Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 review and test: mechanical keyboard at reasonable price

Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 review and test: mechanical keyboard at reasonable price

Price of mechanical keyboards can make a round sum, but in the case Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 we got full mechanical model for just 60 euros. But how it will show itself in the work and the game? This you will find out in our review.

Of course, for the price expected Cherry MX switches is not necessary. Sharkoon has chosen an alternative variant – Kailh switches, and the customer can select the type of Kailh Red, Blue and Brown. For the test we have a keyboard Skiller MECH SGK1 with switches Kailh Red, they are tactile and have a linear impact, tripping force is slightly higher than the Cherry MX Red. Just what is required for most gamers.

Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1, despite the low price does not look cheap. The keyboard is decorated with aluminum alloy cover, it is even a bar for the rest of the hands, unlike many competitors. Not without the backlight key, but only the white LED illuminated. There are game functions. And all this will cost 59.90 euros in Europe. In Russia at the time of publication of the keyboard is not yet available.

Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 review and test: mechanical keyboard at reasonable price

Technical Specifications – Skiller MECH SGK1:

  • Switches: Kailh Red (optional Blue or Brown)
  • The strength of the trip: 50 g
  • Proceedings before the trip: 2 mm
  • Service life: 50 million keystrokes.
  • Backlight single-colored white
  • Cable: in the rubber sheath with Velcro, about 1.8 m
  • Advantages: Excellent price / performance ratio, the effects of the white backlight panel for the rest of the hands complete
  • Dimensions: 45,8 x 22 x 4,4 cm
  • Weight: 1.32 kg (with cable)
  • Price: 59,90 EUR

Sharkoon Skiller MECH SKG1 details

In Skiller MECH SKG1 have two “faces”. When you’re sitting at the keyboard, pay attention to the clean lines and simple, modern décor. But if you look from above, it catches the eye original rugged backdrop is closer to the game design. The keyboard is full-size, with the numeric keypad. Sharkoon refused additional keys. F-keys allow you to select additional profiles and brightness. The latter can be adjusted in six stages. Also, the combination of Sharkoon button and F-keys allows you to control media playback. Through a combination of keys, you can disable the Windows key, and swap the WASD and arrow. The reason for this approach is simple: Sharkoon abandoned software, so all settings have to perform directly on the keyboard. Along with the keyboard attached sheet, which are painted all the key combination.

The keyboard panel is attached to rest the hands, and it is removable. So we’ll have to put up with the presence of the panel. At least not have to worry that the fragile plastic fasteners break. The plastic panel is quite convenient. A use of plastic allows it to be warm to the touch, unlike aluminum. Sharkoon very carefully to make the transition between the plastic and the brushed metal keypad.

Recently came into fashion low profile mechanical keyboard. Unfortunately, Skiller MECH SGK1 not one of them, the keyboard is massive and high. Caps as if floating above the keyboard panel. This design looks modern and easy cleaning.

Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 review and test: mechanical keyboard at reasonable price

As we noted above, the rear Sharkoon keyboard has more than game design. Here Sharkoon use glossy plastic with cutouts. It is a pity that there is no additional connectors.

The USB cable has a length of 1.8 m. The removable cable, instead of a fabric braid we get a rubberized coating. Quite a useful presence on the Velcro-fastening cable.

Below the keyboard is equipped with rubber pads that prevent slipping. And this is also true for the ends of folding legs.

Kailh Switches Crosspoint have the same mount as the Cherry switches. Therefore, the key caps can be changed – they are compatible. The body switches made of transparent plastic, so that through them shone white lights. But light leaks only in the upper caps. Profile uneven illumination, for example, the same key Sharkoon lower part a stylized “S” logo is illuminated substantially weaker. And additional key assignment see difficult.

Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 review and test: mechanical keyboard at reasonable price

Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 On practice

The feel of the work on a mechanical keyboard depend on the selected switches. Our test sample was equipped with Kailh Red, which are a little more resilient than the Cherry MX Red. Proceedings before the switching point in both cases is 2 mm, but is required for the operation to make the weight of 50 g, 45 g and not if you use the keyboard to enter text, you can complain about the lack of tactile feedback to the actuation point, like the MX switches Red. But to set the keyboard on Kailh Red can be used. We traditionally recruit the entire review on the keyboard test. By Skiller MECH SGK1 after Cherry MX Red switches do not have to get used to, feeling very similar. Is that the individual keys in the middle there was a metallic rattle with folded legs and intense set. When you set a leisurely unfolded legs Skiller MECH SGK1 worked quietly. Play switches Red Kailh was comfortable. Particularly dynamic shooters benefit from linear switches and a moderate response forces. Due to N-key Rollover multiple keys can be pressed simultaneously without recognition errors.

Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 review and test: mechanical keyboard at reasonable price


The market is popular not only high-end products. Many users are interested in solutions with a reasonable set of features at an affordable price. It is for them and designed keyboard Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1. Aluminum panel and the “floating” cap keys give a modern and stylish design. Not without the panel to rest the hands, but in this case it is removable. Sharkoon has not left the choice to the user – the panel will have to use always. Front keyboard looks strictly but visible behind the elements of playing style.

But move on to practice. As before, we emphasize the accuracy and reliability of mechanical switches. Even enthusiasts are serious about the Chinese switches Kailh, which are quite worthy alternative to expensive Cherry MX. Thanks to them Sharkoon able to reduce the price. It is unlikely that you’ll find on sale a full-size keyboard on the switches Cherry MX for the same price with a similar set of features. At the same Cherry MX Board 3.0, for example, there is no backlight keys. Even alternative to Kailh switches with a similar price are left behind. For example, you can purchase Rapoo VPRO V800. But if the keyboard Sharkoon rattling observed only under certain conditions, in our test sample VPRO V800 it is constant.

In general, Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 – good and inexpensive mechanical keyboard for normal users and gamers. Therefore, it is worthy of our reward “price / quality.”

Benefits Skiller MECH SGK1:

  • Mechanical keyboard with three different types of switches Kailh at a reasonable price
  • It looks nice thanks to the aluminum panel
  • One-color illumination system with adjustable brightness
  • The panel for the rest of the hands complete
  • Media keys (F-keys extra feature)
  • No need to install additional software

Disadvantages Skiller MECH SGK1:

  • The fixed panel for rest of hands
  • Uneven illumination key caps
  • In some cases, there is chatter
  • The settings are made via key combinations are hard to remember, but the kit includes an information leaflet

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