Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium (SSR-850TD) Test and review: premium power supply with record efficiency

Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium (SSR-850TD) Test and review: premium power supply with record efficiency

Seasonic has recently introduced an impressive range of Prime, which has raised performance standards to a new level. Efficiency 80PLUS Titanium is not the only distinctive feature of power supply units, Prime. They work almost silently, provide a very high quality output voltages. Finally, we note an excellent set of features in the line of “Seasonic PRIME”. This time in our test lab received the second model in the line capacity of 850 watts.

The Prime lineup was officially presented to the Seasonic in the middle of July, we tested the 750-W model showed a very good level of performance. Before the announcement of the Prime power supply Seasonic was quite quiet, the previous announcement of the BP Snow was Silent for about a year and a half before. The Seasonic was enough time to develop the new line. As shown by the test results, the company used it to the fullest.

What is interesting is the range of PRIME Titanium? In addition to record efficiency and superior voltage regulation (0,5%) can be noted guarantee of ten years, the optimised controller of the fan is increased to 30 MS residence time, and numerous internal improvements.

New line of PRIME is divided into three subspecies, depending on efficiency. PRIME Platinum and Gold cover a power range of 850-1200 watts. Power PRIME Titanium close initial power level between 650 and 850 W, but later they will be added to the model 600W Fanless. The range kicked off with the PRIME power supply Titanium at 650 and 750 watts, later to be joined PSU 850 watt. Recommended prices range from € 179.99 for a 650-watt model to 229,99 € for 850-watt power supply. 850-watt power supply we found in European retail from € 240

Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium (SSR-850TD) Test and review: premium power supply with record efficiency

Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium: In detail

As 750 W model, Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium also comes in a box of glossy cardboard, front and back printed main characteristics, the power supply unit is securely Packed in foam.

The package Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium is quite extensive. Except the power cord from the mains and unit power cords of the components you will get four xing screws, a few cable puffs disposable and reusable stickers, two stickers on case, bag for storing unwanted cables, user manual. In a multilingual guide provides the functions of power supply, the installation and warranty requirements. Finally, the last two pages are printed the specifications of the PSU and the layout of the interfaces.

In addition to technical changes have Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium has changed appearance. For example, in comparison with the previous generation models, Platinum the similarities are not so much. These include a matte anthracite colour of the case and the Seasonic logo under the DC input terminal. Otherwise we get a fresh design. Hull length is 170 mm, which is typical for power 850 watts.

Top panel with grille divided into two parts: the dark mesh framed V-shaped white bars. The dark center of the grid is the Prime logo, right above the fan. Hexagonal holes are not perfect, they are a little elongated.

Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium (SSR-850TD) Test and review: premium power supply with record efficiency

Cover looks very nice and built to last, it is a pity that when building in a typical system it will be on the bottom close to the bottom of the hull. But Seasonic has added to Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium and other interesting details. Note the holes on the two sides, which resemble the air intakes of sports cars. But in the case of PRIME they are more decorative in nature. On the sidewall Seasonic added metallic logos PRIME. The quality of the case is excellent. For 850-watt power supply Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium weighs relatively a lot, but the reason is the thick steel plates of the hull.

The operation mode switch fan power supply PRIME was moved to the outer panel, close to the main switch. Not to say that this switch really necessary on a daily basis, but now you can switch the mode of operation of the fan without opening the computer case.

As befits its class, relies on Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium fully-modular cabling. Compared to the Seasonic Platinum models changed the layout of the interface panel. Now they are more evenly distributed throughout the surface of the panel, not just summarized in two rows in the lower half. The power connectors are grouped by type and signed 6-pin connectors are for peripherals and 8-pin for power cables the PCI Express and CPU. 24 pin cable is split into two connectors. Compared to the 750 W power supply at 850W Prime added 8 – and 6-pin sockets, now the panel connecting the cables is completely filled.

Specifications capacity changed from Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium not so much compared to previous models. On lines 3.3 and 5 V permitted load up to 20 A, combined power up to 100 watts. Voltage 12V Seasonic remained committed to its concept of one line of 12 V. it is allowed to load up to 70 A, which corresponds to power up to 840 watts. The power supply provides a nominal power of 850 W at a relatively high ambient temperature to 50 °C.

The power values are broadly consistent with the previous models, but inside much has changed. Seasonic indicates a change in the adjustment circuits of voltages that provide a spread of values not exceeding 0.5%. Seasonic calls this technology MTLR (Micro Tolerance Load Regulation). So far Seasonic has pointed out, tolerance to 2%, according to the specifications ATX the spread of possible +/-5%, that is, the range is up to 10%. Also specify the maximum ripple/noise less than 20 mV (peak to peak), +12V was improved voltage regulation.

Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium (SSR-850TD) Test and review: premium power supply with record efficiency

Seasonic has significantly upgraded its platform, that is PRIME different layout and components from the platform XP3 lineup, the Snow Silent. However, most likely, we are dealing with the same topology, the LLC resonant conversion technology, Synchronous Rectification converters and DC-DC.

An interesting difference is that converters DC-DC secondary voltage imposed on a separate daughter Board, although previously they were installed on the daughter Board with interfaces located at the rear of the power supply. Now the interfaces are freed from unnecessary components, making it possible to better distribute the connectors on the panel. We hope that this approach led to a better filtering of the voltages.

Seasonic has increased the resistance of the power supply to short-term disruptions in energy supply, as evidenced by the capacity of the main capacitors. The manufacturer has installed two capacitor Nippon Chemicon, together they give the capacity 1.100 UF, which for 850-watt power supply is very important. So Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium we’ll get a longer hold time. In the secondary circuits, except for one Rubycon, use solid capacitors or electrolytic capacitors are Nippon Chemicon. Traditionally, Seasonic power supply Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium well equipped with protection circuits. Note the presence of overload protection (OPP), excessively low and high voltages (UVP / OVP), overload individual lines (OCP), short circuit (SCP) and over temperature (OTP), which gives a full set. The power supply includes a chip monitoring Weltrend WT7527V. In our tests the power supply was switched off when reaching 28 or 29 And the secondary voltages. As for line 12, our station Chroma are unable to load more And 92, so the bar OPP we have not achieved. But the additional load 10 A at both the secondary stresses led to the shutdown of Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium because they are also tied to the line 12 through the DC-DC.

PRIME Titanium 850W, and 750W Titanium PRIME left a very good impression. Let us turn to the evaluation of noise and equipment.

Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium (SSR-850TD) Test and review: premium power supply with record efficiency

Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium: noise Level and equipment

With the power supply Snow Silent Seasonic in the past year demonstrated that we are able to produce a very quiet model. Of course, some models are slightly ahead of the level of noise. Seasonic also focused on technical excellence for stabilization of voltages, but this is not to say that Seasonic manufactures the PSU is noisy. Thanks to semi-passive operation mode and very quiet fans power supply stands out for its noise in a typical computer with air cooling, unless he manifests the whistle of chokes. But with this problem Seasonic coped for a long time.

The power supply units Seasonic PRIME paid special attention to minimizing noise. Inside installed 135-mm fan production In a hydrodynamic bearing (FDB) that promises quiet operation and long life. Seasonic previously used 120-mm fans. Because Seasonic gives PRIME Titanium warranty ten years, the manufacturer is certainly confident enough in the reliability of the only “mechanical” component of the power supply.

The fan with model number HA13525M12F-Z works with a maximum speed of 1,800 rpm, the power supply traditionally relies on semi-passive mode. Rather, the controller offers two modes that can be selected using the buttons on the external panel of the PSU. When the button is pressed, the fan always runs actively, but starting speed is quite low under low load the fan runs only at 450 rpm. In the second, semi-passive, the fan under low load/temperature is not working, and begins to spin after heating to a certain temperature/load. Seasonic specifies that when the air temperature in the room 25 °C passive mode will be kept until the load of about 50 percent, which we confirmed in our tests. This mode is familiar as previous models of power supplies. In the case of the line PRIME Seasonic optimized threshold the transition area between the active fan and passive, to prevent frequent cyclic promotion/stop of the fan.

In practice, the Seasonic showed very quiet, the noise level was even lower line of Snow Silent. In active mode, the fan is started with the level of 430 rpm in our test system we were unable to hear his work. Low speed was maintained until the load of about 60 percent, Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium under load up to 80 percent increased the speed to 480 rpm In a hybrid semi-passive mode, the fan is started under load of about 60 percent, the rate stood at 440 rpm In a passive mode Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium worked silently, we have not found the whistle of chokes. In hybrid mode characteristics of the fan are identical to the active mode. At maximum load the fan both power supply units rotate at a low speed of 550 rpm, it work it was hard to hear, even if you bring a ear close. Here Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium behaves exactly as the previously tested 750 W model, that is an extra 100-watts of power did not affect the operation of the cooling system.

Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium (SSR-850TD) Test and review: premium power supply with record efficiency

Seasonic pleasantly surprised by a combination of excellent specifications and very low noise. Choose between Dark Power Pro 11 Titanium PRIME or minimum noise level is problematic even after testing a second PSU in the lineup, as both PSU are working too quiet. In any case, Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium were very quiet, at the level of the best models available on the market. The characteristics of the fan and noise level, we found no differences between the models of 750 and 850 watts.

Equipping Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium also showed themselves from the best side. We already talked about the new fully modular connection system cables, connectors which are distributed across the inner panel. Have 850W Seasonic Titanium has provided the ability to connect six power cables and two PCI Express 8-pin EPS. For these interfaces, which rely only on the line 12 and ground, the inner panel has eight 8-pin sockets that you can take in any order. That is, two slots more than Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium.

Cables power PCI Express 8-pin (6+2) connectors made separate. Of course, this approach will not appeal to those users who prefer a minimum of cables inside the case. But every power supply pin of the video card gets its own wired connection to the contacts of the power supply. This approach is preferable to load than some power supplies, when six wires are provided with two 8-pin plug PCI Express. Seasonic could easily increase the number of PCI Express ports using two plugs on each power cable. On the other hand, certification 80PLUS Titanium makes the manufacturer to carefully consider the question of cable connections, despite the increase in cost and weight to minimize any loss of power.

To power the peripherals are available six 6-pin sockets, which can be arbitrarily load the SATA cables and Molex. Seasonic 850W Titanium for PRIME suggested ten SATA connectors and five Molex. Except for the ATX cable, all cables are made in the form of strips. The ATX cable is assembled of iron wires, which are enclosed in black braid.

On the length and quality of cables is good. Cables are made relatively long, the connectors have higher mechanical resistance when connected.

Noise Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium has shown itself to be great, as in the case of previously tested 750W PRIME. We have one of the quietest models on the market. For equipment we receive a consistently high level, so there is a Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium gets the maximum points possible. Compared to the 750 W power supply interfaces a little more.

Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium (SSR-850TD) Test and review: premium power supply with record efficiency

Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium: test Results (efficiency, voltage stability)

Test results (efficiency, voltage stability)

After the announcement of the program, 80 PLUS, last 8 years on the market of power supply units, the efficiency started to play an increasingly important role. The buyer got a fairly simple criterion for the choice of – 80 PLUS, and the producers have been given a new opportunity to highlight their products through a certification level of efficiency. Nice efficiency PSU that buyers now have several reasons to justify the purchase very good power supplies. Let’s start with energy savings, which is reflected in the bill, and if you’re concerned about the environment, you will be able to reduce the amount of burned fossil fuels and emitted carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In addition, smaller losses of energy on converting leads to less heating of components of the power supply. Finally, a more efficient power supply means more quality components and the latest production technology. In any case, we performed quality check of output voltages, as a good power supply should work not only effectively, but steadily.


Thanks to our testing station we can record the power consumed by the power supply from the wall outlet and the load power (imaginary) PC, which allows to calculate the efficiency of power supplies. First, we consider the efficiency under different loads, and then move on to evaluating the effectiveness at the three fixed loading levels.

The efficiency depending on the load, interest rates.

We started measuring the efficiency at very small load of five percent, corresponding to just over 40 watts of power. Power supplies are not optimized for such a small load, so efficiency is not the highest. The Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium we received a relatively high efficiency of 87.1 percent, a record level among the previously tested power supplies in our lab. Here 850-watt power supply was able to circumvent even the Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium. However, it is not surprising, because technically, both models are pretty close, but 850-W power supply output at 5% load is higher, resulting in greater efficiency.

If the load is ten percent we get very high level of efficiency at 92.4%, also a record. But this is not the maximum. The curve of efficiency goes to the level of 94.7% at a load of 20%: very good the value corresponding to the peak efficiency of the best power supply Platinum.

The maximum efficiency of the Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium is observed in the load range from 30 to 60 percent, it exceed 95%. The highest absolute value we received at a load of 40% is 95.6%. So at peak efficiency Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium bypasses the previous leader PRIME 750W Titanium 0.2% (at 50% load). The advantage compared to competitors is not less than one and a half percent (Corsair AX860i with 94.1 per cent) or even more than 2 percent (Seasonic Platinum 860W XP2 and be quiet! Dark Power Pro 850W 11). Under full load from Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium we obtain an impressive efficiency of 93.8%.

For Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium we verified the compliance certification 80PLUS classic, with a mains voltage of 115 V. In case of 80PLUS Titanium rating is for the four load points, not three. At four load points (10%/20%/50%/100%) the power supply needs to give the efficiency 90%/92%/94%/90%. In the case Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium, we obtained the values of 92,1%/94,3%/94,0%/91,2%, in excess of the minimum levels of Titanium, although in the third point (at 50% utilization) we’ve got a match. Here Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium also shows the result of 94%, as in the case of Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium, and a small difference associated with measurement error.

Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium (SSR-850TD) Test and review: premium power supply with record efficiency

Efficiency at three fixed loads, interest.

No less interesting is to compare the effectiveness of three fixed workloads because it allows to evaluate the efficiency of the power supply units in the conditions as if they are installed in the same configuration. The first load of 90 watts meets an old office PC or a modern middle-tier computer is in idle mode. The Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium we received 92.8% of the power supply unit came out in absolute leaders in our test lab, ahead of the 750 W model is 0.3%. Slightly worse result, be quiet! 11 Dark Power Pro 550W and Enermax Platimax 600W D. F.. Two percent of PRIME behind Snow Silent Seasonic 750W and 550W. it was publicized.

As the load increases, in our case to 250 W, that is, to the level of average energy consumption of the system, Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium also went to the leaders with a level of 95.5%, leaving behind other power supply and 750-W “Junior” model. In the third measuring point of 500 watts Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium again enjoyed absolute leadership with a score of 95.3 per cent. Next comes PRIME 750W Titanium, the other competitors lagging far behind.

A direct comparison with other power supply units confirms the great efficiency Seasonic 850W Titanium PRIME, which could go around for all three loads previously tested PRIME 750W Titanium. However, two blocks are technically very similar, the difference is small – about 0.3%. Hardly a difference worth taking into account because it can affect, for example, technical differences between different samples. Perhaps the 750 W model is part of the early party. In any case, the 850-watt power supply confirmed our excellent impression from Seasonic PRIME.

Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium: Output voltage ripple and noise

The quality of the output voltages is one of the most important criteria of a power unit, not less important than efficiency. The power supply should be stable, voltage should not “jump”, otherwise it may affect the performance of your computer. Therefore, we checked the voltages under different loads, and also evaluated, whether they remain within acceptable specifications ATX ranges. Recall that the ATX spec a tolerance of plus/minus 5 percent of nominal voltage, we just set the data threshold values in the graphs as boundary.

In addition, we evaluated the quality of the output voltage with an oscilloscope. In particular, we evaluated high frequency noise and ripple voltages that are observed on the output lines of DC. They are associated with the principle of pulsed power supplies, and depending on the quality of the design and filters of the power supply, they can be smoothed out with varying degree of success. The ATX standard provides for line 12 allowable ripple 120 mV (peak to peak), and for lines 3.3 V and 5 V – 50 mV (peak to peak).

The subject of voltage regulation was a key in developing Seasonic PRIME. Seasonic indicates enhanced stabilization as “Micro Tolerance Load Regulation”, promising a fluctuation less than 0.5%. But Seasonic doesn’t specify which voltage is achieved such accuracy. In our tests PRIME Seasonic 750W Titanium showed excellent temperature stability of 0.5% through the 12 Century From 850-watt power supply situation even better. Secondary voltage drop was 0.3 or 0.1%. Via the line 12 To the voltage can be considered constant, the fall did not exceed 0.1% throughout the load range.

Another improvement Seasonic PRIME can be called low ripple/noise, which in our tests did not exceed 20 mV. According to ATX specification allowed ripple/noise up to 50 mV at the secondary voltage and 120 mV on the 12 V line

The Seasonic 750W Titanium PRIME values of pulsation are much below the permissible level, and PRIME 850W Titanium we got a further reduction. 850-watt power supply ripple showed much lower straps 20 mV, namely, 8 mV and 10 mV secondary voltage and only 11 mV at the line 12 V.

Stabilization of voltages and the output voltages of the power supply Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium showed excellent results. He even managed to circumvent the previously tested PRIME 750W Titanium.

Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium: Conclusion

New Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium confirms the excellent performance characteristics of the model at 750 W, which we tested earlier. And in some respects it was even better. Seasonic with a new range of PRIME Titanium was able to raise the bar of quality power supplies even higher. It is unlikely the new line will have a revolution on the market of BP, but we get a solution with excellent technical performance. Such a stable output voltage we have already seen several other power supplies, the same goes for very quiet operation and good quality in General. Real innovation PRIME 750W Titanium has been a significant increase in efficiency. Overall, Seasonic has been able to achieve excellent results in all areas of their power supplies.

The Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium we have got the certification 80PLUS Titanium, which is significantly higher than the previous level of 80PLUS Platinum. In our tests, the maximum efficiency was 95,6%, to a perfect conversion without any loss remains a matter of interest. Pleased with the efficiency at small loads. We also got a very low ripple/noise, even by the standards Seasonic. Note and excellent voltage stability on the line 12, the decline did not exceed 0.1%. In fact, PRIME 850W Titanium delivers a constant voltage with no drop. There are all the safety circuits. Another advantage of the Seasonic is the increasing capacity of the main condensers PRIME 850W Titanium, which should have a positive impact on the retention time, the power supply will be more resilient to transient network failures.

Equipping Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium is also quite good: subsystem connection cables are fully modular, the connectors are distributed relatively freely across the inner panel. The power supply allows you to connect two 8-pin EPS power interface, six PCI Express, ten SATA, five Molex that power 850 W is more than enough. The cables are long enough and of good quality. Seasonic is confident in the longevity of its power supply because the warranty period is ten years.

Another significant advantage Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium as the previously tested models of 750 W is a very low noise or it absence. You can switch the controller in semi-passive fan mode, the fan will begin to operate only when the load is above 50%. Before the start of the power supply fan will run totally silent, the whistle of chokes we didn’t notice. But even after the start, the fan spins up to low speed, the Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium is very quiet. We are unable to determine the difference with our leader for a minimum noise level 11 Dark Power Pro be quiet!

With the new model PRIME Titanium 850W Seasonic introduced the most technically advanced power supply on the market. But the price of the novelty is appropriate. In Europe over the Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium will have to pay 240 Euro. We have one of the most expensive power supplies 850 watt on the market, but the price seems quite comparable to other high-end components, for example, the same video card.

Advantages Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium

  • Excellent efficiency (80PLUS Titanium)
  • Silent or very quiet operation (semi-passive fan mode)
  • Very high efficiency
  • Very good quality voltage regulation, very low ripple/noise
  • A good implementation of protection schemes
  • Fully modular connection system cables, a good set of power plugs (6x PCI Express, 10x SATA)
  • 10 years guarantee

Disadvantages Seasonic 850W PRIME Titanium

  • High price, although understandable

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