Smartisan M1L Review Chinese flagship with familiar design

Smartisan M1L Review Chinese flagship with familiar design

Smartisan M1L introduced in late October 2016, and in November it began to come to the stores. The starting price in China is about $500, but to buy find it, at the time of review, is problematic.

Smartisan M1L became the representative flagship category, aimed at a wide audience of fans of top-end devices. He has, according to the manufacturer, and has something to offer music lovers and amateur photographers, and design lovers and those who just want to diversified unit. What good have new items, whether to buy it (if you can) – all in order below.

Smartisan M1L – this flagship smartphone, equipped with the end of 2016 top-end hardware. Price is also a clear indication to the upper market segment.

Smartisan M1L: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

“Oh, iPhone!” – Probably the first thought that comes to mind when you look at your smartphone. But on closer examination it turns out that it is – not exactly a clone of the iPhone 6S or 7 Plus. The smartphone is a little more: 159x79x8,3 mm (against 158x78x7,3 mm for Apple), and it’s the first difference. But it is as much as 13 grams lighter and weighs 175 grams. Different Smartisan M1L and design at the rear.

Smartisan M1L Review Chinese flagship with familiar design

Front smartphone – typical iPhone: 2,5D glass beneath the screen with circular imprint scanner button, and above it – the speaker, camera and sensors. A distinctive feature of the iPhone is a different arrangement of the elements on display, as well as brown coloring: Apple has this and there never was. Also, there is also a version in white.

Rear panel of the white version is made of metal, which has a glossy finish, but in brown – imitation leather. The design of the rear panel does not look like iPhone.The camera is located in the center, under it – in flash and a laser rangefinder.No inserts not, so it is very interesting how the Chinese have been able to avoid the jamming signal in the white version of the smartphone.

Below are located port USB Type C, socket for charging (here imitate the iPhone were not that happy) and speaker with a microphone.The upper end of the empty vehicle, not counting the small holes of the second speaker.On the left side is extendable slot for cards that resembles volume rocker.

Right symmetrically slot – the volume rocker.

Buttons activate the smartphone (surprise!) there. Its key role is played by “home.”

Smartisan M1L Review Chinese flagship with familiar design

Smartisan M1L: CPU

Like any self-respecting leader of 2016, Smartisan M1L is based on the Snapdragon chip 821. In its structure – 4 core ARM-V8 own mikroarhitektyry Qualcomm, running at up to 2.35 GHz. For graphics processing corresponds Adreno 530 GPU overclocked to 653 MHz. This iron is allowed to get into the smartphone top leaders in the AnTuTu benchmark version in November 2016, in which his average score was almost 150 thousand. Therefore, to talk about the brakes Smartisan M1L no reason.

Smartisan M1L Review Chinese flagship with familiar design

Smartisan M1L: Memory

Smartisan M1L RAM is 6 GB, also has a slightly simplified version with 4 GB. This is more than enough for a quick work and quality of multitasking. To store the data provided by 64 (the older) or 32 GB of internal memory. The memory card slot is missing.

Smartisan M1L Review Chinese flagship with familiar design

Smartisan M1L: Battery

Battery capacity Smartisan M1L solstavlyaet 4080 mAh. It is a lot, but it is necessary to take into account also the big screen smartphone because of which the record to become an autonomous vehicle is not meant to be. Approximately 2 days with moderate usage, or a day of mixed loads – this is the typical performance for mobile devices 2016, there is nothing remarkable in them.

Smartisan M1L Review Chinese flagship with familiar design

To charge the power supply provided with support QuickCharge. It is able to deliver a maximum 24 W (12V 2A) to 100% charged smartphone about 1.5 hours. An interesting feature – home cable: it has a backlight connector that allows to find quickly in the dark end to urgently provide power unit has sat down.

Smartisan M1L: Cameras

Behind in Smartisan M1L set 23 megapixel Sony IMX318-based matrix. It is equipped with a hybrid AF system, combining laser and mechanism of phase focusing. It also has optical image stabilization. Due to the hybrid system, while focusing on the subject, according to the manufacturer, is 30 ms. So whether it is – difficult to verify, but the camera focuses quickly.

Smartisan M1L Review Chinese flagship with familiar design

Expect superiority over the 12-megapixel sensor with ultrapikselyami not worth it, because then the matrix has a size of 1 / 2.6 “(less than the Galaxy S7), and pixels -. 1 micron Even flagship Sony blamed for the noise at night, because the average quality shooting Smartisan M1L should not be surprised, and glad the other hand, the daily shooting in good light – this is a strong point of the smartphone:. “corn” megapixels give a very real plus detail.

Front mounted ultrapikselnaya camera 4 MP, OV4688 model. Its matrix is ​​descended from the HTC One M7 main camera, so no quibbles to frontalke. His work she performs with honor. Video main camera writes in 4K resolution, also supports recording in 8-fold deceleration (240 FPS), if you include the HD mode.

Smartisan M1L Review Chinese flagship with familiar design

Below are a few pictures on Smartisan M1L compared with the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. To decide who the winner is only to you, but I want to note that in the HDR mode, the monitored smartphone too lightens the color and night scenes is noticeably inferior Xiaomi.

Smartisan M1L Review Chinese flagship with familiar design


Despite the fact that the smartphone is only 1 mm longer and wider than the iPhone’s variation plus, it has a display with a diagonal of 5.7 “more rational use of the front panel there is all the ports for only the frame around the perimeter of the matrix:.. Though they are narrow, but if done without them – just to fit into the size of the opponent.

The display resolution is 2560h1440 points, but this is not the AMOLED, IPS and production of Sharp. Display brightness – 400 nits, viewing angles are maximum. Smartphone screen is covered with glass Gorilla Glass fourth generation and has good oleophobic layer.

Smartisan M1L: Communications

The smartphone is equipped with a dual slot for SIM card Nano-SIM format. With 2G and 3G networks, the European standard it works, but in the case of the 4G – «No one owes nothing to.” In theory, a modem chipset supports all popular LTE bands, but the device is designed for China. unknown – whether the same support LTE Band 20 on the software level is therefore included.

But pleases Wi-Fi – it maintains a network of 2.4 and 5 GHz, works in ac mode. The same applies to the navigator: supports US, Russian and Chinese satellites, the device will not allow to get lost. There is on board and NFC.

Smartisan M1L: Sound

For audio processing in Smartisan M1L responsible discrete DAC Cirrus Logic CS4398. This is a relatively inexpensive converter (about $ 10), but he is one of the top products and Cirrus has a good signal / noise ratio – 120 dB. Such chips are put in the low-end Hi-Fi players, so to the sound Smartisan M1L normal headphones carp sin. But the speaker in the device is no different: just a normal speaker with clear sound and sufficient volume.

Smartisan M1L: Operating system

Powered smartphone running Android 6 controlled, modified beyond recognition. Many who believed those MIUI or Flyme, take away it back: there are still steeper. First of all, it differs skeuomorph (an imitation of the real objects) in the design of icons. Fashion it from other already once passed, so people have time to break the habit. Secondly, there are iOS follow.

Smartisan M1L: Features

Smartphone in a brown color is different interesting design panel, which is made embossed logo of the manufacturer. The white version has a smooth cover with a glossy finish, without any separation of parts.

Pros and cons Smartisan M1L


  • discrete DAC;
  • powerful hardware;
  • interesting design of the rear panel;
  • good high-resolution screen;
  • good front-facing camera.


  • little internal memory without the possibility of extension;
  • no Google services;
  • not the most accessible (for a little-known Chinese) price.

Smartisan M1L – a smartphone that can be unequivocally recommend only those who kitayschina not deterred. If we assume that the localization problem solve, it is for the music enthusiast, fans watching a movie on your phone, just gamers and users who want a mobile device from a decent implementation of all functional.

Our review Smartisan M1L

Smartisan M1L – mixed apparatus. On the one hand – the review did not reveal his critical deficiencies, and 64 GB of memory is enough for many. On the other – it has no adaptation to European buyers, and it deters a substantial part of the audience. Price – is not attached to the machine strengths: more than $ 500 per unit from a little-known brand, is ready to give the people a little bit.

Of the competitors in the device can be identified Xiaomi Mi Mote 2, with the same price tag, with the camera better, and the same diagonal of the screen, but a lower resolution. Mi5S Plus costs less, nor has the same drawback as the Note, as well as deprived of discrete DAC. And if we consider the competitors of A-brands – the same Galaxy S7 Edge almost all of his superior and is slightly less than $ 600, that is, almost the same. Of course, much is “gray” device, but buying Smartisan M1L in China – rely on the guarantee can also be a stretch.

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