BitFenix ​​Shogun with LED-backlit Alchemy 2.0 Test and review: new premium case

BitFenix ​​Shogun with LED-backlit Alchemy 2.0 Test and review: new premium case

Case BitFenix Shogun is a representative of a new generation of BitFenix. High-quality materials, a high level of functionality and stylish design recognizable – all distinctive features of new buildings E-ATX. But is the new flagship will be able to win the BitFenix premium segment?

BitFenix ​​Company is actively working in the market buildings in 2010, she managed to attract the attention of a few fresh ideas. It may be noted the gigantic body of Colossus, and compact, but versatile housing Prodigy. Presented BitFenix ​​and many low-cost models for the mass market. But until now, BitFenix ​​overlook demanding gamers and enthusiasts. The reason is simple: the producer was not present leader.

In this role precisely positioned new building BitFenix Shogun. Massive new product E-ATX can be attributed to the premium category, not only because of the impressive size. BitFenix Shogun offers almost every conceivable feature that appeared on the computer chassis market in recent years. It may be noted and the aluminum insert and the window made of tempered glass, and a modular interior with excellent configuration flexibility. Not without RGB-illumination. But BitFenix ​​has chosen a solution that is different from its competitors. In case BitFenix Shogun two 2.5-inch drives are installed in a horizontal rack with illumination of the left glass panel. If you want to illuminate the interior as a whole, it makes sense to purchase an optional LED-strip BitFenix ​​Alchemy 2.0. They are compatible with ASUS Aura system, as well as light drives. In our tests we were able to decorate the body BitFenix Shogun as the staff unit SSD Chroma, and additional LED-strips.

BitFenix ​​Shogun with LED-backlit Alchemy 2.0 Test and review: new premium case

Housing BitFenix Shogun cost to 159.90 euros in Europe. Thus, the case is much cheaper than the flagship models of other well-known manufacturers, for which will have to pay a few hundred euros. However, for the price we should not expect an all-aluminum body, as additional measures to reduce noise.

BitFenix Shogun is working together with the body mounting accessories in separate bag, user manual and six black cable puffs. But there is also a special feature: a black insert which provides convenient cable management in the case of motherboards E-ATX.

Before we proceed to the test, let me give you the basic body specifications in a tabular format.

Specifications: BitFenix Shogun

Make and model:Shogun Window Black, BFC-SOG-600-KKWSK-RP
Material:Aluminium, tempered glass, the SECC steel, ABS plastic
Dimensions:250 x 565 x 525 mm (W x H x D)
Form Factor:E-ATX, ATX, M-ATX, Mini-ITX
Bays drives:6x 3,5 “(internal) 6 + 5 x 2,5” (internal)
Fans:3x 120 / 2x 140 mm (front, 2x 120mm pre-installed),

1x 120/140 mm (rear, 1x 120mm pre-installed), 3x 120 / 2x 140 mm (top, optional)

The weight:14,15 kg
Price:159.90 EUR

Design BitFenix Shogun hull with straight lines rather harmonious, although it differs from the typical gaming cases. Convex lid and the bottom of the BitFenix Shogun housing made of brushed aluminum. At first glance, the convex front panel is the same. But to the touch can be recognized that this is a plastic whose surface BitFenix ​​trimmed in aluminum. Liberated strip at the top of the front panel is also deceptive. For it does not have an optical drive tray. Like many modern housing, Shogun does not offer the possibility of installing optical drives.

BitFenix ​​Shogun with LED-backlit Alchemy 2.0 Test and review: new premium case

Buttons and I / O ports are accessible from the front edge of the cover, and they do not violate the design of the case. Two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 are located on either side of the power button. Unfortunately, BitFenix ​​did not install the high-speed ports are USB 3.1 Type C. Of course, you get the usual and a 3.5mm audio jack. Added right two buttons, namely, reset and modify the illumination color. can be easily confused with each other with poor light two buttons. And instead of changing the color you reset the system, which is not so nice.

BitFenix Shogun Both side panels are made of tinted glass. BitFenix ​​has decided to play with the design panel is not rectangular, and have a shape of a parallelogram. Thus the body as it rises behind, which gives it a certain dynamism. But working with the panels do not have any fundamental changes. The glass panels are screwed Shogun thumbscrews, which are separated from the glass with rubber sleeves. The left pane tinted. Since the front panel of the case is closed, the air passes through the front side vents. Behind them are the fabric dust filter. But they will have to clean up to remove the entire front panel, although this is not so difficult, it is enough to press the plastic hooks. The cap also can be removed in the same way. Beneath it is a simple grid that protects against dust penetration. However, due to the solid aluminum dust cover is hardly penetrate into the housing.

BitFenix ​​Shogun with LED-backlit Alchemy 2.0 Test and review: new premium case

The right panel of the case is not quite normal. Many users do not like it when the cables are clearly visible through the right glass pane. BitFenix ​​went to the trick by filling in the back layer of the glass panel. As a result, the glass panel still looks great and reflects the light, as befits the glass, but the jumble of cables for it is no longer seen.

Appearance BitFenix Shogun is quite original, but the layout of the motherboard and the power supply is quite standard. We can say, even old-fashioned. Front and rear nominally installed 120mm fans. But you can install the optional 140-mm model.

Curved aluminum base serves as a pedestal. In order not to scratch the surface and insulate the body, BitFenix ​​added four rubber pads. Vents power supply located between the steel frame and aluminum base. They close a removable dust filter.

In the normal configuration of the interior of the housing Shogun is quite standard. Racks drives, graphics cards support beam and strut RGB SSD occupy a lot of space. But, as we noted above, the interior of the module, so all the excess can be easily removed from the case.

BitFenix ​​Shogun with LED-backlit Alchemy 2.0 Test and review: new premium case

Stand RGB SSD is horizontal, it accommodates two 2.5 “drive, highlighting their RGB LED. The front is attached to the front and rear panels of the case three thumbscrews, it is easy to remove, it is sufficient to unscrew the screws and disconnect the cables.

For RGB SSD rack mount located ATX power supply. The power supply is mounted on four rubber feet, but from the back it is not isolated. The chassis can hold up to seven expansion cards, which are screwed thumbscrews. There is also a hidden mount for the drive to the power supply – to the bottom of the housing you can install one 2.5 “drive right you can see the beam support long graphics cards that prevent sagging PCB..

Beams supporting graphics cards and three 3.5 “drive rack mounted thumbscrews. After loosening the screws can be easily removed. So the user can arrange the layout of racks as desired.

For comparison, we have led the body to photograph extracted components. You can see additional plug E-ATX, which can be used in the background to close the “hole” in the motherboard tray. The plug is attached thumbscrews, it provides three additional holes for cable routing if you are installing the motherboard E-ATX. That is BitFenix Shogun case provides a modular cabling.

Two pre-installed 120mm front fan takes two lower anchorages of the front panel. They can add a third 120-mm fan or replace the two 140-mm fans. If you plan to install water cooling system, over the front panel can accommodate 240- or 280-mm coil. The thickness of the heat exchanger is limited only by the length of installed graphics cards – of course, you must first remove the rack drives and video cards support beams. Under the cover, you can install a 360 or 280 mm radiator. The distance between the cover and the motherboard end of decent 7.5 cm. That is, you can even install a powerful heat exchanger with a large thickness.

BitFenix ​​Shogun with LED-backlit Alchemy 2.0 Test and review: new premium case

Most storage compartments accessible from the right-hand panel of the case. This applies, in particular, the six combo bays for 2.5 / 3.5-inch drives and two 2.5 “bays behind the motherboard tray. BitFenix ​​for fastening cables has provided three tightening.

2.5 “drives are screwed to the attachments or trays drives. Vibration isolation is not provided. However, it is present in the case of the installation of two 2.5” drives in RGB SSD rack. On the other hand, the SSD has no sense of vibration isolation, it will only be useful when installing 2.5-inch hard drives. 3.5 “hard drives in the enclosure Shogun always isolated, they are installed in trays without a screwdriver.

With the installation of the hardware problems have arisen. Is that in the RGB install SSD SSD rack is not as easy as it would first have to remove from the case.

But you can put drives on public display with backlight. Backlit is compatible with ASUS Aura, it can be operated on compatible motherboards. Alternatively, you can use the button LED colors change on the cover. You can choose from the following colors: red, green, blue, purple, yellow (with green), white (with blue or blue), salad, and replace colors with the effect of pulsation. In the backlight controller has an additional connector, allowing you to connect one more LED-strip. Since the SSD is already highlighted, the second strip makes sense to use to illuminate the interior. BitFenix ​​offers optional LED-strip Alchemy 2.0 RGB.

BitFenix ​​Shogun with LED-backlit Alchemy 2.0 Test and review: new premium case

Strips of Alchemy 2.0 LED are available in different designs. We got strips with different lengths (30 or 60 cm), and sets controllers (with separate supply via 4-pin Molex). RGB LED strips correspond to the standard Aura, they can be operated on compatible motherboards.

Installing LED-strip is easy. They have a magnetic base that is easy to adhere to steel surfaces, so you can fix the strip anywhere Interior BitFenix Shogun . On other surfaces may be used a self-adhesive base. 60-cm strips are too long to use them in the body without bending. Therefore, to demonstrate we took two 30 cm strips. One, we connected through the housing backlight controller, the second – to the complete controller. The colors of the strips correspond exactly to the lighting SSD.

Even behind the tinted window RGB LED clearly visible.

Of course, the body must not only be functional and easy to assemble. It should also provide efficient cooling.

Test configuration:

We used the following test configuration:

The main components of the test system

CPU:Intel Core i5-2400S
CPU Cooler:Scythe Yasya
Motherboard:Biostar H77MU3
Operative memory:4096 MHz 1333 MB Crucial
Storage device:OCZ Arc 100 SSD 240 GB
Video card:Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 Ultimate
Operating system:Windows 7 x64 Home Premium

Temperature measurements:

For measurement of the maximum temperature of the CPU test, we used the free tool Prime95, which loads the system for 30 minutes. We chose the Small FFT load that maximizes heat dissipation, and then fixed the maximum core temperature using the system utility Lavalys Everest. We have combined temperature for the individual nuclei, and then divided them by the number of cores. At the same time we loaded the graphics card a demanding test Furmark.

BitFenix ​​Shogun with LED-backlit Alchemy 2.0 Test and review: new premium case

Temperature evaluation mode in idle mode (single operation of the system) is not so interesting, because processors and graphics cards manufacturers have long implemented a very good power-saving mechanisms. For example, reduce the CPU core voltage and frequency in the event of inaction. Therefore, the heat generation components is significantly reduced.

Temperature Rating:

temperature tests we carried out with an empty rack drives, that is, under optimal conditions. Three pre-installed 120mm fan cooled system is excellent. CPU temperature was below average, the temperature GPU performance even better.

Evaluation of noise:

To measure the noise level, we used the Sound meter Voltcraft SL-400, which is located at a distance of 20 cm from the front of the housing.

The controller fans at BitFenix Shogun absent. Three 120 mm fans work with a noticeable noise level 39 dB (A), although it can not be considered an irritant. In any case, if you plan to use your PC in quiet environments, does not prevent to think about the fan controller.

BitFenix ​​Shogun with LED-backlit Alchemy 2.0 Test and review: new premium case

Other measures in the review:

We measured a maximum height of CPU cooler, and the maximum length of a video card with a tape, as well as the distance between the motherboard tray and the side panel. To measure the thickness of the walls we used a micrometer. We also take into account the data published by the manufacturer. Of course, at the same time we made a certain measurement error. For this reason, we recommend that you consider the values ​​given below for comparison purposes only, and do not take them as the ultimate truth.

The height of the CPU cooler:

BitFenix ​​allows you to install the housing BitFenix Shogun cooler height of 17.5 cm. So you can use almost any tower coolers available on the market.

Video length:

With HDD rack some long graphics card may not fit. But BitFenix Shogun HDD rack cabinet can be removed, which will get rid of the restrictions on the length of the video.

Space for cabling:

For cabling is available pretty decent space more than 3 cm. Part of this space is spent on the 2.5 “mounting tray for the motherboard.

The thickness of the material:

Glass panels rather massive, the thickness is about 5 mm. They also contribute to the total body weight over 14 kg.

BitFenix Shogun was a pleasant addition to the BitFenix ​​range, dominated by low cost housing. Externally, the new E-ATX looks nice, the case does not get lost among the more expensive competitor models.

The main reason – the original design. It is hardly aggressive, but the clean lines and shape seem to be quite stylish. The lid and the base body made of curved brushed aluminum side panels – tinted glass. On the one hand tinted glass, on the other – opaque. The front panel is made in the same style curved, but it is already plastic. However, plastic is trimmed in aluminum, so the difference is almost not visible. Special features side stand became the SSD from the RGB-backlit. BitFenix ​​supported ASUS Aura standard for lighting SSD Chroma, the same applies to the optional Alchemy 2.0 LED strips. Possible and manual control via the button, but will have to accept a limited number of colors.

I would like to mention the innovative modular interior. BitFenix ​​has three 3.5 “rack at different heights, and also install additional video cards support beams. For motherboards E-ATX plug holes with additional cabling supplied. Note and three additional mount for 2.5” drives per tray the motherboard and the bottom of the housing. Modular rack storage subsystem allows for enhanced cooling, and this also applies to air and water cooling. The standard configuration of the building is lost as BitFenix ​​installed three 120-mm fans, despite mounting for 140-mm models. They provide a good cooling performance, but work is relatively noisy. It is a pity that BitFenix ​​saved on the fan controller. Port USB 3.1 Type C is also not provided.

For ease of installation housing BitFenix Shogun showed their best side, although some criticism of what is available. The spacious interior facilitates assembly systems, expansion cards, and a 3.5 “drives are installed without the aid of a screwdriver. Modular interior can be easily changed by using the thumb screws. But the 2.5” drives, on the other hand, have bolted. In the case of SSD Chroma horizontal rack is necessary to remove the entire rack to install drives.

The new flagship of the BitFenix ​​Shogun makes sense to compare with high-end models from other manufacturers. The benefits include BitFenix ​​reasonable price. Fully aluminum housing of the Lian Li or In Win, of course, look more noble, and use better materials, but they are significantly more expensive, and configuration flexibility they often worse. Affordable housing will be an alternative to Dark Base 900 from be quiet! It is a stripped-down version of the flagship Dark Base Pro 900 , will have to abandon the side window, LED-strip and Qi charging. But housing provides power and flexibility of configuration better than BitFenix Shogun, and also offers a number of measures to reduce the noise level.

Dark Base housing 900 seems more sensible choice, but BitFenix Shogun is allocated more interesting design and lighting. By equipping and user friendly new BitFenix ​​has convinced us completely. So BitFenix Shogun worth the money, you get an attractive and modern building.

Advantages BitFenix Shogun:

  • Stylish design with aluminum components and the glass panels
  • Modern interface with flexible configuration, the modular rack drives and video cards support beams
  • Enough space for high-end components and cabling
  • The package includes a panel for laying cables with E-ATX motherboards
  • Illumination RGB LED side mounts 2.5 “drives support ASUS Aura or directly control
  • Good cooling performance, the ability to install additional fans and heat exchangers CBO
  • Dust filter (although the front filter is difficult to get), bezotvertochnaya installing 3.5 “disk drives and expansion cards

Disadvantages BitFenix Shogun:

  • No fan controller, no adjustment work is quite noisy fans
  • The case comes with only 120-mm fans (despite the 140-mm mounting)
  • Installing drives into the side horizontal rack relatively time-consuming

Source: bitfenix

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