Speedlink products stand out among others, but has long been known in Europe. The company offers an impressive range of products, including: a keyboard, headset, mouse, mats, joysticks, and more. Today we look at one of the gaming headsets SPEEDLINK MEDUSA XE 5.1 ​​USB with true multi-channel audio.


  • Manufacturer: SpeedLink;
  • Model: MEDUSA XE 5.1 ​​USB;
  • Colour in decoration: black;
  • Material: Plastic;
  • The frequency range of the speakers: 20 – 22,000 Hz;
  • The frequency range of the subwoofer: 20-200 Hz;
  • Speaker Impedance: 32 ohms;
  • Impedance Subwoofer: 8 ohms;
  • Sensitivity: 109 ± 3dB;
  • Sensitivity of the subwoofer: 82 ± 4 dB;
  • Volume control: yes;
  • Type of acoustic design: Closed;
  • Mount Type: headband;
  • Connection Type: Wired;
  • Connectors: USB;
  • Cable length: 3 m;
  • Microphone: yes, built-in;
  • Directionality: omnidirectional;
  • The impedance of 2.2 ohms;
  • Sensitivity: -54 ± 3 dB;
  • Weight: 320 g;



Familiarity with SPEEDLINK MEDUSA XE 5.1 ​​USB begins with the packaging, the dimensions of which are reflected in the following figures:. 23x30x10 see overall result was pretty and weighty box.

On the front of the coated image quality headset with the effect of leaving the sound. To the left are awards received from the European IT resources. In the lower area are the distinctive features that are designed to emphasize the competitive advantages of the model:

  • Desktop remote control with six functions;
  • High-quality voice through a microphone;
  • Adjustable in three axes to improve ergonomics;
  • Mute button;
  • Flexible boom microphone for easy location;
  • Noise reduction microphone;
  • Foldable;
  • Three-meter cable.

On the reverse side is available specification and brief information about the device in different languages.

Reliable protection products is ensured not only the outer box of cardboard, but also transparent form of plastic. In addition to the supplied headphones included documentation and a CD with drivers.

The surprise was the presence of an extra pair of lip, which differ from the set, not only the color but also the shape.


The first thing you should pay attention, because this appearance. Despite the expressive form and the combination of matte plastic with glossy inserts, design more in line with the strict and classical, rather than the game. It’s all about color scheme that uses only black color. On the other hand, the kit includes additional red ear cups that will help to improve the situation. Self-weighing headphones I received a value of 345 g, yeah, the headset is quite weighty.


For the headband material is selected as an artificial leather. The softness of the inside of the layer of foam rubber provides. On top of the present logo and introduced to stiffen plastic overlay. The inner and the outer part of the headband is stitched at the interface. Fixing all the headband is made at the expense of massive plastic lining.

In order to improve the ergonomics you can adjust the length of the headband. The maximum length of each side of the rim increases by 30 mm at the expense of the eleven divisions. Adjusting the tactile feel and the transition to the next division comes a soft click. Also, on the inside contains the mark of the left and right channel.

Metal mesh and glossy element centered markedly improve design bowls. The rest of the elements are in matte plastic that does not remain traces of fingerprints. All this in a positive impact on reliability, because the headset will not lose its original appearance.

Another positive property which affects the ergonomics is rotatable bowls horizontally. Thus, the cup adapt to the peculiarities of your head, and headphones are more comfortable

Thanks to the folding design headphones you can take with you. However, in the case of delivery is not included and must be purchased separately. Although a useful option, I note that the impressive cable length and size of the built-in remote impose some restrictions on transportation. Especially because the weight of the headset with remote control and cable reaches 485 g.

The microphone is integrated into the housing of glossy plastic and is located on the left side. Allowed to adjust not only at the interface with the cup, but also due to the adjustment of the flexible rod. In general, the microphone will be able to arrange the way you want to.

An important part of SPEEDLINK MEDUSA XE 5.1 ​​USB sound card is built with the control, the functionality of which is through the roof. Here is everything you need, including the sound volume control buttons and a slider to turn off the microphone.

However, a unique feature lies in the possibility of separate adjustment of each channel level: the front, center, rear and subwoofer. To console does not slide on the table below provides a dense rubber sole. Dimensions of black boxes make 95h25h60 mm and weighs 140 g

Connection will require one available USB port, which is especially useful if you are using a gaming laptop. The headset is devoid of fabric braid, but shell quality is not satisfactory, the cable is thick enough. Wire length of the headphone remote to 1.32 m, and from the remote to the USB connector of 1.75 m.

In each bowl for four speakers. Three of which are fixed inside the cover directed toward the pinna reflex and the remaining other side is fixed to the frame in white. To output the sound from the woofer, an additional perforation.

Returning to additional ear pads. By size, they are a bit smaller than the standard and more suited to those with small ears. Moreover, the artificial skin texture and fillers are also different from the black version. In a pair of red ear cups seem to be more stringent.

But the appearance is becoming much better once it becomes clear that the headset is focused on the game.



To fine-tune the sound, you can take advantage of the bundled software. Installed software along with the driver, who can say with complete disc or the manufacturer’s website. Despite the fact that the panel duplicates the basic settings for Windows mixer, here there is additional functionality.

In the main window, select the number of channels (2/4/6/8) for the transmission of surround sound. Considered gaming headset is capable of delivering a real 5.1 and virtual 7.1. It also adjusts the position of the speakers in the space. When activated Xear Surround virtual 7.1 becomes more expressive.

Next comes a software mixer to set the sound volume, and increase the microphone sensitivity.

Under “Effect” are preset changes the sound, depending on the environment. It is also possible to choose the size of the medium, that will make the effect more or less pronounced. Useful and EQ, which is also supplied with a large number of blanks.

Tab Karaoke / magical voice will change your voice transmission through the microphone. In addition to adjusting the tone, you can use a number of effects. A final screen displays system information.


Easy wear contributes to a large number of degrees of freedom, which includes the regulation of the rim and the movement of cups in the horizontal and vertical planes. Thus, SPEEDLINK MEDUSA XE 5.1 ​​USB is easy to adapt to your head. I should also note quite soft headband and ear cushions.

If you are the owner of a small head, like a teenager, it will not be amiss to change the ear cushions on red. This will ensure a tighter clamp clipping and improve background noise. Of the negative nuances I note the weight of the device, which is beginning to be felt after a long playing session.

SPEEDLINK MEDUSA XE 5.1 ​​USB is perfectly manifested itself in the movies, especially action-scenes with car chases and gunfights. While viewing appears presence. For music, this model will fit well, but the main emphasis is made on the course of the game.

What we liked the most, since it is the realization of the surround. Thanks to the 4 speakers on each side, we obtain a total immersion in the game world. Positioning, here are the key “trick” of this gaming headset, and here you will find a lot of positives.

Cable length optimally matched to console lying on the table. In this case, he did not interfere. The most right there, the microphone is switched off the movement of the slider, and two wide keys are provided to adjust the sound. I will mention only tight pressing, but otherwise perfect order. Useful and scroll wheels, thanks to which you can set the right sound picture. For example, to mute the bass or add volume for the center channel.

Special mention deserves the microphone, here in general can not identify anything negative. During the conversation with the team is well muted keystrokes mechanical keyboard, and mouse clicks are extinguished. It is transmitted clearly, clearly, without noticeable distortion. The flexible boom microphone can be positioned arbitrarily.


Speedlink MEDUSA XE 5.1 ​​USB is among those models which deserve attention due to its wide functionality. Indeed, among the competing products will be difficult to find a gaming headset that combines: extended delivery, decent ergonomics, real 5.1 sound, built-in sound card, convenient remote control and high-quality microphone. Of the minuses I note only too strict design and the weight of the headset.


  • Equipment;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Good sound quality;
  • This 5.1 surround sound;
  • Convenient microphone, transmitting it without distortion;
  • Clipping background noise during the transmission of voice;
  • The presence of built-in sound card.


  • Needless to strict design;
  • Great weight;

Source: speedlink

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