Test and Review: Huawei P10 lite is mid-range smartphone

Test and Review: Huawei P10 lite is mid-range smartphone

Like last year, Huawei decided to introduce three smartphones in the P line. But if the P10 and P10 Plus models were announced at the MWC 2017 conference in late February, Huawei P10 lite appeared four weeks later. Perhaps that was the reason: the Huawei smartphone lineup seems oversaturated. However, the quality of Huawei P10 lite is not affected.

Buying a smartphone lite in 2017 seems to be no longer so unambiguous because of the large number of models. Indeed, over the past two years, everything was different. P8 lite was positioned below P8, and P9 lite was below P9. Now the consumer has to choose between three models of the middle class with the suffix lite. P8 lite 2017 , presented in late January, remains the cheapest model, but at the same time Huawei continues to promote P9 lite, despite the emergence of the new Huawei P10 lite.

The main technical characteristics seem identical or very similar. Displays smartphones have the same diagonal and resolution, the performance, we also did not receive significant differences. All three models are equipped with Android 7 or will receive an update in the coming weeks.

There remains the issue of price. P8 lite 2017 is sold at a price of 240 euros, for P9 lite also have to give 240 euros. In Europe the price will be 349 euros, which is much more expensive.

Test and Review: Huawei P10 lite is mid-range smartphone

The performance of average level, as you might expect from Lite

SoC perfectly illustrates the similarity of the three models of smartphones. For Huawei P10 lite, Huawei chose Kirin 658 of its own production, which contains two CPU clusters with four Cortex A53 cores each, and a Mali-T830 MP2 GPU. The chip is made on a 16-nm technical process FinFET +. The GPU frequency is 900 MHz, the CPU cores operate at maximum frequencies of 1.7 and 2.4 GHz. However, readers familiar with Huawei products will most likely point out that SoC belongs to the Kirin 650 line. The same was true for P9 lite , the Kirin 655 processor, which was again used in P8 lite 2017, is based on the same design and technical process. Is that the CPU clock speeds are slightly lower.

Therefore, the performance of Huawei P10 lite should not be expected. In scenarios that heavily load the CPU, the increment compared to the P9 lite smartphone is usually 5 to 15%. If the focus shifts toward the GPU, then we do not get a tangible difference. In the absolute performance rating, the Huawei P10 lite smartphone shows average results, in some places even below average. In the 3DMark test, the smartphone scored about 11,800 and 600 points (Ice Storm Unlimited / Slingshot), in AnTuTu 6 the total performance was 61,300 points. The processor in Geekbench 4 showed 1.000 and 4.000 points in single and multithreaded tests, in GFXBench – 8 and 18 fps in the tests of Manhattan Offscreen and T-Rex Offscreen. So as a mobile gaming console Huawei P10 lite can only be used conditionally. Simple games will go smoothly, but in the case of “heavy” graphics performance is reduced, this also applies to the pre-installed Asphalt Nitro.

Test and Review: Huawei P10 lite is mid-range smartphone

Compared to direct competitors, including Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017), the Huawei P10 lite shows itself quite well. In everyday scenarios, the smartphone did not show weaknesses, including thanks to a decent amount of 4 GB of RAM for this price range. On the other hand, there is nothing remarkable about internal flash memory. In the Androbench test, we received a maximum of 137 and 101 MB / s for reading and writing.

A lot of memory, best fingerprint sensor

From the price segment above 300 euros the memory capacity of 32 GB is taken for granted. It is also possible to expand the memory with microSD cards with a maximum capacity of 256 GB. But, as is often the case with Huawei, the memory card is installed instead of the second SIM card. Therefore, with the support of Dual SIM will have to part. As usual, only one SIM card of the two can be used for registration in 3G and 4G networks, the second SIM card will be used only for GSM.

Test and Review: Huawei P10 lite is mid-range smartphone

The modem of the smartphone has support for Cat 6, that is, it can work in LTE networks with download speeds of up to 300 Mbps and downloads up to 50 Mbps. In the tests we did not encounter any problematic behavior of the modem or with frequent switching of networks. With regard to voice communication, the two microphones provide good filtering of extraneous noise, the quality of voice capture gripes also do not. The second speaker is located at the bottom of the smartphone, it provides a high volume without distortion, but it’s better to forget about low frequencies.

In addition to the LTE modem, you can note the support for WLAN 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC for wireless data transfer. Wired transmission and charging of the smartphone is performed through a micro-USB cable. As in the case of P9 lite and P8 lite 2017, Huawei decided to abandon the more modern and convenient Type C port. The reason is that Micro-USB cables are spreading everywhere, and the thickness of the case for such a connector is quite enough. There is also a 3.5-mm audio jack.

Test and Review: Huawei P10 lite is mid-range smartphone

In addition to standard sensors (accelerometer, gyro and external lighting), the Huawei P10 lite has a fingerprint scanner added. Unlike the P10, it is not placed under the display, but is located on the rear panel. Huawei found the explanation: Huawei P10 lite is aimed at lovers of selfies, who can use the sensor to release the shutter of the camera. The speed of fingerprint recognition in our tests was quite high, and the sensor can also be used for additional control functions unlike P10. Thus, with the help of the sensor, you can navigate in the gallery, answer calls or display a curtain of notifications.

Test and Review: Huawei P10 lite is mid-range smartphone

Huawei P10 lite has best display

If you decide to make a choice between smartphones lite based on the characteristics of the display, then you are unlikely to get something. Both the Huawei P10 lite and the previous two models use a 5.2 “IPS panel with a resolution of 1.920 x 1.080 pixels, which is not so good for a modern smartphone, and the Huawei’s P10 also” lost weight “to 5.1″ instead of 5,2” in P9.

Test and Review: Huawei P10 lite is mid-range smartphone

In the rest, the Huawei P10 lite display shows itself well. Thanks to the IPS technology, the viewing angles are quite wide, the colors are saturated, but the color rendition remains fairly accurate. Unless you can complain about the too cold color temperature, which can not be improved by manual settings of the display options. We have not been able to achieve temperatures below 6.800 K. But the brightness compensates for this shortcoming. We got a brightness level of up to 595 cd / m², it’s enough to work with a smartphone even in bright lighting conditions. We also estimate the contrast 1.653: 1 positively.

In general, the Huawei P10 lite display proved to be better than P9 lite in all three main parameters: brightness, contrast, color rendering.

Huawei P10 lite: Battery, camera, enclosure, conclusion

A familiar battery with some improvements

If you conduct a direct comparison, then Huawei saved on the battery. Despite the smaller P10 casing, the battery capacity is about 6% higher than 3,000 mAh in Huawei P10 lite. Perhaps the reason lies in the strategy of balancing. Still, in P9 and P9 lite we got batteries of the same capacity. And if you focus on these two models, Huawei has been able to slightly improve battery life.

Test and Review: Huawei P10 lite is mid-range smartphone

This is especially noticeable in the test of cyclic playback of Full-HD video from local memory. Here Huawei P10 lite works almost 10.5 hours, which corresponds to an increase of about 30% compared to P9 lite. But in the same PCMark improvements were not. The battery life was about eight hours, the difference was within the error margin. For both indicators, Huawei P10 lite occupies an average position in the rating, which is not very pleasant given the battery capacity and SoC.

But in everyday scenarios we got a good battery life. Smartphone Huawei P10 lite lasted without charging for about two days, although if you use the smartphone intensively, it will have to be charged every night.

It’s nice that the smartphone is charging very quickly. Huawei supported the Huawei P10 lite branded charging technology Fast Charge, which takes 100 minutes to fully charge. In our tests, we got a similar result. Of course, such a speed is achieved only with a complete charge, which provides power up to 18 watts. But Huawei again did not provide for wireless charging or even simple replacement of the battery.

Without a dual camera, results are not so compelling

If you were hoping that in 2017, Huawei will add the most important feature of the P family to lite smartphones, you will probably be disappointed. Smartphone Huawei P10 lite, like its predecessor, will have to do without a dual camera. Unfortunately, Huawei has never been able to use the chance to stand out from the competition.

Test and Review: Huawei P10 lite is mid-range smartphone

The sensor at 12 MP with a f / 2.2 diaphragm paired with the software does not create miracles. In conditions of good lighting, the color and detail are, for the most part, transmitted correctly, but the camera intensifies the sharpness too much. Problems in Huawei P10 lite also occur in conditions of complex lighting, when the HDR mode can help. But the automatic selection of HDR is not supported, the HDR mode itself rarely copes with the correct balance of brightness of different parts of the image, accurate transmission of details and colors. Transitions of brightness between areas sometimes turn out to be too sharp, especially for shadows. As for the conditions of scant lighting, then there is a rapid noise, in general, the quality of the camera we estimate as average.


Test and Review: Huawei P10 lite is mid-range smartphone

With video, the situation is not any better. The video can be shot in Full-HD resolution, the disadvantages are the same. Several pleased the front camera with a sensor at 8 MP and aperture f / 2.0. Especially liked the portrait mode, which adds an easy bokeh effect.

The camera application is identical to the latest models of Huawei without cooperation with Leica, the differences lie in the details – due to added or missing features. For photo and video shooting, separate Pro modes are provided, there is a Time Lapse function and various stage programs, such as panorama, light drawing, etc. The structure of the application is simple and clear, inexperienced users will understand without problems.

More P9 than P10

If you look at the development of full-fledged smartphones P in 2015 and 2016, then the lite version of the design is very far from the model P. The location of the finger scanner sensor has changed, and there are also deviations in the body. If the P10 has new contours, the Huawei P10 lite seems to roll back to the generation 2016. As in P9 , here we get beveled edges on both sides and a slight bend. This can not be called a drawback, just with the numbering of models, confusion arises.

Otherwise, the design of Huawei P10 lite can be called successful. We get a combination of strict and neat lines, but they are successfully diluted with decor elements. Here you can mention, for example, the silver rim of the fingerprint scanner, antenna insulators and glare. Huawei added a thin reflective layer between the metal back and the glass panel, which reflects the light differently depending on the viewing angle. This is especially noticeable in a smartphone with a blue color, but also in our white sample the effect was also manifested.

The quality of production can be called convincing, although we are not very pleased with the card tray on the left panel. Its color does not exactly match the metal frame.

For ergonomics we have not encountered any anomalies. The case of Huawei P10 lite has dimensions of 146.5 x 72.0 x 7.2 mm, weight is 146 g. It is hardly possible to work with one hand with a smartphone, especially since the display occupies only 71% of the front panel. But you can easily get to the button in the standby mode and the volume rocker on the right panel.

The software almost corresponds to P10

At smart-phones of a high-end segment installation Android 7 seems for granted, but in segments below there are differences. For example, HTC introduced U Play with the operating system Android 6, and Samsung has not kept its promises to sell Galaxy A3 (2017) and Galaxy A5 (2017) with the new version. Therefore, it is doubly gratifying that Huawei has chosen a fresh version of Android, also the Huawei P10 lite is equipped with EMUI 5.1.

In this respect, the new model differs from two smartphones lite, which received only EMUI 5.0. The difference seems to be small, but it is very significant. In the case of a more recent version of the Huawei interface, there are some optimizations that provide smoother operation. As in the case of P10 , Ultra Memory technology provides priority applications for frequently used applications in memory. As a result, the application load time is shorter, and the switching speed between running programs is higher. Ultra Response technology, on the other hand, tries to predict the following user input operations on the touch screen to minimize delays. As in the case of P10, the “fresh” smartphone technology is noticeable weakly, they show themselves only after several months of use.

From the integration of Quik it was decided to refuse. This video editor, developed by GoPro, allowed P10 to quickly create clips from photos and videos stored on the smartphone. In principle, this drawback can be easily solved, since the application is available through the Google Play Store.

In the rest we did not get anything unusual. Even with the version of EMUI 5.0, you can choose between the classic application menu and typical for Huawei. Also, users can change the design of the interface, guided by their preferences. Among other “deviations” from pure Android, you can support the support of knuckles, which is convenient, for example, to quickly launch the desired applications. Most functions can be quickly accessed, except that the options are combined in additional menus. The smartphone pre-installed various third-party applications, but they can be easily removed.


In recent months, Huawei smartphones have received high ratings in various tests and reviews, but in the case of Huawei P10 lite, things can be different. The reason lies in a strange strategy, reminiscent of Samsung somewhere three years ago. The South Korean company flooded the market with a large number of models that differed little from each other, which caused critical comments from users and journalists. Since then, Samsung has made its model range more understandable.

Judge for yourself: in the price range from 200 to 400 euros, Huawei offers five different smartphones with a diagonal of display from 5 to 5.2 “and at least 3 GB of RAM.If you limit the range of 300-400 euros, there are models nova , Huawei P10 lite and P9 , and among the three mentioned Huawei P10 lite can be called the worst option: nova offers a higher level of performance and slightly better cameras, and the P9 bypasses the P10 lite for almost all the criteria, yet convincing workmanship and a good display are not enough to rehabilitate the Huawei P10 lite. Serious drawbacks in the smartphone there .

The problem of price is visible from another angle. Smartphone Moto G5 Plus with similar equipment and performance will cost from 280 euros. On the other hand, you can buy “home” competitors Huawei P9 lite and P8 lite (2017) at a price of 240 or 230 euros. Both smartphones can compete with performance and battery life, Android 7 (or soon will be available) is also available for them.

Therefore, Huawei P10 lite we are unlikely to recommend. Yet the smartphone does not have unique advantages, and compared to the P10, it lost too much.

Advantages Huawei P10 lite:

  • Memory Expansion Option
  • Overall a good display
  • Very good workmanship

Disadvantages Huawei P10 lite:

  • Non-removable battery
  • No USB Type C port

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