SK Hynix will release HBM2 in third quarter of 2016

SK Hynix will release HBM2 in third quarter of 2016

In addition to the ever-changing GPU architectures, as well as the transition to more advanced process technologies in the world of graphics cards and other changes occur that contribute to productivity growth. An important component is the memory bandwidth, which is currently considered a “bottleneck” cards and very limited opportunities for further development.

With Hawaii-GPU, AMD used a 512-bit memory bus, in addition, as AMD, NVIDIA and use of increasingly sophisticated memory compression technology – and all this in order to as much as possible to increase the capacity. Additionally, AMD can be considered a pioneer in the introduction of new memory chips. Thus, Radeon R9 Fury X played a crucial role in the transition from a GDDR5 High Bandwidth Memory. From a technical point of view, HBM is very interesting, since the width of the tire in 4,096 bits can only provide a single substrate for the GPU and memory chips, which allows you to connect components directly. There were rumors that AMD, in cooperation with SK Hynix are working on the second generation of the HBM, but the first manufacturer to have submitted the final product HBM2 began with NVIDIA Tesla P100-GPU. NVIDIA uses chips made by Samsung, and about HBM2 from SK Hynix heard little suspicious. As an interim technology exists GDDR5X, that NVIDIA introduced in the GeForce GTX 1080. Micron chips production allowed even more to increase throughput.

Now the production of SK Hynix HBM2 were welcome news, since the manufacturer has published the list, which lists the types of memory by an enterprise. In this list there was also HBM2. chip has a capacity of 4 Gbps. Two versions with different speeds. The clock frequency should amount to 2.000 MHz (H5VR32ESM4H-20C) or 1.600 MHz (H5VR32ESM4H-12C). The capacity will be 256 or 204 Gbit / s. Each chip comprises four layers (4Hi Stack) and operates at a voltage of 1.2 V.

Chips with capacity of 4 GB or 512 MB at a frequency of 2.000 MHz and a bandwidth of 256 Gb / s in theory should be installed in the cards with a capacity of 8 GB, which theoretically gives the bandwidth of 512 GB / s. That is, the level of first-generation indicators HBM. Of course, this was not stopped, and should be expected to increase the capacity and the number of layers in the chip, which ultimately will increase the capacity.

The most obvious candidate for HBM2 from SK Hynix is AMD. Vega-GPU, in which the new memory, due to be released later this year should appear. The new AMD chips will be used for the production of hi-end graphics card segment.

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