Test and review In Win Classic C 750W: PSU 80 Plus Platinum in aluminum body

Test and review In Win Classic C 750W: PSU 80 Plus Platinum in aluminum body

In Win is a fairly well-known manufacturer of high-quality buildings, but it also produces power supplies. Just in time for its 30th anniversary In Win has presented a very interesting family Classic Series power supplies. In our test lab arrived In Win Classic C 750W with aluminum body, the certification 80PLUS Platinum and fully modular connection cables.

In Win The company was founded in Taiwan in 1986, it initially specialized in the production buildings. On account of the company not only ordinary housing, but also stylish models of glass and aluminum. Some of them have already visited our lab, for example, the same 509 In Win.

In Win has its own production of power supplies, which the company is proud of. Previously units In Win power supplied, mainly, OEM-builders, on the retail market they can be found except in the US and Asia. But now, In Win has decided to move Europe, presenting for this purpose quality family Classic Series.

Classic Series line so far consists of two models of 750 and 900 watts, which are even and the number of power connections. Both PSU are based on a modern platform with 80PLUS Platinum efficiency 750W model of the Classic can be called optimal power and the number of connectors to connect a modular power system. In Win has long experimented with aluminum, so we were not surprised as the line of Classic Series uses a beautiful aluminum case.

In Win Classic C 750W is only appeared on the market in Europe. The price of 170 euros is on par with the Seasonic Snow Silent 750W, power supply unit is clearly focused on the premium segment. Price is not a strong argument in favor of the In Win C 750W, so the power supply must bribe the appearance and performance.

Test and review In Win Classic C 750W: PSU 80 Plus Platinum in aluminum body

In Win Classic C 750W | In detail

Power Supply In Win Classic C 750W comes in the classic cardboard box. Front and rear printed basic information, the power supply itself is packed in foam.

Supply In Win Classic C 750W quite adequate. In addition to the power cable from the mains power cables and modular components, there are four mounting screws, a few puffs of cable sticky and user manual.

Classic Series line of In Win refers to premium models, therefore shows a high performance and efficiency. But the focus on the high-end segment of the visible and in appearance: the power supply case is made of brushed aluminum. On the sidewalls can see a narrow strip with a model number, a label with the power transferred to the bottom of the case.

The body length of 165 mm from a solid piece of aluminum is anodized color charcoal black. Electronics PSU installed on the tray, which also comprises a modular connectors connecting the power cables, it is inserted into the housing side. The outer panel with a large number of ventilation holes in the form of honeycombs is also mounted on the tray.

Test and review In Win Classic C 750W: PSU 80 Plus Platinum in aluminum body

After a short stint aluminum use good sense, as the housing heats up evenly on all sides. The quality of construction of the body at the height of any we found no problems. The ventilation grille is made of steel, it contains a large number of ventilation holes in the form of hundreds of perfectly complementary PSU design.

Housing BP brushed aluminum perfect the relevant computer cases, so perfectionists are satisfied.

As befits the power supply high-end segment, In Win Classic C 750W offers a fully modular connectors for cable connections, even the main ATX cable is detachable. Of course, you can argue long. Unlike modular cables, the cables required could be made and fixed to reduce the risk of connection errors. And connectors resistance higher than soldered cables. Yet fully modular approach makes it easy to install power supply and cabling.

Power Interfaces In Win Classic C 750W quite reasonable for this class of power, but we’ll get to them shortly. The manufacturer gives a good seven-year warranty.

In Win Classic C 750W design is based on four lines, ie voltage over 12 innings in four lines meet, each of which holds up to 25 A. This strain seems like a small, but as our tests showed protection schemes, in practice, the block food stand much more. As for the line distributed power interfaces – we do not know, because on the website and the user manual of this information is not available. The manufacturer points out that the combined load of the four lines of 12 V must not exceed 750 watts, here we actually get rated power just because BP DC-DC technology for the secondary voltages. According to an additional 3.3 V and 5 V can load up to 100 W, it is sufficient for modern systems.

On the technical side In Win C 750W uses modern technology, it is expected of premium power supply. In Win is based on the platform of its own production with a resonant converter LLC, supplemented DC-DC technology for the secondary voltages of 3.3 and 5 V.

According to In Win, power supply In Win Classic C 750W contains all the basic protection circuit. Namely, overload protection (OPP), over the low and high voltage (UVP / OVP), overload of individual lines (OCP), short-circuit (SCP) and over temperature (OTP). So that the set is generally optimal.

Test and review In Win Classic C 750W: PSU 80 Plus Platinum in aluminum body

Lines (OCP), short-circuit (SCP) and over temperature (OTP). So that the set is generally optimal. In our test, we tested the operation of the protection circuits. By disabling observed secondary voltage at a current of 30 A (3.3) and 36 A (5). Because of the overload (OPP) power supply was turned off with an increase in the combined current up to 77 A at 12 V lines, with minimal load on lines 3.3 and 5, we received about 940 watts. As we mentioned above, the layout of the lines 12 for the power connectors is unknown, but we checked the OCP protection in PCI Express power cable (double plug). The trip threshold is higher than the load of 45 A. Most likely, the OCP protection is implemented only for lines 3,3 and 5, and the individual lines 12 do not.

To meet the high level of quality and price, In Win Classic C 750W established premium capacitors Nippon Chemicon, for secondary circuits using multiple solid state capacitors. In the main chain, there are two electrolytic capacitor voltage of 420 V and a capacity of 390 uF each. For a 750-watt power supply this configuration is still above average.

Let us turn to the noise level and equipment.

In Win Classic C 750W | Noise and equipment

In Win indicates a low level of noise and a smart fan control. In practice, we have an active cooling system, the fan starts to operate with a rather low speed, and then increases with increasing rotational speed of the load and temperature.

Test and review In Win Classic C 750W: PSU 80 Plus Platinum in aluminum body

In Win has chosen fan well-known Taiwanese manufacturer ADDA. 120mm model AD1212DX-A70GL equipped bearing titled “Hypro Bearing”, an improved version of the plain bearing. ADDA in the development of the bearing “Hypro Bearing” minimized the gaps normally present in slide bearings, through which the oil that lubricates the bearings can flow over time. Since the addition of oil from these bearings is not provided, in due course the fan may lose performance and work with a great noise, yet did not stop spinning. ADDA has improved other aspects Bearing Hypro Bearing, adding magnetic suspension.

In practice, the In Win showed a very low noise level. Fan starts at a relatively low speed of about 275 rev / min, in our test system, the fan, we could not hear. Such a low speed is maintained at the design load In Win Classic C 750W to 60 percent, it is increased to 325 rev / min at a load of 80 percent, the power supply can only be heard in the vicinity. At full load, the fan increases speed to 525 r / min after some time, although In Win at this speed is still very quiet. After a lengthy load aluminum body starts to heat up considerably, which also contributes to the cooling of the power supply.

In Win Classic C 750W performed well and on equipment. Fully modular connection cables offers a decent set of interfaces. Namely, four PCI Express power connectors and one 8-pin CPU socket. Such an amount is expected from a 750-watt power supply. To connect SATA devices are three power cables, each with three connectors, it is possible to power the nine SATA drives. For the rest of the periphery of the two available power cable with three 4-pin connectors and one connector for the drive power.

From the side of the power supply cables are connected via a standard Molex Minifit system, which today has become the de-facto standard. All cables except for the 24-pin ATX implemented in the form of black flat cables.

In length and workmanship no complaints. The cables are long enough, the power plugs have an average mechanical resistance.

In Win Classic C 750W showed pleasantly low noise level. Equipment power supply is at a fairly good level.

In Win Classic C 750W | Test results (efficiency, voltage stability)

After the announcement of the program 80 PLUS, the last 8 years at PSU market efficiency began to play an increasingly important role. The buyer got a pretty simple criterion to select – 80 PLUS, and the manufacturers have appeared convenient opportunity to differentiate their products through the certification level of efficiency. It’s nice to PSU efficiency that customers now receive several reasons justifying the purchase of a very good power supply. Let’s start with energy saving, which is reflected in the account of electricity, and if you are worried about the environment, you can slightly reduce the amount of combustion of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. Also, smaller energy conversion loss leads to less heating power supply components. Finally, a more efficient power supply means more quality components and the latest technology. In any case, we performed quality control of the output voltage as a good power supply should not only work efficiently, but also stable.

Thanks to our test station we can fix the power consumed by the power supply from the wall outlet and power load (imaginary) of the computer that allows you to calculate the efficiency of power supplies. First we look at the effectiveness of different loads, and then move on to assess the effectiveness of a fixed load at three levels.

We began measuring performance with a fairly low load at five per cent, which corresponds to a power level of less than 40 watts. Power supplies are not optimized for such a low load, and therefore we have low efficiency. In Win Classic C 750W showed a very decent level of efficiency 80.7%.

Test and review In Win Classic C 750W: PSU 80 Plus Platinum in aluminum body

If ten percent load efficiency we have received almost 88%, it is also a relatively good level. At 20% load efficiency has increased to 92.1%. Maximum efficiency at In Win Classic C 750W at loads of 20% to 60% higher than the level of 93%. The absolute maximum of 93.8% we got at 50% load. At full load efficiency is also quite decent – 91.4%.

Power Supply In Win Classic C 750W is certified according to the standard protocol 80 Plus Platinum, that is, the supply voltage of 115 V. For power supplies, we also had three dimensions, corresponding to the three levels of certification 80 PLUS (20%, 50%, 100% load) with power 115 V / 60 Hz. The distribution of our test station load does not quite match that of 80PLUS in laboratories, but to use it for an exemplary comparison. In our tests, we have received 91.2% / 92.2% / 88.7%. On the first power supply value exceeds 80 Plus is a criterion, which is quite important because modern systems spend much of their time in idle mode. At 50% load the power supply slightly exceeded the minimum threshold. But at full load, it is a bit has not held up certification strips, although it is quite possible, given the uncertainty of measurement and load distribution in this case. In addition, the power supplies operate at full load is very rare.

Equally interesting it is to compare the efficacy in three fixed loads, because it allows to evaluate the efficiency of power units in terms as if they are set to the same configuration. The first load of 90 W corresponds to the old office PC or a modern computer average in idle mode. In Win Classic C 750W able to show a very good level of 90.3%, he walked around the other at least a Platinum power supplies, including Seasonic Snow Silent 750W.

At higher load 250 W Power Supply In Win Classic C 750W has shown very good results in the middle of the ranking with a 93.6% efficiency. The third test with a load of 500 W power supply unit In Win Classic C 750W also successful, with good efficiency of 93.0%.

In general, In Win Classic C 750W performed well in efficiency, the results are comparable with the best competitors in the market.

In Win Classic C 750W | The output voltage ripple and noise

The quality of the output voltage is one of the most important criteria for the power supply, no less important than efficiency. The power supply must work stably, the voltage must not “jump”, otherwise it may affect your computer. So we checked the voltage levels at different loads, and evaluated whether they are within acceptable ranges ATX specifications. Recall that according to ATX specifications permitted deviation of plus / minus 5 percent of rated voltage, we just set the data threshold values on the charts as the boundary.

In addition, we evaluated the quality of the output voltage using oscilloscope. In particular, we evaluated the high frequency noise and ripple voltages that occur on the output lines of the DC. They are associated with the principle of pulse power supplies, and depending on the design and quality of power supply filters may be smoothed with varying degrees of success. ATX standard provides for a line of 12 allowable ripple 120 mV (peak to peak), and the lines for 3.3 V and 5 V – 50 mV (peak to peak).

According to stability stresses In Win Classic C 750W also showed himself well. Drop on secondary lines 3.3 and 5 was stronger than the usual level, but the 2.8% and 2.6% in less than two times the marginal strips. On line 12, we got fall about 2.9%, also within an allowable.

As pulsations and noise was slightly better situation. As we got the secondary voltage 33 mV and 24 mV, the average level, but still well below the limit of 50 mV. On line 12 the result is very good – ripple to 12 mV.

The quality of the output voltages In Win Classic C 750W showed average results for premium power supply, but they are still well below the maximum allowable levels.

In Win Classic C 750W | conclusion

In Win C 750W of Classic Series line – an interesting power supply that will find a buyer. Before us is a premium model with 80PLUS Platinum efficiency, the power supply is well equipped and very quiet. In Win C 750W stands out among comparable high-end models of stylish aluminum body that will perfectly blend in with the same aluminum PC cases.

In Win Classic C 750W, as befits a premium power supply, based on the latest technologies, in tests it has shown a very high efficiency. The power supply is certified 80PLUS Platinum, was particularly high efficiency at light loads. Here the model In Win is not inferior to other Platinum power supply from top manufacturers. As a result of a good output voltages, the voltage drop and ripple / noise does not exceed the permissible levels. It is pleasant to note that In Win Classic C 750W is very quiet, in his system is not audible at low-medium loads. The power supply unit is equipped with a fully modular system cable connections, it offers up to four PCI Express connectors and an 8-pin EPS The, equipment is consistent with the power class.

If for you is the most important characteristics of the internal power supply, the aluminum body is unlikely to be interested. But if the look and aluminum are significant, then pay attention to two Classic models from In Win, the more so that the internal characteristics is all right. It is a pity that In Win is asking for C 750W very much.

Advantages In Win Classic C 750W

  • Aluminium case
  • High efficiency (80PLUS Platinum)
  • Very quiet operation
  • The high power level
  • Fully modular cable connections, good equipment
  • Manufacturer’s warranty for seven years

Disadvantages In Win Classic C 750W

  • High price

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