Test and review: Lenovo Yoga 900S-12 ISK – Hybrid laptop new generation

Test and review: Lenovo Yoga 900S-12 ISK - Hybrid laptop new generation

Thin, lightweight, convertible: Lenovo Yoga 900S has launched another model hybrid laptop-tablet with a loop at 360 °. Components have not changed, so the test results are predictable. It will be interesting to compare laptop competitors.

Hybrid laptop Lenovo Yoga 900S came off the bench presented in late 2014 Yoga 3 Pro. Then for the first time the manufacturer took a complete set of processor Core M, slim design and high-resolution display. The approach has been successful, but due to various irregularities laptop showed an average result. Before us is a new reincarnation, again on a processor Core M, the manufacturer still focuses on the subtle body.

At first glance, not much changes, including through the familiar loop. However, Lenovo still made a number of minor optimizations. With dimensions of 305,0 x 208,0 x 12,8 mm new convertible notebook has become a little less, and a weight of about 1 kg also decreased. Lenovo changed the mixture of materials are now used in the laptop a lot of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum. As a result, the body is strong enough.

Visual ergonomics and everything remained almost the same. The wedge shape of the body seems familiar, all inputs and outputs are conveniently distributed on the right and left edges, although the transition button in standby mode still seems too small. The transition between notebook and tablet modes is performed conveniently and easily.

On interfaces Lenovo Yoga 900S proved himself worse than the first generation. You will receive only one port USB 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 Gen 1 Type C, as well as a typical audio jack. There is no video output, no memory card slots. At least in the laptop installed WiFi 802.11ac wireless module and Bluetooth 4.0. Bottom mounted stereo speakers, from which hardly expect low frequencies. There is also a 720p web-camera.

Test and review: Lenovo Yoga 900S-12 ISK - Hybrid laptop new generation

The keyboard and touchpad do not cause criticism. Last with dimensions of 90 x 61 mm is relatively compact, but the finger slides over it good tripping accuracy is excellent. Two built-in buttons optically separated from each other, a good move, as well as tactile feedback. Keyboard, frankly, could use a little more key travel, the feelings of the set, it seems to be “wood”. The size and layout, you can quickly get used to, especially if you used to be Lenovo laptops. Key labeling is also not so clearly visible as we would like. Grey on silver is probably the worst combination you can think of. Bright and uniform illumination of the situation does not help.

Of course, Lenovo has set fresh ingredients. According to the processor you will receive the latest version core m7-6Y75, set inside a 256 GB SSD with NVMe protocol. RAM 8 GB allows you to run applications with heavy memory, and when multitasking no problems. In tests, the performance was below average, but for office applications and surfing it is more than enough. For gaming laptop is rather weak, but he is not positioned as a game. The reason lies in the Intel dual-core processor, but the SSD, on the other hand, provides maximum read and write performance of up to 1,200 MB / s and 300 MB / s, respectively.

If desired, the SSD can be pretty easy to replace. Enough to unscrew the ten screws, then you can remove the lower part of the body. After it opens access to M.2 slot and WLAN module, but the RAM is soldered.

Test and review: Lenovo Yoga 900S-12 ISK - Hybrid laptop new generation

Problems with cooling in Lenovo Yoga 900S is not observed. Although passive cooling, Core m7-6Y75 full load is not heated above 69 ° C, body temperature increased an average of 36 to 34 ° C and above and below. A maximum of 40 ° C was observed on the top section. As expected, the processor went into throttling. As in similar models, CPU and GPU frequency dropped to 400 and 300 MHz. However, if you use the convertible notebook for office and similar applications, the problems with the slowdown is unlikely to arise.

The notebook is equipped with a touch screen diagonal of 12.5 “with a resolution of 2.560 x 1.440 pixels, but it pleased us in every way. The maximum brightness is 269 cd / m² is too low for outdoor use, uniformity of illumination of 80% is also not the best. The bottom third of the screen noticeably darker than the other areas, the color temperature of the white point of 7500 K leads to a rather cool shades contrast least 957:. 1 can be called a good situation is somewhat different for the color gamut, sRGB and Adobe RGB color spaces are filled by only 57 and 71%..

Test and review: Lenovo Yoga 900S-12 ISK - Hybrid laptop new generation

An important step forward in comparison with the Lenovo Yoga 900S was made at runtime. The battery capacity increased only by one fifth to 54 Wh, but the increase, depending on the test, up to 80%. With very low battery load is enough for more than 12 hours of battery life, high load we have more than five and a half hours. As a result, the convertible notebook ranks in the top third of the rankings. Core m Power consumption is to be expected. In idle mode, we get the system power consumption of about 6 watts, under high load – more than 14 watts. On charging the battery takes just under two hours, the power supply provides power to 48 watts and is equipped with a USB 2.0 port.

Conclusion Lenovo Yoga 900S

Lenovo Yoga 900S turned out much better than the first generation. Lenovo was able to take into account almost all the criticisms. However, there were many new flaws. Some users will not miss a memory card slot, and the selection of the keyboard colors questionable. The battery life is simply gorgeous, the body is made with high quality and looks great, and the assessment of available capacity depends on the applications that the user intends to run. The same applies to the display, which, on the one hand offers an excellent level of detail, but at the same time, the brightness is poor.

As a result, evaluate the convertible notebook Lenovo Yoga 900S we can only above average. The list of possible competitors narrows, if you need a thin and light model – on both performance Lenovo is in the lead.

In the market there are three configurations that differ the CPU, memory and SSD. The test model 80ML001XGE available from 113 thousand. Rubles in Russia or 1,300 euros in Europe. Model entry level 80ML001WGE sale of 110 thousand. Rubles in Russia or 1,200 euros in Europe, it will have to settle Core m5-6Y54, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB of the SSD. The top model 80ML001YGE from 124 thousand. Rubles or 1,500 euros differs only twice the capacity of SSD in comparison with the test configuration.

Test and review: Lenovo Yoga 900S-12 ISK - Hybrid laptop new generation

If we consider the weight, storage configuration and resolution of not less than Full-HD, then on the market, except the Pro Yoga 3, competitors are not so much. Everything changes, assuming an increase in weight of 1.5 kg. Here opponent becomes ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360CA from 900 euros, but it is equipped with a less powerful processor.

Advantages Lenovo Yoga 900S 12ISK (80ML001XGE):

  • Good battery life
  • High quality workmanship
  • Passive cooling system

Disadvantages Lenovo Yoga 900S 12ISK (80ML001XGE):

  • Unsuccessful coloring keyboard
  • The keys are too small
  • No memory card slot
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