should be careful, since dyes are not washed off with plain water. Three complete dye can be mixed in any proportion. Also the red, green and blue colors can be obtained, for example, purple or brown. We have added in the loop all the contents of the blue bubble, having a beautiful color.

Two complete 120-mm fan with adjustable PWM different double curved blades (Dual Convex), speed ranges from 500 to 1,800 revolutions / minute.

Lepa EXllusion 240: Assembly

Fans operate most efficiently when they are flushed with air through the radiator. In our tests, we found the radiator in the right place under the cover (in fact, an opportunity not so much as a short tube), and then mounted on the CPU water block. Behind the CPU socket mounted strong metal plate. The front of the motherboard is superimposed metal mounting frame, which is screwed to the water block. The assembly is quite standard, no difficulty is not. In any case, Lepa makes a video with step by step instructions:

Test and review: Lepa EXllusion 240 - water-cooling system to change the color of the liquid

Transparent tubes and dyed liquid cooling system Lepa reminds Self-assembling NWO and NWO are not typical of a closed loop – they tend to use opaque tube. In contrast, tests of air coolers, we had to abandon the upper fan housing – there is a heat exchanger. Housing cover NZXT H630 solid because of noise isolation, so the hot air can escape only through the side slits, which limits the performance of ITS. In most buildings do not have this restriction, so we conducted tests without cover.

Lepa EXllusion 240: Noise

Test and review: Lepa EXllusion 240 - water-cooling system to change the color of the liquid

CPU coolers, fans run in soundproof housing, here the radiator fans are close to the ventilation openings of the cover (solid cover housing, we do not set). Not surprisingly, Lepa EXllusion 240 worked a little louder many air coolers at comparable speeds. But at 1,000 r / min the noise level remained hardly noticeable. The pump also runs very quietly, at a moderate fan speed it was not noticeable. Only if the lower fan speed to a minimum, the pump began to break through the noise.

The maximum speed of the fan 1,800 rev / min high enough, her CBO Lepa EXllusion 240 worked very noisy. Such a regime can hardly be recommended for routine use. But whether the cooler will show convincing results at a reasonable rate?

Test and review: Lepa EXllusion 240 - water-cooling system to change the color of the liquid

Lepa EXllusion 240: Tests with the standard fan

The following test scenario, we evaluate the performance of the cooler with the standard fan at 1,000 rev / min and at maximum speed.

The answer lies in the results of the tests. At a speed of 1,000 rev / min with a small cooler noise level with the most powerful aircraft models. The result is comparable with the Noctua NH-D15S. But fans have a margin rate. At 1,800 rev / min CBO Lepa EXllusion 240 easily bypassed air coolers, but the noise level was irritatingly high.

Test and review: Lepa EXllusion 240 - water-cooling system to change the color of the liquid


Today the market is much similar to each other water cooling systems. Most vendors refers to OEM-producers, selling their models under its own brand. Therefore, the original cooling system Lepa EXllusion 240 was a pleasant contrast.

Open loop gives users more freedom than a closed design. The most significant advantage – the possibility of staining fluid. In addition, in the long run you can add a liquid, filling her loss. The tubes are used with screws, so they can be replaced, and the circuit – to expand. Installation CBO hardly complicated closed-loop systems. Of course, it is necessary once again to check the fluid level and fixing pipes, but the rest of the installation Lepa EXllusion 240  is different from other NWO closed loop. In any case, operate with such a system is much easier than with the Self-assembling CBO.

Test and review: Lepa EXllusion 240 - water-cooling system to change the color of the liquid

In the cooling system and were pleased with the appearance and its performance. Fans with PWM control has a wide range of speeds. You can select and quiet operation and high cooling performance, but with an annoying noise. The pump worked relatively quiet, it will not stand out from the other sources of noise in a PC.

With typical CBO closed loop Lepa EXllusion 240 directly comparable hardly be too fundamental differences. But the market has SVO with topping up the fluid. At least one model is very similar to Lepa EXllusion 240. We refer Raijintek Triton 240, with SVO topping up fluid and three dyes in the set. Aside from the difference in scope of supply, the two NWO seem to be made by the same manufacturer. Even the installation of the system is almost identical. There are differences in appearance (Raijintek abandoned rubber shirt, revealing a better view of the water block), as well as fans. In Raijintek mounted fans with high speed 1.000-2.600 / min, Lepa decided to focus on a smaller noise level at a rate of 500-1.800 / min. Both CBO are not yet available for sale in Russia, but in Europe Raijintek Triton is cheaper: Core version without fans will cost 80 euros, but with the fans – 90 euros.

In general, Lepa EXllusion 240 – a very successful compromise between the CBO and closed-loop Self-assembling models. Install the CBO will be no more complicated models with a closed loop, but you get a lot of flexibility. Still the price was slightly lower, closer to very much like its from Raijintek.

Benefits Lepa EXllusion 240:

  • You can add a liquid and stain it potentially can be expanded circuit CBO
  • Good cooling performance even at a moderate speed fans
  • Fans with PWM control and a wide range of rotational speeds corresponding to a range of noise levels
  • Safe and comfortable fit, the process is well illustrated

Disadvantages Lepa EXllusion 240:

  • You should check the fill level and reliability of fastening of tubes
  • Maximum cooling performance is accompanied by a high level of noise

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