SilverStone Milo ML09 Review and test case

SilverStone Milo ML09 Review and test case

SilverStone continues to develop its line of compact enclosures Milo, the newest representative of which was the model SilverStone Milo ML09. It is a time-tested ML06 another variation of the chassis, but with a different front panel and the ability to use optical drives not only slot-loading.

SilverStone Milo ML09 model, for that matter, and the whole range of Milo is, is positioned as a foundation for building a HTPC, although these compact housing capacity of 7 liters and a good fit to create a general-purpose PC for gaming machines midrange performance.

SilverStone Milo ML09 Supplied in the box of conventional cardboard inscribed with information about the basic technical characteristics of the model. Package in addition to the body and the elements of the cooling system includes rubber feet for horizontal installation, plastic feet for vertical installation, mounting kits and disposable ties, as well as detailed assembly instructions.

SilverStone Milo ML09 Review and test case

SilverStone Milo ML09: Arrangement

According to the internal arrangement of the new model line of Milo does not differ from the previously tested by us ML06-E model . The entire left side of the volume (if you look at the housing top) given for the installation of the motherboard format Mini-ITX and dual-slot low-profile expansion cards up to 175 mm – it can be a graphics accelerator, sound card or device for viewing and recording video.

SFX format power supply is located at the top right. It should be noted that the case involves the installation of power supply only standard depth, more overall resources SFX-L format power in this case does not turn out to place.

The lower part of the right halves of the SilverStone Milo ML09 is given over to a removable storage basket for 4 noutbuchnogo format. Immediately located multifunction steel bracket on the system board. It can be used to set the body of the fan size 120 mm, optical drive, two disc format 2.5 “and one 3.5” drive. By default, the bracket has a fan at a rotation speed of 1500 rev / min.

SilverStone Milo ML09 Review and test case

SilverStone Milo ML09: Design

Dimensions SilverStone Milo ML09 – 350 (D) × 205 (W) × 99 (H) mm without rubber feet, and weight without power supply of 2.07 kg, which is about 500 g less than the model ML06-E. The difference in weight is due to other material from which made the front decorative panel – the glossy plastic in the case SilverStone Milo ML09 and thick aluminum sheet in the case of ML06-E. Plastic designers chose a mirror effect, it really looks good, but very quickly covered with fingerprints and attracts dust like a magnet, so without frequent wet cleaning is not enough.

Case is made of strong enough steel 0.8 mm thick. Assembled body felt as a dense and stable construction. However, during the assembly felt the lack of rigidity of the rear chassis wall – until the housing is not installed multifunction support and extra rib, the wall can easily bend his arms into the body.

SilverStone logo in the lower right corner of the front panel and the control buttons and light indicators of activity – on the left. Power and Reset buttons are rectangular in shape, with the power button about twice the reset button. The buttons have a minimum running and triggered with a loud click. Both indicators – Power LED and HDD LED – blue, glow moderately bright, “frosted”, much in the eyes beats.

SilverStone Milo ML09 Review and test case

Two USB 3.0 ports and connectors for microphone and headphones placed on the front edge of the left side wall. USB ports are spaced from each other, whereby the problems with simultaneous connection of two large-sized devices should not occur. In the case of vertical installation of the housing ports are on the top of the wall, but that will not use them less convenient – the case is still quite low, so that the ports and connectors are not lost from view in the desktop version of the installation SilverStone Milo ML09.

Most of the left side wall reserved for the ventilation openings. If desired, at this place, you can install two additional fan size of 80 mm. The right side wall completely deaf. In case of vertical mounting attached to it two pairs of U-shaped plastic legs.

The rear wall has cutouts for the power supply, motherboard back panel I / O ports, two low-profile expansion cards and one additional full-size plug to the place where you can set, for example, fan speed control or additional USB / COM ports.

SilverStone Milo ML09 Review and test case

On the top wall are located in the area of the vents and the CPU power supply. The bottom may be noted only designated space to install the rubber feet, which are the black stripes of a hemisphere with double-sided tape – standard, proven solution, which have proved effective not only in the company SilverStone cases.

SilverStone Milo ML09: Cooling system

SilverStone Milo ML09 includes the installation of up to three case fans – one size 120 mm and two 80 mm. The larger fan is already in the package, it is installed in the bracket directly over the motherboard. It is important to understand that this distance from the fan to the CPU fan turns minimal, and not in all cases, the use of DC fans will have a positive effect.

Fans on the sidewall designed to improve cooling of the graphics card, but in real life for them (even if not installed into the housing of single-slot card) will be so little space that the benefits, again, can grow to the detriment. In addition, fans of 80 mm size noise is much stronger than their larger counterparts, and additional noise multimedia PC is extremely undesirable.

SilverStone Milo ML09 Review and test case

Maximum CPU cooler height in SilverStone Milo ML09 ranges from 37 to 70 mm, depending on the configuration of the bracket on the system board. The maximum height can be achieved, if you remove the bracket completely, but it will be minimal, if not installed in it 3.5 “hard disk standard thickness.

With regard to protection against dust, in the body is supplied with only one quick dust filter in a flexible magnetic frame. It is made of fine synthetic mesh and copes well with its responsibilities. It can be installed on the outer and on the inner side of the upper wall in the area of CPU. External installation slightly spoils the overall view of the body, but for the washing of the filter do not have to unscrew three screws and remove the top wall.

Other ventilation holes not closed, through them in the power supply and on the left side wall of the housing is slowly but surely dust will fall, so that no regular cleaning anyway not enough.

SilverStone Milo ML09 Review and test case

SilverStone Milo ML09: Assembling the system unit

Compact housing company SilverStone traditionally involve tightening and loosening a large number of screws during assembly, this is best to be prepared in advance. The first step is to remove the top wall of the housing by loosening three screws Phillips screwdriver. The front edge of the top wall has a U-shaped rolling, installation principle – reclining sliding. The mechanism works quite well, the wall can be quickly removed and installed into place with little effort.

The following is to dismantle the multifunction support and additional stiffening ribs by removing the four screws and two respectively. Shopping cart for 2.5 “drives is also better to stay in advance, it is attached by a screw to the bottom wall and two more to the front.

When the body is completely disassembled, it is possible to install the system board. Racks for fixing the fees are put in advance, plug I / O ports are traditionally absent. Aggregators noutbuchnogo format set in the removable basket by fixing the four screws through the holes in the side faces. To properly power the more than two HDD or SSD, will require a non-standard SATA-harness connector from the power supply: the usual “pigtail” will not allow to reduce the four power connector so close to each other.

The power supply is simply placed in the space provided the fan up to him. Note that the manufacturer has provided a soft rubber support for it, which should reduce vibration and make the work of the power supply a little quieter. In order to secure the power supply in the enclosure should be fastened to the back wall with four screws Phillips screwdriver.

An important point: for use in case SilverStone Milo ML09 and ML06-E is very poorly suited modular power supplies.The beam emerging from the ROB cable greatly limited by storage basket, as a result of the rear wall is curved and the connectors are under a constant load, which may lead to their failure over time.

Both plugs for expansion cards are removable, fixed by one screw Phillips screwdriver each. Choice of powerful low-profile graphics cards still leaves much to be desired, however, held recently the announcement of Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 in that version gives you the chance to use SilverStone Milo ML09 as uncomplicated gaming PC.

SilverStone Milo ML09 Review and test case

Fan with multifunction support is connected directly to the motherboard standard three-pin connector. To install an optical drive or hard disk drives provide the corresponding holes in the bracket – no complex tools and mechanisms, only Phillips screwdriver and screws.

External housing connectors are connected with shielded cables with monolithic connectors for audio connection only provides HD Audio, USB 3.0 ports are connected monolithic block to the internal motherboard connector. The wires from the control buttons and LED indicators presented traditional loose.

The assembly process does not cause any difficulties to exactly as long as there is no necessity to connect the signal and in particular, the leads. Space in the housing is extremely small, and bundles of cables from the power supply are not the short, thin and soft. When it comes to assembling a system without expansion cards and with one disk, then find a niche for excess cables can be without any problems. But when it comes to body filling at least 75%, the time, effort and additional equipment required is really a lot.

SilverStone Milo ML09: Testing effectiveness of case ventilation systems

This phase of the study is testing using software that load the various subsystems of the computer, which in turn, causes powerful enough heat. Thus it is possible to evaluate the performance and capabilities of the cooling system housing.

The testbed consisted of the following components:

  • Motherboard Asus P8H61-I LX
  • Intel Celeron G540 Processor
  • CPU cooler Glacialtech Igloo i630 Light
  • Hard drive Western Digital WD3200BPVT
  • Memory Kingston KVR1333D3N9 (2 bars)

This configuration is a standardized test for all small cases, so it includes a 2.5 “hard drive and CPU cooler close to the minimum height. Since in this case no capacity for test graphics accelerator Radeon HD 5750, is used in the integrated graphics processor.

The temperature in the room during all tests remained unchanged at 24 degrees. Temperature measurements were made SpeedFan program in the following modes:

  • Idle – idle mode: the operating system Windows 7 Home Premium with the included Antivirus MS Essentials and background processes for 1 hour.
  • Video (CPU) and Video (DXVA) – preview video Full HD (BDRemux) using VLC 2.0 player is turned off and turned on hardware decoder for 1 hour.
  • LinPack – CPU load calculations in the program-benchmark Intel for 1 hour; this software is notorious for creating unusually high load on the CPU, warming it up to the maximum level.
  • FurMark – load the graphics accelerator and to a lesser extent in specialized CPU benchmark for 1 hour.
  • FurMark + LinPack – simultaneous launch of both benchmark and run for 1 hour; here the load on the components of the PC should be maximized.

Testing has shown that the body cooling system in the embodiment using the bundled fan works very effectively, all components of the temperature remains within safe limits in all usage scenarios.

Note that in addition we have tested under maximum load in the version without bracket mounted to the fan.During the test the temperature reached the level of CPU 69 degrees in the vertical position of the body and 65 ° in the horizontal. At the same time the hard disk temperature rose by only 2 degrees.

Noise measurement

Noise measurement is carried out in accordance with our method using a sound level meter Octave Eco-110A in a soundproof room with a typical noise level of 20 dBA. During the measurement, all appliances in the room are turned off.

To control a single fan power supply voltage used independently controlled converter.

Level casing cooling system noise varies too widely from 22 to 31.5 dB, in the same range and its performance varies. When the supply voltage of the fan 5 in the noise is very low, even when the microphone arrangement in the near field. However, with increasing voltage the noise level increases.Typically, the range of voltage regulation 7-11 The noise varies from low (24 dBA) to low (30 dB) level with respect to the typical values for premises in the daytime. However, even at 12, rated voltage of the fan in the power supply noise of the cooling system is only approaching srednetipichnym values that are acceptable for daytime.

In the case of a housing arrangement or rack apparatus of any obstacle noise level will be even lower. But do not forget about the necessary air flow to the blowing fan.

The quality of the included fan is hardly high, since his work, in the event of a supply voltage of 5 V, a good noise is of medium strength neaerodinamicheskogo origin with a frequency of about once per second.

In general, it can be assumed that the acoustic ergonomics of the body at a relatively high level, and when the supply voltage of the fan 7 volts and less noise is at a really low level.

SilverStone Milo ML09: Conlusion

During familiarization with the new representative of the SilverStone Milo line it became clear that the differences from the already known to us ML06 / ML06-E are not too many and they are all purely cosmetic models. The use of plastic instead of aluminum for the front panel decoration must reduce the cost of the new building, while outwardly it looks about as attractive – strict and stylish.

Case SilverStone Milo ML09, like its predecessors, is well suited for the creation of not much stands out from the rest of the art compact HTPC for watching movies and not too heavy games. It is also a good fit in the working environment, serving as a general-purpose PC, and both the horizontal and vertical placement of the desktop version.

It is important to take responsibility for the selection of the components to be installed in the case and pre-purchase all kinds of splitters and thin cables, if you face a problem of the best use of all the opportunities provided by the case SilverStone Milo ML09.

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