SteelSeries Rival 500 Review gaming mouse

SteelSeries Rival 500 Review gaming mouse


Although SteelSeries was at the forefront of the production of gaming peripherals in its modern version, there was one direction that they have been unable to master fully. We are talking about multibutton MMO mice. Approximately in 2008-2010, the company has released a pair of wired and one wireless variant of such devices, branded under World of Warcraft. Since they come complete lull in this segment.

And only now, with a full upgrade of the periphery of a Rival series, the company decided to release a new MMO mouse. And that probably only because this is almost all the competitors. Meet SteelSeries Rival 500. The cutest multibutton mouse SteelSeries. With a motor. And this is no joke!

SteelSeries Rival 500: Specifications

The manufacturer’s
ModelRival 500
InterfaceWired (USB)
TypeGaming (FPS/MMO/RTS games)
Sensor typeOptical
The model of the sensorPixart PMW3360
Resolution, cpi100 – 16 000
The number of buttons15 button + scroll (left, middle, right, tilt the wheel left and right selection key permits, three additional upper keys, the six side buttons)
Maximum acceleration, g50
The height of the detachment from the surface (LOD), mm2
Maximum speed, km/h7,62
The polling rate of the USB port, Hz125 / 250 / 500 / 1000
Frame rate, fps12 000
Internal memory, KB
Scroll vertical/horizontal+/+
Cord length, m2
The possibility of mass change
The ability to adjust the shape of the hull
Cable materialWithout braid
Material housing surfaceThe soft-touch plastic, rubber
BacklightYes (RGB, 16.8 million colors)
Area of illuminationThe scroll wheel, logo on the rear.
Legs materialTeflon (PTFE)
SoftwareYes (SteelSeries Engine 3)
Dimensions (l x W x h) mm119 x 78 x 43
Weight, g130
OS compatibilityWindows / Mac OS
AdditionallyLock the bottom keys, built-in vibration motor
Average cost, $80

The specs

SteelSeries Rival 500 Review gaming mouse

Packing is made in trend with all the latest products of the company. Gamma its colors consist of black, orange and white.

The outer part of the package is the cover, which is hidden under another box. The kit is not as such. The mouse SteelSeries Rival 500 rests in a thick layer of damping material, and on top of it holds short instruction executes concurrently the role of cap.

Appearance and design

The appearance of the mouse SteelSeries Rival 500  is sustained in uniform corporate style Rival — black, soft-touch materials and soft, ergonomic contours. The top panel consists of two separate parts — large main buttons and the stop by hand. Switches for the main buttons declared yield between failure of 30 million clicks. The buttons are soft-touch materials are more rigid and slippery, and behind it is milder and has a higher coefficient of friction. In addition to the LMB and RMB at the top middle there is a button to switch resolution, two additional keys on the left side and one on the right.Rubberized push the scroll wheel is responsible for the actuation of the middle button and tilts to the side. Total, the top already has nine keys. A lot. And what side?

SteelSeries Rival 500 Review gaming mouse

The left side of the manipulator contains six keys. They are placed with ergonomics of the human hand or rather her thumb. From the point of view of the designers of this product, the finger should rest on the side rubber panel marked with orange plastic insert. If you move it back a bit, there is the first side button, in the shape of a triangle with one rounded edge. Initially, I didn’t even see her and felt later, quite by accident. Two large buttons are at the bottom and pressed by lowering the finger down.They way you can fix, then get a convenient stand. Three more buttons (two l-shaped and one short) located around the perimeter of the top. They are pressed as usual — by pressing a direction. The rear part of the sidewall is a continuation of the upper soft-touch panel, and the front — similar in material to the main buttons. That’s just why you need a tactile notches behind the front button is unclear. Reach in there with your finger is difficult, even intentionally. All additional keys are made of matte grippy plastic.

In front projection the mouse SteelSeries Rival 500  looks like an s, button bar ends low enough. In the right part there is a ergonomic bend and the left, instead of the hump, made a direct surface. The cable enters the housing exactly in the middle and is too low. At the entrance is made with a 20 mm rubber bend protection. A special praise deserves the trackwheel. At once it was very clear and low noise. The position of fixing soft, and scroll wheel is very easy. In its place it does not falter and does not emit extraneous overtones.Inclinations in the parties and press is accompanied by clicks and the average noise power of resistance. The surface of the wheel is rubberized and has a small transverse incisions.

SteelSeries Rival 500 Review gaming mouse

Signal USB cable has a length of two meters and is deprived of braid. Stiffness is above average and its shape changes reluctantly. If possible, you should use “wire holder” to avoid friction on the surface and operation of the mouse was more comfortable. Near the connector there is a sticker reminding you to download the software.

Right side surface is made of hard rubber with a lot of cuts in the form of a pimple. Thanks to the nice fit and good grip, ring finger and little finger are on the sides comfortable.

Feed manipulator looks a little pointy, but actually it is round and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. There is a company logo with RGB backlight and rubber insert with the name of the series.

Rubber insert is removed in backward direction if it is to pry from the bottom. Instead, you can print your own version on a 3D printer, for example with your name or team name. The drawing is on the official product page. Such is the strange element of customization. I’m not sure that anyone wants to use it.

SteelSeries Rival 500 Review gaming mouse

At the bottom of the mouse there are three large Teflon feet, are equipped with notches to facilitate removal and replacement. On the right is a slider to lock the two bottom side buttons. Green — the buttons, the red one is fixed. The optical window of the infrared sensor Pixart PMW3360 shifted back relative to the center of the manipulator.

Switches the main keys pressed with medium pressure and the clicking is quieter than average. The tactile sensation of them pleasant. Button resolution changer works easily but with a loud click. All three upper keys tight when pressed and their operation is accompanied by a loud click.

All six side keys are pressed and grope very easy, fairly quiet sound. The most difficult to reach the bottom buttons, so it makes sense to assign the least popular actions.

SteelSeries Rival 500 has fully configurable RGB illumination in a zone of the scroll wheel and logo. In addition to a variety of colors, the backlight involves the ability to use a variety of lighting effects. Including with the ability to bind their activation to certain events. All the colors look lush and natural. Including white color.

SteelSeries Rival 500 Review gaming mouse

SteelSeries Rival 500: Proprietary software

As a software SteelSeries Rival 500 uses generic drivers SteelSeries Engine 3. In this case, the version was updated to 3.9.2. But the firmware of the mouse version I upgrade and failed because the process was interrupted every time with the error. Although the driver himself offered to carry out the update.

We have talked about the SteelSeries Engine 3 interface in the previous review. And because it has not changed, we will not go into details. The home screen greets the user, is called “My devices”. Here you can see all the connected peripherals, SteelSeries from here you can quickly select a configuration profile for her. A small tab on the left allows to re-scan for devices, if they have not been discovered automatically, and read the manual and answers to frequently asked questions.

In the “Library” stores a list of applications to which you can assign each individual profile of the user and the device.

In Gamesense in addition to adjusting lighting effects tied to certain events in the game, there was the ability to customize tactile feedback to alert on these events. The fact that SteelSeries Rival 500 is embedded vibration motor, able to create a tactilely perceptible vibration of different frequency, duration and intensity. According to the manufacturer, the accuracy of the cursor positioning this vibration is not affected.

SteelSeries Rival 500 Review gaming mouse

All available settings of the mouse are collected on one screen. The user can change its size at its discretion, the panels it are shifted accordingly. To reassign commands and macros are available for 15 keys and two directions of scrolling. The image of the mouse you can rotate the top view or side view in order to facilitate the location of the assigned keys.Hence, a separate setup of two zones of illumination. Two levels of sensitivity are exhibited in the range from 100 to 16000 cpi. To 12000 cpi (native resolution of the sensor), the tuning step is equal to 100 units.In the range of 12000 to 16000 (the value is doubled programmatically), the tuning step is equal to 200 units. Below the sensitivity exhibited adjustment built-in vibration motor. You can set many options for triggers for actuation and vibration effects. In addition, regulates the level of the corner binding, the acceleration and deceleration of the cursor polling rate of the sensor (within the standard 125, 250, 500 or 1000 Hz). If you click on the button “Config.”, on the left will open a list of saved profiles. Each of them can be tied to the start of a particular application.

In the backlight settings, you can choose any of 16.8 million colors and one of four lighting effects — a constant glow, change colors, mode breathing, trigger to be triggered by a particular event or completely disable the backlight.

The macro editor has not undergone any changes. Sequence of keystrokes the keyboard and mouse, taking into account a custom time intervals. All saved macros are accumulated in a list in the left tab.

SteelSeries Rival 500: Ergonomics and testing

Test mouse SteelSeries Rival 500 was made on the rug WoT Razer Goliathus (Speed medium). Check the body and shape of the mouse proved to be very pleasant and ergonomic. The mouse has no problem going down in the right hand medium or large size for any type of grip. Some of the issues in FPS games can cause its considerable weight 130 grams, but balancing the mass between the axles is quite good and smoothes the moment. What I especially liked to use, so it is clear and tactile clicking key and working the scroll wheel.It is no problem bends, pressed and rapid scrolling does not cause any inconvenience. It would be nice if SteelSeries used this wheel in all their mice. Main buttons can spontaneously occur when the body blow of the paddle on the table. Top additional keys definitely require getting used to, because pressed tight and they have to find by moving your fingers from their usual position in the side. In regard to the use of side buttons, it’s all good except for the front bottom of the switch. To reach for it blindly is problematic.

SteelSeries Rival 500 Review gaming mouseSteelSeries Rival 500 Review gaming mouse

The backlight is implemented is wonderful and can satisfy the most sophisticated user. But without the vibration motor could do. Play with its settings only fun the first couple of hours, and then begin to perceive his presence only as extra weight and extra cost. Slip feet medium resistance force, the inertia is almost not felt. This contributes to a great control over the cursor.

The software is quite clear and simple. Confused by the impossibility to update the firmware of the mouse, but it probably will correct in the next version.

The behavior of the sensor Pixart PMW3360 pleased me with their stability. Today it is one of the best optical sensors on the market. The native max resolution is 12000 cpi, however, the company decided to programmatically increase it to 16,000 from the marketing considerations — for the “competition” with laser sensors to Philips installed in top-end Razer mouse. The sensor has no problems with anti-aliasing, drifting, acceleration or linearity of the trajectory. The height of the detachment from the surface is not adjustable, but it is within the optimum 2 mm, which is acceptable in most cases.To thwart the cursor I have failed, as well as disperse it to the maximum allowable speed.

SteelSeries Rival 500: Conslusion

SteelSeries Rival 500 is a great manipulator, which will be a tough competition to similar models from other manufacturers. Comfortable shape and nice materials, great scroll wheel, a set of additional and properly placed buttons, huge legs, RGB backlighting and best-in-class optical sensor are the main advantages of this mouse. The ability to snap the bottom row of keys allows flick of the wrist to turn 500 Rival from MMO-manipulator in the mouse for FPS shooters.

It has some flaws, but they do not spoil the overall positive impression of the product. In particular, the mouse weighs quite a lot, has an innovative vibration motor, without which it would be quite possible to do and still damp, (but, as always in the new version). In addition, all of the buttons difficult to reach the front bottom of the switch. It would be quite possible to do longer or put in a different height.

Most SteelSeries Rival 500 impresses with its versatility. It is equally easy to use in games of all genres and production applications, assigning the most frequently requested functions to additional buttons.

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