Sony MDR-XB70BT Review Bluetooth-headset

Sony MDR-XB70BT Review Bluetooth-headset

Cheap Sony MDR-XB70BT headset without any additional features, but very pleasant thing in everyday life. Comfortable necklace, battery life about 9 hours, convenient operation, good sound quality and the price of $100.

Sony MDR-XB70BT: Contents of delivery

  • Headset
  • Nozzles
  • USB-cable
  • Documentation

Sony MDR-XB70BT Review Bluetooth-headset

Sony MDR-XB70BT: Design, construction

The year starts well, because in January managed to get almost all of the last line of wireless headsets Sony. The three devices, all different, all with their differences – and in advance I say all deserve attention. Get at least Sony MDR-XB70BT, this headset is already familiar with the necklace, it plays in the basic segment and is one of its best representatives, to whatever side you look. Take, for design. Unlike other devices, the Sony otherwise disposed of form factor advantages.

Base – a strip of flexible rubber on the neck invisible, easy to hide under the collar polo shirt, looks great. At the ends of necklaces plastic blocks where the electronics are made in the corporate style notation channels on the right block red letter R, a help to quickly put on the device correctly. The cables also in the corporate style, trimmed with ribs, and even rectangular cable. The designers spared no effort to make the device harmonious on all sides – obviously following the shape of the necklace, which is also part of the rubber rectangle.

Sony MDR-XB70BT Review Bluetooth-headset

On the left block – controls, there is also an interesting note Circuits. As a rule, these headsets + and – are responsible not only for volume control, but also for rewinding a track, that’s just ordinary people about it often do not realize.

Sony MDR-XB70BT not forget to make a mark on the plastic, it is very good. Multifunction button is responsible for the reproduction and management, and for responding to the call, and for the activation of pairing mode. The first time the headset automatically goes into pairing mode, find it using the iPhone was not difficult. There area NFC for easy connection to the gadgets based on Android.

The headset comes in three colors, is black with gray, blue and red. Color as in the review I like the most.

Sony MDR-XB70BT Review Bluetooth-headset

Thanks to a well chosen length of the cable does not restrict the device in everyday life, when you work at a laptop or you walk. The headband is not felt, miniature cups invisible ears. nozzle mounting design without surprises, you can put Comply, I highly recommend to do, fundamentally sound changes. Generally, it is an inexpensive and effective way to get a different sound, in the case of the Sony MDR-XB70BT it costs to make.

MicroUSB connector is on the bottom right of the unit, you can use any microUSB cable.

Sony MDR-XB70BT Review Bluetooth-headset

Sony MDR-XB70BT: Battery lide

Claimed battery life – about 9 hours, in real life, the headset is just as much work and perhaps less than half an hour. Fact, but you can safely listen to music for a few days a couple of hours before the device prompts for charging. To charge from your laptop takes about three hours.

Sony MDR-XB70BT: Sound

The microphone is located on the right block of Sony MDR-XB70BT, plastic part on the cable used to connect the two sites, when you do not listen to music. The Sony tried to give users a lot of bass, and it’s obvious from the first minute – just for an inexpensive wireless headset is best to bass was, and it has nothing to hide. Users will appreciate!

Sony MDR-XB70BT are connected to the iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Pro, Sony Xperia XZ, no connection problems have arisen. Alas, we could not get the device to work directly with the two gadgets. Like a range of work, unlike other budget devices, you can easily move around the apartment, the problems with the transmission does not occur. Apparently, it uses Bluetooth Class 1, although in official documents about this word.

Sony MDR-XB70BT Review Bluetooth-headset

Listen to music very much, despite the price, well picked up the headphones – to detail have questions, but not flat, there are bass, metallic overtones or some other problems due to wireless connection is not felt.

Sony MDR-XB70BT Review Bluetooth-headset

As for the voice, you can drag a block closer to your mouth, supports HD Voice, quality is pleased, and talked on the street and indoors. All I hear, I hear, do not swear, do not ask to throw the headset – then all is well.

Sony MDR-XB70BT: Conclusions

In ordinary life, to use Sony MDR-XB70BT is a pleasure. As I said, very comfortable to wear, comfortable necklace, plastic blocks do not interfere, the cable is not confused. Hours good for an inexpensive headset, the management procedure, listen to cool. The design allows the use of traditional and heads of other companies, this is a plus. Common connector microUSB, honest to 9 hours of battery life, excellent sound quality (much bass!) For a low-cost device.

Sony MDR-XB70BT Review Bluetooth-headset

In retail it is a pleasure cost $100, as I said earlier, the year starts well, because there’s such products. I recommend buying a good thing.

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