Steelseries APEX M500 Test and review: mechanical keyboard with compact design

Steelseries APEX M500 Test and review: mechanical keyboard with compact design

In the past, we have repeatedly tested Steelseries keyboard. Design, they never stood out, but the keyboard can not be called simple. Several other was Steelseries APEX M500: a simple and unremarkable keyboard, however, is quite compact. In tests, the keyboard proved to be good all the details you’ll learn in the review.

First impression: the keyboard is very compact and easy. But the quality of materials and workmanship to the occasion. In addition, the equipment can not be called cheap. Steelseries chose mechanical switches from Cherry, namely MX Red. In the past they have often pleased with their performance. Not without illumination. But Steelseries chose monochrome blue backlight.All buttons are fully programmable for APEX M500 will have to pay 130 euros in Europe.

Steelseries APEX M500 Test and review: mechanical keyboard with compact design

Technical Specifications – Steelseries APEX M500:

  • Switches: Cherry MX Red
  • Response Power: about 45 g
  • Proceedings before the trip: 2.0 mm
  • Progress to stop: 4.0 mm
  • Keys: ABS
  • Marking: laser engraving
  • Backlight blue LED
  • lighting functions: the different levels of brightness, breathing effect
  • Technical Details: each button can be programmed
  • Additional keys: no multimedia keys (double function key assignment)
  • Additional interfaces: no
  • Anti-Ghosting: Yes
  • Stand for rest of hands: no
  • Cable: length about 2.0 m
  • Dimensions: 440 x 136 mm

Scope of delivery / accessories:

  • Steelseries APEX M500
  • Quick Setup Guide

Steelseries APEX M500: Design and manufacturing quality

First impression: keyboard Steelseries APEX M500 is very compact, as you can guess from the same box. Steelseries has decided to concentrate on the basic characteristics of the keypad and reduced size to a minimum.The layout is standard, no extra buttons – we mean the media keys or macros. But Steelseries APEX M500 supports dual-use function keys, the backlight is also regulated through the F-keys. All the keys are the same size, space, and Enter is also quite standard, as well as arrows. We tested with a German keyboard layout, in Russia it is sold with the Russian keyboard layout.

Top cover surrounding the key, is made of high-grade plastic. The surface has a light texture and is resistant to the accumulation of dust and dirt. The keys are set on the blue substrate to light it seemed more intense. keyboard frame is made as narrow and compact as possible. In the upper right corner you can see the logo of the manufacturer with four LED, displays the status of the keyboard.

Lower keypad is also plastic, but you can see several recesses. It seems to us, Steelseries added to improve their mechanical strength. There Steelseries APEX M500really shows its best side. The keyboard does not flex, even if strongly to press the keys. backdrop design principle provides the necessary strength. To be able to bring the cable in the right direction, Steelseries added to the Steelseries APEX M500 three troughs for laying cables. As a result, you can bring the cable in the middle, on the right or left of the keyboard.

Steelseries APEX M500 Test and review: mechanical keyboard with compact design

The photograph clearly visible one of the chutes for the cable. Suffice it to push the cable trough which is fixed teeth. The legs are made of plastic, they allow you to attach a different angle of the keyboard Steelseries. Of course, not without its legs made of soft rubber, which provide a secure grip with top even with a larger angle of inclination.

Thanks to rubber feet keyboard does not slide on the surface of the table.

Steelseries has successfully coped with a compact design, the keyboard is made to last. Materials are well chosen, they are not cheap and pleasant to the touch. This minimalist approach is interesting for users who appreciate the quality of the keyboard base and does not have a significant space on the desktop. By equipping Steelseries keyboard fit and gamers, and those users who have a lot of gains.

Steelseries APEX M500: Facilities and practice tests

As we mentioned, used MX Red switches from Cherry. In the past, MX Red switches shown convincing results. Low actuation force of 45g, together with a small stroke of 2 mm before activation points are perfectly combined. Steelseries deepened several switches as compared to the top panel. As a result, the key is not so much dominate the panel, and clean a keyboard is not very convenient. The keys are made of ABS plastic, they have a matt and gloss finish.

Steelseries APEX M500 Test and review: mechanical keyboard with compact design

Steelseries has made the top panel under the glossy blue buttons. It is designed to increase the intensity of the backlight.

The backlight can illuminate only one color – blue. It seems to be uniform, which is associated with the location and the inscriptions made by laser engraving. Labels are located directly above the LED. It affects and glossy blue surface of the keys. It seems to us, the blue light is sufficient for the majority of gamers, and full-color RGB-lighting is not always necessary.

Steelseries APEX M500 Test and review: mechanical keyboard with compact design

The utility 3.0 is also quite simple. Steelseries has provided the basic page, which shows all the features. It is possible to program keys and each key can bind certain actions or macros. In the left pane, you can record macros and edit them later. On the right side you can change the brightness and backlight modes. For example, the backlight can be made permanent or include the pulsation. Finally, we note the ability to change the polling frequency and language. All settings and macros can be stored in different profiles, which is useful, for example, for several games. utility concept is great keyboard – it is simple and clear.

Steelseries APEX M500 Test and review: mechanical keyboard with compact design

Steelseries APEX M500: Conclusion

We liked the concept of Steelseries APEX M500. Let’s start with the layout and design. Steelseries focused on the basic characteristics of the keyboard, refusing excesses. The choice of materials and manufacturing quality is not satisfactory, the surface oriented to the maximum functionality – this is not a glossy finish, which is covered with fingerprints after the first hours of use.

Steelseries has chosen modern mechanical Cherry switches, namely MX Red, which worked well in the past. But the keyboard and price “bite” – from 130 euros in Europe. By bonuses include a blue backlight, which is implemented fairly evenly. We were pleased and utility. All the necessary settings and macros are summarized on the following page. If you like simple and compact products, then pay attention to Steelseries APEX M500.

Benefits Steelseries APEX M500:

  • Very compact design
  • A simple utility
  • Thought cabling

Disadvantages Steelseries APEX M500:

  • relatively expensive

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