Primera PM01 from SilverStone was presented last spring. «Primera – a Spanish word that translates as “first” or “first-class”. Cases of this type are designed for users who want to build a computer with high functionality and aesthetic appearance “- that describes your product manufacturer. Many have noted an interesting design and interior models. With this, and rightly so, the design and the internal body device is really quite interesting. But is it all plain sailing, as we stated in the descriptions of advertising? Is this model is so good? SILVERSTONE PRIMERA PM01 was provided and we will try to help find answers to the questions, the most revealing features of your new items.


  • Materials: plastic, metal;
  • Form factors supported mat. motherboards: ATX (12 “x 10.7”), Micro-ATX;
  • Places to install drive:
  • External: none;
  • Internal: 2.5 “or 3.5” x 4, 2.5 “x 5;
  • Cooling system:
  • Front: 3 x 120/140 mm, 3 mm x 140 preinstalled;
  • Rear: 1 x 120/140 mm, 1 x 140 mm pre-installed;
  • Above: 3 x 120 mm or 2 x 140 mm;
  • Number of Expansion Slots: 7;
  • Front Panel Interfaces: USB 2.0 x 2, USB 3.0 x 2, audio + mic;
  • Limiting the length of the video cards: up to 419 mm;
  • Limitation of CPU cooler height: 180 mm;
  • Limiting the length of the power supply: up to 240 mm;
  • Weight: 9 kilograms;
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 560 x 571 x 220 mm.


It comes housing in bulk cardboard box. On the package there is a detailed description of the features of the product delivered and listed specifications.

Fixed inside the housing by means of two foam inserts and the housing is worn on top plastic bag to protect the product against moisture and dust. Glass on the wall of the housing has an additional minimum of protection from damage in the form of plastic sheets, glued on both sides.

Included you will find: 2 extension for fan mounting kit and user manual.



We got model white with blue backlight. There are also 2 more variants in black with red highlight, one of which is matte black. As previously mentioned, SILVERSTONE PRIMERA PM01 body design is quite unusual. The collection of black-and-white coloring, long planes with smooth transitions (sharp angles are not available), as well as the presence of something like longitudinal aerodynamic grooves on the top panel attached to the housing appearance, resembling a mixture of attack aircraft from Star Wars, and some spacecraft or futuristic supercar .

If on the right side of the body there is nothing remarkable – a solid metal wall, a large asymmetrical window on the left exactly attract the attention of enthusiasts boast its accessories and interior decoration PC.

Practicality of the upper part of the body does not get called. The panel of glossy plastic, prone to dust the Push-Pull. Given that she has a bias towards the edges and bevels – put something on top will not work, as, for example, this can be done at the Corsair 780T or any other body with a flat top. And the height of the housing the element increases significantly.


The power button is located on the left side of the top panel next to it is a small HDD LED activity indicator. Both elements have a blue backlight. Reset button is missing.

On the right are 4 USB ports (2 x 2.0 and 2 x 3.0), audio output, microphone jack, and switch the button illumination modes.

The basis of the front body panels – Perforated metal panel. 5.25 “in SILVERSTONE PRIMERA PM01 absence of the user that, accordingly, does not allow you to set the drive or the control panel of the fans. The removable plate, held by 4 screws and plastic clips. Discontinued without difficulty.

Behind the front panel is removable fine mesh dust filter that helps to preserve the purity of the housing.

Charge air inside odinnadtsatilopastnyh three 140 mm fan with blue LED light. Power Connector – 3-pin.

For blowing heated air meets the 140 mm fan devyatilopastnoy without Backlight. The connector uses the same 3-pin.

Behind the body looks no worse than the front. If the main part of the standard, that is waiting for us at the top of an interesting design decision. The highlight is the reverse side of the top panel of the device. Since the upper portion of the continuous and has no openings for discharging heated air ish was decided to make it back. Such an system “exhaust” for the top fans when they are installed in the chassis.


The side walls are fixed thumbscrews.

Slots of expansion in the housing 7. Plugs removable, fixed small cogs.

Under the venue for the power supply available removable plastic frame with fine mesh, which prevents the penetration of dust into the PSU.

Below there are 4 rubber feet for fixing the housing to the surface.

Upper removable plastic panel. Like the front, it is held by 4 screws. It removed as easily. Here you can assign 2 x 140 mm, or 3 x 120 mm fan. With radiators, in particular 280 mm, this is not the best way. When you try to install the housing LSS Corsair H110i GT we are faced with the problem of fan placement. Above the fans 140 do not fit (Noctua NF-A14 FLX), prevents the plastic panel, the bottom together with the radiator, they do not fit well, since the thickness becomes too large, and the space between the upper portion and the mat. pay enough – so there koflikt compatibility fans abut the radiator mat. board. LSS 360 mm radiator and fix did not work, in this case, you can not connect the power supply to the mat. board as the connector overlaps the radiator with fans, if placed fans from the top, closest to the front of does not fit – frame wider fan than available in the bar groove, and the question remains of how to push the wires into the housing – Special openings this was not observed.

As you can see in the panel mounted LED unit 2, responsible for the top panel backlight.

We now turn to the internal device enclosure. The first thing that catches the eye – no baskets for mounting drives and the presence of a kind of catwalk below. Such a decision should enjoy perfectionists – the visible part there is nothing superfluous that can cling glance.


The podium has several cutouts for wires, one of which is covered by a rubber flap. Also on it is placed the company logo of the manufacturer.

Under the podium you can see a number of LEDs which are responsible for lighting in the building. Such LEDs 12 in the housing 6 is set at the bottom and a number of set top.

Another feature of the podium – sliding element, which allows to place a 360 mm radiator inside the case.

The wires from the front panel, folded into a bundle. Everything is as it should be – to connect the front panel interfaces, the power button and hard disk activity indicator.

It is necessary to note the presence of a huge cutout in the tray, which facilitates the installation of the CPU cooling system is required when installing bekpleyta.

For fixing the wires of the tray has 3 fastening Velcro. Useful things, however. To the left you can see the holes for mounting 2.5 “drives to the pallet. The longitudinal slits between the holes for the screws, apparently, need for securing elements of Custom LSS or, as another option, made for additional ventilation (important in the case of 2, 5 “HDD).

In the center of fixed coupler to connect case fans. The ability to adjust the speed of rotation of the impeller, he does not possess, but allows you to connect up to 10 fans at the same time. To power the need to purchase 1 x Molex.

To the right is still 2 places to fix the 2.5 “drives.

In the bottom of the basket is fixed for the installation of 2.5 “/ 3.5” drives. The basket contains 3 frames with rubber dampers. The fourth drive, which was mentioned in the technical specifications, can be mounted to the right of the basket, right to the base of the housing.


The power supply unit can be installed up to 240 mm, but it is worth bearing in mind that if the power supply module – all necessary wiring, it is desirable to connect in advance, as in the future, after the installation of power supply, access to the terminals is difficult. Also worth noting is that the installation of the fourth drive can interfere with the placement of a long power supply and, consequently, on the contrary.


Test configuration:

  • Processor: Intel i7-3930K (Socket LGA2011), 4 GHz, the voltage is fixed at 1,215 V;
  • Video Card: Sapphire R9 290X Vapor-X 4 GB;
  • board: ASUS P9X79 Pro;
  • Memory: Corsair Dominator Platinum, 4 x 8 GB, 1866 MHz;
  • Storage: Corsair Neutron GTX 240 GB + Seagate ST1000DM003;
  • Power Supply: Corsair AX760i;
  • Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD;
  • CPU Cooling System: Corsair H80i GT.

Fully describe the features of the assembly process in the body we are not as significant difficulties should arise when using manual. The only mention one more unpleasant feature of the identified. For some reason, when you try to install the front panel 360 mm LSS Raijintek Triton – mounting holes are not aligned. There is reason to believe that the holes are made correctly, since the installation of the LSS in a housing with the support of these radiators was possible, and similar problems have arisen. If, however, will be installed at the air cooling system (up to 180 mm) or with a small heatsink 120/140 mm, then the same problem you do not run. Otherwise, everything is quite simple, laying cables for the pallet passes easily from existing sticky, stamped in the pan “ears” and quite a lot of space between the basket drives and power supply. With the result of the system in the housing assembly, you can find below.

And now the most interesting – lights. 3 Modes of operation: two levels of brightness and constant illumination mode “breath”. All modes are shown on the video.


Test body we as follows: hold the load on the main elements of the PC, the stability of which depends on the temperature and quite simply traced software – CPU and GPU.

In the case of the processor we got a great result. Given that the complete fans pretty quiet even at maximum, and the rotational speed of the fan mounted on the LSS was recorded at a comfortable value of 1100 rev / min – only 69 ° C. Not all life-support systems, even with a large heat sink can give a similar result. In this case, the merit of course, not only in the cooling system of the processor, but in such a case the organization as a whole.

The video card in a small acceleration with a slight increase in voltage also showed a good result for the R9 290X – only 75 ° C. Again, the presence of three 140 mm fans on the front panel do its job.



Eye-catching exterior and interior, combined with a decent cable management enclosure SilverStone Primera PM01, make this model a very attractive option to build it high-performance system. If the manufacturer will take into account the shortcomings related to the installation and placement of liquid cooling systems, this body will be much better. Let him be a little more, but all the components of compatibility issues are eliminated. In Russia, this model at the time of publication of the article can be purchased for ~ 8,000 rubles, as a whole, taking into account the current realities, not so much for such a body. But paying that kind of money I want to see a more elaborate work on all the elements. Therefore we will wait for SilverStone Primera PM01 v2, where, as we hope, it will be brought to the ideal.


  • Appearance;
  • The presence of light with 3 modes;
  • The ability to collect accurate system without any problems;
  • The presence of dust filters;
  • 4 sufficiently effective and quiet 140 mm fan pre-installed.


  • Problems with the placement of liquid cooling systems;
  • No built-in computer fan control.

Source: tomshardware

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