SteelSeries Siberia P800: Test and review – Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Siberia P800: Test and review - Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Siberia P800, according to the manufacturer, can be called the best gaming wireless headset on the market. A very bold statement, so it will be interesting to look at the practical results of the tests. One immediately say: expensive headset is quite different from its competitors. But whether the benefits really so great?

Gaming headsets on the market usually cause only a smile with fans of good sound, because they believe they are more toys than serious solutions. Especially interesting will be to test the SteelSeries Siberia P800, as the manufacturer promises the best wireless gaming headset in the world. SteelSeries had to make some tweaks to achieve the said objectives, as can be seen immediately after unpacking the headset. If other manufacturers attract the attention illuminated RGB, in Siberia P800 we get advanced features through an external unit. It allows you to connect headphones simultaneously to multiple devices, but we will discuss later.

But the best headset for gamers led to other consequences. Namely, to the price that can not be called available. For gaming headset SteelSeries Siberia P800 will have to pay around 320 euros. In Russia, the headphones have not yet appeared. We have before us one of the most expensive suite in our lab, although in the field of audio enthusiasts like the price is quite acceptable.

SteelSeries Siberia P800: Test and review - Wireless Gaming Headset

Design and build quality

SteelSeries has chosen for its high-end gaming headset simple yet stylish design. As in most of the models on the market is dominated by black. SteelSeries has used a combination of matte and glossy plastic. Last we do not quite like. because it is too noticeable fingerprints.

For variety SteelSeries added orange accents on the bezel and ear cushions to protect the speaker, but to put on the headphones, they are almost invisible. For glossy panel is the battery. Therefore, it will still have from time to time to remove fingerprints are inevitable. In general, the headphones Siberia P800 are much less cumbersome than the same Razer Man’OWar, here they occupy a middle position among the products tested.

The quality of the headphones raises no objections, but for this price I would like more quality selection of materials. Also, some of the edges were quite sharp. Here we are finding fault, but do not forget about the high price Siberia P800.

SteelSeries Siberia P800: Test and review - Wireless Gaming Headset

In the left ear SteelSeries has provided a retractable microphone. It extends to the arc length of 11 cm, the position of the microphone can be flexibly changed, if necessary.

At the bottom of the right earpiece is the main switch and two analog interface. With a single plug audio signal may be supplied to the second headset. So there you sit together on the sofa, then for the second headset will be enough to reach the cable from the first – to connect to an external unit, which is expected to be placed at the TV, not need.


Headset SteelSeries Siberia P800 weighs about 318 grams, at a normal level for a game of wireless headphones. So that the neck and the head does not get tired even after long gaming sessions.

SteelSeries Siberia P800: Test and review - Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries has set soft leather ear pads that improve wearer comfort. They provide better insulation against ambient noise than the same ear pads of nylon. But the full insulation in Siberia P800 headphones is not.

However, under the ear leather ear pads will heat up and sweat on hot summer days. Frankly, at this price the manufacturer would add the second ear cups supplied to satisfy all users. The inner diameter of the cups is 55 mm, the average level among the tested headphones.

Bow of matte plastic SteelSeries also supplied the soft pads. Dimensions arch can be changed in the range of 37 mm, which will adapt to the shape of Siberia P800 user’s head. The range is also quite standard. In any case, we recommend that you try on headphones before you buy. Also, the bow is quite pressing on his head, so someone may not like to wear a long time Siberia P800.

Steelseries Siberia P800 | In the listening tests

At first glance, Siberia P800 – pretty standard headset. But if other gaming headsets like Razer Man’o War or Corsair Void impress excellent facilities, the SteelSeries decided to do otherwise. For example, the SteelSeries completely abandoned backlight RGB-LED, leaving the headphones only interfaces and controls.

Manufacturer refused USB-module, instead of which the headphones are connected through an external unit. Last somewhat reminiscent of Apple TV, perhaps a little bigger and thicker. SteelSeries has made outer block completely black, high-gloss sidewalls, the top we have a matte surface except SteelSeries logo.

SteelSeries Siberia P800: Test and review - Wireless Gaming Headset

The first important difference: at the SteelSeries on the rear panel of the outdoor unit, we get not only a USB port, and optical input and output, and analog input and output in the form of a 3.5-mm jacks. As a result of Siberia P800 provides greater connection flexibility than a headset with USB-module.

To control the front adds a large rotary knob to the left of which you can see a small button. There is also a small OLED-display with white text. SteelSeries completely abandoned the driver is installed, all functions Siberia P800 can be controlled by an external unit. This allows efficient use of headphones, such as game consoles – all your settings are stored.

The handle allows you to quickly navigate through the menu options. There are four menu (Audio, Source, Profiles, Options), so do not get confused. There is a 5-band equalizer, which are available for six different pre-defined settings, but you can adjust the equalizer, and of their own accord. You can activate or modes Shat Livemixes, as well as Dolby function.

Here, of course, the SteelSeries stands out among its competitors, since it is possible to make settings without any driver. The possibilities here are no worse and maybe even better, because the headphones to your settings can be used with any gaming consoles and other gadgets.

On the right panel of the outdoor unit, there is another interesting feature. Here you can recharge the headphone battery. SteelSeries has invested supplied two batteries, so what about the sudden emptying of the charge can not worry.

SteelSeries Siberia P800: Test and review - Wireless Gaming Headset

Listening tests

SteelSeries in the development of Siberia P800 headphone took into account a number of factors, which should provide an advantage over competitors. Yet with such a high price you expect really great sound.

SteelSeries has aimed to be the best wireless gaming headset in the world. In the end, everything depends on the user’s personal preferences, but Siberia P800 sounds great, serious deficiencies we found. We conducted tests with a neutral (flat) position, the equalizer to its setting does not affect the sound quality.

After the first notes of “Forgiven not forgotten”, we drew attention to the neutral sound SteelSeries Siberia P800. Competitors often amplified low frequency P800 but they sounded more subdued, although the general trend of gaming headsets on the transfer of low frequencies in the foreground was visible here. String instruments sounded very lively and bright, even at high volume distortion appeared. Headphones Siberia P800 is quite capable of providing powerful, yet precise bass frequencies that became clear when later joined by percussion instruments. They sounded dynamic and expression. Andrea Corr’s voice stood out well against instruments that once again underlines the high-end orientation Siberia P800. It is a pity that the noise appeared on silent pauses.

In other scenarios, Headset Siberia P800 also showed their best side, including this also applies to the online broadcast involving several players – the focus was never lost, all the details accurately reproduced. One of the advantages SteelSeries can be called a great surround sound. For example, all the tools are accurately distributed on the stage, the volume of felt good to record MTV Unplugged.

Of course, demanding users will want to adjust the equalizer to your taste, for example, to raise the high frequencies, and to make the sound more airy. In direct comparison, our reference stereo headphones AKG K701 showed a more dynamic and “free” sound.

In games and multimedia scenarios headphone Siberia P800 performed well. Sounds are always clearly separated and positioned, the same gun could always calculate in space. Explosions sounded realistic, and with great detail. It is also a great advantage Siberia P800 can be called a sense of space shooters and other similar games. Movement enemies could always clearly defined, even with two speakers we have received a good feeling of space.

Or not to include Dolby surround sound technology – decide for yourself. The feeling of space and a good out of the box, if it is to enhance, you can lose precision.

SteelSeries Siberia P800: Test and review - Wireless Gaming Headset

Steelseries Siberia P800 | conclusion

We have not been able to answer the question whether it is possible to name SteelSeries Siberia P800 best wireless headset for gamers. Still, it all depends on the preferences of individual users.

But SteelSeries is really able to release high-end headset market. It has a modest but stylish look that leaves a high quality impression. The headset is really made on the conscience, although the quality of the materials could be higher, as the hem. In the comfort of wearing the SteelSeries Siberia P800 is still inferior Razer Man O’War, because the bow too strongly presses the headphones on your head.

In terms of sound quality wireless headset SteelSeries quite satisfied. On the one hand, it provides good immersion into the game, on the other hand, when listening to the sound of music can be called living and natural. In practice, this approach works well, felt the bass, headphone Siberia P800 well suited for music and games.

Special functions can be called an external unit which provides Siberia P800 excellent connectivity flexibility. You can apply sound to the headphones simultaneously with multiple devices. In addition, through the sound output can be easily transmitted to the second pair of headphones. Of course, this function need not to everyone, but in some scenarios, it may be useful.

It remains a question of price. If you enjoy the highest quality sound, you probably prefer the classic headphones with an external microphone. But if you need a versatile headset with maximum comfort and quality, the SteelSeries Siberia P800 is suitable for this role well.

Benefits Steelseries Siberia P800:

  • Excellent sound
  • Stylish appearance
  • Outdoor unit with connections
  • Ability to connect a second headset
  • Second battery included

Disadvantages Steelseries Siberia P800:

  • High price
  • The quality of materials could be higher

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