Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Review and test: path to 4K and virtual reality

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Review and test: path to 4K and virtual reality

Opinion: Results of the tests of PlayStation 4 Pro shows you how to be thoughtful hardware upgrade. Sony managed to find an optimal balance between the improvement of the device characteristics and the risk of fragmentation of the gaming community. To summarize: the most suitable gaming platform rejoice the owners of TVs with 4K resolution. For all other potential opportunity to change PS4 and PlayStation 4 Pro is an option, not that necessary.

more performance for 4Kwhen working at 4K resolution is very hot and noisy
very well assembled and compactwhy not a 2-terabyte version?
a lot of games with free updates for the Pro version
fast WLAN module (standard ac) on Board
the new controllers

New hardware PS4

PlayStation 4 Pro is meant especially for those players who own TVs with 4K resolution, or you want to get the most out of the PlayStation VR. Special for this Sony and installed it on the old chassis new hardware.

8 core APU the Jaguar architecture from AMD for the most part remained the same, but now he has a noticeably higher clock speed. The biggest change we find when we look at the GPU.Now it is two times faster. AMD has doubled the number of compute units (Compute Units, CU) from 18 to 36 units and increased the clock speed of the chip from 800 MHz to 911 MHz.

Another important innovation concerns the WLAN module. Finally, it supports the latest ac standard, not only n, as a regular PS4. In addition to the high-throughput WLAN standard ac provides a more stable connection over Wi-Fi. It is also good that Sony has equipped the model with the designation “Pro” in the name of even one USB 3.0 port. Now they have a console three.

Also cool: the integrated SATA controller can compatible with the standard 6GB/s (SATA III).This becomes especially clear if you want as a storage device to use SSD instead of conventional hard drive.

It is also interesting that PlayStation 4 Pro is equipped with additional 1 GB memory standard, DDR3, which is primarily the main menu also some of the most demanding services and applications system. Thus, an additional 512 MB of the total of 8 GB of unified memory standard GDDR5 exempt for the needs of game developers.

Features Pro PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4

In the table below we present to you the specifications of the PlayStation 4 Pro and the standard model in a visual form.

ComponentPS4 ProPS4
APUAMD Jaguar, 8 cores, 2.1 GHzAMD Jaguar, 8 cores, 1.6 GHz
GPUAMD Radeon (Polaris), 36 compute units, 911 MHzAMD GPU Radeon 18 compute units, 800MHz
GPU performance4.2 TFlops1,84 TFlops
Resolution4K (native/upscaling)1080p
Unified RAM8 GB GDDR5 + 1GB DDR38 GB GDDR5
Drive1 TB HDD500 GB / 1 TB HDD
Optical driveBlu-rayBlu-ray
Interfaces3x USB 3.1 Gen1, AUX2x USB 3.0, AUX
NetworkGigabit-LAN, WLAN-acGigabit-LAN, WLAN-n
Release date10 Nov 2016November 29, 2013


Preview PlayStation 4 Pro: practical test

During the practical testing, we came to the conclusion that the PlayStation 4 Pro — this is a very interesting concept for a hardware upgrade in the middle of the life cycle of the device. To this issue, Sony came very gently — perhaps in order not to upset the ordinary owners of the PlayStation 4.

The most notable advantage of the new hardware be the case if you own a TV with 4K resolution. It was then that the console clearly demonstrates that even relatively small increases in productivity can make a tangible effect. Although not all PS4 games Pro support native mode 4K, the game still optimized for UHD resolution, look great.

That computing power for the console it was enough to care a simple trick. In this console use the so-called “checkerboard” rendering all the frames is divided into separate sections so that we have to calculate only half of the 4K frame. This considerably reduces the computational load, and to the naked human eye due to the rapid change of images is almost imperceptible.

Technically, it turns out, this is not 4K gaming, but in practice it looks very impressive. If your 4K TV supports and HDR, it would have a positive effect on displaying colors.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Review and test: path to 4K and virtual reality

Fundamentally the game still needs to support the functionality of PlayStation 4 Pro, which is 4K resolution. In the future this should be the rule, and the already released edition need the update. However, this is not taken for granted. At that time, as some developers have already released the necessary patches, there are those who have given up on everything by hand. Among them is CD Projekt RED who don’t update the game “the Witcher 3”, and concentrated on the development of a “Quint” and “Cyberpunk 2077”.

Certain benefits and those gamers who enjoy the Full HD quality. For example, the company Square Enix offers a patch for Rise of the Tomb Raider, which will allow you to use the new graphic resources. PlayStation 4 Pro then you can unlock the frame rate, getting more than 30 FPS (40-45-50), or to improve the quality of the graphics. TVs that support 4K will be possible to use a permit. In our opinion, a very good idea that other developers should adopt.

Levels of operating noise and power consumption of the console as a whole can also be described positively. In a direct comparison with the normal version of the PS4 at the same resolution of Full-HD and standard graphics settings as cooling system and a Blu-ray drive PlayStation 4 Pro is noticeably quieter. In this mode power consumption is approximately at the level of the PS4 Slim, that is it lower than the “original”.

However, if you run games at 4K resolution, the picture changes: depending on the game, greatly increase as the noise level and power consumption. In addition, both the front and rear panel become warm suspicious. We strongly recommend that you leave enough free space around the console, and in any case to prevent overheating.

Even a few words to say regarding the optical drive: Sony did not install in the console UHD-drive, like the one that can be found in Microsoft Xbox One S. However, given the small distribution of such disks, this is currently a big problem can not be. Get there in the end, this kind of media more common than the alternative in the form of streaming, and how negatively it will affect Sony, only time will tell.

Alternatives PlayStation 4 Pro

For Full HD you need to: PlayStation 4

If you don’t have a TV that supports 4K format and play in Full HD, performance, PlayStation 4 you will be quite enough. Please note only the fact that you sold model CUH-1200, as compared to the version of the CUH-1000, there are easy improvements. You can purchase and “clean” the console, but interesting are the PS4 bundles that have often been really good blockbuster games.

With UHD drive: Microsoft

Microsofts Xbox One S is, we can say the Slim version of the Xbox One, but it is the console that we are unable to recommend. Along with powerful football simulator FIFA 17 you can get a 500-Gigabyte version already — a remarkable suggestion, given the built-in UHD-drive and a significant improvement compared to the original version of the Xbox One. Economical gamers that play on the TVs with Full HD resolution in the face of this console can get great alternative.

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