Speedlink LEGATOS Review Gaming Headset

Speedlink LEGATOS Review Gaming Headset

In this article we look at a budget model gaming headset Speedlink LEGATOS. Note that the market also has its modification for the game console Sony PS4, wherein the cable and connectors for connection.

Speedlink LEGATOS: Packaging & Design

Colors package corresponds to the corporate identity of the manufacturer – red and black. It is no secret that it is a combination of many companies use to attract attention to products designed for players.

from a standard cardboard box, matt surface of her. On the packaging there are photos headset, its key features, descriptions in several languages, including Russian, and a small plaque with technical specifications.

Package consists of a headset, an information sheet and warranty card. For additional protection, it is specially shaped insert that holds the headset in the box. Waiting for something interesting from the entry-level model is certainly not worth it, let alone understand the connection will be able to any user.

Speedlink LEGATOS Review Gaming Headset

Headset positioned developer for multiplayer games. However, no one stops to use it for voice communication in modern messengers on computers and laptops, but with a special adapter to be purchased separately, and with smartphones or other devices having a combined connector for headset.

Speedlink LEGATOS headband is made of hard plastic, elastic. No additional elements to adjust the pressing force is not provided. Headband closed elements made of soft faux leather, inside which there is an insertion of foam. Note, the upper part of the black color with the company logo, and the lower – red. When the headset is on your head, the bright elements almost invisible.

The headset is lightweight and is pressed against the head is relatively weak. On the one hand, it reduces stress and fatigue, but on the other – the headset can be displaced during active gaming battles.

Headphone cups, unlike the headband, are rough and I can even say a massive appearance. They are made of black plastic. Elements used cups on the outer sides of the coarse grain and glossy inserts.

Plastic strong not only in appearance – to bend his arms is impossible. This gives hope for long-term use of the product. To smooth out a few ponderous appearance, the manufacturer has added the insertion of red glossy plastic, which rigidity is also not satisfactory.

The plates can be shifted on the frame of the headband, and this adjustment (2.5 cm on each side) is enough for comfortable use Speedlink LEGATOS and students, and adults.

Speedlink LEGATOS Review Gaming Headset

No other degrees of freedom at no cups, except for a small backlash in the sliding hinge. Folding capability needed in the model, of course, no.

Headset ear pads are made of soft faux leather in black with foam inserts inside. Their sizes are relatively small, so that the sound insulation is almost not felt.

The speakers, like most such models, closed grille made of plastic, over which is stretched fabric.

Non-removable microphone mounted on a rod with a hinge in the attachment point to the left cup. This allows you to remove it when voice communication is not required. The maximum tilt angle is 120 degrees, the rod length – about 16 centimeters. Mute is not provided in the upper position.

Rod flexible and well keeps its shape, so to choose the optimal position will be no problem.

The cable is also supplied to the left cup. He non-removable, so do not turn off “the most interesting place.” Most of the thickness and rectangular cross-section of the cable can also be written in the pros.

At a distance of half a meter (this is too much, in our opinion) is a control to adjust the headphone volume. To it clearly will have to get used to, because the adjustment wheel itself is not very convenient. Features mute button on the remote is not provided.

Speedlink LEGATOS Review Gaming Headset

The cable has a sufficient length for the majority of the computer installation options and finishes with a pair of standard minijack for connecting to the headphone output and mic input. Note that for connectors used black and red colors, so when you connect will need to pay attention to it.

This model refers to the initial segment and has no additional software.

Speedlink LEGATOS: Measurements RMAA

To measure the frequency band we played involved stand Bruel Kjaer 4153 – Artificial Ear / Ear Simulator (corresponding to IEC 60318-1 standard), which is able to emulate the ear impedance at frequencies up to 16 kHz.

The test confirms that this model is not suitable for music. It has a very uneven frequency response that results in a material misstatement. Relatively stable results can be obtained only in the middle part of the spectrum characteristic of the voice. Neither low nor high frequencies should not expect from the device.

 Speedlink LEGATOS: Practice

Considered the headset is not designed for high quality music listening. Many entries, you can not learn. High and low frequency is not enough, only the average range is transmitted well.

Speedlink LEGATOS Review Gaming Headset

But headphone features games in many cases it will be enough, especially if it is a multi-user projects, which will be the most important voices of the participants. The shooters model also performed well. Intelligibility good opponents heard (though only the fact of their presence and positioning, things are not very good), when used in volume enough room.

Studied in detail the characteristics of this budget model does not make sense. For the first acquaintance it is to achieve your goal.

When you use a microphone headset it is necessary to adjust its position. Only in this way you will be able to count on a sufficient level of speech recording volume.

But the quality generally low – noise is noticeable, recorded other sounds (for example, clicks the mouse button or call a smartphone that is on the table next to you), and the tone of voice is sometimes difficult to find.

Today, however, many programs use special technology to improve the quality of the recording from a microphone, so that, for example, in the same Skype headset performs much better – the interlocutor hears only your voice without interference. We recommend to look into the settings of the sound card, even the cost of embedded controllers can be found useful options that improve the quality of the microphone.

Speedlink LEGATOS Review Gaming Headset

Speedlink LEGATOS: Conclusion

Headset Speedlink LEGATOS belongs to the budget segment and may be of interest as a cost-effective model to explore the world of multiplayer games, not demanding to the quality of sound transmission, except for the voice. In addition, it can be successfully used for communication in voice messengers. For music, we would recommend to consider other headphones.

Pro Speedlink LEGATOS:

  • low cost
  • Sturdy construction
  • Low weight
  • Comfortable bar for microphone

Contra Speedlink LEGATOS:

  • Not very handy remote control
  • nondisconnectable microphone

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