Tesoro Thyrsus review and test: mouse for MMO and mat Aegis X2

Tesoro Thyrsus review and test: mouse for MMO and mat Aegis X2

Tesoro offers a wide range of gaming mice. But Thyrsus – special model. The mouse is aimed at gamers in massively multiplayer games MMO. Therefore, it is equipped with additional buttons for the thumb, and the shape of the mouse body ergonomically made. We got a mouse in a test lab, Tesoro escorted her rug Aegis X2.

MMO Games collect huge audience of gamers, it is not surprising that the peripheral manufacturers produce devices specially adapted for players in the MMO. Most mice are similar to Pioneer Razer Naga, they are distinguished by two features. The first – the set of keys for the thumb to be able to once again not to go to the keyboard to perform actions in the game. The second – the form of ergonomic mice made to the brush does not get tired during long gaming battles.

Tesoro Thyrsus no exception. Tesoro added to the mouse panel with six buttons. Unlike Razer Naga Hex and Hex V2, buttons are not arranged in a circle and set in a matrix. As for the sensor, the mouse built popular ADNS-9800 to 8.200 dpi. Not without its multicolor LED-backlight. Thyrsus Mouse can be purchased at the price 57 euros in Europe. That is even cheaper than the two models Razer Naga Hex.

Tesoro Thyrsus review and test: mouse for MMO and mat Aegis X2

Of course, for purposes of comparison with the other models we tested on the reference Thyrsus the mouse mat. But we had a mouse tests Tesoro Thyrsus and on the company’s mat Aegis X2. Rug Aegis tissue, it is available in four different sizes: Aegis X1 – the very small rug, Aegis X2 – a medium-sized, Aegis X3 – large, Aegis X4 – very large. Depending on the size, the price ranges from 700 to 1,700 rubles (9-29 euros). In our test lab mouse pad I came with the X2 Aegis average size of 28.9 (L) x 24.1 (W) x 0.3 (H) cm. All Aegis pads use a special fabric cover with a 3D-textured high density and smooth surface that provides high recognition accuracy coordinates and good glide.

Tesoro benefited for naming mouse mats and Greek mythology. Tierce (Thyrsus) – this is the rod of God give birth to the forces of nature and wine Dionysus. A Aegis (Aegis) – mythical cloak of goatskin, which belonged to Zeus, and has a magical barrier properties.

Tesoro Thyrsus review and test: mouse for MMO and mat Aegis X2

Mouse Thyrsus in detail

Mouse housing Thyrsus has an asymmetric angular shape and is oriented to right-handers. Tesoro made a rather wide body, especially away, he comes to the right that allows you to rest on a ledge of the little finger. For a relatively small MMO mouse weight – only 103 of a lot can not be expected for comparison, the same Razer Naga Hex V2 weighs 135 About RGB backlight. Illuminated logo and the mouse wheel, and they belong to the same zone.

Of course, the special function of MMO-mouse are six buttons for the thumb. However, because the buttons are arranged in a matrix, the thumb will be moved to different distances – in contrast to the same Naga Hex. The buttons on the touch are different from each other. In particular, the button in the second row (3 and 4) comprise small tangible projections. Progress buttons for thumb deep enough, there is a small gap. In practice, the buttons are triggered reliably press is accompanied by a click.

Side view clearly shows the various mouse surface Tesoro. mouse cover is made of plastic with a rubberized, soft and pleasant to the touch. Excellent adhesion to them. The sides of the mouse are made of glossy plastic. It makes a variety of design, but fingerprints on such coverage is too noticeable.

Tesoro Thyrsus review and test: mouse for MMO and mat Aegis X2

The little finger can rest on a ledge to the right, the buttons are not provided for him. For the three middle fingers are installed two main buttons with precise and reliable switches Omron, smooth rubberized scroll wheel and a small button DPI. It allows you to switch between the six stages of DPI. Steps (400, 1.200, 2.400, 3.200, 4.800 and 8.200 dpi) fixed. A tool we can not change them.

Thyrsus cable braided reaches 2 m. Excess cable can be rolled up and fixed with an easy velcro.

The thickness of the mat Aegis is about 3 mm, the average level. The same can be said about the hardness of the tissue mat. Surface with fine mesh structure is relatively smooth. Mouse on a rug that feels lighter than on our reference SteelSeries QcK Heavy. With regard to the accuracy of the scan or the Thyrsus, any other optical mice complaints have arisen. Visually noticeable on the carpet striped pattern. There were no manufacturer’s logo and the model name.

Bottom rubber mat, so Aegis does not slip and stay in his place. But because of the rubber mat unpleasant smell the first few days, the smell disappears with time.

Tesoro Thyrsus review and test: mouse for MMO and mat Aegis X2

Thyrsus Software

Thyrsus Mouse belongs to the category of plug and play, for it is enough to connect to the computer. However, to fine-tune it makes sense to download from the manufacturer’s website utility capacity of 6.19 MB. RAR archive simply unzip, then run the utility via the EXE file without installation. It can be called a simple and intuitive interface of the program. But there are some limitations in functionality. We could not change the DPI adjustment stage, the same applies to the RGB-illumination. Instead, select 256 colors per channel, we were able to set the value from 0 to 3. In addition to the static backlight can be activated by breathing mode or switch colors. But the speed of the effect, again, is not regulated.

You can set up to five profiles, between which you can switch quickly. Each profile is supported by the binding of the mouse buttons. You can easily create profiles for each game.

Among the advanced configuration options (Advanced) is actually hiding a rather simple adjustment. For example, the speed of the cursor, scrolling, and double-click. But there is a macro editor. As in the case of most laser mice, the separation distance (LOD) can not be adjusted. On the page, click advertised LOD setting, perhaps this feature will be added later.

Thyrsus Practical tests

Tesoro has provided Thyrsus four Teflon feet. Mouse slide fairly easily, but the control is not lost. The ergonomic shape of the mouse is securely in the hand, creating a feeling of reliable tools – all hand movements are transmitted to the game. We think most gamers will use the whole hand grip (Palm). Of course, the ADNS-9800 sensor is not best suited for first-person shooter due to the non-linear acceleration. But for such a feature of the MMO is not critical, a shooter with an average dynamics, such as of Battlefield, you can play with Thyrsus quite confident. Unlike most optical sensors, laser is less demanding to the surface normal mouse therefore relates to white or smooth surfaces.

Tesoro Thyrsus review and test: mouse for MMO and mat Aegis X2


Thyrsus Mouse explicitly designed as an alternative to Razer Naga. The latter has recently been updated to version Razer Naga Hex V2 with seven buttons for your thumb. As might be expected, the two mice for MMO set in the offer of the thumb buttons. The layout of the buttons from different manufacturers, but with the work they are coping. In direct comparison Naga Hex V2 seems to be more expensive and quality. Software Razer also is ahead of, at least, if you do not mind the user registration Synapse. The sensor at the Tesoro can be attributed to the benefits. Of course, the laser sensor ADNS-9800 the adherents fps causes mixed feelings, but it fits perfectly for the MMO. And the problems with the axis Z is not observed, unlike Razer sensor.

Aegis mat can be called a great companion Thyrsus. Tesoro Mats pleased very attractive price, especially the variants with small size. Even the mouse Thyrsus price / performance ratio is very good, at least when compared to a direct competitor of Razer. If you need a mouse for MMO with a good laser sensor, it is worth paying attention to Thyrsus.

Benefits Tesoro Thyrsus:

  • Six programmable buttons easily accessible for the thumb
  • The ergonomic shape ensures a long game without the appearance of fatigue, rubber surface provides a good grip with the hand
  • You can adjust the DPI in six steps

Disadvantages Tesoro Thyrsus:

  • Limited functionality Utilities
  • Do the buttons for the thumb there is a backlash
  • On glossy sidewalls too well noticeable fingerprints

Source: techpowerup

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