SteelSeries Rival 500 and Rival 700 Test and review: two gaming mouse with innovative features

SteelSeries Rival 500 and Rival 700 Test and review: two gaming mouse with innovative features

In our test lab arrived two mouse Rival 500 and Rival 700 company SteelSeries, which differ markedly from each other, despite the same family. But the mouse Rival 500 for MOBA games/MMO, and Rival 700 OLED display offering a number of special functions.

The mouse is targeted at a different audience. Flatter Rival 700 relies on traditional technology, but equipped with OLED-display side. Note and modular design, including the ability to change the sensor. The mouse is aimed mainly at gamers in first person shooters. Rival 500, on the other hand, is a mouse-MOBA/MMO. For her, SteelSeries has thought of a special layout of the thumb buttons.

But between the two models can be traced and similarities, and concerns not only the same packaging design. Both mice support the RGB backlight and function of the vibratory (tactile) impact that using vibration will inform the gamer, for example, when will cool down. The corresponding settings can be made using a utility SteelSeries Engine 3. The sensors of the two mice are identical. SteelSeries used the optical sensor PWM-3360 resolution up to 16.000 DPI. Especially interesting is this fact from the mouse Rival 500 because the producers for mice MOBA/MMO usually choose laser sensors that are popular with all gamers. Finally, for the price of two mice is too close, they will have to pay about 90 euros.

SteelSeries Rival 500 and Rival 700 Test and review: two gaming mouse with innovative features

Mice differ in appearance. From Rival 700 form more flat, bringing the mouse closer to the models for the fps. But Rival 500 we have as many as 15 buttons. As a result, the gamers of MOBA/MMO will be able to perform different commands directly on the mouse. There are other differences, so we consider both mice separately.

Before we consider the Rival both models in detail, let me give you base specifications:

SteelSeries Rival 500SteelSeries Rival 700
Sensor:Pixart PMW-3360, opticalPixart PMW-3360, optical (modular)
Resolution:Max. 16.000 DPIMax. 16.000 DPI
Acceleration:Max. 50 gMax. 50 g
Scan speed:Up to 7 m/sUp to 7 m/s
Switches:SteelSeries up to 30 million clicksSteelSeries up to 30 million clicks
Additional buttons:Thumb – 6 on the lid – 4Thumb – 3, cover – 1
Design:Ergonomic design for right-handed use, a relatively bulky mouseErgonomic design for right-handed low body
Feet slide:33
Cable:2 m non-stick coating1 m in a plastic braid or 2 m in tissue
Dimensions:119 x 78 x 43 mm (l x W x h)125 x 68 x 42 mm (l x W x h)
Weight:129,7 g135 g
Price:89,90 Euro87,99 €


SteelSeries Rival 500 Review

Mouse MOBA/MMO usually equipped with a rather bulky case – in the end, additional buttons have somewhere to place. Mouse Rival 500 is no exception, as it is wider Rival 700 one centimeter. In this case SteelSeries have made the base of the mouse are quite short. Similar size and shape allow you to hold the mouse is not only full palm (palm), but also grip with your fingertips (fingertip) and half of the palm (claw) – unlike some of its competitors. The weight of the mouse is nearly 130 g, so Rival 500 clearly refers to the most severe models. But for the target audience it is not as critical as, for example, for gamers in fps.

Many mice MMO we get the whole digital panel with buttons for the thumb. But SteelSeries has chosen a different path. Buttons Rival 500 too many, but they are easily available and clearly separated from each other. In the area of thumb, you can see six buttons. Three of them frame the top area with a rubber coating that improves grip with the thumb. Part of the rubber coating is a button. Finally, below are two more buttons, but press them to be not perpendicular to the surface, and down. Simply slip your thumb down with a rubber surface, such movement natural. As a result, the thumb buttons easier to use than the classic digital panel. All six buttons SteelSeries touch are distinguishable.

SteelSeries Rival 500 and Rival 700 Test and review: two gaming mouse with innovative features

Of course, this location of the thumb buttons works well only when a small number. So SteelSeries have assigned buttons to the rest of the fingers. In addition to the main left button for the index finger are two additional buttons. Also for the ring finger added another button besides the right. The buttons are made so that they can be easy to grope blindly. In addition, you can configure the tactile feedback of each button. Available are ten different types of vibration. After tuning, the mouse will turn on the vibration corresponding to the pressed button.

Finally, Rival 500 is a separate selection button DPI on the cover (it allows you to switch between two customizable levels of DPI), the mouse wheel is of the type 4-way, i.e., it can push right/left.

SteelSeries Rival 500 and Rival 700 Test and review: two gaming mouse with innovative features

The only free finger remains finger. He can rest comfortably on the sidewall with a rubber coating.

For mice with a similar price was quite strange to not find a standard 2-m cable, and shortened. Yes and a plastic braided cable SteelSeries still not as pretty as the fabric.

Rival 500 is based on three major legs of the slide. From below you can also notice a toggle switch that locks the bottom two side buttons for thumb. The lock is mechanical, not electronic. When the toggle switch is moved to the red position, the button will simply cease to pressed. And they can be used, for example, for the rest of your thumb. Page 3: SteelSeries Rival 700 in parts

SteelSeries Rival 500 and Rival 700 Test and review: two gaming mouse with innovative features

SteelSeries Rival 700 Review

Unlike related models for a MOBA/MMO mouse Rival 700 much lower, while it is also slightly longer. Despite the focus on first person shooters (fps), this model is even slightly heavier than Rival 500 – 135 g. In the tests we will assess the practical effect of such weight.

A major advantage of Rival 700 is modularity. Users can replace different components of the mouse. Including connection cable: package Rival 700 includes short and long cable.

In addition to modularity and tactile feedback of the flagship mouse of SteelSeries pleased with the OLED display. It is located in front of the thumb buttons under the cover of transparent plastic. The display is monochrome, the resolution is small – only 128 x 36 pixels. Mouse display seem futuristic and innovative, but the practical benefit is small. Of course, users can upload images or animation (preferably monochrome, and the resolution of the display). The animation with a frame rate of 10 fps. On its website, SteelSeries offers a range of demonstrations.

SteelSeries Rival 500 and Rival 700 Test and review: two gaming mouse with innovative features

The thumb area is equipped with a rubber surface texture to the two buttons you can easily reach.

The usual scroll wheel 2-way complemented by a dpi button to switch between two custom dpi levels. SteelSeries, as in the case of Rival 500, established under the main buttons switches of its own production. If you used that main buttons are being pushed pretty hard as the typical mice for fps, in the case of Rival 700 will have to be retrained – pressing is soft. However, the accuracy of clicking is not affected, the tactile feedback is good, with a loud click.

SteelSeries Rival 500 and Rival 700 Test and review: two gaming mouse with innovative features

Cover mouse, on which rests the palm of his hand, easily removed. SteelSeries has not made alternative covers with the mouse, but can be purchased separately. For 19.99 Euro you can purchase a set with a glossy and a matte cover coated with antiperspirant. But you can buy and set Cover Color Pack with three textured covers, red, white and blue colors at the same price. Finally, cover DOTA 2 will cost 9.99 euros.

The mouse is focused on the modularity of other components. For example, you can easily replace the USB cable. The delivery set includes two cables: a conventional rubberized a length of 1 m and with a cloth wrapped, length 2 m. So if the cable is damaged, replace with no problems.

More interesting is the modular design of the mouse sensor. Regular Rival 700 has a PWM module-3360. But if you prefer a laser sensor, you can buy a module with Pixart ADNS-9800 for € 29.99. According to our impressions, the replacement is not the best. That is more interesting, SteelSeries has to offer in the future, new sensors, so Rival 700 is not obsolete and in a few years.

SteelSeries Rival 500 and Rival 700 Test and review: two gaming mouse with innovative features

SteelSeries Rival 500 and Rival 700: Software – SteelSeries Engine 3

SteelSeries offers the SteelSeries Engine 3 with a very friendly interface, which is compatible with a variety of products from SteelSeries. However, most of the major manufacturers of gaming peripherals also offer similar one-stop solutions. Here we can mention the Gaming Software from Logitech, Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) from Corsair or Razer Synapse. And offers SteelSeries Engine 3. On the first tab provides summary information about SteelSeries products in the system. When a product is selected a new window opens. As usual, the user can set up the binding buttons, two-level DPI adjustment, lighting, polling rate, Angle Snapping to activate etc. there is a macro editor. In the case of Rival 700 after clicking on the OLED opens a separate window where you can load images or animations to be displayed on the OLED display.

SteelSeries Rival 500 and Rival 700 Test and review: two gaming mouse with innovative features

In the main window, Engine 3 except the first tab, there are two more. The second tab is dedicated profiles for different games. The last tab GameSense, on the one hand, it is highly innovative. On the other hand, the most controversial. When the function is activated GameSense program Engine 3 determines the start-up of certain games and automatically downloads profiles. Only these profiles open the possibility to use all functions of the mouse. For example, the profiles set up the lighting for the game, force feedback and OLED display. Thus, the illumination color may vary from red to green depending on the health of the character. And with a low level of health can be added to the vibration of the heart rate. On the display, for example, you can display the rating of K/D (the ratio between the number of enemies killed and their own deaths of the player). Function GameSense was presented in summer 2015, with support for games CS:GO and Minecraft. But if SteelSeries want to achieve a wide dissemination of its technology, and the number of supported games should be more. After the announcement of GameSense was added only profile for DOTA 2 (which on our test system and not earned). Not to say that SteelSeries is actively developing GameSense.

In addition, GameSense is not the only solution, automatically downloading and activating the profiles for different games. The largest library of games is observed today at the Razer Chroma Workshop. The library officially integrated 25 games, but through a community of developers to support more games. After loading the profile, the program automatically adjusts the backlight Razer supported products, including mice or keyboards. Of course, SteelSeries gives you more hardware: RBG illumination, tactile feedback and (in the case of Rival 700) display, but everything is complicated by meager support games.

SteelSeries Rival 500 and Rival 700: Tests and conclusion

Two mice from SteelSeries features sensor the PMW-3360. Of course, the resolution 16.000 DPI is hardly true in practice, but the sensor is one of the strongest advantages of the Rival 500 and Rival 700. Mouse movements are transmitted to the game 1:1, the sensor copes with a significant acceleration and high speed movement. In General, the optical sensor can be called a very good choice for a wide variety of game genres. Good optical sensor copes with different surfaces. For example, Rival mouse worked perfectly on the white countertop, which can not handle a model with an optical sensor.

In particular, the sensor had a positive impact on Rival 500. Other mouse MOBA/MMO are usually equipped with less powerful sensors, however, the product SteelSeries benefits from the accuracy and reliability of PMW-3360. Mouse Rival 500 easily cope not only with MOBA games/MMO, but with first-person shooters. In addition, SteelSeries has included different types of grip that will certainly appeal to many gamers. Note and two thumb buttons that are pressed down. But if necessary you can block them. If you need all the keys, then find them by feel very comfortable, the contours are distinguishable. With their Razer mice (from the last Naga Hex and Hex V2) the optimized thumb buttons, the SteelSeries it continued. Six-thumb buttons are located not just in a circle, and optimized individually. Furthermore, additional buttons are provided for the index and ring fingers.

But the mouse Rival 700 weighs a lot – 135, Typical mouse for fps is still much easier. The main buttons work exactly, but relatively gently (the same applies to Rival 500). Therefore, in shooters the first time will have to get used to. But after getting used to the weight and soft buttons, both of these characteristics turn into advantages. To manage Rival 700 is very accurate, and the soft buttons are just more comfortable, especially in daily work. Of course, for very fast shooters like Unreal Tournament, many gamers prefer a lighter mouse. But for tactical shooters, for example, rulers of the Battlefield, mouse Rival 700 fits perfectly. Of course, I had some time to get used to, but then the mouse Rival 700 shown very convincing results in Battlefield 4.


Both models Rival can be purchased at a price of about 90 Euro, so we have some of the most expensive gaming mice on the market. Of course, the buyer will receive a quality mouse that will last a long time. Also, both mice are equipped with one of the best optical sensors on the market. But it is not enough to gain a significant market share of gaming mice, where competition is very high. Therefore, SteelSeries has come up with several features that distinguish Rival 500 and Rival 700 among the competitors.

Mouse Rival 500 us in many ways convinced. The mouse benefits from a clever arrangement of numerous additional buttons. They are well separated from each other, the error is smaller than in the case of digital panels with buttons. Both mouse Rival equipped with a lighting system RGB, vibrational (tactile) feedback and, in the case of Rival 700, even a display device. If these functions are to set by themselves, they are very convincing. You can choose any highlight color from the palette RGB, although there is no usual effects of breath or alternating colors. Vibration can be set to indicate pressing individual buttons or timer. If you know the cooldown time of the events in the game, you can make the appropriate timer settings in the utility. In the game, just press the button to start event/timer, and after the cool down of the mouse will give vibrate (you can choose any effect of vibration out of ten). You can also display a picture or animation on the OLED display.

Of course, SteelSeries would like to combine all these features and activate them automatically in the games. It just introduced GameSense, which recognizes a running game and includes the corresponding profile with lighting, effects, vibration, and display. That sounds great, but in practice everything is not so smooth. While supported by only three games it is too little. The more that GameSense is not earned we have one game out of three. Hardware two mice Rival on the height, now SteelSeries efforts should be made to the software toppings.

It is a pity that the innovative Rival 700 gets our award because of the shortcomings of the implementation. Mouse Rival 500, on the other hand, we would like to highlight. We are the first mouse MOBA/MMO in the test lab, which boasts and arrangement of buttons and a great sensor.

Advantages SteelSeries Rival 500:

  • Great optical sensor
  • High quality workmanship
  • A total of 15 buttons, well separated from each other
  • Vibration impact, for example, timer to cool down
  • Good customization options in the software
  • Two (disconnected) thumb buttons, which are pressed down

Disadvantages SteelSeries Rival 500:

  • Only for right-handers
  • Support GameSense is very limited

Advantages SteelSeries Rival 700:

  • Great optical sensor
  • High quality workmanship
  • Vibration impact, for example, timer to cool down
  • The OLED display looks beautiful
  • Good customization options in the software

Disadvantages SteelSeries Rival 700:

  • Relatively heavy, the main soft button that is not customary for gamers in fps
  • Only for right-handers
  • Support GameSense is very limited

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