Test and review: Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 – water-cooling system with a closed loop four fans

Test and review: Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 - water-cooling system with a closed loop four fans

The high cooling performance at an affordable price – that is what promises Arctic with its CBO closed loop Liquid Freezer 240. It is equipped with four 120 mm fans in push-pull configuration, which are designed to improve heat removal from the 240-mm radiator. But what we get cooling performance in practice?

Many companies used to focus on air coolers, in recent years offered a water cooling system, sometimes very successful. The company previously released cheap Arctic air coolers. But at the end of 2015, it introduced a line of NWO Liquid Freezer. As before, Arctic decided to bribe members favorable price / performance ratio. The suggested retail price of Liquid Freezer 120 and tested 240 Liquid Freezer was in the time of the announcement of 99.99 and 129.99 euros respectively. But in Europe, prices have already declined significantly. Liquid Freezer 120 can be purchased for 57 euros, and the Liquid Freezer 240 – for 70 euros.

Even if fans are located on one side of the radiator, a similar price can still be described as low. But Arctic decided to improve the price / performance ratio, since both coolers are supplied with a double set of fans. Fan Configuration push-pull promises an optimal heat dissipation of the heat sink, which has a decent thickness of 3.8 cm. However, as we shall see, this configuration imposes restrictions compatibility due to space requirements. It will be interesting to see the performance results of NWO and the noise level.

Test and review: Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 - water-cooling system with a closed loop four fans

Arctic Liquid Freezer 240: In detail

Arctic is making with Liquid Freezer 240 fasteners for mounting sockets supported by AMD and Intel. You will also receive a user manual, black cable and tightening a bag of thermal paste (Proven MX-4). Fasteners quite similar to the previously tested air cooler Arctic Freezer i32. There is also used Arctic cruciform plastic backplate.

As you can guess from the cooler design, Liquid Freezer 240 made Asetek. On the site you can see confirmation of Asetek. Tubes vertically out of the water block to the pump, indicating a fifth-generation product. So that the base at Liquid Freezer 240 is the same as that of the recently tested CBO Cryorig A40. But Cryorig, in contrast to the Arctic, installed fans on only one side of the radiator.

With a copper base, diverting heat away from the CPU water block to the bottom of the pump is present. Arctic pump powered by 3-pin plug.

Test and review: Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 - water-cooling system with a closed loop four fans

240 mm 240 mm radiator connected to the black vodoblokom tubes (outer diameter 10.6 mm, inner – 6 mm). Because of the high density arrangement of the ribs and appropriate thickness, we obtain a large surface area of the radiator.

Arctic involves the installation of four fans. If you want to install two fans on the one hand, both of them should be placed between the housing lid and the radiator. Supplied with no short screws, which would tie the radiator directly to the body. Therefore, with regular screws, you can not install the NWO with fans on one side in the preferred configuration, when the fans are at the bottom and air is blown through the radiator outside the body.

The package includes a 120 mm fan F12 PWM PST. Controlled by PWM, the rotation speed is 500-1.350 rev / min. Each fan is connected via a 4-pin connector, but with plug and socket available. Therefore, fans can be connected by a chain to a single 4-pin motherboard. On the other hand, it is necessary to view guide motherboard whether connector provides sufficient power. Arctic indicates that each fan consumes a maximum current of 0.25 A. If the voltage multiplied by 12, we get the total capacity of the four fans to 12 watts.

Water cooling system Arctic is quite simple appearance without ornaments, such as LED-backlight. Is that some stands glossy finish of the water block, and white fans nice contrast with the black radiator.

Installation of water-block is simple. First, the back side of the motherboard using the adhesive pads attached Phillips panel. Then the front of the motherboard for the rear cruciate screwed rack (LGA 2011 in the case (3) are screwed into corresponding holes ILM). Then with the water block mounting frame is screwed nuts.

Test and review: Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 - water-cooling system with a closed loop four fans

Bottom fans are screwed directly to the radiator. But top fans are screwed by the same screws that secure the heat sink to the chassis. By the thickness of 3.8 cm of the radiator will have to add twice the thickness of 2.5 cm fans so that the lid body require considerable space -. Almost 9 cm Not every body motherboard moved away from the cover that distance.. Therefore, fan / heatsink may hang over the motherboard and interfere with its components such as the radiator of the power subsystem or memory strip.

We barely were able to establish the CBO in our test systems. With standard hole size 120mm radiator in the case NZXT H630 was located too close to the motherboard. We have solved the problem by shifting Liquid Freezer 240 on one side of the hole 140-mm format, and the other side for hooking edge of the cover washer.

Test and review: Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 - water-cooling system with a closed loop four fans

Arctic Liquid Freezer 240: Noise level

Using the four fans on the radiator, and an additional pump CBO is hardly a positive impact on the noise level. Cooler Liquid Freezer 240 full-speed fan operates with a noise level above 40 dB (A), which can hardly be called comfortable – many air coolers quieter. But at a moderate speed of 1,000 rev / min is quite different. The level of noise NWO is in the middle, Liquid Freezer 240 is unlikely to interfere with the majority of users in their daily work. Fan speed can be set quite widely, including significantly reduced. 600 rev / min we have noise only 31.9 dB (A). However, very quiet Its made difficult because in addition to the fan noise is added and the pump running. At Liquid Freezer 240 pump operates relatively quietly, but still noticeable. However, at reduced speed fans H630 pump housing with insulation was barely audible. In principle, the speed of the pump can be reduced, although the effect of this small: stridulatory frequency changes, but it is still significant.

Test and review: Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 - water-cooling system with a closed loop four fans

Arctic Liquid Freezer 240: Tests with standard fan

The following test scenario, we evaluate the performance of the cooler with the standard fan at 1,000 rev / min and at maximum speed. For the tests we conducted CBO measurements without the housing cover so that it does not limit the cooling performance.

At full speed Liquid Freezer 240 came in our test leaders, ahead of even Lepa EXllusion 240 with two fans at 1,800 rev / min instead of 1,350 r / min at the Arctic. More interesting results at lower speeds. Push-pull configuration provides less performance degradation at lower rates than in the same CBO Lepa. In 1000 rev / min is the difference between the two systems has increased to three degrees. At 600 rev / min solution Arctic worked with little less noise, but 10 degrees capacity (60 instead of 70 degrees Celsius). Comparison with similar system Cryorig A40 we do not give as tested last in the body with a closed top cover. Soon we will have an additional test with the lid open.

Arctic Liquid Freezer 240: conclusion

Arctic chosen for Liquid Freezer 240 modern and quite convincing fifth-generation platform from Asetek. A special feature is the use of ITS Arctic fans on both sides of the heat exchanger in a push-pull configuration. That is, two fans blow the air into the radiator, the two still work on the hood. In this configuration, the cooling performance while reducing the fan speed does not fall so much. So, unlike some of its competitors, Liquid Freezer 240 is not required to operate at high speeds fan for good cooling performance. Although twice the number of fans, the noise level of NWO Arctic at moderate speeds was quite low. Furthermore, since the fans Arctic restricted rate of 1.350 / min, even at full speed 240 Liquid Freezer was not as loud as some competitors. The pump worked relatively quiet, it is also possible to slow down, but this is unlikely to help because of the cyclical nature of the noise.

Test and review: Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 - water-cooling system with a closed loop four fans

However, the thickness of the radiator with two fans almost reaches 9 cm, which can be considered the most serious disadvantage of push-pull configuration. In most buildings the cooling system for installation under the hood will conflict with the motherboard. And if the manufacturer has not shifted on to the 120-mm fan cover holes in the housing side of the motherboard, install Liquid Freezer 240 may result in a fiasco. Unfortunately, Arctic has not added supplied short screws, which would only set the radiator with two fans, screwing it directly to the body. But if the body is enough space for the CBO, then the installation will be no problems. With regard to the water block, Arctic instead of the usual metal back plate use a simple plastic spider. Probably, such a step has allowed to save a little.

Despite double the number of fans, Liquid Freezer 240 was one of the best water cooling systems with closed loop and 240-mm coil. The same Asetek Cryorig A40 system costs 30 euros more expensive, but it is based only on two fans (and a small additional fan near the CPU socket). Although the compatibility issues it has fewer.

If your body is enough space for the Arctic Liquid Freezer 240, you will get a modern and powerful CBO closed loop at a reasonable price. Therefore, we award it our reward “price / quality.”

Benefits of Arctic Liquid Freezer 240:

  • Very good price / performance ratio
  • High cooling capacity, a slight drop in performance while reducing fan speed / noise
  • Fans PWM with a wide range of adjustment and the corresponding range of the noise level, it is possible to connect several fans via one connector

Disadvantages Arctic Liquid Freezer 240:

  • Radiator with twice the number of fans fit in every case
  • The pump can be slowed down, but the effect is not specific will

Source: eteknix

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