Sharkoon Skiller SGM1 Test and review: inexpensive gaming mouse

Sharkoon Skiller SGM1 Test and review: inexpensive gaming mouse

Sharkoon offers a competitive line of gaming peripherals at attractive prices. We tested the mechanical keyboard Skiller MECH SGK1, which showed its best side, and now it is the turn gaming mouse Skiller SGM1.

Mouse Skiller SGM1 will cost 39 euros, while it provides all that is required gamers.  Sharkoon Mouse design is not very bright for the gaming models. Ergonomics is focused on right-handers in the thumb are five macro buttons. So the mouse is fine for MMO / MOBA games. In Skiller SGM1 there are features that are commonly found in expensive high-end mice. Buyer will receive the RGB-lighting, as well as a built-in compartment for the weights. There is also a proprietary tool, with which you can configure the mouse for you.

Skiller SGM1 sensor has a very impressive spec. Sharkoon instead PMW-3360 has installed a more recent model PMW-3336, which provides a maximum resolution of more than 10.000 dpi, scan speed and acceleration is also very high. But PMW-3336 appeared on the market recently, so experience with the sensor is very small.

Sharkoon Skiller SGM1 Test and review: inexpensive gaming mouse

Many mice now come without accessories and manuals, but Sharkoon has decided to stand supplied. Together with Skiller SGM1 buyer will receive a set of interchangeable legs with adhesive surface and cover. On the CD is written user manual and utility. Of course, the optical drive is increasingly rare today, but the same can be obtained from the manufacturer.

Even off the mouse draws attention glossy stripes on the sides. The right and left can be seen the projections for the rest of the thumb and little finger, rubberized plastic is pleasant to the touch. When the mouse is turned on, it is additionally decorated with lights. Buttons thumb white illuminated logo and wheel – RGB-backlit. The last can be controlled through the application.

Mice oriented shooters, usually there are two buttons for the thumb, but in the case of Skiller SGM1 we get five buttons. Sharkoon has provided these buttons for macros, but nothing prevents “hang” on them any function. Two buttons are used to cleanly transition back and forth, not assigned to the three default button no function. The button layout is optimized for the thumb, but not all, you can easily reach. For example, to get to the rear buttons, a finger would have to bend much. Also buttons for the thumb in front of the sidewalls is visible indicator DPI. It is represented by four LED, which displays using seven stages DPI: the first four steps of displaying one corresponding LED, for the remaining lower four stages LED lights and one of the top three. However, above the display DPI mouse body slightly overhangs. Thus, the display is only visible when the mouse is displaced relatively far to the right from the user. Otherwise overhanging part obscures the display. However, much more convenient display of DPI through RGB-illumination.

Sharkoon Skiller SGM1 Test and review: inexpensive gaming mouse

Omron switches are quite popular in mice manufacturers. Sharkoon also used Omron switches for the two main buttons. Lifetime claimed 10 million. Taps. Buttons are activated exactly a tangible tactile and audible feedback. Scroll wheel, located between the two main buttons, leans to the right and to the left (4-way). Of course, supported by the main function of the rotation, and click. Wheel covered with a layer of rubber material, so the finger adheres well to the surface. With vertical scrolling wheel spins easily, but with a tactile tangible steps. For wheel control buttons are located DPI, allowing to choose the four stages.

Large and ring fingers fall on the side bolsters Skiller SGM1. In the right pane is highlighted area by chance.

After unlocking the lock from the bottom of the mouse, you can get a plastic tray. It contains a six-gram weights 4 on the foam substrate. Mouse without weights weighs only 106 grams, but you can increase the weight to 24 g, that is, the maximum weight is 130 g.

Sharkoon Skiller SGM1 Test and review: inexpensive gaming mouse

Skiller SGM1 connected cable length of 1.8 m in the tissue sheath. Thanks to velcro excess cable length can be easily removed.

Skiller SGM1: Software

Sharkoon Skiller SGM1 Test and review: inexpensive gaming mouse

Mouse Skiller SGM1 supports plug & play, but if you are interested in all of its features, it is necessary to install about 11 MB capacity. The user interface is simple and intuitive. In the center is the mouse, left and right – tabs with different settings. You can assign functions to individual buttons to customize the seven levels of DPI, RGB-controlled lighting, with three lighting modes are available. Of course, there are some basic settings such as sampling frequency and the speed of the cursor. You can enable / disable function Angle Snapping. Finally, you can edit macros.

Skiller SGM1: Working

Skiller SGM1 Mouse has an ergonomic shape, a large body, most people probably prefer to put on the Skiller SGM1 entire palm (palm grip). The rubberized surface there is a nice palm. The thumb and little finger comfortably lie on the respective tabs. Overall, the design is very comfortable, with the mouse does not get tired even after many hours of play.

Sharkoon Skiller SGM1 Test and review: inexpensive gaming mouse

The mouse uses a sliding five feet of PTFE, ambient sensor. By themselves, the legs are rather small, but together they provide a good glide. Without weights mouse Skiller SGM1 easily slid on our test pad (SteelSeries QcK Heavy), which you do not expect from the bulky form. The sensor PMW-3336 also proved to be a convincing. As the mouse itself, the sensor is versatile, he copes well with games, and business applications. As before, the maximum level of DPI in practice not critical. For example, we often used Skiller SGM1 with exposed resolution 2.400 dpi. More importantly, the hand movement sensor are transmitted 1: 1 without any additional corrections. LOD Distance separation is very small, so do not appear when moving the mouse unnecessary movements. Sensor cope with more complex surfaces. For example, the mouse sensor ADNS-3310 “surrendered” before the table with a white top, but the PMW-3336 managed.

Skiller SGM1: Conclusion

With the price of less than € 40 Skiller SGM1 offers almost everything you can expect from a gaming mouse. First of all – a convincing optical sensor and accurate Omron switches for the two main buttons. Sharkoon Skiller SGM1 equipped flexible system of weights, the DPI can be adjusted in seven steps with an appropriate indication, there is a RGB-lights, tilt scroll wheel support (4-way), the mouse is enough extra buttons for MOBA games. The software features a simple and intuitive interface, it allows you to adapt the various parameters of the user. Is that the illumination system is more limited in the setting than some of its competitors. We liked that the level of DPI display colors – this mode is much more convenient than the four LED, which is also not always visible. The benefits of Skiller SGM1 we put the cable into the tissue sheath with Velcro and additional legs in the scope of delivery.

Hull form is clearly focused on the right-handers, which is unlikely to please left-handers. Furthermore, the mouse provides predominantly grip across the palm (palm grip). If you prefer to hold the mouse with your fingertips or palm a half, the Skiller SGM1 suitable worse. In the case of hand grip Skiller SGM1 comfortably in the hand, it does not get tired after a few hours of play or work.

We recently tested the mouse Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming XM300, which awarded the prize price / quality. As Skiller SGM1, it costs about 40 Euros (in Russia both mouse hard to find), but Xtreme XM300 is focused on first-person shooters. The shooters Skiller SGM1 also shows its best side. However Sharkoon Mouse not only better equipped, and more versatile. If you need a mouse for everyday work, as well as for different game genres, on the Skiller SGM1 worth paying attention to.

Sharkoon has tried to equip the mouse abundance of features, but Skiller SGM1 is a universal model. The price of 40 euros is very attractive, so we award our reward “price / quality.”

Benefits Sharkoon SKILLER SGM1:

  • Powerful optical sensor
  • Adjusting the DPI in several steps, a separate display DPI, RGB-lights
  • Five keys for the thumb scroll wheel 4-way
  • Versatile and easy to use tool with macro function
  • Weight adjustment through weights
  • Self-adhesive feet and cover supplied

Disadvantages Sharkoon SKILLER SGM1:

  • Only for right-handers, it is designed to capture the entire brush (palm grip)

Source: sharkoon

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